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Tournament Briefing: Imperial Outpost 8/19



Location: Imperial Outpost in Glendale, AZ

BCP Link: First Contact at Imperial Outpost 2: Second Contact


  • 3-game Rogue Trader Tournament
  • No painting requirements, no points for painting in score battleforged points awarded to all players
  • Player placed terrain GW terrain layout #3
  • TO-chosen Leviathan missions



Comp v2.1

  • Beastboss (Warlord)
  • Beastboss on Squigasaur (w/ Headwhoppa's Killchoppa)
  • Kaptin Badrukk
  • Mozrog Skragbad
  • Nob on Smasha Squig (w/ Follow Me, Ladz)
  • 10 Beast Snagga Boys
  • 3x 10 Boyz
  • 10 Flash Gitz
  • 3x 11 Gretchin
  • 6 Squighog Boyz
  • 2x5 Storm Boyz
  • 6x Trukks



After last week, the goal is to focus on my player-placed-terrain and being aggressive on the primary objectives early.


I played a league game last night with the previous version of my list and I thought I did those two things pretty well. Now, it was Deploy Servo Skulls and I went first, which meant I maxed my primary score while my opponent did not. Despite the massive imbalance of the mission, I do still think my PPT and first turn weren't bad, and I want to keep working on that.


My list changed; I dropped the Nobz and Warboss for another unit of boyz, a Smasha Nob and 3 squighog boyz. I also downgraded the leader-less Beast Snagga Boyz to regular Boyz and added a 6th trukk. I haven't felt the Nobz really do enough. On the WAAAGH!!! turn, they often will punch through most targets, but not all targets, and I just think the points invested into them were not worthwhile for one turn of ok damage. Defensively, -1 to wound doesn't do enough to keep them around. On the other hand, my three Squighog boyz took a lot of pain to put down, and could surprisingly pop off. Switching the nobz for empowering the squighog boys really feels like a positive trade; the mounted boyz are faster, more durable, pack more attacks, do better against monsters and vehicles and just achieve the role of "big melee pounder" better. Their only downsides are the size of the unit and the fact that they can't walk through walls. For the first, against very shooty enemies, I can opt to reserve them and try to Rapid Ingress them; not much for the second.


Other than that, the addition of a sixth trukk and boyz in place of the nobz means I have even more scoring units available to me. There's an argument to be made that a Weirdboy may be more worthwhile than the last trukk or the third unit of boyz, but for now, I'm going to try this list with all the bodies.

EDIT: Tournament was testing using new terrain for GW layout.

Edited by toaae


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