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Warhammer 40k Kill Team Printable Tactical and Strategic Ploys



What's the problem?


Have you ever thought that relying too much on rule books and summaries makes it slow and cumbersome when playing Warhammer 40k Kill Team?


We used to see that reviewing Ploys every turn in your books (when sometimes you may also be sharing the same book) made it all slower. Furthermore, when you're starting to play with a new Kill Team, the learning curve and cognitive can be quite high. If that team also has special abilities like Guardsmen Orders or Acts of Faith, you're likely going to experiment slow and hard times.


There's also a chance when you are not 100% on what Tactical Ploys you have already played during that Turning Point if there's a lot of activations and, or forget which specific ploys or abilities you have played for the turn (yes! There's also this kind of players around. We know some of them!).


What's our solution?


We've come up with a nice solution inspired also in the new materials shared in the boxes for the KillTeams like Blades of Khaine's: using playable cards.


We've designed some nice cards for the ploys and extra stuff (like Novitiates' Acts of Faith or Ancilliary Support and Guardsmen Orders for Veterans) that can be printed in 300g A4 (double sided) sheets so you get a handy card with a nice backing.


Cards Front.jpeg



How do I use them?


On your select Strategic Ploys phase, you'll just browse them in your hand and play them on the table after spending Command Points. Same for every time you're playing a Tactical Ploy or a Special skill you need to keep track of. And when the Turning Points end, you grab them back to your deck so you can play them again in the next one!




Where can I find them?


You can find the available ones in my page for free (or the prize you'd like to contribute with!)


If you'd like cards for some team, drop us a line and we'll work on it!

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