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Salamanders’ Armour on Dakota Minor (884M41)

Mike Zulu



The Salamanders had come to the Segmentum Obscurus with a contingent of over 160 Astartes hailing from the 1st, 2nd and 5th Companies, along with their respective Captains, to fight in the ill-fated Yttrius Crusade (883M41). At its conclusion, their numbers had been significantly reduced; the veterans of the 1st Company were either dead or incapacitated, the 2nd and 5th Companies had been cut to half of their starting strength, and their drop pods had been exhausted. However, they still had a full compliment of Astartes tanks, skimmers and aircraft; this bode well for the weakened Astartes who could not ignore humanity's pleas for help in the Matteus Delta system.



A formation of Salamanders armour moves through the industrial sector of Dakota Primus, in the early days of the city's defensive efforts against the Ork invaders.


As the acting commander of the Salamanders strike force, Captain R'Keth answered the call to defend Dakota Minor. He lead his 2nd Company alongside 5th Company elements aboard their Strike Cruiser Serpentine, to the Ork infested world. R'Keth also ordered the deployment of the sacred Land Raider "Celestial Hammer", much to the chagrin of the Techmarines who felt it inappropriate to field the relic war machine without the Firedrakes. Given the surplus of armour assets and the dearth of Astartes crew, Salamanders from the 2nd and 5th Companies had to work together to ensure enough vehicles could be deployed and operated on the battlefield.


Land Raider Phobos "Celestial Hammer"
The Phobos-pattern Land Raider “Celestial Hammer” is one of the oldest Land Raiders in the Salamanders armory. During the Dakota Minor campaign, Captain R’Keth authorised the use of the Celestial Hammer in the later days of the war, requiring Techmarines from the 2nd and 5th Companies to crew. The Techmarines protested at first, and so too did the Land Raider’s machine spirit, but Captain R’Keth was quick to remind them of their duty to the Emperor’s people. The Celestial Hammer was the tip of the spear during the assault on the Harkon West Industrial Precinct, which has been captured by the opportunistic Steel Reavers in the last days of the war.



Land Raider “Celestial Hammer”, under command of 5th Company Techmarine Fe’var, armed with heavy bolters, twin-linked lascannon sponsons and a pintle-mounted multi-melta.


Rhino Gun'vek
Gun’vek is one of the newer Rhinos in the 2nd Company’s armoury, and has only seen combat a handful of times. Gun’vek was instrumental in keeping the Salamanders' Tactical Squads mobile within the city of Dakota Primus, providing fire support with its storm bolter as the Astartes entered the fray. Gun’vek was the only deployed Rhino that survived the war for Dakota Minor intact; a total of nine Rhinos were immobilised or destroyed in the conflict.


Rhino Gun’vek, dedicated transport of the Salamanders 2nd Company.


Razorback Mir’Tar
Mir’Tar is an aged razorback, equipped with the rare pattern twin-linked plasma guns and lascannon turret. It has served the 2nd Company well over the last two millennia, and though not considered as a relic like the Celestial Hammer, it is revered by many in the 2nd Company. Its most notable campaigns have been permanently painted on the left-hand side of the vehicle: the Foreshore Crusade in M39, the Purge of Venturi IX in M40, and the Starfire Campaign of M41.


Razorback Mir’tar, armed with twin-linked plasma gun/lascannon turret, storm bolter and hunter-killer missile.


Predator Destructor Persephius

A variant of the Predator Destructor rarely seen in the late 41st millenium, Persephius features a pair of sponson-mounted heavy flamers for close-range engagements. The city of Dakota Primus had numerous road junctions and wide alleyways that were ideal for funneling Orks into kill zones for Persephius to decimate at close-range, and obliterating Ork armour at medium-to-long range with its autocannon.



Predator Persephius, armed with two heavy flamer sponsons, autocannon turret, and pintle-mounted storm bolter.


Land Speeders Pre'tir and Antanar

Captain R'Keth sought to take advantage of the speed and maneuverability of their fleet of infrequently used Land Speeders, against the slower and disorganised Orks. Having become familiar with the Raven Guard’s tactical doctrine during the Yttrius Crusade, the crew of the Land Speeders Pre’tir and Antanar destroyed many Ork scrap tanks and skimmers in a month-long series of hit-and-run engagements. They finally ran out of fuel and ammunition on the 44th day, and the crew were forced to abandon their craft. Pre’tir was recovered and refurbished after the war, but Antanar was never seen again. 


Land Speeder Tornadoes Pre’tir (left) and Antanar (right), each armed with a heavy bolter and assault cannon.



Edited by Mike Zulu

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