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  1. In keeping with my other armies I will run a WIP for my as yet unpainted T'au before posting the completed models in my Kavaal Korst'la'sha'is thread. As I work through the list I will try to remember to post any details such as magnetisation techniques, tips etc but expect this thread to progress in fits and stops as I am currently bouncing between DA/AM and T'au trying to clear a massive backlog due to my well known addiction to grey plastic acquisition... So to start with here is the T'au painting backlog... HQ Commander Farsight x 2 (old style) Commander Shadowsun Troops Firewarriors x 78 Kroot x 9 Kroothounds x 8 Elite XV8 Battlesuits x 13 Fast Piranha x 2 Pathfinder x 22 Drones x 71 Sun/Razor Shark x 3 (magnets will be involved at some point) Heavy XV88 Broadside x 4 (New style) XV88 Broadside x 2 (Old style) XV88-2 Broadside x 1 Hammerhead/Devilfish x 4 Skyray x 2 Along with these there is also the need to repaint all of the old scheme models - it may take a while
  2. From the album: Pictures

    © unknown

  3. Melete

    Fire Warriors and Ethereal WIP

    From the album: ETL VI

  4. Melete

    Fire Warriors and Ethereal WIP

    From the album: ETL VI

  5. From the album: 2nd ACR

    Faced off against Tau. Only lost 1 chimera and 4 troops.
  6. https://youtu.be/B3q2EzDY8Q0 Cheers, Thoth
  7. ++ ONLY THE GREATER GOOD IS WORTH WAR ++ ONLY WAR/XENOS: TAU CAMPAIGN (ACTIVE IC THREAD). +++ OPERATION FIREKNIFE +++ "On the World of Kur'Sadesh, I go to my fate. The High Summer Conclave of the Aun'ar'Tol has decreed that I must go there to seek new blood for our allies, new voices for our Coalition. I trust the Caste of Princes as I do the Tau'Va, in my heart. My Honour Blade is one carried before me by great heroes of our cause, and to disappoint them or incur the shame of Malk'la is unthinkable. Yet my dearest friend I tell you, I know that service to this task will put me in the direst peril, which troubles my heart only less than returning to find the Great Terror. The Kor'vattra assure me they will defend me to the death, but once that happens, what then? - Xenos-Classified [TAU] Message received by emergency comm-buoy Imperial Adjunct 114-16-212. The Custodian Class Battleship was abruptly spat from gravitic drive slipstream and came to a breif stop before power ran through the hull, the engines stirred to motion by the Air caste crew. Smooth and efficient, the Fio had built the spacecraft well, unlike the ungainly ships of the Gue'la, which seemed banded together by iron bolts and hasps forged by blind madmen. Shas'O Mal'Caor studied the twin-boomed prow and its elegant curves and pleasing organic shapes. Such a vessel could hide in the depths of the seas on Sa'Cea, a shadow beneath the rolling waves, cutting through the liquid medium as surely as it cruised through vacuum. He reached up to his smooth scalp, the locks long gone. He stifled a grunt, they looked so pleasant and light, but hours crammed inside an XV05 on a humid forest world did not lend to wearing them. Beside him, the ship's Captain, Vre'Unzel stirred, lifing her own wrist communicator to her lips. "Slow to one third and begin a drone sweep for debris or ion trails." "Hai'Kor'Vre." The glittering spots of the scanner drones became a small cloud of glimmering light as they decanted from the launch bays. Around them, O'Mal'Caor could feel the sleek ships of this flotilla, Barracudas, Castellans and Wardens. Behind them by several Rotaa, were the combat group should he need them, but he hoped his plan wouldn't necessitate that. He stared down into the abyss, the lights of stars winking back at him, the binary star at the heart of the system two giant white orbs, crackling as they danced with each other in a strange honour duel. The Imperial World the Shas'ar'Tol named Kur'Sadesh rolled below them, the skies thick with clouds and ash. A prison world the humans called Perdition. Down there, somewhere, was Aun'la Du'Rega, and even now, as the klaxons sounded across the ship, he knew the Expeditionary FLeet had detected the attack ships of the Imperium. Perdition was one of those worlds he despised. Not because of the criminals or the Gue'La or the lunacy of their Throne-Prince's tyranny, but because it was so damn close to the border - close enough that the humans kept a close eye. "Assemble the Strike Team. I will meet them in the briefing room," he spoke at large to the room, hearing the snap to attention of his own aides. La'Du'Rega had been on her own for 6 Decs. And that was 5 too long. Introduction: You are aboard the Custodian Class battleship Blackstar, a heavily armed ship for even this class. It boasts a significant complement of Fire Warriors as well as Earth and Air Caste personnel. You have been summoned to this vessel by many different means, perhaps unexpectedly, or maybe you have known from a rumour that your name was on a list somewhere. The mission is not a secret. it is a rescue mission of an Ethereal Caste representative and her attendants on a mission of peace along with her Water Caste diplomatic envoy, Por'El Mesme, a veteran of contact with the Gue'la. Indeed, he insisted on Gue'Vesa troops being available for all expeditions, so they could spread the good word, and this may be why you are aboard. In any event, feel free to introduce your characters with whatever is foremost on their minds as well as what their day-to-day duties may have them doing before the are summoned to the briefing room.
  8. ++ ONLY THE GREATER GOOD IS WORTH WAR ++ ONLY WAR/XENOS: TAU CAMPAIGN - CHARACTER THREAD. +++ OPERATION: FIREKNIFE +++ "When the upstart Tau came from under their rock, their brought with them their heresy. Who are these thieves, who have not spilled blood for the soil now within the Emperor's Realm? Who would not stand against the might of His Armies with honour? Worse, who would dare betray His Holy Purpose to stand with them?" - Zealot Hyram Graff, Ecclesiarch of the Cathedral of His Majesty In Perpetuity. + Servants of the Tau'Va + Heroes of the Fire Caste: Trokair - Shas'Ui Monat, Stealth Battlesuit Pilot (F) Commander Dawnstar - Shas'Ui Bork'an Kyosha, Drone Controller (F) Morovir - Shas'vre Sa'cea R'nan, Fire Warrior Veteran (M) Ancient_Sobek - Shas’ui N’dras Anuk’Var, Pathfinder (M) Honoured Warriors of Pech: Beren - Targykex, Kroot Mercenary (M) Badgersinhills - Jaq'Arn, Kroot Mercenary (F) The Enlightened Gue'Vesa: Machine God - Tony Keys (Ex-Imperial layabout) (M)+++ DRAMATIS PERSONAE +++ Shas'O Sa'Cea Tu'uan Mal'Caor (Iron Spider) (M) Aun'La Bork'an Du'Rega Khalat (Merciful Word) (F) Kor'Vre Vior'la Unzal Or'es (Star Witch) (F) Por'El Dal'yth Mesme Mon'Wer'nat (Unclear translation: Either Double-tongued, Two-Faced, or Half-Truths.) (M) Building a Tau Kill Team: All PC's who begin Play as the Tau Race must first generate a set of Characteristics, which they should post in their Character Profile and Bio below. Please include some background for your Character, or use some of the following details to prompt you. Note that your specialisation is independent of your Stats and will be chosen from a list further down in this post. Gue'Vesa: All Gue'Vesa characters start with common Imperial gear, augmented by Tau supplementals. (Note they will generate Human Characteristics from Only War itself). Kroot: (Cheers Beren ). Additional Special Rules - Sworn to the Ta'Lissera (Team Action/Squad Modes): Although all Tau are equal, in following with the Greater Good, some Fire Warriors fall into positions of command. Unlike some other races, however, Tau commanders hold themselves to the same standards of those they lead. A Shas'Vre (with any member of his team who have participated in the Ritual of Communion) may, on a successful Leadership Test, declare the following actions once per combat. There is no test to enter Squad Mode, since the Characters count as always being in Squad Mode - however, the basic Squad Mode rules apply: All Characters must be conscious; All Characters must have LOS; All Characters must be within 30m. TEAM ACTIONS: TBC...
