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Cerberus, Brother of the Blade, member of the 50-22nd



Well hey there again, my second post is taking form. Before I start plotting down the head cannon for my Alpha Legion, I thought that maybe I should have some hobby to go with it. 

So Cerberus is a thought I had of creating a duellist champion for my Alpha's. His lore would be, is he one of a trio of duellists where the enemy doesn't know that 2 others are lurking close by to pounce and cause their demise! Or does he have 3 souls living within his mind which makes him seem very unhinged to outsiders! He is very old, exactly how old is unknown but he traces back to the Ghost Legion days, likely back to their inception, so a countless number of missions he has under his belt. It is also said he was one of the few that was charged with helping groups of Thunder Warriors get off world for future plans.  

When I first thought of this guy my plans were to use the current Khârn model or the Master of Executions and kitbash the crap out of them. Although I still like that idea, possibly for a future member, but the second I saw the Rann model I knew this was it.  The only thing I'm unsure of at this point is whether or not to keep one, both or none of the axes. I don't have a lot of bits....at least useful bits as I use a lot of that stuff in other figures or failed attempts at figures, but I get by. I needs me a 3D printer I recon! 

I should be laying paint on him soon 


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