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Evil Eye


You may be aware that I have a keen interest in 3D printing. I still don't have a printer yet (intend to get a Mars 3 Pro) but I thought I might as well make a head start on some things to print when I do.


My initial projects have been a bit all over the place. For instance I dove in at the deep end and tried modelling up an entire Hierophant...image.png.7d8d7001cb3f37bf805a41537f16653d.png


I later dialed things back a little and started work on a modular goblin kit (which will include 40K gretchin parts)...




However, a minor setback from a Blender crash wiping out my work on hats for them got me sufficiently annoyed I decided to take a break from those and instead focus on something else. And thanks to the suggestion of Discord friends that something else turned out to be a Mk.1/Deimos pattern Rhino!


Mostly aiming for the shape of the original but with more modern (but not excessive) levels of detail.


Will possibly have options for an interior too!


Was originally going to give it Matilda II inspired tracks but difficulties with modelling and worries I was overcomplicating the design made me go for much simpler "spiked cleats" instead. Might do some alt tracks though...


Unlike the old kit, this has actual full wheels. May do alternate wheels too, for now it has some nice heavy-duty spoked wheels. Doesn't have a full track loop or drive sprockets/idlers as those would not be visible.


Also has (non-workable obviously) Christie-style suspension!


I'm planning on having 3 different cupola attachments to allow for the same parts to be used for three sizes; "Retro" (same size as the old RT model), "Modern" (same size as the current Rhino), and "Truescale" (not actually true scaled as that would be huge, but a bit bigger than the current one!).


It's been a real learning experience and I feel I've gained a lot of knowledge from doing this. If you're a 3D guy I'd highly recommend stepping outside of your comfort zone; mine was irregular organic sculpts and I feel I've massively improved by doing this.


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