  9. Atillan Auxillaries, bearing the Sep't of Atilla Communique From Shas’Vre’T’au’Watana M41 --Begin Communique-- From T'au Command To Commander Gu'Mo of Graia in The Ghoul Stars: Greetings Commander, Under normal circumstances, this communique would be to congratulate you for your decisive progress in the Ghoul Stars. However, the purpose of this communique is not to celebrate your accomplishments but admonish you for behavior that has come to our attention. We have received disturbing reports regarding your behavior with Auxillaries. The Director, in particular was greatly displeased with your shortsighted, and dangerous reforms to the force loaned to you on behalf of The Greater Good. Make no mistake, Commander, this action of yours is of a grave and scandalous matter, which is why I hope you receive this letter of warning and benevolence with the gratitude it deserves. The Great Director, in his wisdom and magnanimity, has looked upon your otherwise treacherous actions in light of your past loyalties and great achievements for The T’au’va. We are more than aware that deviations are to be expected when in combat. The Great Leader said as much: “If a general who confuses a parade march for a battle march is deaf to the music of war.” This is of course true, but we would also remind you to think upon his wisdom when he also says. “The Successful general is one who acts as the conquered’s first diplomat and first Governor.” It is in this aspect, we find your behavior lacking, Commander. Battlefield innovations must be subordinate to the long term wisdom of governance. And creating Plasma Rifle divisions out of your Atillan auxiliaries is an ‘innovation’ whose possible repercussions are not worth the price of victory. For as the Great Leader says, "Victory at any Cost, is the most costly defeat." You can not make your Gue'Vasan auxiliaries into Fire Warriors because The Gue'vasa is not equal to a T'au. The Mind of The Gue’va is one addled by desires outside of his control They cannot perceive the greater good as we can, because they are so beset by their immaterial passions. This sometimes manifests itself as what our Eldar allies call “Psyker energy,” but it appears in more subtle ways as well. This be seen by the frequent revolts and uprisings so many Gue’va undertake for various myopic reasons, or their sensitivity to superstitions brought about either from their own hallucinations or through the immateria. These natural tendencies the Gue’va have towards chaos must be limited, and if they cannot, then their capacity to derail the Greater Good must be instead. We have spent considerable time, effort, and resources towards the cultivation of Atillan nation, guiding their cultural development towards one attuned to The Greater Good. They have gone from primitive tool working to star-faring warriors exclusively under our care and guidance, lacking many of the more problematic aspects suffered from the rest of their species. Nearly every aspect of their way of life has been guided by us, and there is not a tradition they have that has not been approved to bring about a higher purpose. The use of archery is one such tradition we’d prefer not be discarded out of inconvenience. Primitive as it would seem, the Bow and Arrow is a proud tradition of the Atillan people, and one that takes years to refine and develop. The Atillan soldier is taken from their families at an early age, trained for use with the bow and to use it in all manners of conflict situations. The Atillan absorbs the traditions of their elders and the caste to hone their abilities. The Atillan mind is honed to think of all aspects of archery, focusing their mind and clearing it of potentially disruptive distractions. Duty to hierarchy, sacrifice, self-discipline, and obedience are necessary habits to instill in the Gue’va, in order to harmonize them with The Greater Good. Without them, they are little more than those Savage brutes polluting the Easternmost fringes of the galaxy. Which brings us to the second aspect, Atillan weapons and requisitions are not to be treated as interchangeable. The Atillan bow is an excellent demonstration of Tau harmony. On its own, the Gue’va weapon is archaic, primitive, and useless; yet with the Supply of the Earth Caste, the Conduction of the Air Caste, and the Leadership of The Fire Caste, the Atillan transcends his primitive nature and becomes a formidable warrior. The Atillan bow is only as useful as the unique and specialty arrows that his leader sees fit to supply him. Without the benefits of the Tau`va, the Atillan returns to primitive helplessness the moment his quiver runs out. This is a harmonious relation that is to be encouraged of the Gue’va. The Plasma and Scoped Rifle’s are not his to understand, rather to be understood as the dominion of the superior race. We know you understand there unique capabilities on the battlefield. In particular, your exploits with the Atillan volleys against The Dragon have impressed many in the highest levels of military command. However this current action of arming Gue'vasa with T'au armaments could betray an imprudent trust of your Auxillaries. You understand their purpose tactically and strategically, so we ask you to understand it intuitively. The role of the Gue’vassa, and indeed all Auxilaries is to reflect Tau’va Harmony at all times; such discord and disharmony will have reverberations few will recognize, and fewer still can repair. Perhaps it may not appear to be an issue for you, since your combatants are mostly among the unique problems of the Ghoul Stars, but that is no excuse for such behavior with Auxillaries. Encouraging familiarity with plasma weapons among the Gue’vasa opens them to influence and exchanges with more rebellious members of their species. The hordes of Gue’va are looking for any chance they can to lure our noble Gue’vasa away from higher pursuits. Their siren songs will only be made more potent if they can easily use Imperial weapons. In our hands the Atillan is a delicate tool of The Greater Good, with a rifle, they become a brutish mercenary, no different if they are fighting for us, or against us. Your numerous and frequent requests for additional Fire warrior divisions have been noted. When coupled with the fact that you were foolish enough to report on your dangerous actions yourself, the Director has determined your crimes were of naiveté rather than treachery. The Ho'Sen Lar'Shi Khas'atah will be arriving near your current base of operations within 21 days. In his benevolence and wisdom, High Command has saw to it that 3 Divisions of Fire Warriors as well as additional Atillans will be on board for your command. Accompanying them will be Shas'ui Atilla U'lso. He has been instructed to release these divisions to you provided he is satisfied with your compliance with our requests. Additionally you will surrender all of your “modified” regiments to him for assessment and re-education. Please use your Atillan Auxillaries in more conventional manner. Do not worry about the dangers that you may put them into, that is what they are trained for. Furthermore, the Gue'va's mind does not seem capable of resting thought and thus it is best utilized when placed in dangerous situations. Should we have some assurance that you be more prudent in future, you will not be lacking in armaments and soldiers. The powers that be are watching your career with great interest, and see much promise in your work. It is for this, that you have been gifted additional resources, a gentle warning, and an lesson. We anticipate you will take all three with open ear, and open mind. May you continue your work towards The Greater Good both on the battlefield and off. Take the great leader’s benevolence into your heart and remember that the greatest wrath is reserved for those first shown mercy. --End Communique-- So this is a fragment of a larger project, for those of you more knowledgeable about the tau, I would love some advice and criticism. What should be elaborated on? What impression do you get of the Tau here? Should I go into more detail about the armaments? More detail in general? Criticism on art piece also welcome, its mostly there to give an impression of what these auxillaries look like. Should I do more stuff like this, or would I be better to write actual stories.
