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Oh good lord! I made a Space Marine!

Evil Eye


What goes around comes around, it seems...After having started the hobby with Tyranids, and having joined this forum doing Chaos Space Marines, I am now finding myself making the subject of this forum's origins- a loyal servant of the Emperor, a Space Marine!

This was largely done on account of getting the Firestrike Turret as a gift from a friend, who knew I liked 40K but didn't really know much about it. Whilst the turret itself is an immeasurably helpful source of gun/turret-y bits, the Techmarine seemed a bit redundant.

However, I quickly realized that due to his construction, it would be fairly simple to get him standing upright and actually looking pretty cool! A bit of cutting and gluing later and I had the basis for a decent looking Marine.

I've since done a fair bit of work scrounging together as many parts as I can that would fit a Loyalist Marine. Ironically, a lot of these parts are from traitors! The arms are de-Chaosed last-gen CSM arms, the resin shoulder pad from the Kakophoni kit and the head from the Phoenix Terminators. His other shoulder pad is leftover from Tor Garadon (who is destined to be a Slaaneshi Iron Warrior lord once I finish the conversion and paint him...), and his sword and backpack trinket are from the Empire Wizard kit (THE best kit you can possibly get for assorted INQ28/Blanchitsu doodads). The tilt shield is from the Venerable Dreadnought kit.

I also spent a while removing the Primaris-y bits from the legs; as there's a lot of putty work to be done anyway, a little extra trimming was no great hardship. The end result actually makes for a fairly convincing looking set of Mk. 7 legs IMO.

Here he is so far!


The only question that remains is the paint scheme to choose. I'm definitely thinking of an Imperial Fists successor (hence the shoulder pad, which is convenient as I love the Fists and it was the only Loyalist pad I had...) but I'm torn between an actual Imperial Fist, a member of my little homebrew chapter "The Warborn" (which would necessitate some minor sculpting on the pad to have the fist hold an anchor) or alternatively a sort of INQ28 Astartes "hedge knight" who wears armour made from whatever components he can find, and is leading a ragtag warband of appropriately scruffy but fiercely loyal and pious followers to try and bring some light to a benighted world. We'll see...


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