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  1. First the lists: Erik Scrivens: Raven Guard / IG / Imperial Soup | Record: 4-2, Place: 16th 10 CP Raven Guard - Battalion - 1249 pts Captain - Chainsword, Bolt Pistol Lieutenant - Chainsword, Bolt Pistol 3x 5 Man Scout Squads - Bolters 6 Man Devastator Squad - Cherub, 2 x LC, 2 x PC 6 Man Devastator Squad - Cherub, 2 x Lascannon, 1 x PC, 1 x Heavy Bolter Company Ancient - Bolter Stormraven - Twin AC, Twin HB, 2 x Hurricane Bolters, 2 x SSML Vostroyan - Battalion - 525 pts 2x Primaris Psyker - Force Staves 3x Conscripts (2x 20 Man, 1x 22 Man) 3x Heavy Weapon Squad - Mortars Vulture - Twin Punisher Gatling Cannon, HB Imperium - Vanguard - 223 Celestine 3x Astropath Commisar - Boltgun ---- Cooper Waddell: Raptors | Record: 4-2, Place: 24th 5 CP Air Wing Detachment Fire Raptor - Twin Hellstrike Launchers, Twin Autocannons Storm Talon - Typhoon Missles, Twin AC Storm Talon - Typhoon Missles, Twin AC Spearhead Detachment Lias Issodon Lieutenant - JP, Power Lance, MC Bolter Relic Whirlwind Scorpius 10 Man Sternguard (Special Issue Boltguns) 5 Man Devastators - Cherub, 4x Grav-Cannons, Combi Melta, Chainsword 5 Man Devastators - Cherub, 4x Grav-Cannons, Combi Melta, Chainsword Thunderfire Cannon ---- Thomas Hegstrom Oakey: Raptors | Record: 4-2, Place: 32nd 8 CP Raptors - Battalion Detachment Lias Issodon Lieutenant - Jump Pack, Storm Bolter, Chainsword 3x 5 Man Scout Squad - Camo Cloaks, 3x Bolter, 1x Heavy Bolter, Storm Bolter (for Sergeant) 5 Hellblasters - Plasma Incenerators Raptors - Spearhead Detachment Captain - Jump Pack, Teeth of Terra, Stormshield 2x 5 Man Tactical Squad - 3x Bolter, 1x Missle Launcher, Storm Bolter/Chainsword on Sergeant 8 Man Devastator Squad - 4x LC, Storm Bolter, Cherub 8 Man Devastator Squad - 4x ML, Storm Bolter, Cherub 8 Man Devastator Squad - 4x GC, Storm Bolter, Cherub Company Ancient - Banner of the Emperor Ascendant, Storm Bolter Imperium - Vanguard Detachment Lieutenant - Stom Bolter, Chainsword 3x Culexus Assassin ---- Danny Kwan: Raptors & Blood Angels | Record: 3-3, Place: 70th 8 CP Raptors (Raven Guard) - Battalion Detachment - 1067 pts Captain on Bike - Storm Bolter, The Teeth of Terra Lieutenant - Chainsword, The Primarch's Wrath 2x 5 Man Scout Squad - Bolters 5 Man Scout Squad - 4 Sniper Rifles, Heavy Bolter 5 Man Sternguard Squad - Special Issue Boltguns 2x Scout Bike Squad - Shotguns, Storm Bolter on Sergeant 3x Devastator Squad - 3x Grav-Cannons, Cherub Raptors (Raven Guard) - Spearhead Detachment - 486 pts Lias Issodon 2x Rapier Quad Mortar - 2 Crewman Thunderfire Cannon Blood Angels - Outrider Detachment - 446 pts Captain - Jump Pack, Power Sword, Plasma Pistol 3x 5 Man Assault Squad - 2x Meltaguns ---- Natr Birkholz: Raven Guard | Record 2-4, Place 109th List Not Currently Loading ----- Paulo Picolomini: Raven Guard | Record 1-1-4, Place 114th 12 CP Raven Guard - Brigade Detachment Primaris Captain - MC Auto Bolt Rifle Primaris Leutnant - MC Auto Bolt Rifle Captain - Jump Pack, Thunder Hammer Leutenant - Jump Pack, Power Sword 3x 5 Man Primaris Intercessors 5 Man Scout Squad - 4 Sniper Rifles, Missle Launcher 5 Man Scout Squad - 4 Bolters, Missle Launcher 5 Man Tactical Squad - Power Axe, Missle Launcher 5 Man Primaris Reiver Squad - Grapnel Launchers 5 Man Primaris Reiver Squad - Grapnel Launchers 5 Man Vanguard Veterans - 1 Thunder Hammer 5 Man Assault Marine Squad - Power Fist 5 Man Assault Marine Squad - Power Fist 3 Man Scout Bike Squad - Power Sword 5 Man Hellblaster Squad - Incinerators 5 Man Devastator Squad - 4x Lascannon 5 Man Devastator Squad - 4x Missle Launcher Update: finished all the Raptor/RG lists. If I can Natr's list to load ill toss it up. 5 Man Assault Marine Squad - Power Fist
  2. Hey gents and lasses, anyone up for a game of 40k, I live in the hills district, Got Grey Knights 2000+ points, Tyrannids, small new army, Custodes, 1500pts, new army (WIP) can be just casual matched play, campaigns, or whatever.
