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'It is the thirty-fourth Millennium. Or perhaps the thirty-third. Few now stand securely enough both to claim different; and to be heard. All is unsure, all is uncertain. Under the benevolent eye of the High Lords of Terra, the Imperium basks in a golden age. The heretics of millennia past are extinguished or contained; the xenos empires that threatened mankind's manifest destiny broken or scattered. Humanity is united in the worship of the enthroned God-Emperor, whose words are revealed to the Ecclesiarch of the Imperial Church. This is one truth. Others say that the Emperor is dead, or as good-as; that His dream has grown rotten beneath the surface. Others claim oppression, or restriction, or loss. Tales of predation by aliens; of harrowings by pirates and heretics and monsters, emerge daily, and are suppressed by His Inquisition, for fear of disturbing the flock. In the galactic north-west (if such an antiquated system has meaning in a galaxy as vast and wondrous as this) tales emerge of another truth. Tales come of the return of a legend, so ancient that the High Lords believe the word all-but forgotten. Primarch.' This club is your invitation to discuss and collaborate on models, artwork and lore themed around the War of the False Primarch project, which you can follow on the off-site blog +Some Things Are Best Left Forgotten+ (https://warofthefalseprimarch.blogspot.com) The aim of this project is to inspire you to paint or write – and if you simply want to use this material as inspiration or as a starting point for your own private campaigns and stories, then please feel free. There's no reason that your contributions to this secret, hidden war need be made public...
  1. What's new in this club
  2. Flesh Eaters predator and bikes and a Red Talons vidicator destroyer WIP
  3. Almost done with the test minis; Flesh Eaters, Red Talons, Carcharodons, Charnel Guard, Death Eagles
  4. All home-brew Chapters. The ‘canon’ text is a single paragraph – which of course leaves a lot of space for creativity :)
  5. The 11 chapters that went rogue; were they ever officially named or are the ones on that thread homebrews?
  6. There’s a wealth of material on the +Some Things Are Best Left Forgotten+ blog, so it’s easy to get lost! Here’s a link to the blog: https://warofthefalseprimarch.blogspot.com/?m=1 … and a primer to the project, explaining the intention behind it, and how to get involved: https://warofthefalseprimarch.blogspot.com/p/get-involved-outline-of-project.html?m=1

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