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  1. INDEX ASTARTES: DESERT EAGLES SONS OF GUILLIMAN Renowned for their adaptive warfare and righteous fury, few can resist the overwhelming onslaught of the Desert Eagles in their stride. Serving the Imperium since the earliest conflicts of the Great Crusade has earned the chapter numerous honours, as well as bitter enemies from the ranks of those who fled their advance. The Desert Eagles are proud descendants of Guilliman and honour his name with a storied list of campaigns won over his enemies. In contrast to the measured tactics of their progenitor the Desert Eagles utilise highly responsive advances, shifting entire frontiers of battle to exploit opportunities. This characteristic descends from the forging of the Chapter during the vicious battles against the Word Bearers of Lorgar in the Horus Heresy, when a Chapter of their Ultramarine forebearers were left isolated and betrayed on the deserts of Calth. The resourcefulness of the Astartes in reclaiming critical supplies and positions and their unrelenting nature during those crucial hours earned them the nickname ‘Carrion Eagles’ during the siege by local forces. The brown-and-crimson armour of the Desert Eagles now reflects the desert that defined them over mere hours, as well as the commemorating the lives lost in those cursed sands. Desert Eagles patrol unleashes death upon a Chaos Warband Desert Eagles Astartes with Bolter When the Desert Eagles Chapter was brought into being during the Second Founding, Captain Catius Thassor, a renowned commander of the Ultramarines Legion, was chosen to be its first Chapter Master. Thassor's reputation was steeped in legend from the Battle of Calth, where he led what would become the Desert Eagles chapter against Word Bearers forces in desperate survival on the planet's surface. The savagery of the Word Bearers' assault upon the planet's surface was secondary only the conflicts within orbit. Even as Ultramarines forces were shattered at Komesh the fighting in the deserts of Cuneth grew fierce, where the planned betrayal faltered under sandstorms. Thrice Thassor led the united Imperial forces into the sands to reclaim vital communication facilities to allow their evacuation, splintering the ammassed followers of Lorgar under blinding walls of dust and fire. Such conditions proved fatal for many of the allied Imperial Guardsmen within the deserts, however the loyalist forces made frequent use of their littered supplies as the hours of desperate fighting bore continued. Battletanks and artillery positions were scavenged for shells and explosives, and the Ultramarine defence bore on. Communications reached the loyalist positions of the dire state of Calth, and with it news of impending destruction. The Word Bearers' obliteration of the system had destabilised its integrity, and soon the surface would prove fatal for any who remained on its surface. Thassor's forces turned their scavenged ammunition earthbound, and were able to detonate their way into the nearby subterranean networks where they would continue waging the Underworld War against Chaos forces until Ultramarines fleets returned several years later. By the time Thassor was able to return his Chapter to the Ultramarines Legion less than half of those he had led beneath the desert of Cuneth remained, and himself a hero of the Legion. With the completion of the Codex Astartes by Roboute Guilliman at the conclusion of the Horus Heresy, he commanded his sons to divide into 1,000-member Space Marine Chapters so that no single commander could ever control the power of an entire Astartes Legion again. As the Howling Griffons and Genesis Chapter ventured into the galaxy at the dawning of the Second Founding so to did the Desert Eagles, now united in their brown-and-crimson and once again being led into the unknown by Catius Thassor, Chapter Master of the storied survivors of Calth. The Desert Eagles' homeworld is located on the planet Audax, an Imperial Feral World in Segmentum Ultima. The planet consists of a pair of hive cities, both heavily damaged due to solar radiation, as well as the Desert Eagles' Fortress-Monastery Basilica Solitudinem. Audax's population still resides within the ruins of the two cities, as the remaining landscape of sun-scarred rocks and salt flats proves fatal to those who pass through. Life is fierce within the crumbling towers with scarce resources and even scarcer allies, and attempts to unite the cities by those residing fall quickly due to