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On the Rookery; the Seven Moons orbiting Malchar Prime and their associated functions



[Attached InfoSlate Subfolder:  Moons of Malchar; the Rookery]
Unauthorized use of Ordo documentation is a capitol offense.  Any redistribution of the following materials will result in censure, excommunication, and death.
On the Rookery; the seven moons orbiting Malchar Prime and their associated functions
Watermark Officius: Inq. Logaine Balthaazo
Idarax, the Shadowlight,
Gravitationally locked to the surface in the planet. Idarax serves two purposes.  The first is as the system's primary astronomical relay.  The psychic prison complex Diabolii Mentat is where the planet's witches are invariably sentenced to be sanctioned.  Here, they are either processed into the ranks of the Ordos, the Astra Militarum, or the Astrotelepathica.  If assigned to the latter, the newly sanctioned psykers are either assigned to the Imperial Navy elements on Uboron as astropaths, or they join the choir in the vast halls of Pandaemax, a vast orbital choir compound where thousands of psykers spend their lives suspended in amniotic jelly and listening to echoes in the void. 
For whatever reason, the Diabolii Mentat was constructed on the planet-facing side of the moon, the effects of which have created something of a halo effect around Idarax that appears as an infinitely-hued blazing sun in the night skies above the capital world.  Many Ordo Hereticus studies have been done on the psychological and psykomatic impact of this upon the capital planet's population.  Notable statistics include a 115% IA (Imperial Avg) instance of psykic awakening, and a 125% IA instance of suicide.  The night side is a massive intelligence fortress compound.  The Inquisitorial Fortress-Hive Virgil's Gate stands its vigil as the final shield bastion against the enemies of man.
Uboron, the Celebrant,
Uboron is the great port of Malchar Prime.  The entire moon is a city, a place of commerce and the exchange of unimaginable sums of wealth.  Here, the most powerful dynasties of rogue traders in the sector rub elbows and plot out the vastness between the stars.  The grand naval starport Bastio Divinitatus Furio manages the twenty-seven naval battlegroups led by High Admiral Natius Poseido XXVIII, Trident Aquilon Lord of Voids.  This port also functions as the center for all orbital defenses.
Kathrinox, The Void Queen
The Void Queen is another military bastion.  In addition to the planetary void shields around Malchar Prime, the moon of Kathrinox was refashioned, using archeotechnology recovered by the Rogue Trader Galleus Artimas of the Tyron dynasty, into a defensive multiplier, effectively coccooning Malchar Prime and its first three moons in an additional layer of void shielding.  This provides the rulers of the Malexis Sector with an additional layer of voids as proof against invaders. 
There is another compound on Kathrinox called The Auric Vaults. The purpose of this seemingly long forgotten compound is unknown to all.  Not even sector leadership has any idea what the vaults are doing on Malchar's third moon.  It is theorized that whatever the reason for their construction, it must have been important, because the vault doors are large enough to walk two Imperator class titans through, side by side.  The only clue as to their possible purpose is a small placard at the base of the entryway.  It reads: [REDACTED - CLEARANCE LEVEL: VERMILLION REQUIRED - REDACTED]
Endymiuex and Pharoximae, Keepers of the Last Gate
The twin binary fortress moons of Edymiuex and Pharoximae are named after great techno-warrior kings from Malchar Prime's past.  These bastions house the expeditionary armies of the sector's most elite Astra Militarum regiments.  Officially designated as the Malchan Praetoriate, all major operations in the sector are supported through the Keepers.  Unsurprisingly, Ordo Xenos and Hereticus temples are also present on each moon.
Ulgroix, the Blackrime
Ulgroix is a colossal moon, and boasts an Adeptus Astartes fortress monastery, which is home to the Stone Wardens chapter of space marines.  The moon itself is covered in dense forests and vast oceans.  The fortress monastery was built around an ancient blackstone citadel called the Blackrime.  One of the Stone Wardens' primary duties is to keep watch over the great noctilith structure.  The purpose of this place remains a mystery, as the Stone Wardens bar access to this site to all.  However, there do appear to be profound psykomantic properties associated with the structure, as the Stone Wardens display a particular aptitude for psychic ability and have cultivated an incredibly robust librarius, relative to other Adeptus Astartes chapters of the Imperial Fists lineage. 
The bastion itself is supported by approximately twenty-eight million chapter thralls.  The chapter has taken a surprisingly active role in cultivating a large swath of their thrall population into a standing army.  Collectively called the Black Guard, they assist the astartes in their vigil over the Blackrime, and often work in concert with the Stone Wardens in operations across the Malexis Sector.
Azraeus, the Watchman
Azraeus is a lonely moon at the edge of Malchar Prime's gravitational well.  Its sole function is to act as an early warning system for the capitol planet.  Gifted to the Navigator house Argonax, the moon is dotted with palaces and sensor relays designed to monitor fluctuations in warp currents and detect any tears in realspace in and around the Malchar system.  While the House Argonax supplies Navigators to ships throughout the sector, the seventh son of each generation inherits the duty of keeping vigil over the system at large.  House self defense forces include four garrisons of combined arms infantry and armor able to comfortably accommodate between five and ten million troops, as well as twelve squadrons of interceptors and six squadrons of bombers.  The moon also has its own void shield array.

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