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  1. Article Here Some very cool rules for the Suit enthusiasts in here and also something I hope they do more of across armies: That does mean that we're likely to see more datasheets disappear from the Tau codex as this is another 2 additional datasheets on top of the 4 we're getting from the Kroot boxset
  2. Made some good progress on the Stormsurge today. Firstly, I built the weapon "arms": Decided to just go with the flamers as I like the look of them the best. I probably won't choose the frag projector and I hate painting burst cannons ... all the bits that should rotate freely, do so, so far. Might need to glue the flamers later though as they seem to droop a bit when the thing is upright. Main body section was next: I've not built the open cockpit with the crew, for reasons that are about to become clear. I have other plans for them later mwahahahah .... I left it til now to carry on the build as I was waiting for a special part to arrive, all the way from Spain... dada: Here we have a resin top cover which protects the cockpit! The one thing I don't like about this model is the open cockpit, as I just think - why???? This only took a few days to get here from www.thecustombit.com and is a perfect fit: Really pleased with this. Now. I need to choose a pose. To help me choose, I've built the heads and blu-tacked the pieces together and photographed them in a couple of different positions: 1: or 2: My son managed to sneak his part-painted knight into the photo lol! I'm currently leaning towards 1, because this thing is always nearer to position 2 in the GW photos, and I like to be different! Can't quite decide which to go with yet though, so I'll post the blog and see what you guys say, and take a break from the build for now to give me time to study the photos and make my mind up. Until next time...
  3. Right so in this entry the construction will be completed. First task here was to decide how to do the main gun. I know that in most circumstances I will want to take the Pulse Blastcannon, just because it is so damn powerful! However, I much prefer the look of the Pulse Driver Cannon, as it is longer and doesn't have so many pipes (I hate painting, and specifically highlighting, pipes). I eventually settled on building the rear section of the pulse driver cannon: Luckily, the way the front half of the weapons fit means I actually don't need to do any extra work to magnetise them or anything. They "clip" nicely in and out of the rear section so that I can have both options available to me, which will probably end up being the longer gun for display and the stubby Blastcannon for gaming: I decided to leave out the vent covers on the pulse driver cannon (above) because I plan to make some nice glowy plasma effects on the coils and I didn't want the vent covers to get in the way. Thanks for the posing suggestions. I went for a slight upward angle on the missile launchers to look like they are being aimed upwards to allow a trajectory towards long-range targets. For the main pose of the machine, I went with the suggestion to face the body right, but because I still wanted to give the sense of forward momentum, I angled the head to the left and the body slightly downwards. Because I've closed off the cockpit, I wanted the head to be more of the focus point for the model than it usually would be. I think this makes the model look more dynamic, but see what you think: Finally, I added the basing materials and left it resting on the Knight Castellan to keep it held in the right pose while the glue dries. Once dry, it will be ready for priming and getting started on the paint job! Edit: added photo of the primed model :)
  4. OK. So it's time to do something about the last bunch of grey plastic sprues I have. Most of my leadweight is composed of built and primed or partially painted stuff, but I do have a bunch of T'au stuff still on sprues. This is, of course, the most exciting stuff, as it is the most like new stuff! In the photo below are two Crisis Battlesuits left over from my Start Collecting! box that my wife bought me for Christmas more than five years ago, a handful of pathfinders and the Stormsurge that I bought with money from selling my Eldar earlier this year. Of course, by far the most exciting model in this pile is the Stormsurge, and seeing as my son got a Knight Castellan for Christmas that is already built and partially painted, this had to be the first model to build. I wanted to do something interesting with the base, partly because it was so big and partly because my son said I had to! So... I had some spare bits from my guard so I thought I would use these to tie the model into another part of my collection. I'm using a 3D printed turret that came spare with some tanks I got cheap on eBay a few weeks before Christmas, and the one spare guardsman that didn't find a