  3. Location: Imperial Outpost in Glendale, AZ BCP Link: First Contact at Imperial Outpost 2: Second Contact Format: 3-game Rogue Trader Tournament No painting requirements, no points for painting in score battleforged points awarded to all players Player placed terrain GW terrain layout #3 TO-chosen Leviathan missions List: Comp v2.1 Beastboss (Warlord) Beastboss on Squigasaur (w/ Headwhoppa's Killchoppa) Kaptin Badrukk Mozrog Skragbad Nob on Smasha Squig (w/ Follow Me, Ladz) 10 Beast Snagga Boys 3x 10 Boyz 10 Flash Gitz 3x 11 Gretchin 6 Squighog Boyz 2x5 Storm Boyz 6x Trukks Post: After last week, the goal is to focus on my player-placed-terrain and being aggressive on the primary objectives early. I played a league game last night with the previous version of my list and I thought I did those two things pretty well. Now, it was Deploy Servo Skulls and I went first, which meant I maxed my primary score while my opponent did not. Despite the massive imbalance of the mission, I do still think my PPT and first turn weren't bad, and I want to keep working on that. My list changed; I dropped the Nobz and Warboss for another unit of boyz, a Smasha Nob and 3 squighog boyz. I also downgraded the leader-less Beast Snagga Boyz to regular Boyz and added a 6th trukk. I haven't felt the Nobz really do enough. On the WAAAGH!!! turn, they often will punch through most targets, but not all targets, and I just think the points invested into them were not worthwhile for one turn of ok damage. Defensively, -1 to wound doesn't do enough to keep them around. On the other hand, my three Squighog boyz took a lot of pain to put down, and could surprisingly pop off. Switching the nobz for empowering the squighog boys really feels like a positive trade; the mounted boyz are faster, more durable, pack more attacks, do better against monsters and vehicles and just achieve the role of "big melee pounder" better. Their only downsides are the size of the unit and the fact that they can't walk through walls. For the first, against very shooty enemies, I can opt to reserve them and try to Rapid Ingress them; not much for the second. Other than that, the addition of a sixth trukk and boyz in place of the nobz means I have even more scoring units available to me. There's an argument to be made that a Weirdboy may be more worthwhile than the last trukk or the third unit of boyz, but for now, I'm going to try this list with all the bodies. EDIT: Tournament was testing using new terrain for GW layout.
  4. Record: 1-2 (LWL) Placing: #13 (out of 21) Summary My opponents were two Orks and an Imperial Knight, in that order. I split with the Orks and dropped the IK game. The major takeaways for me are that I need to work on "Player-Placed Terrain" and deployment. Ignoring my win, I think I did not place my terrain well enough to protect my most important units and/or allow me to get out onto objectives early. Against the first Ork player, I fell behind on primary early, which was weird because he was not playing a typical Ork list; it featured a Morkanaut and a Gargantuan Squiggoth. I really should have been on top of the primary early in the game, but that's not what happened. And against the IK player, I went second, and lost both Squigbosses at the top of Turn 1, despite having terrain available that they should have been able to hid behind. List Analysis Nothing at this time; need more reps.