  10. Posting this here as it’s likely to have an experienced player respond. Does the Farsight Aggressive Footing ability work in overwatch? The wording doesn’t mention shooting attacks, just “an attack made with a ranged weapon“. I don’t see this addressed in the FAQ.
  11. Index Xenos The Tau Sept World Fi'karro Discovery The moon that would become the colony of Fi'karro was discovered quite by accident. During the finale days of the second phase expansion a navigation error lead a small survey fleet led by the For'vattra class cruiser “Sa'cea Rilal” to the system known as K-107-Dal. Inside this minor system the fleet found a single small moon that registered barely habitable. While at first this system would be classed as a candidate for a small sensor outpost, soon after the first Earth caste survey team set hoof on the moon's surface the readings would show the ice ball of a world contained minerals involved in the creation of the rare, expensive alloy that makes up Iridium armor for Tau battlesuits. Sept World Fi'karro This turned out to be a boon, as soon after the first mining operations were set up the Imperium of Man launched it's ill-fated Damocles gulf crusade. For the next 3 years these mining operations would help fuel the Tau empire's military as it desperately fought the forces of the Imperium to a standstill. The new found need for these materials drove many earth caste miners to the moon and in turn increased the need for larger more permanent settlements, as well as a larger population to handle the logistics of refining and moving the alloy off-world to the septs that had larger manufacturing bases. When the first shots of the Damocles Crusade were fired the population of the colony world stood at less than 500, by the time the truce was put in place Fi'karro's population had expanded to 150,000. Since its discovery the world of Fi'karro has grown and matured into a large frontier colony with a substantial population and a strategic importance to many nearby worlds. Both in the form of Fi'karro's exported minerals and in the form of it's large fire cast force to protect nearby small colonies. Fi'karro The world of Fi'karro is the first moon of the gas giant B'bap'eir (Shepherd of the lost world) which is the 4th planet in the K-107-Dal system. Due to the system's star being much less warm then normal G-type main sequence stars there are no other planets in the system that can support life. The only reason Fi'karro is warm enough to support even basic life is due to the extreme gravitational forces it experiences from it's large gaseous parent producing warmth from the moon's core. Even with this warming effect the moon is only able to maintain temperatures just above freezing, with areas near the equator reaching º5 Celsius during the moon's summer months and with the average yearly temperature being closer to º-2 Celsius. Even with earth caste terraforming specialists efforts, these temperatures have not changed much, with most of their efforts being focused on importing plants and animals that may survive the current climates, with mixed results. The moon itself has no large complex native life, with the most complex organism being a type of aquatic flatworm deep in the moon's oceans. While it may not boast much native life, the moon did have one form of complex life on it's surface since before tau settlement began, the non-native Ork species. The Ork population was small and very dispersed when the moon was first discovered, it has since grown into a major problem being faced by the colony's security forces. Since settlement began species of fish and plant life have been introduced to allow for a small amount of food to be grown and/or harvested from the moon. This has only been marginally successful, as the growing population of Tau colonists cannot be supported by such a hostile environment. This deficit in foodstuff is mitigated by large amounts of imports. The colony of Fi'karro's population currently stands at 713 million, with the large majority of this being made up of members from the earth caste. The next largest segment of the population are of the sept's fire caste members, with only token segments made up of the air and water caste. One notable difference to other worlds in the Tau Empire is the low number of Ethereals on the world, with this being the most seen in the almost complete lack of Ethereals in the colony’s military forces. This spread of population highlights the focus of the colony, being to support the empire as a whole with it's mining operations and to defend said operations from threats both inside and outside the colony's star system. Many of the world's settlements are clustered around large mining sites that have been in operation since the colony's first days. The largest of these settlements being the world's capital city, as well as its largest space port. The limited number of Ethereals in the Colony's population may look to be a problem that could result in issues with the colony's social order, but it is actually a response to a distinct cultural quirk. Due to the harsh environment and hostile nature of the colony itself those who are born on the moon are taught that their hardships are ultimately in service to the greater good of the empire as a whole. This manifests as an almost fanatical drive for ones work/task/duty, what ever that may be. While this helps the colony hold together with the lower numbers of Ethereals then normal, it has lead to some friction with other sept worlds and colonies, as many may see this steadfast dedication as far and above what is needed of them. The population itself is known for their stubbornness and steadfast determination in the face of an obstacle, and have gained a reputation for pushing through hardships. Living on Fi'karro can be harsh at the best of times, with the cold, Orks, and Imperium raids being only a few of it's dangers. Even with this in mind the Tau that live on this world gladly risk life and limb daily for the greater good of the empire. This strategic situation has also led to both the general population and fire caste to adopt a very forward looking mindset. With potential threats being dealt with long before there is a chance for them to actually become a major threat. Whether it’s minor damage to a mine's support struts or a dispersed tribe of primitive Orks the Tau of Fi’karro would rather deal with it then and there then to wait until it becomes an actual problem. Combat Doctrine Due to the population of Fi’karro’s general pragmatic outlook and stance to not allow small problems get worse then they already are, the military forces of the Colony have taken to fully embracing a modified version of the Mont’ka doctrine. Much like the standard Mont’ka the enemy must be hit with an overwhelming strike that destroys or otherwise disables critical infrastructure related to its ability to fight, whether that is troops, supplies, actual infrastructure, or just that forces' will to resist. Unlike the standard Mont’ka the military forces of Fi’karro prefer to undertake strikes on enemy forces before they are able to actually threaten the attacking force, with the most preferred targets being fuel depots, ammunition dumps, potential staging grounds, raw material gathering/refining operations, and any other target that may delay an enemy from being able to threaten the strategic interests of a Fi’karro military force. It is rare for the Fire caste of Fi’karro to be drawn into a long war with an enemy, with the constant vigilance practiced by their military’s pathfinder and stealth suit corps most threats to the colony are found long before there is a chance for much momentum to be built up. On the defensive the forces of Fi’karro practice the same strategy as much of the rest of the Empire. Preferring to avoid actually