mistrust and infighting. The present-day Chapter utilises a variety of trials to select neophytes from those that remain clinging to the cities of eons past, their skills honed by the trials of living upon Audax. Representatives of the Desert Eagles descend upon each city twice within a normal human's lifetime and take the most skilled aspirants from the population, forcibly if required. Many that fail the trials are returned as servitors, and are tasked with rebuilding for the remnants of their short life-span. Some have noted that the cities may have yet been recovered if not for the recruitment and removal of their most hopeful youth who now litter the alleyways as glistening mechanised corpses. The method of fighting forced upon those of Audax for survival has served the Desert Eagles suitably over the millennia. Their modus operandi consists of fluid and interchanging attacks conducted by highly trained forces, destroying the enemy before any attack can be properly responded to and never allowing the enemy to force a static engagement. The Chapter emphasises the usage of shifting terrain and resources to their advantage, and each unit has a vital role within the overarching structure deployed. As a result, on some occasions that the tide of battle turned against the Desert Eagles the losses were significant, such as in M36 when they were ambushed by Drukhari forces who were able to interrupt communications systems between the Chapter. Although preferring to keep the foe at arms-length, the Desert Eagles are still capable of engaging in bloody close-combat just as readily as at range, and are readily feared by the enemies of the Imperium. Despite their seemingly indecisive nature when employing tactics, the Desert Eagles disdains the notion of recklessly charging against an enemy without sufficient intelligence of the situation or the surrounding landscape which could be used to their advantage. The Desert Eagles are classified as a Codex Astartes-compliant Chapter, and they follow the sacred tome with few variations in terms of organisation. They follow the tactics presented in the Codex, efficiently making use of different standard units, but frequently intermix and alter tactical decisions so that the Chapter cannot be readily countered. The addition of Primaris reinforcements has been received poorly due to their slow uptake of these decisions, a reflection of their Terran upbringing and previous engagements rather than ability. Desert Eagles Shoulder Pad (6th - 10th Company) The Desert Eagles are currently operating at near full-strength and organise their Chapter into 10 companies. In a reflection of the two cities of Audax the Chapter is often divided as two 5 Company forces known as Strikes, with the 1st - 5th Companies' shoulder pads being crimson to denote this whilst the 6th - 10th Companies have brown shoulder pads with a crimson trim. The appointment to Strike Captain is an incredible honour within the Chapter and often precludes appointment to Chapter Master, as a Chapter Master cannot himself lead a Strike as he must focus on the operation of the Chapter as a whole. The Desert Eagles were established in the Second Founding (M31) from a Chapter of Ultramarines that survived the Battle of Calth, and are therefore descended from Roboute Guilliman. They have not experienced any significant issues from their gene-stock and answered Guilliman's call for aid upon his return, though the deviation of their combat doctrine has brought issues when fighting alongside other Astartes forces. PRE-HERESYChapter Master Catius Thassor - Catius Thassor was a former Captain of the Ultramarines Legion during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy, achieving esteem for his service during the Battle of Calth. He became the Desert Eagles' first Chapter Master during the Second Founding and led them to their Homeworld of Audax, establishing the fortress-monastery Basilica Solitudinem upon the planet's weathered surface. POST-HERESY Chapter Master Martellis Riol - Martellis Riol is the current Chapter Master of the Desert Eagles following the death of his predecessor during the early Indomitus Crusade. Riol was formerly the Captain of the 5th Company and inherited Talonstrike, a Master-Crafted spear with attached bolt-pistol that is the pride of the Chapter. He was notoriously besieged by Desert Eagles forces for three days at the peak of one of the few remaining towers on Audax where he had made his lair prior to joining the Chapter, a feat thrice that of any