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Tackling my Tau - Kitbash time!



OK so remember when I said I had a plan for the Stormsurge crew?


See, the trouble with T'au kits is you get so many extra bits, but because you don't get any extra torsos, you can never do anything with them. It's like with old marines, you always got tons of spares, but never enough legs to make more marines.


Well, seeing as I built the Stormsurge with the closed cockpit piece from www.thecustombit.com, I now have two spare torsos! One of them probably needs green stuff to make it useful as it has a bit cut out of the back, but the other is perfectly useable. What am I going to do with it?? I hear you cry. 

Well, because I am too cheap to buy one, I here present my custom Cadre Fireblade, kitbashed with parts from four other T'au kits - torso, head and belt-clipped helmet from the Stormsurge crew, legs, rifle, markerlight and backpack from the fire warriors, left arm and accessories from the pathfinders and a bonding knife left over from a crisis battlesuit sprue.




I can't tell you how many times I dropped those fiddly little bits on my GREY carpet... Think it turned out pretty well in the end though.



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