place in my army. I'm not going to bother doing any complicated chopping with the turret as I can cover some of it with gravel and/or sand to hide the slightly odd connection in the middle: First stop for the Stormsurge: leg assembly. Now... I knew the legs wouldn't fit right on the custom base if I built them exactly as per the instructions, as I wanted the thing to stand on the Leman Russ turret, so I removed the little tags that fit the notches to give them more freedom of movement. For example, that sticky-out squarish bit on the joint in the middle piece had to go. Partial leg assembly underway in seven sections: I did attempt to blu-tack the pieces together to test the positioning, but they kept falling apart and wouldn't hold, so just bit the bullet and put glue on every piece. I found this with my Ghostkeel previously - I just had to hold them together in a weird Gollum-esque fashion to get them to stay put how I wanted them until they were dry enough to hold. Ended up with this, which I think works OK: The Leman Russ turret has that nice flat bit behind the cupola which was perfect for the foot to stand on. Can't decide whether it is going to be sat back and pointing to the right (left as you look at the photo) or aiming over the bent knee and looking more like it is moving forwards to the left (right as you look at the photo). I will have to play about with it at a later stage (N.B. The other T'au in the photo belong to my son - just in case anyone thought I was fibbing about how much I have to paint!). Last step of this blog entry, I added the guardsman to the base. I was going to add the whole guy with the melta, but then I thought "no, I'm not going to give him such an easy shot right up at the Stormsurge's knackers (!!)," and decided to chop him up. There is a nice arm holding a helmet on the old command squad sprue, so I gave him a bare sergeant head as I wanted him to be obviously shouting in fear or generally freaking out. Unfortunately, I still needed to chop the original guy to pieces to get at his body as I don't have any torsos spare, which was a shame because other than that he was built with all new parts. A couple more bits from the command squad sprue and a spare lasgun from the heavy weapon sprue finished the model. I've got him running away from the wreck of the Leman Russ and dropping his lasgun in the process - I know, an offence definitely punishable by summary execution! And that's where I'm up to for today. Got to go and make a Sunday roast now!
  5. From the album: Models

    © Games Workshop

  6. Once a Cadian, Always a Cadian By Suspicious BLue Mind a.k.a. Riodan O'Duffy Art by Harri Osborn, Astra Militarum Portrait ‘Why didn’t you just shoot him?’ asked Commissar Rembault looking down at the prisoner. ‘Uh, we did shoot him ma’am,’ said Sergeant Demin scratching his forehead. ‘“Take no prisoners” is our company motto, right after “Cadia Stands!” But apparently, he just didn’t die.’ The dishevelled prisoner sat on the red sand with his arms bound in front of him. His xenos designed armour was a dark red colour; while his underbody suit was the same shade of red as the sand. His close cropped hair and scruffy beard were also red; and his age appeared to be somewhere in the vicinity of forty to forty-five years of age. Dried red blood covered the whole right side of his face and neck. An ample supply of red mud and sand finished off his attire. ‘Hmm, what’s your name soldier?’ asked the commissar getting down on her haunches. No reply. ‘Tabac stick?’ asked the commissar offering the prisoner one of the nicotine laced cylinders. ‘No ma’am. Don’t smoke,’ replied the prisoner. ‘Whoa, that’s the most he’s spoken since we captured him!’ exclaimed Demin. ‘I’ll ask again, what’s your name?’ said the commissar lighting the tabac stick for herself. ‘Sergeant First Class Rokken A. Tamaguchi. Ident number 456-789-22010,’ he replied looking at the commissar with his one good eye, the other having been glued shut by dried blood. ‘Unit sergeant?’ The prisoner took in a breath, coughed, and grunted out, ‘2nd Platoon, Bravo Company, 1st Battalion, of the 7th Mu’gulath Bay Regiment.’ ‘I guess it takes a commissar to get these traitors to talk uh, ma’am?’ said the sergeant. The prisoner turned and glared up at the sergeant with his one good eye. ‘Got a problem heretic? Want a boot up your arse?’ shouted Demin getting ready to kick the prisoner. ‘Hold on sergeant!’ shouted the commissar with the tabac stick still between her teeth. Getting up, she shooed away the small crowd of guardsmen who were gathered around the prisoner. Then pulling the sergeant aside she asked, ‘So, Sergeant tell me What-the-Throne is going on here?’ The sergeant straightened his back and looking off into the desert said, ‘There was a firefight. We over ran their position. Shot all the survivors, including the wounded. Then two hours later this heretic here…’ Demin pointed at the prisoner, ‘…Comes staggering out of the pile of dead bodies holding his head in his hands. He’s gibber jabbering away in that Blue-fish talk, “Tiki-tak ching-chang-chong oola-la-la!”. So we gave him a rifle butt to the stomach, bound his hands, and sat his traitorous backside on the ground.’ ‘Did you interrogate him?’ ‘We tried. But he just wouldn’t answer. So we gave up figuring he didn’t speak any Low Gothic.’ ‘Alright before we do anything else, let’s get him cleaned up and have the apothecary medic look at his wounds,’ said the commissar waving over the medic. ‘You said he was shot, does he still have any open wounds?’ ‘No, ma’am. He’s just got a one big old scratch that runs around the top of his head…’ answered Demin catching a helmet tossed to him by another guardsmen. ‘…Here’s his helmet. See the bolter round entered just left of centre; but then it was deflected around his head, and exited the same hole it made coming in. Bet he’s got a helluva headache right now!’ ‘Get me Lieutenant Mahin, and post a guard so that no one “accidentally” shoots the prisoner,’ said the commissar taking a long drag on the tabac stick. ‘He’s a curiosity. And I want to find out what’s his story is.’ ‘Yes ma’am.’ Astartes and Guardsmen, Inquisitors and Tech Priests, Soroitas and Voidsmen! Today in this dark hour where Papa Nurgle seems to have the whole world in his festering and putrid grasp; what is needed is good rip roaring story of heroism and daring-do! Therefore, I present to you the story of one Sergeant Rokk A. Tamaguchi and a platoon from the 1012th Cadian Regiment. I hope that this story will give you pleasure as you hunker down to wait out these grim-dark days. Here is the link to the complete story: Once a Cadiian, Always a Cadian You made view the story directly from DocDroid, but you'd probably enjoy it more, if you download the pdf file. Then you can read the story via you webrowser, Adobe Reader, or in Adobe Digital Editions. Then you can upload it to your iPad, Tablet, or Smart Phone! Note this is my first post on the premier website for Warhammer 40,000 fandom in the galaxy: The Bolter & Chainsword. And I hope that I will do all of you l credit here on the forum. Suspicious Blue Mind PS For our North American readers, I use UK spelling and grammar. So if something seems a "bit off", that's probably it. SBM
  7. I finished my first squad of the new army, and first models in over 6 years. Feels greater good. That leaves the rest of this Start Collecting box, the contents of a second one, a commander, a Devilfish and a Riptide.
  8. Tau Forces of Thal'asa: Shan’al Aloh’shas – The Cold Fire Coalition http://i.imgur.com/H5ACvaJ.jpg Home World No Man's Land “Why do we keep answering the humans’ calls for parlay?” the younger Shas’la mused, “We come willing to make peace, and every time, they undermine it, and we are at war again.”“It’s as the Aun’el says; we are the river and they, the rock,” Answered his Shas’ui with a shrug, “It is inevitable that they will be worn down, whether to acceptance of the Greater Good, or oblivion. All we need to do is be patient.” “We could take them though. If they could get help, they would have by now. We could—” “Trust your Ethereal, boy.” Thal’asa (alternatively called Taal’asa) is a world of shallow acidic seas and rocky, windswept continents. Within scant decades of its colonization, the surface is now dotted by biodomes in which the colonists shelter from the great storms that roam both land and sea. Under the care of the T'au terraforming engines, what was once highly corrosive acid rain and seas has become only mildly acidic rain and seas, now navigable by conventional T'au vehicles. Though it is still hazardous to be exposed directly to the elements, it is only a matter of a few years before the planet’s water becomes tolerably safe. The sector Thal’asa occupies is fairly spacious, but on the far side of it sits an isolated Imperial mining world, Acro, with which Thal’asa has experienced ongoing conflict. Like Acro, Thal’asa has valuable mineral deposits, mostly concentrated on the beds of its seas. Most of the Cadre’s battles have been fought to gain footholds on Acro, repel invasions from Acro, and in boarding actions against fleets from Acro. Interestingly, the two forces have often joined to repel incursions from roving Orc fleets, and against all odds a burgeoning black market has developed in both cultures for small goods and novelties from the other. Organized near the beginning of the fifth sphere expansion, simultaneously with the colonization of Thal’asa, The Cold Fire Coalition is the main protection and expeditionary force for the sept. Most Cold Fire cadres specializes in ambush tactics using both Kayon and Mont’ka philosophies. Kauyon strategies center around a “spark” unit or units intended to lead hostile to a kill zone, “igniting” fire from the carefully