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Some Quick WIP's



Hey all, I don't know about you but I'm a rather slow hobbyist. 1 figure can take me whats seems like an eternity, manly due to the abundance of things that life throws your way but there is some laziness in there too! I'm hoping this blog helps push me past this stage and into an area that can have me turn out a figure a week if not faster.  So without further ado......


Cerberus as he stands now, still has a ways to go but am happy with the progress so far. For the in between stages of waiting for paint/washes..ect to dry I started on my Dreadnought. Absolutely love the Leviathan model, first of many I imagine. When most of the model can be done with an airbrush it does speed up the process quite a bit, but now the slower brush part starts. I don't airbrush oils to often but it is something I really enjoy doing so with the bigger units of this army I should get some much needed practice in.





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