  5. I really enjoy both RG where I started, and DA, and reading the Horus Heresay books (I am about a quarter thru the 54 books on my kindle) is just reinforcing that. I went with DA for 9th edition, with a focus on tourney play, and while I acknowledge SM arent in a great place competitively, there are some options out there, and if nothing else, if I can master DA (and maybe RG) as a faction, in spite of never threatening top tables till the meta shifts, that will make for some fun games, and winnable ones at that often enough. With the loss of TTL as a secondary, and changes to Stubborn Defiance...my list theorycrafting has gone into overdrive while I am deployed here to a lovely spot in Europe. But no games played sadly lol. Im going to squeeze in a few via TTS here, and get my Army tweaked to reflect this list below but wanted some feedback, as Im not sure it is capable enough just yet. Patrol (-2 CP) - NFORG slot - Voidsmen x6 (for RND, backfield OBJ or screens) - Lazarus (for the 5++ vs MW and another RRHR1 bubble) - Infiltrators x8 with a helix (for a surprisingly long last stubborn defiance option with smokescreen as an option, and can be pulled up via the guerilla tactics for more RND access) - RW Apothecary (-1 CP) Chief, Selfless Healer - Multi Melta Attack Bike - Multi Melta Land Speeder - Eliminators with bolt carbine, las fusil - Eradicators x6 with HMR, MM that get combat squadded. DeathWing Vanguard (0 CP after refund) - Azrael, Warlord no trait - Interogator Chaplain in TDA (-1 CP) Chief, Wise orator - Relic Terms x5, LC, combi bolter, reaper cannon - Relic Terms x5, same deal - Relic Terms x10, same deal but seargent has the no cost power sword (will prob do same in other squads), and one guy has a chain fist due to left over points. ---------~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So my expectation here is to take stubborn defiance on almost all maps, minus the one that denies infiltration (and maybe even then, but it is a five point swing for missing that first turn!). RND with the voidsmen (6 so they auto pass), a squad of relics or a pulled up infiltrator in the second enemy quarter, or where that isnt practical map wise, RTB when it is the better option. With the new write up for Stubborn Defiance, it seems like an OBSEC termie unit can march up and replace the infiltrators, freeing up some options. I have the bike, speeder for added MM shots, speed, and as cheap feeder units for oath of moment (if I dont see a better third option). One jets up to claim center and take a pop shot while the other hides. It likely dies, rinse and repeat. All while some termies march up the center. The 10 man gets combat squadded into a deepstrik package with the better melee options, and the other five are double reaper cannon (good for defending an SD objective etc). I place one to two relic squads into deepstrik with the chaplain, who will use commanding oratory upon arrival to autopass canticle of hate for the charge bonus. Az has one wing, the side of the board with infils (to give them 4++ vs ranged), a combat squaded half of eradicators and the eliminators. Laz is on the other side (and these two wings are intended to be close so there is some overlap during any push up the board) giving more of the MW bubble to the relics on that side or pressing center/midboard. Erads are the only potential targets for transhuman. Infils rely on hiding, smokescreen, helix and their plussed up number to last. Elims rely on their fire and fade mechanic, cloaks on terrain, and range to be durable. Thoughts? Critiques? Previously lists included the anti infantry Talonmaster with arbiters gaze, but I swapped it to increase my terminator count. List should start with 4cp, with one very often being spent on voidsmen in strat reserve for RND (or one of the eradicators as an "arrive and pop someone," threat) so I am used to starting with 3cp in actual practice.
  6. the squad sizes seem somewhat restricting, but they have a nearly identical statline to the primaris crusaders BUT cheaper and with more weapon options. what do you guys think?
  7. some of the stratagems seem quite good, and I've used devout push quite a few times in games and the vows seem very good (especially Suffer Not the Unclean and Accept Any Challenge) but the Primaris Crusader Squad seems to be under-preforming against anything other than AP 0, S 4 weapons.
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