previous aspirant. Utilising the crumbling nature of the ferrocrete building against them he was able to combat the incapacitating weaponry deployed against him in a cruel reflection of the Chapter's tactics. Only the intervention of an apothecary saved him at the conclusion of the siege from dying due to exhaustion, and the legend of his stand spread quickly throughout the Chapter. Strike Captain Adonis Rake - Adonis Rake was a former Captain of the 1st company and Strike Captain in M36, when he led the 1st, 3rd and 4th Companies as a Strike against a significant Drukhari pirate threat. The two forces tactics were each a reflection of the other, however the lightning speed of the forces of Commorragh caught Rake both unaware and unprepared. The ensuing destruction led to the complete obliteration of the Strike, and the loss of experience and resources was a severe hit against the Desert Eagles, who sorely swear vengeance upon those who inflicted their destruction. Ever since the Chapter has favoured younger leaders and highly commemorates exceptional service of an individual, rather than solely years in service. "Fluid/interchanging/responsive tactics" is justification for my terrible choices during actual games of 40k, thought it might reflect nicely in the lore as well. I understand that Calth was an Agri-World prior to the Horus Heresy, and though I haven't read the books covering the Battle of Calth I'm banking on an image of Calth pre-heresy containing what appears to be deserts. If there's any issues I could switch the planet that the desert fighting takes place on, I just imagined that the Battle of Calth would be such a significant and defining moment in the Ultramarines' history that it'd send shockwaves even 10,000 years later in how some chapters function. Full credit for the images goes to two very talented artists on DeviantArt, Kai Lim for the first which was for a series of Soul Drinkers novels, and Algrim-Whitefang for the Astartes image which I combined from a few of their images. I believe the shoulder pad is from the 5th ed. Space Marine Codex? Very easy to find on the various wikis. All were recoloured in Photoshop using Hue/Saturation layers. I chose to use the Raven Guard insignia as transfers are made for them and I didn't want to use a third-party printing service when I already have a significant number of them. The insignia would usually be on a brown or crimson background anyway which should be different enough from the black. If you wish to replicate the banners I've used here I'm more than happy to send the Photoshop file through.
  2. So, came up with a new chapter after Devastation of Baal basically killed off my previously chosen named successor, but I can't be too mad, as starting from scratch has been kinda fun. Still quite a bit of work left to do, but it's not a bad start. Chapter: Crimson Oracles Erythrean Prognosticators Chapter Heraldry: Blue/white winged blood drop, on black Codex: Blood Angels Colour Scheme: Crimson Armor; Bone Right Shoulders, Black Right shoulders with alternate knees Allegiance: Fidelitas Totalis Extremis Battle Cry: In Morte, Sumus Victorius (In Death, We Bring Victory) Noted Excellence In: High Intensity Warfare, Strategic Decapitation Strikes, Planetfall Insertions , Multi-Vector and Sub-Orbital Attack, Void Warfare Homeworld: Nimloth Bordering Segmentum Obscurus and Ultima Segmentum Sector Arboreteum, Sub-sector Nimloth Neighboring Regions: Helioret, Cyclops Cluster, Coronid Deeps, Agatheon Domain, The Frost Gyre Founding: 2nd Founding Chapter of the Blood Angels Primarch: Sanguinius Fortress Monastery: Nimlothrin Non-Standard Organization and Doctrinal Specializations; Quote: Knowledge is a power as lethal as any blade, as much to the wielder as to his foe. Wield it well, in the Emperor’s name. ~ Brother-Oracle Zophiel Specialist Formations: Preferred Enemy: Aeldari Corsairs, Pirates, and Chaos-Aligned Raiders originating from the Frost Gyre and neighboring warp storms in the Coronid Deeps Gene Seed Mutations: While they keep it a secret from all outside their Chapter, the Crimson Oracles suffer the dual gene-curse of Sanguinius; the Red Thirst and the Black Rage. Unique Rituals: Oath: Allies of Renown: Imperial Knight House Orhlacc: Titanicus Terranic Ordo Sinister: Forge-Moon of Valnex Chapter Relics: Recruitment Process: Successor Chapters: None Known Notable Engagments: This is a compilation of what records could be found of the Crimson Oracles Chapter of Astartes in the Imperial Archives. Defence of Helioret c.967-969.M30 The Scouring: (~M32) The Pentarchy of Blood (860-940.M33) Great Malagantine Purge (770-791.M38) Angevin Crusade (322-384.M39) Downfall of the Heretic Priests of Syrinx (~590.M41) The Devastation of Baal: Notable Members:
