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Ky'Vash Recon Cadre - Army Concept and Pathfinders






Pathfinder Team 01, Pulse Carbines & Rail Rifles.



Active in Sub-Sector Vyndax, the Fire Caste of minor sept world Ky'Vash lacks some of the heavier equipment of the core septs, but has proven to be a thorn in the side of Imperial colonial and extractive concerns within the region. Ordo Xenos representatives in the Sub-Sector have tracked reports of T'au recon and infiltration forces on multiple worlds, striking from hidden forward bases and ambushing supply convoys in the less industrialized and built-up Imperial holdings. Ky'Vash Pathfinder units range ahead of more substantial units and support platforms, quite literally 'finding paths' for less mobile segments of the strikeforce in the dense woodlands found on many of the once-terraformed worlds of Vyndax. 



Shas'la with Pulse Carbine.


Shas'la with Rail Rifle.


Shas'la Drone-Control Specialist.



Shas'ui Team Leader. Note the bonding knife attached to her fatigues.



New Year, New Army! Also new blog, because it was about time. We'll see how I like doing things in here. Having spent most of 2023 building a non-optimal, primarily infantry space marines army, I've decided to do something different for 2024: That, but with T'au. Look, I like infantry! They're fun! This will, eventually, have a Hammerhead and maybe some Crisis Suits, but for now we're doing camo-clad footsloggers. 


The camo itself is a mix of AUSCAM woodland camo with what appeared to be a one-off Tau Piranha model I found online from like... 2018. This will be the standard scheme for the whole army, though the Pathfinders have more cloth, and thus actually less camo than the Firewarriors will have. Probably. I may end up leaving them with more black armour, we'll see what happens. 


Drones are pending, we've had some MOIST days, so they're waiting on my painting desk, unprimed. 

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1 hour ago, Bouargh said:

This camo scheme is perfect on Path finders. I am curious to see how it fits on the Piranha. You plan sharing?

I'll see if I can find it, but I'll also just be making my own some time soon.

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