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Like many established Imperium worlds, Dakota Minor has a planetary defence force simply known the Dakota Minor Defence Corps (or DMDC). Most of its number are conscripted from the local population; a small number of citizens willingly join to escape the tedium of farm life that is prevalent on Dakota Minor. The DMDC is organised in a manner similar to Astra Militarum regiments, albeit more limited in their makeup. For the most part, it consists of dozens of infantry battalions, mechanised infantry battalions and light armour squadrons.


DMDC corpsmen are on average sub-par for the standards of the Astra Militarum; physical standards, marksmanship and discipline is moderately enforced. In addition, much of their equipment is passed downed from the Asokan Rifles, (as part of an agreement between the governors of Dakota Minor and Asoka), and so the DMDC is forced to make do with whatever equipment and munitions they are provided. Their second-hand arsenal limits them to small arms, transports and scout units, along with a variety of weapons and equipment that saw limited production on Forge World Agripinaa.



The undiscliplined and under-equipped DMDC corpsmen are overwhelmed by the advancing Orks, on the outskirts of Dakota Primus.


Dakota Minor does not have its own division in the Astra Militarum, instead offering its best recruits to the Asokan Rifles and the Sartorian Rangers as part of its tithe.


DMDC Archer-Sentinel

The Archer-Sentinel is a variant of the Sentinel walker, armed with a Typhoon multiple missile launcher and a Hunter-Killer missile. It was only produced on Forge World Agripinaa and only in production for 50 years, after many Astra Militarum regiments dismissed it as “useless and redundant”.

The DMDC received a massive shipment of this Sentinel variant form the Asokan Rifles in 843M41, and then-Governor Golffe believed she scored a great deal. After many wargames and simulations, it was discovered that the Archer Sentinel was not suitable for long range combat due to requiring direct line of sight, nor was it suitable for close quarters due to its high profile and minimum range required for its missile salvoes. These drawbacks were easily exploited during the Ork invasion in 884M41, whose preference for close quarters combat forced DMDF Sentinel pilots to launch their payload near point-blank or be swarmed by Orks.



DMDC Archer-Sentinel, with its standard loadout of Typhoon missile launcher, hunter-killer missile and searchlight. Personalised markings are common on DMDC vehicles.


The DMDC were nonetheless forced to employ these legions of walkers to hold back the Orks in the Liberation of Dakota Minor, fuelling and arming them at little as possible. Sentinel pilots were drafted from the infantry battalions, and would received the minimum training required to drive the walkers. The war of Dakota Minor would be a victory for the Imperium, but only an academic review could prove if the near-sacrifical tactics of the Archer-Sentinels were to thank for the success.


DMDC 50th Infantry Battalion

The 50th Infantry Battalion is one of the "esteemed" battalions of the DMDC, having been the winners of multiple wargames held annually on Dakota Minor. Their accomplishments were less a result of skill and more lack of competition. The life of the DMDC is a privileged and uneventful one (relative to the rest of the populace of Dakota Minor) and the wargames are seen by many DMDC Battalions as a large social event, with troopers engaging in fraternisation and consumption of alcohol. Despite their success in the wargames, the 50th Battallion are no stranger to the festivities of the annual wargames.


DMDC 50th Battalion corpsmen holding their ground in the ruined processing plant of Dakota Primus. 


The Ork Invasion in 884M41 was the first true trial-by-fire for the DMDC as a whole, and they were woefully unprepared for the xeno menace. The combination of poor skill, poor discipline, and subpar equipment saw entire battalions decimated under the green tide. The 50th Battalion was fortunate to be assigned an Astartes support during the defence of Dakota Primus, the capitol hive. With the Astartes leadership, the 50th corpsmen rallied behind the superhuman figthers and fought tooth and nail against the Ork invaders. After eight weeks of combat, the Orks were eventually driven out of the hive and into the Adatok Wastelands to the north. 



DMDC 50th Battalion corpsmen, alongside Adeptus Astartes of the Salamander chapter, force the Ork invaders out of the hive and


The 50th Battalion would receive a commendation directly from Chaplain Numasus of the Salamanders, for their "outstanding courage and feat of arms in the face of the xenos menace", during the defence of Dakota Primus. They would be the only DMDC element to receive battle honours from the chapter at the conclusion of the war for Dakota Minor. The honour was begrudgingly given by the Salamanders chaplain, but Captain R'Keth felt that the 50th's bravery in the defence of their world needed to be acknowledged, despite the performance of the other batallions. Had the Salamanders been any other Adeptus Astartes chapter, their appraisal of the DMDC could have been far more damning...


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