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'It is the thirty-fourth Millennium. Or perhaps the thirty-third. Few now stand securely enough both to claim different; and to be heard. All is unsure, all is uncertain. Under the benevolent eye of the High Lords of Terra, the Imperium basks in a golden age. The heretics of millennia past are extinguished or contained; the xenos empires that threatened mankind's manifest destiny broken or scattered. Humanity is united in the worship of the enthroned God-Emperor, whose words are revealed to the Ecclesiarch of the Imperial Church. This is one truth. Others say that the Emperor is dead, or as good-as; that His dream has grown rotten beneath the surface. Others claim oppression, or restriction, or loss. Tales of predation by aliens; of harrowings by pirates and heretics and monsters, emerge daily, and are suppressed by His Inquisition, for fear of disturbing the flock. In the galactic north-west (if such an antiquated system has meaning in a galaxy as vast and wondrous as this) tales emerge of another truth. Tales come of the return of a legend, so ancient that the High Lords believe the word all-but forgotten. Primarch.' This club is your invitation to discuss and collaborate on models, artwork and lore themed around the War of the False Primarch project, which you can follow on the off-site blog +Some Things Are Best Left Forgotten+ (https://warofthefalseprimarch.blogspot.com) The aim of this project is to inspire you to paint or write – and if you simply want to use this material as inspiration or as a starting point for your own private campaigns and stories, then please feel free. There's no reason that your contributions to this secret, hidden war need be made public...
  1. What's new in this club
  2. Managed to put in a tiny bit of work. Cleaned up the Adrathic Destructor gunner and the Mark 3 armoured zealot. The gunner will be fully de-Primarisized after I trim his gorget and sort out the ball joints on his greaves with some milliput. The other models will be touched up with more milliput and will have their fleshy Plague Marine cabling replaced with 1mm Zinge Industries wrapped wire. The breastplate on the Mark 3 zealot will be smoothed over and covered in scale mail. I decided to keep his spiky greave while getting rid of the spikes on his thigh because I thought it added to the boarding specialist look I'm going for with him. The arrow on his helmet will be cleaned up with some of the mold lines later. I wrote a general plan for the project so far. The idea is to have a kill team compatible with both editions of Kill Team and have a force that counts as the classic Tactical kill team and the contents of the Strike Force Justian box in terms of crunch. Some stuff will be count-as like the Halo Blade doubling as a Power Fist or a Power Sword when agreed upon with other players. Some of the stuff in the kill team will be purely cosmetic like the slug gun, Auger Array and the Techmarine Aspirant idea. Wormwood Sons kill team roster: Veteran Sergeant - Companion of the Black Wurm [Tactical Marine Sergeant/Strike Force Captain] Panoply: void hardened Mark 3 Plate, Plasma Pistol and Halo Blade Zealot - Deputy squad leader, recently transferred boarder [Tactical Marine Warrior/Strike Force Assault Intercessor] Panoply: void hardened Mark 3 plate, piezoelectric adamantium scale mail, bolter, chainsword and Mk3 Kadath pattern slug gun Gunner - Special Weapon Marksman, Companion of the Black Wurm [Tactical Marine Gunner/Strike Force Eliminator] Panoply: Mark 7 Plate, Relic Adrathic Destructor, bolt pistol Grenadier - Demolitions Expert [Tactical Marine Warrior/Strike Force Grenadier] Panoply: Mark 3 Plate, piezoelectric adamantium scale mail, Phobos pattern bolter, bolt pistol, a belt of krak and frag grenades Heavy Gunner - Heavy Weapon Specialist [Tactical Marine Heavy Gunner/Strike Force Heavy Intercessor] Panoply: up-armoured Mark 7 Plate, heavy bolter, bolt pistol Tech Specialist - Techmarine Aspirant (Kadath or Coldforge markings, not yet decided), Auspex operator [Tactical Marine Warrior/Strike Force Intercessor] Panoply: Mark 7 Plate, bolter, bolt pistol, Auspex, Auger Array
  3. Here is a shot of both squad members in the pre-assembly phase held together with blu tack. I've decided to give them different power plants and left some of the damage on the more ornamental non-ceramite parts of the armour to represent a squad that's been rapidly rearmed between engagements. I will be sculpting robes and scalemail armour to cover some of the casting errors present on the Dark Imperium Plague Marines. The Sergeant's Mark III helm looks too much like some of the Orthodox Imperium forces featured in this project so I will be transplanting the respirator from one of the Death Guard heads in place of its faceplate. I'm also not too fond of the "chrome dome" look of the plain Mark III helm so I will be transplating one of the optical sensors from one of these four spare heads. I still haven't decided which one to pick but I'm leaning towards the third option.