placed ambush units. Mont’ka maneuvers usually target moving columns. As is typical of T'au, the cadres avoid sieges, attrition warfare, and protracted battles wherever possible, and they manage to be fairly successful with this approach despite operating most often in claustrophobic urban environments. Due to their often limited space in ground battles, the coalition favors battlesuits, Piranhas and strong air support over heavy vehicle deployments. Rather than a dedicated armored interdiction cadre, the handful of Hammerhead tanks and Sky Ray gunships in the coalition form a reserve cadre that provides armor to other cadres and contingents on an as-needed basis. Organization +++Hanyon Hive Outpost. . .Acro+++ Gir’hos stood at a window overlooking the battlefield in the distance. The door behind him hissed open, framing Hollowheart in the doorway. She entered unbidden, but the guards didn’t stop her, and she stood silently. He felt her eyes on the back of his head, felt her aggression. Some thought of her as calmer than her brothers and sisters from Vior’la, but he knew better. She was, if anything, more hot-blooded, just better at controlling it. He reminded himself how closely she needed to be watched. “I’m told you have some new intelligence on our enemies, Commander,” he said evenly. “Ostensibly, Aun’el,” came the reply, terse, clipped, “I believe we have an actionable lead on the source of the attack that killed Aun’o Ai’tor. The gue’la...were not responsible.” “I see,” he turned at last, and nodded to the honor guard, “Some privacy, please.” The two guards stepped silently out of the room, and the door slid closed. “Tell me, Commander. What have you found.” Shas’o Taal’asa Tsai’ran – Commander Hollowheart Thal'asa Central Command “Have you noticed anything curious about the Commander recently?” asked Lastinglight under her breath. “Yeah, she’s much angrier than she was yesterday. She about tore my face a new hole over the state of my battlesuit this morning,” Stunningsword grumbled, waving his spoon. “That’s not what I mean. Meeting Aun’el Gir’hos always seems to...wear on her.” “Mmm,” Stunningsword nodded sagely, “bearing the weight of an Ethereal’s counsel is surely an intense experience.” Lastinglight opened her mouth to answer, but paused and thought better of it, shaking her head. Hollowheart was raised and trained on Vior’la and was a veteran of the third sphere expansions who entered cryogenic stasis in anticipation of future expansions. She was fortunate to have escaped the fate of the fourth sphere and been awakened for the fifth. She led the coalition in colonizing Thal’asa, then known as the Thal’asa Expeditionary Force, and then reformed it into the Cold Fire coalition once the planet became an official sept world. As a gesture of commitment to the colonies, she replaced her sept of origin name with that of their new world. As her personal name suggests, Hollowheart is coldly efficient, presenting a steely and aloof demeanor to her troops and enemies alike. She fully embodies the aggression that Fire caste warriors of Vior’la are known for, but has never shared their typical hot blooded temperament. On the battlefield she rarely takes prisoners and enemies who turn down her first demands for surrender are unlikely to get a second chance. Her name has become an epithet among the humans defenders of Acro. Other Leadership Aun’el Thal’asa Gir’hos - The Empire’s interests in the Thal’asa sept were originally overseen by a small council of young but experienced Ethereals. During the initial campaigns to secure the region, however, a series of daring attacks from operatives of the Imperium led to the deaths of all but one. Though each loss was a tremendous blow to the morale of the burgeoning sept, Gir’hos held the T’au forces together, even leading from the frontlines. He is an enigmatic figure, reclusive in his councils and deliberations, but bold and impassioned when he joins the Fire Caste on the battlefield. Some Fire Warriors believe he has a greater revence for and appreciation of combat even than members of their caste. Shas’el Thal’asa Mont’da’erra - Warghost A Pathfinder commander of no small renown, Mont’da’erra spends almost as much time in the field as he does coordinating the coalitions intelligence gathering reconnaissance units. He has proven equally dangerous to the enemy in both roles, with a propensity for slipping through secured perimeters that has often strained credulity among other divisions upon receiving his reports. Shas'el Thal’asa Lunsuoi - Lastinglight Uncharacteristically even-tempered for a Fire caste warrior, even a commander, Lunsuoi has served as Hollowheart's second in command for several years. She sees herself more as a bodyguard than an advisor, and her battlesuit prowess serves her well in that pursuit, but she understands Hollowheart better than anyone and knows that her counsel bears