defending ground and using mobile warfare tactics to move to favorable ground or pull the enemy to ground in which they would be at a disadvantage. This standard practice is only broken in times where critical mining operations on their home colony are threatened, in such a situation it is thought that the potential interruption of operations is unacceptable. To overcome this Fi’karro forces will try to pull enemy forces threatening these operations by presenting them with targets away from the locations of these mines, such as lessening the garrison of a local military installation or settlement. Currently the only times where such tactics have had to be undertaken have been when Orks on the surface had formed warbands to attack the colony, and so far they have been fairly successful in avoiding destruction of critical mining operations during such times. When forced into a full war footing, as has been the case in many campaigns with the Orks on Fi’karro or during the multiple spheres of expansion, they will prefer to seek out the areas that contain installations that allow the enemy forces to conduct offensive actions and maintain it’s forces, and attack them while avoiding the main body of enemy troops. While this limits the usefulness of the Fi’karro fire caste in some types of combat, it has been of great use to the empire in maintaining it’s hold in the area around Fi’karro as well as helped in keeping imperial forces off balance during the many border conflicts that have occurred since the end of the Damocles crusade. A perfect example of both of these behaviors came in the Third Sphere of Expansion in 998.M41. During this time of expansion Fi’karro dispatched elements of its military to aid in the reclaiming of worlds lost during the Damocles crusade. These forces were used by the empire as a force to disrupt imperial military formations from forming a proper defense and help clear the way for the main force of the expansion forces. One of these actions took place in the Dogra system when 3 Fi’karro cadres were tasked with clearing major resistance from the local world’s PDF units in preparation for the main Empire forces arrival. The strategy pursued by these cadres was to target the large stockpiles of fuel on the surface of the planet, by doing so and avoiding the forces of the worlds PDF they were able to effectively freeze the enemy in place and stop them from quickly responding to any further actions. The strikes themselves were rapid assaults that focused on destroying fuel silos and refineries while avoiding the actual defending forces. This short campaign resulted in very limited Fi’karro casualties and allowed the main forces of the empire to take the system with relatively few losses and quickened the overall campaign significantly. Organization The military forces of Fi’karro are organized in a fairly similar way to much of the Tau empire, With the most units being built from the standard Cadres that other worlds use. In total the colony has multiple Contingents (3-6 Cadre) operating at one time, With at least a single over-sized Contingent stationed inside the Fi’karro star system at all times, so as to respond to any potential attack or threat on their home colony. Like most other Tau worlds this colony provides troops to the many forces that operate in combat zones all around the Tau empire proper. While the actual number of Cadre and Contingents deployed by Fi’karro is always changing, the average at any point in time is close to 12 Contingents worth of Cadres. During times of conflict or a sphere expansion the colony will raise it’s number of warriors substantially. Normally however the bulk of Fi’karro forces are deployed as Cadres on Preemptive strike missions at targets both inside and outside it’s local sector of space. Due to the preference of Fi’karro commanders for preemptive strikes at potential enemy forces, the standard Cadre of this Colony normally always have attached pathfinder teams as well as a team of stealth suits. These Troops are used to gather ground level intelligence for upcoming operations as well as to support the main line combat troops during said operations, through rear line sabotage and direct combat support. Another symptom of this colony’s particular combat preference manifests through the use of very high impact combat tactics. This means most units will look to the weapon system that has the highest damage output possible so as to end direct combat as quickly as possible. Battlesuit teams from Fi’karro will look to highly specialize individual suits in the team toward certain types of forces they are likely to encounter in combat. With some suits being equipped for anti-armor suites at the detriment of anti-personnel abilities, and vise-versa for other suits in the team. While this does make the suits themselves somewhat less flexible in combat, it allows the team as a whole to more quickly deal with any threats they encounter. With the lower numbers of Ethereals on the colony of Fi’karro it is a rare sight to see them a part of combat units in all but the largest of formations. This means that many Cadres go into battle without any Ethereals, while this results units under fire haveing a slightly higher chance of breaking then those being lead by an ethereal, it is an unfortunate measure that must be taken so as to save the few Ethereals from the dangers of combat. To try and counter this unfortunate situation all fire warriors raised on Fi’karro are put through an even more rigorous regime of training in the virtues of the Tau’va in an effort to steel them against the horrors of combat away from their home colony. In recent years this training regime has shown some success in reducing the numbers of warriors breaking against strong resistance. As an example of the common structure of Fi’karro Hunter Cadres, what follows are the contents of the 98th Fi’karro Hunter Cadre (Aka The Ice Hawks) during its deployment in it’s recent operations to preempt an Imperial build up along the Empire’s western border. HQ Section Shas’O Fi’karro Dor’las in an XV85 Enforcer Battlesuit Shas’el Fi’karro Mon’par as a leader of the infantry forces of the cadre Battlesuit Force A 6 warrior battlesuit unit Lead by Shas’vre Fi’karro Bantu in a XV8-02 Iridium battlesuit Second in command Shas’ui Fi’karro Harot In a XV8-02 Iridium battlesuit 4 more Shas’ui make up the team each in a XV8 crisis suit The weapons of all these suits are changed depending on the mission Infiltration Force A 10 warrior unit of pathfinders Lead by Shas’ui Fi’karro Orael A 6 suit unit of XV25 Stealth battlesuits Lead by Shas’vre Fi’karro Shi’un Infantry Force 30 fire warrior strike teams divided into 3 teams of equal sizes Each lead by a Shas’ui A single team of breachers with 7 warriors assigned This team has a single TY7 Devilfish transport attached Heavy Support Force A team of 3 XV88 Broadside Battlesuits Lead by Shas’vre Fi’karro Gra’nera A Single TX7 Hammerhead Gunship Drones for this force are not listed due to the amount and type of drones used being highly tied to the scale and type of missions being conducted. While this is a small Hunter Cadre it does highlight the thought process of Fi’karro Forces, with a highly mobile hard hitting force supported by a large Infiltration troops deployed long before the main force it is able to deal with targets and enemy forces far larger than itself. The use of Air caste assets is also extremely common, with battlesuits being regularly deployed by both Manta and Orca Dropships into tactically advantageous positions during combat. Major Events 689.M41 - The discovery of the moon that would become the colony Fi’karro 697.M41- The first long term settlement is built on the surface of Fi’karro 742.M41- The Damocles Gulf Crusade begins, the small Colony of Fi’karro provides mostly material support to the military forces of the Tau Empire 753.M41- The first Fire caste academy is built on Fi’karro, this is deemed necessary due to the local Ork presence on the surface of the moon. 775.M41- Fi’karro’s population reaches 20 million, new mining operations and settlements are built to expand the colony’s output. 