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Ky'Vash Recon Cadre - Piranha Skimmer






TX4 'Piranha' Skimmer.


Despite being an older design, the TX4 Piranha has remained in constant service within the T'au military since the time of the Second Sphere Expansion. A light, but combat-capable grav-speeder, it serves as an all-terrain scout and harasser, often in support of Stealthsuit and Pathfinder teams. Ky'Vash forces most often field the Piranha with a hull-mounted fusion blaster for tank-hunting, though it is unsuitable for targeting heavier vehicles such as Imperial Knights or main battle tanks. 



Pilots wear stripped-down fatigues, though retain a full helm and chest piece due to the open cabin.


Piranha pilots are pulled from the same pool as Devilfish and Hammerhead-variants. The driver, a Shas'ui, also mans the primary armament, with the Shas'la co-pilot manages the twin drones and Piranha's comms and sensor suite. While the drones are capable of splitting from the main body of the craft for limited attack runs, the connection to the 'wings' allows for experienced pilots to perform sharp turns by manipulating the micro-grav engines within the two drones an tandem with the Piranha's primary anti-grav system. 






So, there's a story to this one. I spent well over a month trying to settle on a colour and style for my camo, and finally settled on one displayed on a Piranha! It's fun to finally do one myself, and I think it's come together pretty well. The kit is showing its age, being pretty awkward in placed, especially the two pilots, but it was fun to put together anyway, assembled over Saturday and painted Sunday in a burst of Call to Arms-bolstered eagerness! 




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Thanks @WAR, it's something I spent a lot of time working on before I started the army. I have a pile of little wooden squares in my garage covered in camo variants from trying to get some I both liked, and could bang out quickly! Must had done like 30 of them.

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