weight, which has saved lives on more than one occasion, both T'au and Gue'la alike. Shas'vre Thal’asa Cal’Tuk - Hardhoof A highly decorated Fireblade, Cal'tuk is a tough and demanding front line commander, but also very close to the Fire Warriors under his command, and the loyalty he has earned has inspired acts of bravery that have been referenced even in the great Fire Caste academies on Vior'la itself. Shas'o Thal’asa Ty’Salash - Quietwave As quiet as her name suggests, Ty'Salash always seemed a perfect fit for a Stealthsuit squadron, and her successes early in the 5th sphere expansion quickly earned her a place in command of the coalitions stealth forces, often working closely with Mont'da'erra. Despite protests from Commander Hollowheart, she also spends a great deal of time leading from the front, though her results can hardly be argued with. Shas'el Thal’asa Sai’nan - Stunningsword Recently promoted, Sai'nan is an accomplished battlesuit pilot with an energetic, intense, personality and a passion for the Tau'va that inspires others, as well as a troublesome thrill-seeking streak. More experienced than most with close combat fighting, Sai'nan's battlesuit is frequently equipped with prototype equipment in need of field testing. Shas'vre Thal’asa Mon’kir- Blackdog Commanding the coalition's relatively small contingent of armor, Mon'kir has earned great favor with Hollowheart for his aggressive tactics, often surprising enemy with the sudden appearance of both light and heavy armor in unexpectedly close positions. Auxiliaries Remnants of the Tio’ve Mont’sha, the Dead Wind Contingent +++Rouen Hive Area of Operations. . .Acro+++ The glow was still receding and the heat trail still rising from the barrel of Mont’sha’s plasma rifle when Hollowheart landed next to him. “I’m supposed to be the one with the reputation for not taking prisoners on this battlefield, Mont’sha,” she transmitted privately to his suit, eyeing the slagged remains of gue’la against the wall in front of them, their weapons clearly cast aside. “They knew nothing of value,” he said, voice barely a whisper over the comms, lowering it’s weapon. “You have been told before, that is not your determination to make. Do not allow your past with the humans to become a stumbling block to the greater good.”There was no reply. “You know from experience where that road leads,” she said pointedly, “You have had a second chance, but there will not be another.” Another moment of silence, before the thrusters fired on his battlesuit, “Permission to secure the next sector, Commander?” “Permission granted, Shas’el. We won’t have this discussion again.” Tio’ve Mont’sha, led by then Shas'o Mont'sha, took part in the ill-fated fourth sphere expansion. After being rediscovered and rejoining with the Empire, it became clear that the members of the contingent had experienced similar unspoken traumas to those of others from the failed expansion, with similar results. It eventually came to light that a gue’la had led a brutal betrayal, exposing them to ambush by an unknown enemy. Nearly the entire contingent, more than five cadres-worth of troops, armor and matériel, was wiped out. Further losses were incurred when Mont'sha led a retaliatory strike that was, again, crushed by the enemy. The remnant of the contingent, now barely enough to compose a cadre, is still commanded by Shas’El Fi’rios Mont’sha. He was held responsible for the destruction of his contingent and subjected to ritual punishment known as the Malk’la. After a lengthy probation and reassignment under Hollowheart, he has since re-earned his battlesuit. Uncharacteristically for those who have suffered the malk’la, the other survivors of his contingent have not shunned him, but requested to serve under him again, and as a force they remain insular. Mont'sha prohibited the restoration of some surface damage on his battlesuit as a reminder of his failure, but he continues to have a habit of brutal extermination towards enemies, particularly humans, continually toeing the line between service and censure. ISOs, Alien AI mysteries Earth Caste Blacksite R&D Lab Powering up, the peculiar disc rose off the table, vaguely resembling one of their own drones. Its edges glowed brightly, and it emitted a vibrating hum that reminded Fio’ui Ora’wra of the sounds produced by Vespid wing casings. “Satisfactory,” a tinny, masculine voice issued from the disc. “Profile seems a bit narrow,” Ora’wra commented, “Even with the light, you’ll be a bit hard to see under any strong lighting.” “Easily remedied,” Replied the disc, dipping and drifting off the table. More light burst from its edges, shifting and taking a shape. A moment later a shadow-black mirror image of Ora’wra stood there, broken up by glowing yellow lines along the edges of the garments, and pale, desaturated skin, with more light glowing from within the collar of its loose shirt. Its eyes, solid