799.M41- Battle of Outpost 31-A: a large Ork warband formed in the Ice wastes of Fi’karro and began a terror campaign along the colony’s frontier. At the mining outpost 31-A the fire caste of the colony met this warband in open battle to defend fleeing colonists. While the battle resulted in victory for the Tau forces and the scattering of the Orks as an effective fighting force, it did highlight the failures of the colony's military forces at stopping such a force from threatening the colony in the first place. This would result in changes to military tactics and strategies that would become the current Version of Mont'ka used by Fi'karro. 812.M41- Raid of Rusliv VII: This was the first major action by the Fi’karro Fire caste outside of their home system. A preemptive raid on an imperial promethium refinery, as intelligence gathered showed the local planetary governor was planning an attack in the local sub sector on Tau military outposts. 869.M41- Fi’karro’s population reaches 400 million, this is mostly due to the high amount of earth caste miners settling on the moon from around the Empire. 980.M41- During the Great War of Confederation Fi’karro’s local Ork population would greatly expand and threaten the moon’s many settlements. This would drive a large military expansion to try and combat these roving warbands on the surface. The colony would also send troops out to help many nearby small colonies to try and secure the sector. 997.M41- The Third Sphere Expansion begins: Fi’karro is able to provide 3 Contingents worth of troops and a single small naval force to the expansion fleet. Due to their few numbers these troops are used as forward observers for other more numerous forces. 998.M41- Dogra Campaign: forces of the Fi’karro colony take part in a 4 month long campaign to clear major resistance in the Dogra Star System. This highlighted the Colony’s tactical and strategic acumen and insured its place as a major world for military matters in the future. 999.M41- Both Contingents from Fi’karro, along with many other troops from other sept worlds, took part in Commander Shadowsun’s plan to stall Space Marine forces in the Zeist Sector during the latter part of the Third Sphere Expansion. 001.M42- With the disaster that was the Fourth Sphere Expansion Fi’karro has to help defend its local sector with little in the way of support from the rest of the Empire. During these operations many commanders make a name for themselves by keeping enemies of the Empire from being able to capitalize on the lack of major forces in the region. M42- Due to the increased protection needed near the Strtide Nexus and Nem’yar Atoll Fi’karro has been tasked with protecting the areas along the Empire’s Western border. So far Imperial forces have been very active along this region. Fighting has been light but the longer the current situation stands the more chances Imperial military forces take in Tau space. Notable Individuals Aun’vre Fi’karro Dor’fa – Is currently the highest ranking Ethereal on the colony of Fi’karro. He has been able to guide the colony through these very troubling times and push it into a leadership role for its local sector. While not a battlefield commander by any means he has been noted as a very uniting presence, even for an ethereal, and in his youth helped a hunter Cadre hold a defensive position near a mining outpost for over a week with little supplies or support. In the end he kept the force together long enough for reinforcements to arrive and break the Orks. Shas’el Fi’karro Naron – A Cadre fireblade of high standing in the Fi'karro military forces. She has earned a name for herself with direct leadership and insane acts of bravery in the face of the enemy. She began her career in a standard strike team and quickly rose through the ranks in the campaigns in the local sector putting down Imperial and Ork forces. When presented with the honor of a battlesuit she turned it down in favor of perfecting the art of infantry combat. She is currently assigned to the 7th Fi'karro Hunter Cadre's command staff in its current mission of securing the western Empire's border with the Imperium of Man Shas'o Fi'karro Tor'dis – Overall commander of the Fi'karro Military forces second only to Aun'vre Dor'fa. He is an exemplar of the Mont'ka and has pushed for its adoption throughout all Cadre of the colony. While his current position keeps the old commander from much front line combat, his reputation for lighting strikes and overwhelming attacks with his Coldstar battlesuit have earned him much respect from the fire warriors he commands. Due to his advanced age he has taken on many pupils from the most decorated on Fi'karro so he may pass on his unique views of Mont'ka. Shas'vre Fi'karro Tsuun – The current commander of Fi'karro's infiltration forces. While Tsuun is on paper the commander of these highly important forces, she serves a more ceremonial role then anything. Due to the current need to keep well informed of enemy movements and positions she has been on almost constant deployment in her XV95 Ghostkeel battlesuit. This combined with her many years as a XV25 Stealthsuit team leader makes she one of the most experienced infiltration experts in the Fi'karro military forces. It has been noted by those that work with her that recently due to the many deployments behind enemy lines, that sometimes last months, she has become very introverted in the presence of others while outside of her XV95.
  12. Well with the first challenge of the current Iron gauntlet finished i think it's time for me to get started on challenge 2. while i don't have everything i want for this force yet, i think that is not likely to happen due to the current shortage of GW models here in the US where i'm at. but all that is beside the point, lets get to the actual models and painting. as per my entry into the 1st challenge of IG2020, the look i'm going for with this force is a very winter-y theme. this was a bit of a challenge for me since i 1. have never done a paint scheme with a very light tone to it before, and 2. have not painted a Warhammer miniature since 2007. this is the first model i painted up with the scheme i'm going for I wanted to try and pick colors that made the model Feel cold. not sure i pulled that off to well, but i am happy with how the eye lenses turned out as well as how the base looks since it was the first time using this melting snow method. now on to the 29 other fire warriors Yay
  13. Any ideas on how to represent a Tau medic? It's not something I've ever seen before from the official material.
  14. Hey guys, I need the hive minds help. I’m fighting tau. The player is HIGHLY competitive. It’s 2000 pts and I’m fairly certain there will Be a yvarra and possibly 2-3 riptides with god knows how many shield drones. I was thinking of souping: Perhaps a cult of duplicity thousand sons detachment and field 20 risen rubrics in the midfield to double dakka with VotLW and hopefully wipe out those drones? 30 tzaangors to either dmc or deepstrike. Ahriman and dp for HQ + shaman. Then a batallion of emperors children to give access to: guaranteed charge warp talons supported by thunder hammer jump lord with reroll everything relic and jump sorc (maybe use combat elixir for more attacks) Deepstriking oblits backfield autocannon havocs supported by dark apostle. Well? I have a ridonkulously huge chaos collection so I can change my army to whatever as long as it’s chaos and not nurgle (euwww). What say you?