  4. I'm back with a small progress update. Some stuff got in the way of working on my models, but I finally got around to doing some work today. I finished gap filling after carving away all the nurgle nonsense on the two Plague Marine models I had and started work on a third model. Started work on the grenadier and demolitions expert of the squad. His stick grenade hand will be swapped for a suitable hand carrying a more conventional Space Marine grenade once I source a right hand carrying a grenade. Unfortunately all the frag and krak grenades in my bits box are left hands. I also carefully carved out the extra armour plate hanging off his belt as I found the incredibly long groin armour of the Plague Marine a bit silly. A single plate was removed and the rest will be attached later so it doesn't hang all the way to his ankles.
  5. Going to start out small with a 5 or 6 man kill team of Wormwood Sons. I will be using two cleaned up Dark Imperium Plague Marines and some of the bodies from various Primaris kits or Strike Force Justian. I'll be planning this out as I go along but right now I have an idea for a Companion of the Black Wurm armed with an Adrathic weapon as the squads gunner specialist. The plan is to take a razor saw to a spare Grav-Gun I had laying around and combine it with parts from one of the Ad Mech kits and the muzzle of an Adrastus Bolt Caliver. Looking at the Grav-Gun next to the Auto Bolt Rifle, the extension of the Grav-Gun's casing might not be necessary. Once the rifle is finished it will be used to arm one of the marines from Strike Force Justian. Not sure what I'll play it as, it could be a count-as for any special weapon. Thinking about including some kind of special sight on this rifle. This is one of the Plague Marines I have cleaned. I got rid of all the spikes and nurgly bits. He just needs some milliput/green stuff work and a weapon swap before he's ready. I might leave some of the cracked parts of the armour to represent damaged ceramite, but all the other dents and holes will be filled. This guy might end up as the squad sergeant with a power sword.
  6. Thank you for the reply. I've stalled on it because of work and the Holidays but I recently got more bodies to work with. I'll show off the weapon concept and the pieces I've sourced for it in a future post. It's a mix of things with the majority of it being a Grav Gun from the tactical squad box, once it's done it will look nothing like one.
  7. Hi @MoriyaSchism; the Wormwood Sons have access to a pandimensional vault that is filled with all sorts of material that would be proscribed if anyone could check it! For that reason, the more esoteric and unusual, the better. If you've got access to Instagram, then look up the creator of the chapter, @k0rdhal. He's a lovely fellow, and will doubtless have more specific ideas. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with. The concluding Part V is coming, so it'd be great to to showcase your work in the opening post. :)
  8. Decided to cast in my lot with the Partisan Chapters and settled on making a Wormwood Sons kill team so I have a question. What kind of weapons would be fair game for a Companion of the Black Wurm to have? I want to include a derivative of the Adrathic Destructor in the squad in place of a more traditional special weapon.
  9. Flesh Eaters predator and bikes and a Red Talons vidicator destroyer WIP
  10. Almost done with the test minis; Flesh Eaters, Red Talons, Carcharodons, Charnel Guard, Death Eagles
  11. All home-brew Chapters. The ‘canon’ text is a single paragraph – which of course leaves a lot of space for creativity :)
  12. The 11 chapters that went rogue; were they ever officially named or are the ones on that thread homebrews?
  13. There’s a wealth of material on the +Some Things Are Best Left Forgotten+ blog, so it’s easy to get lost! Here’s a link to the blog: https://warofthefalseprimarch.blogspot.com/?m=1 … and a primer to the project, explaining the intention behind it, and how to get involved: https://warofthefalseprimarch.blogspot.com/p/get-involved-outline-of-project.html?m=1

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