yellow, glowed slightly. It extended a hand. “A pleasure to interact in person, Fio’ui. We are Abraxas.” On the edge of the Thal’asa sector lies a nameless world of blasted wastelands and deeply buried ruins, the remains of some ancient civilization. Signs point to the Imperium having visited it long ago, but between the unlivable environment and the seeming absence of technology, they must have scavenged all they wanted from the planet long ago. When the Tau discovered it after establishing Thal’asa as a sept world, they expected to find the same. To the expedition’s surprise, their more advanced scanning tech not only located the remains of sophisticated technology, but found that some of it was still active. Excavating deep into the ruins the Tau uncovered what appeared to be powerful databanks, capable of tremendous digital storage. Most seemed to have had their physical connections severed, including power sources, but one remained active. When the Earth Caste technicians finally interfaced the Tau hardware with the alien databank they found much more than conventional data storage. They were greeted by a collective AI. After some time spent with both Earth Caste techs and Water Caste diplomats, the Tau learned that the AI, composed of countless sub programs, called themselves ISOs. They revealed that their creators had destroyed themselves in a great war over the ethics of their creation. As the only survivors, they had waited in the confines of the digital realm they’d built for themselves, hoping for rescue. While some parties among the Tau were skeptical about the wisdom of freeing such an independent AI, they eventually accepted the ISOs assurances of peaceful intent, though it is doubtless that their promise to share information on the dead world’s advanced technology factored strongly into their considerations. To build trust, the ISOs agreed to provide labor and military support to the Tau in exchange for materials, and after a period of cooperation and a promise of independence, they would give the Tau the specifications for their technology. Though they were initially secretive about what would be done with these materials, it soon became clear, along with how much they could offer. The ISO’s constructed drones to house them and grant them mobility, but more importantly the drones served as emitters from which the ISOs could create hardlight bodies for themselves. Needless to say, the Tau were impressed, and hardlight ISO units quickly integrated into the Cold Fire cadre and Thal’asa sept, most taking a similar form to their Tau allies, including mimicking their armor and weapons.
  9. Ok gents, like the title says, what to do with everyone’s favourite floating discs? I’m wondering, are they better used in a support role in units? Or formed into units of their own? How to equip them? Marker, Shield, or Gun? A lot of questions I know but I want to get the most out of them.
  10. It is as we join with others, in a way that only the Tau can, in shared engagement to the Greater Good, that we find ourselves able to fully realize our true potential. And that is the final source of our hopes and intentions. Aun'el T'au Tam'ya, Ethereal caste For those who don’t know what the ETL is, it’s an annual painting event where participants are invited to vow to paint 40k-legal units of their preferred army in a period of three months, recording their points’ values. Participants may make up to 5 such vows with a limit of 3,000 pts per vow – but no limit to the amount of units pledged. Apart from the individual challenge of completing the pledged units, each forum is competing as a team against every other forum of the B&C by adding up the points of each individual participant’s entries to work out the total score for the entire forum. The forum with the highest score wins. But be aware: if you fail to complete your second or any subsequent vow then all previous vows are nullified and will not count towards the total of the forum! And there is another catch: the total points of each forum are modified by the completion rate i.e. the total completed points over the total points pledged. So failing to complete subsequent vows (thus nullifying all your previously completed ones) has an augmented negative effect on the completion rate and hence on the forum score. So be extra confident when you up the stakes. This is of course a very brief description of the event. For more details you may take a look at the previous ETL here (ETL VI), but also expect some additional changes for this year’s event! The expected time to launch is in early or mid May. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Our tanks were useless. As soon as we broke cover, their battlesuits' heavy guns were locked on to us. I swear it was as though they had someone nearby aiming for them before they shot. And when they did shoot...Emperor's mercy! Their guns punched through our armour like it was paper. All I could see were trails of fire where the projectiles had ignited the air. Guardsman Cauley, 25th Graian Rifles This will be the second time that the might of the T'au Empire will be mobilised to enter the ETL for The Greater Good and the Ethereals expect all Shas, Por, Kor and Fio caste members to acquit themselves well in the coming storm. It is the time for our young Empire to show these upstart races the strength of our mighty Her’ex’vre - the Kor'vattra will darken their skies with Sun Sharks, Razorsharks, Barracudas and Tiger Sharks - shoals of Hammerheads, Skyrays and Piranhas will rent their puny vehicles - Devilfish will carry our brave Shas towards the foe ably supported by our Kroot and Vespid allies and the heavy footfalls of our mighty Ta'unar will turn their bones to jelly in fear. T'au Outpost - ETL VI - (on our first time we where the best performing Xenos faction) Participants vowing for the T'au Empire will be able to draw units from the Codex and Forge World units so let’s take this opportunity to organize ourselves, measure our strength and see what everyone plans to pledge. We have a great range of miniatures, an 8th Edition Codex which has now had time to settle in and the flexibility of a young and vibrant race! Remember, the miniatures may be assembled and undercoated – but not otherwise worked on at the time of vowing them! It is but 2 Kai'rotaa in the future - be ready! When the Ethereal call... who will answer? Those with superior reach can dictate the terms of battle and impose their will upon their foe. Remember, the first step on the path to victory is often the most important. Commander Puretide The idea is to bring together the might of the T'au Empire in one thread to encourage each other in the upcoming ETL. Here we can post questions, ideas for vows and support and motivate each other in the months ahead. The main things to remember is, whatever your vow: It must be at the undercoat stage - this can also be a coloured primer and not just black and there is nothing wrong with assembling and priming your vows now so you can be ready as soon as the go is given... and it must be achievable in the time frame as any unfinished vows automatically void all your earlier work. Plan with care It is as we join with others, in a way that only the T'au can, in shared engagement to the Greater Good, that we find ourselves able to fully realize our true potential. And that is the final source of our hopes and intentions. Aun'el T'au Tam'ya, Ethereal caste
  11. Soldiers of the Fire Caste! Kroot and Vespid allies! Today, we stand as a bulwark against the selfish, the soulless, and the mad! Today, we must drive back our enemies from our city and from our world! Today, more than ever before, we fight for the Greater Good! And we will triumph! Kavaal Korst'la'sha'is (Strike Group Reaping Wind) Collection photo @ 07/07/19 The Tau Empire was the first 40K army I started collecting after beginning with Orcs and Goblins and Empire in Warhammer FB. What drew me to them was the sleek, futuristic look and the back story of them being a benevolent force in the galaxy rather than a backward looking or just plain evil force. Being from a military background I wanted a muted, real life colour scheme which was supported in the fluff as the Tau Empire is known to adopt colour schemes to suit the environment in which they wage war. After much searching on the internet I went for a lozenge pattern using dark green as a base with light green and a dark terracotta as the patches with dark red highlighting danger areas such as engine intakes and weapons. Markings where originally in tan but are now slowly being replaced with white along with the heads of the battle suits. The undersides of skimmers and aircraft has been done in light grey. A muted gold is used for some highlights along with lenses in either red or green. Cockpits and troop compartments started out in light grey but are slowly changing to khaki. Initially my colour scheme was too "busy" and shiny and as time progressed I have toned it down and added weathering hence you can see the evolution of the scheme over the last 10 years especially on the Devilfish. The current plan is to clear down the painting backlog and then to return to these earlier models and strip and repaint them. This will be a long project so bear with me I have split the collection into separate posts which will help me to keep this thread updated with the minimum of confusion as it progresses as new photos will be added to the existing posts. HQ Battlesuits Troops including allies Drones Transports, Tanks and Reconnaissance Aircraft Fortifications and Lords of War
  12. So I remembered I had this picture lounging around somewhere on my computer since last year. No highlighting because highlights are the devil.
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