  15. Why have one variant of a vehicle when you can have two or more from the same kit? Why be limited to only one or two battlesuit options when you could swap between all of them as required? The current Tau Empire kits, for the most part, lend themselves well to magnetising, so this thread is an attempt to cover the topic in the entirety for both novice and experienced magnet user alike. Index Why Magnetise An Introduction to Magnets; Sizes and Suppliers Surface Attachment Countersunk Attachment Tabs Trusses Magnetisation Tutorials Battlesuits: XV25 Stealth Suit XV8 Crisis Battlesuit "Old Style" XV8 Crisis Battlesuit "New Style" XV88 Broadside Battlesuit XV95 Ghostkeel Battlesuit XV104 Riptide Battlesuit Vehicles: TX4 Piranha TY7 Devilfish/Hammerhead/Skyray Razor/Sun Shark Fortifications: Tidewall Rampart Forge World: XV88-2 Broadside Battlesuit Tau Drone controlled Sentry Turret KX139 Ta’unar Supremacy Armour AX-5-2 Barracuda See also: Hobby Resource [using Magnets in Tau Models] - by Tael [Tutorial] Creating a Magnetised Chin Turret - by Eiglepulper [How to] XV8 with magnetized head and arms - by Eochaid [How to] Magnetize a Riptide - by Zenta Magnetizing Tau for maximum options [Drones] by Bloodknife92 Zaeley's Project Log x2 KX139 Individual tutorials will be added when completed. If you have any comments or suggestions - for example a good magnet provider or links to alternate magnetisation methods then please notify El'mo or another member of the Forum Mod team for inclusion in this thread.
  16. Tau Forces of Thal'asa: Shan’al Aloh’shas – The Cold Fire Coalition http://i.imgur.com/H5ACvaJ.jpg Home World No Man's Land “Why do we keep answering the humans’ calls for parlay?” the younger Shas’la mused, “We come willing to make peace, and every time, they undermine it, and we are at war again.”“It’s as the Aun’el says; we are the river and they, the rock,” Answered his Shas’ui with a shrug, “It is inevitable that they will be worn down, whether to acceptance of the Greater Good, or oblivion. All we need to do is be patient.” “We could take them though. If they could get help, they would have by now. We could—” “Trust your Ethereal, boy.” Thal’asa (alternatively called Taal’asa) is a world of shallow acidic seas and rocky, windswept continents. Within scant decades of its colonization, the surface is now dotted by biodomes in which the colonists shelter from the great storms that roam both land and sea. Under the care of the T'au terraforming engines, what was once highly corrosive acid rain and seas has become only mildly acidic rain and seas, now navigable by conventional T'au vehicles. Though it is still hazardous to be exposed directly to the elements, it is only a matter of a few years before the planet’s water becomes tolerably safe. The sector Thal’asa occupies is fairly spacious, but on the far side of it sits an isolated Imperial mining world, Acro, with which Thal’asa has experienced ongoing conflict. Like Acro, Thal’asa has valuable mineral deposits, mostly concentrated on the beds of its seas. Most of the Cadre’s battles have been fought to gain footholds on Acro, repel invasions from Acro, and in boarding actions against fleets from Acro. Interestingly, the two forces have often joined to repel incursions from roving Orc fleets, and against all odds a burgeoning black market has developed in both cultures for small goods and novelties from the other. Organized near the beginning of the fifth sphere expansion, simultaneously with the colonization of Thal’asa, The Cold Fire Coalition is the main protection and expeditionary force for the sept. Most Cold Fire cadres specializes in ambush tactics using both Kayon and Mont’ka philosophies. Kauyon strategies center around a “spark” unit or units intended to lead hostile to a kill zone, “igniting” fire from the carefully placed ambush units. Mont’ka maneuvers usually target moving columns. As is typical of T'au, the cadres avoid sieges, attrition warfare, and protracted battles wherever possible, and they manage to be fairly successful with this approach despite operating most often in claustrophobic urban environments. Due to their often limited space in ground battles, the coalition favors battlesuits, Piranhas and strong air support over heavy vehicle deployments. Rather than a dedicated armored interdiction cadre, the handful of Hammerhead tanks and Sky Ray gunships in the coalition form a reserve cadre that provides armor to other cadres and contingents on an as-needed basis. Organization +++Hanyon Hive Outpost. . .Acro+++ Gir’hos stood at a window overlooking the battlefield in the distance. The door behind him hissed open, framing Hollowheart in the doorway. She entered unbidden, but the guards didn’t stop her, and she stood silently. He felt her eyes on the back of his head, felt her aggression. Some thought of her as calmer than her brothers and sisters from Vior’la, but he knew better. She was, if anything, more hot-blooded, just better at controlling it. He reminded himself how closely she needed to be watched. “I’m told you have some new intelligence on our enemies, Commander,” he said evenly. “Ostensibly, Aun’el,” came the reply, terse, clipped, “I believe we have an actionable lead on the source of the attack that killed Aun’o Ai’tor. The gue’la...were not responsible.” “I see,” he turned at last, and nodded to the honor guard, “Some privacy, please.” The two guards stepped silently out of the room, and the door slid closed. “Tell me, Commander. What have you found.” Shas’o Taal’asa Tsai’ran – Commander Hollowheart Thal'asa Central Command “Have you noticed anything curious about the Commander recently?” asked Lastinglight under her breath. “Yeah, she’s much angrier than she was yesterday. She about tore my face a new hole over the state of my battlesuit this morning,” Stunningsword grumbled, waving his spoon. “That’s not what I mean. Meeting Aun’el Gir’hos always seems to...wear on her.” “Mmm,” Stunningsword nodded sagely, “bearing the weight of an Ethereal’s counsel is surely an intense experience.” Lastinglight opened her mouth to answer, but paused and thought better of it, shaking her head. Hollowheart was raised and trained on Vior’la and was a veteran of the third sphere expansions who entered cryogenic stasis in anticipation of future expansions. She was fortunate to have escaped the fate of the fourth sphere and been awakened for the fifth. She led the coalition in colonizing Thal’asa, then known as the Thal’asa Expeditionary Force, and then reformed it into the Cold Fire coalition once the planet became an official sept world. As a gesture of commitment to the colonies, she replaced her sept of origin name with that of their new world. As her personal name suggests, Hollowheart is coldly efficient, presenting a steely and aloof demeanor to her troops and enemies alike. She fully embodies the aggression that Fire caste warriors of Vior’la are known for, but has never shared their typical hot blooded temperament. On the battlefield she rarely takes prisoners and enemies who turn down her first demands for surrender are unlikely to get a second chance. Her name has become an epithet among the humans defenders of Acro. Other Leadership Aun’el Thal’asa Gir’hos - The Empire’s interests in the Thal’asa sept were originally overseen by a small council of young but experienced Ethereals. During the initial campaigns to secure the region, however, a series of daring attacks from operatives of the Imperium led to the deaths of all but one. Though each loss was a tremendous blow to the morale of the burgeoning sept, Gir’hos held the T’au forces together, even leading from the frontlines. He is an enigmatic figure, reclusive in his councils and deliberations, but bold and impassioned when he joins the Fire Caste on the battlefield. Some Fire Warriors believe he has a greater revence for and appreciation of combat even than members of their caste. Shas’el Thal’asa Mont’da’erra - Warghost A Pathfinder commander of no small renown, Mont’da’erra spends almost as much time in the field as he does coordinating the coalitions intelligence gathering reconnaissance units. He has proven equally dangerous to the enemy in both roles, with a propensity for slipping through secured perimeters that has often strained credulity among other divisions upon receiving his reports. Shas'el Thal’asa Lunsuoi - Lastinglight Uncharacteristically even-tempered for a Fire caste warrior, even a commander, Lunsuoi has served as Hollowheart's second in command for several years. She sees herself more as a bodyguard than an advisor, and her battlesuit prowess serves her well in that pursuit, but she understands Hollowheart better than anyone and knows that her counsel bears weight, which has saved lives on more than one occasion, both T'au and Gue'la alike. Shas'vre Thal’asa Cal’Tuk - Hardhoof A highly decorated Fireblade, Cal'tuk is a tough and demanding front line commander, but also very close to the Fire Warriors under his command, and the loyalty he has earned has inspired acts of bravery that have been referenced even in the great Fire Caste academies on Vior'la itself. Shas'o Thal’asa Ty’Salash - Quietwave As quiet as her name suggests, Ty'Salash always seemed a perfect fit for a Stealthsuit squadron, and her successes early in the 5th sphere expansion quickly earned her a place in command of the coalitions stealth forces, often working closely with Mont'da'erra. Despite protests from Commander Hollowheart, she also spends a great deal of time leading from the front, though her results can hardly be argued with. Shas'el Thal’asa Sai’nan - Stunningsword Recently promoted, Sai'nan is an accomplished battlesuit pilot with an energetic, intense, personality and a passion for the Tau'va that inspires others, as well as a troublesome thrill-seeking streak. More experienced than most with close combat fighting, Sai'nan's battlesuit is frequently equipped with prototype equipment in need of field testing. Shas'vre Thal’asa Mon’kir- Blackdog Commanding the coalition's relatively small contingent of armor, Mon'kir has earned great favor with Hollowheart for his aggressive tactics, often surprising enemy with the sudden appearance of both light and heavy armor in unexpectedly close positions. Auxiliaries Remnants of the Tio’ve Mont’sha, the Dead Wind Contingent +++Rouen Hive Area of Operations. . .Acro+++ The glow was still receding and the heat trail still rising from the barrel of Mont’sha’s plasma rifle when Hollowheart landed next to him. “I’m supposed to be the one with the reputation for not taking prisoners on this battlefield, Mont’sha,” she transmitted privately to his suit, eyeing the slagged remains of gue’la against the wall in front of them, their weapons clearly cast aside. “They knew nothing of value,” he said, voice barely a whisper over the comms, lowering it’s weapon. “You have been told before, that is not your determination to make. Do not allow your past with the humans to become a stumbling block to the greater good.”There was no reply. “You know from experience where that road leads,” she said pointedly, “You have had a second chance, but there will not be another.” Another moment of silence, before the thrusters fired on his battlesuit, “Permission to secure the next sector, Commander?” “Permission granted, Shas’el. We won’t have this discussion again.” Tio’ve Mont’sha, led by then Shas'o Mont'sha, took part in the ill-fated fourth sphere expansion. After being rediscovered and rejoining with the Empire, it became clear that the members of the contingent had experienced similar unspoken traumas to those of others from the failed expansion, with similar results. It eventually came to light that a gue’la had led a brutal betrayal, exposing them to ambush by an unknown enemy. Nearly the entire contingent, more than five cadres-worth of troops, armor and matériel, was wiped out. Further losses were incurred when Mont'sha led a retaliatory strike that was, again, crushed by the enemy. The remnant of the contingent, now barely enough to compose a cadre, is still commanded by Shas’El Fi’rios Mont’sha. He was held responsible for the destruction of his contingent and subjected to ritual punishment known as the Malk’la. After a lengthy probation and reassignment under Hollowheart, he has since re-earned his battlesuit. Uncharacteristically for those who have suffered the malk’la, the other survivors of his contingent have not shunned him, but requested to serve under him again, and as a force they remain insular. Mont'sha prohibited the restoration of some surface damage on his battlesuit as a reminder of his failure, but he continues to have a habit of brutal extermination towards enemies, particularly humans, continually toeing the line between service and censure. ISOs, Alien AI mysteries Earth Caste Blacksite R&D Lab Powering up, the peculiar disc rose off the table, vaguely resembling one of their own drones. Its edges glowed brightly, and it emitted a vibrating hum that reminded Fio’ui Ora’wra of the sounds produced by Vespid wing casings. “Satisfactory,” a tinny, masculine voice issued from the disc. “Profile seems a bit narrow,” Ora’wra commented, “Even with the light, you’ll be a bit hard to see under any strong lighting.” “Easily remedied,” Replied the disc, dipping and drifting off the table. More light burst from its edges, shifting and taking a shape. A moment later a shadow-black mirror image of Ora’wra stood there, broken up by glowing yellow lines along the edges of the garments, and pale, desaturated skin, with more light glowing from within the collar of its loose shirt. Its eyes, solid yellow, glowed slightly. It extended a hand. “A pleasure to interact in person, Fio’ui. We are Abraxas.” On the edge of the Thal’asa sector lies a nameless world of blasted wastelands and deeply buried ruins, the remains of some ancient civilization. Signs point to the Imperium having visited it long ago, but between the unlivable environment and the seeming absence of technology, they must have scavenged all they wanted from the planet long ago. When the Tau discovered it after establishing Thal’asa as a sept world, they expected to find the same. To the expedition’s surprise, their more advanced scanning tech not only located the remains of sophisticated technology, but found that some of it was still active. Excavating deep into the ruins the Tau uncovered what appeared to be powerful databanks, capable of tremendous digital storage. Most seemed to have had their physical connections severed, including power sources, but one remained active. When the Earth Caste technicians finally interfaced the Tau hardware with the alien databank they found much more than conventional data storage. They were greeted by a collective AI. After some time spent with both Earth Caste techs and Water Caste diplomats, the Tau learned that the AI, composed of countless sub programs, called themselves ISOs. They revealed that their creators had destroyed themselves in a great war over the ethics of their creation. As the only survivors, they had waited in the confines of the digital realm they’d built for themselves, hoping for rescue. While some parties among the Tau were skeptical about the wisdom of freeing such an independent AI, they eventually accepted the ISOs assurances of peaceful intent, though it is doubtless that their promise to share information on the dead world’s advanced technology factored strongly into their considerations. To build trust, the ISOs agreed to provide labor and military support to the Tau in exchange for materials, and after a period of cooperation and a promise of independence, they would give the Tau the specifications for their technology. Though they were initially secretive about what would be done with these materials, it soon became clear, along with how much they could offer. The ISO’s constructed drones to house them and grant them mobility, but more importantly the drones served as emitters from which the ISOs could create hardlight bodies for themselves. Needless to say, the Tau were impressed, and hardlight ISO units quickly integrated into the Cold Fire cadre and Thal’asa sept, most taking a similar form to their Tau allies, including mimicking their armor and weapons.
  17. I finished my first squad of the new army, and first models in over 6 years. Feels greater good. That leaves the rest of this Start Collecting box, the contents of a second one, a commander, a Devilfish and a Riptide.
  18. https://youtu.be/aHsfgWvvVMI Cheers, Thoth
  19. ++ ONLY THE GREATER GOOD IS WORTH WAR ++ ONLY WAR/XENOS: TAU CAMPAIGN +++ OPERATION FIREKNIFE +++ "That the races of the galaxy do not understand their peril - or worse, choose to ignore it, demonstrates the fact they are at war with themselves. We succumbed to that barbarity long ago, and saw it for what it was. The ideas of the individual should be one of public good, of municipal service, yes indeed, the Tau'Va - and all that it entails. It is better that the brave few give their lives, so all of us may stand to greet the dawn once more." Aun'Vre Bork'an Lo'Shasanna Alcat'aa, Sage of Borkan, Speaker of the Ancient Truths. Introduction: So what is Operation Fireknife, other than something that would cut butter really well? Well, I'm glad you asked, Prisoner #442 Category Infrared Threat Level, let me explain. Simply put, this is a One-Shot in the framework of Only War, with Character Profiles from Rogue Trader, with gunfights from Deathwatch. If that's a mouthful, don't worry, all you need is a few D10's, the will to play the Tau race as you perceive them, and a willingness to engage in a narrative heavy, crunch-light campaign. I would suggest if you haven't already, that you take a look at The Die Hards, an OW game set up by our own Commissar Molotov, which gave us a little more of the human element in the RPG Nook, and now, we're going far far from that. In more ways than one. This is the opportunity to actually do a first on this Board, as there has rarely if ever been an RP campaign dedicated to a Xenos race - I am sure we've seen a few Tau or Kroot explorers here and there, but we have the blessing of the forum to write about factions we hardly understand or see - because it's from the human perspective. So what kind of challenges do we face? These are an alien race after all, how do we understand them? How do we roleplay something not really meant to be that deeply explored? Well there are some books (a good Deathwatch one actually) which show that Tau are just like us, having the same hopes and dreams, the same bitterness when their ideology comes up against the might of an Imperial STC iron boot. In short, there's nothing to stop us doing this. Execution: After some discussion, I've settled on building our characters from the Rogue Trader templates, if our players do not have access to them, don't fear, we'll build them in this thread before porting them over to the Character Thread for easy access for everyone. So, why are we using Rogue Trade profiles for a game about great big phalanxes of Imperial Guard? Simple: Rogue Trader characters are tougher than Only War ones, by about 5,000xp in starting skills and talents, so you as a player can be a bit more handy in a scrap. Similarly, Tau are squishy, and so the Companion rules from Only War will allow mistakes, heighten drama, and allow me to twist the emotional knife every chance I get. Regimental bonuses will be brought in as well, to further flavour our Characters. Essentially, this RPG: Kill Team, so we need to make allowances. There will be a rules framework, since we have to have some kind of arbitration to resolve the encounters our intrepid Tau face, but it's not going to be terrible cumbersome, since I fly by the seams of my trousers anyway, and I'll likely just ask for a dice roll. On that subject, I don't care how you roll your dice - Orokos, Roll-A-Die, the real deal on a table top - it's not an issue. I mean you can cheat if you like, but there's no winning a Roleplaying game, so just let the numbers come up, and if they aren't great, just adapt your story. Chances are, failing is actually better than success. The only real caveat is that this is a 24hour forum, and it will e a PBP (play-by-post) game and we will have to be patient as people turn up to post. Another thing we have to consider is when people don't post after a good period things can get bogged down or stale. As GM, I would advise that I will have to move the game on at some point for the benefit of the rest of the players - if you can, please let me know what the trouble is, real life happens, and we understand. This is a game, life comes first. If you're new to PBP games, or this forum in general, just a couple of pointers: This is my GM voice, in which I will impart instruction and information I think is pertinent, such as when I call for tests. This is an Out-of-Character voice, that you should all use for when you are doing things which are not narrative, such as rolling tests, asking quickfire questions or speaking to me directly as a PC to GM. Look here! How we roll the tests and such will become apparent through play. Rules Modifications: In the FFG books, there are many rules, and his one is mine: I will, can and do change rules to make the game more enjoyable or accessible for my players. When I do this, I will try at all times to act consistently and in good faith in order to keep things smooth, fair and even. We will also add special rules to Characters, Equipment, Weapons and Adversaries in order to "Make it Work". Extra rules will be contained in the Character Thread OP, so that you can refer to them whenever you like. Setting: TBD Location: TBD
  20. Hello all. With the impending closure of Die Hards, and my previous comments and thoughts regarding Playing the Bad Guys, I was wondering if there was still any appetite for this. I understand this is a bit of a niche endeavour and that most people will likely want to play humans (still possible - sort of) or Marines (not really possible!) but I was wondering if an Only War type game for either Tau or Eldar might work. Originally I was thinking to base the alien kill teams on Deathwatch, which I still think could work maybe for Necrons, but now I think the Only War archetypes would be better for the original idea. It feels to me at least that Firewarriors, Kroot and vespid, along with Eldar Guardians and Aspect Warriors could be realised a little better by that system, and with the Companion Mechanic, could allow for more aggressive play against hardier threats. Any thoughts? I haven't tagged this onto the previous topic as it is a few months old now, and this is a proposal for a different, and smoother handling of the premise via Regiments (Sects/Kith) with all the benefits of the Tactical Role/diverse skillset of the Deathwatch mechanic, making an Only War Kill Team type Hybrid. My plan is for simple games, potentially one-shots with a possibility of carrying the characters further. OW: Die Hards can be seen as a good example of how I propose for the system/games to work, except with a bit more tinfoil to keep you safe and slightly punchier kit, and everyone calling humans Monkeigh. Thoughts?
  21. What’s everyone’s thoughts on the custom sept rules? For me, if I go down that route, I’m thinking A and D look decent
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