  3. "Emperor's Pointy Sticks, eh? Say, we're not one of those whacky "theme" armies are we?" - Cmdr/Gunner Kren Well, yes and no (but mostly yes). To anyone not familiar with the EPS from the webcomic Turn Signals On A Land Raider, you can check out there "historical documents" using this LINK. I may be incorporating other elements found at the TSOALR site & forum, and I will attempt to steer elements towards a normal sounding space marine chapter - perhaps unsuccessfully, but I'll try. Hey, if there can be angelic names, nordic names, etc why not a naming structure around trees, right? Adeptus Biologica should be represented somewhere! This will very much be a work in progress, as I'm also working on constructing an actual playing force of models. I've never done one of these before, and I'm looking to many others Index Astartes files for inspiration. So, if anything looks familiar style wise it's meant as a compliment not a rip-off. THE EMPEROR'S POINTY STICKS CHAPTER NAME: IMPERIAL SPEARS [Cognomen - Emperor's Pointy Sticks] CHAPTER FOUNDING: 2ND [1/821021M.31], Chapter 313 CURRENT CHAPTER MASTER: Sequoia (Sequoiadendron Giganteum) HOME WORLD: Fleet-Based (Ref: Adeptus Biologis, Forge V'ley, Geodesic Domes) FORTRESS-MONASTERY: Arx Arborvitae FLAGSHIP OF THE FLEET: Dies de Triffids CHAPTER SYMBOL: Brown Pointed Stick with Green Leaf ARMOUR COLOURS: Purple, Skull White, Blood Red COMBAT TRAITS: Cleanse & Purify, Die Standing STRENGTH: Less than 300 BATTLE CRY: "POKE 'EM INNA EYE!" REFERENCES The Octaguide 2.0 by Octavulg Founding of the Emperor's Sticks by SteveC86 Colour Scheme of the Emperor's Pointy Sticks by SteveC86 Army List for the Emperor's Pointy Sticks by SteveC86 Do the Emperor's Pointy Sticks have Traits? by SteveC86 Which Company is featured in the comic? by SteveC86 I'm thinking of drawing inspiration from the Roman Hastati. This will essentially be a vanilla style army (for now). The Hastae Pura was actually an award of merit, referencing a spear without an iron head (pointy stick?). Also thinking of a culture/origin surrounding an Old Earth Biologica ship that either settled on some previously lost world or found floating in space. Thanks for reading, Chapter Master Sequoia, signing off.
  4. The Angels of Penance "The measure of true glory is not to give battle in the bright noon of war, surrounded by brave comrades upon the field of victory, but to valiantly fight on alone in the darkness, with no hope of aid or even remembrance, and to spit defiance in midnight's eye" Lion El'Jonson, Reflections on the Mirror of War, Vol III Overview The Angels of Penance are a Second Founding Chapter of the Dark Angels Legion. Formed from the Assault cadres of the I Legio, the Chapter displays a more bellicose outlook compared to their fellow Unforgiven, prefering to engage the enemy in close quarters hit and run assaults rather than stubbornly hold a gun-line. Known to deploy seasoned battle-brothers in formations akin to the Breacher Siege Squads of the Legiones Astartes or as well equipped 'Vanguard' jump pack Assault Squads, alongside fielding their 1st Company almost exclusively in ancient Cataphractii-Pattern Terminator Armour, it is rumoured that the Angels of Penance are the inheritors of the traditions and arms of the 'Stormwing' formation of their Legion predecessors. ”Of all the Primarchs, save perhaps Mortarion, Lion El'Jonson stands apart. Partially this is due to his taciturn nature -- a brooding silence hangs over him at all times. Yet there is something more...something buried beneath his noble exterior. Perhaps this is a result of his upbringing, growing to maturity alone in the monster-ridden forests of Caliban. Even at a council of war, the Lion moves like an apex predator. He is always watching, always planning, always hunting. He unnerves even his brothers.” Malcador the Hero History Grand Master Ishmael, Chapter Master of the 5th Chapter, 1st Host during the Thramas Crusade Origins The Angels of Penance can trace their history back to the days of the Great Crusade and the 5th Chapter of the Dark Angels Legion. Following the principles of the Hexagrammaton, the Chapter was manned by Legionaries inducted into one of the six 'Wings' of specialist doctrines, giving it the flexibility to operate in a variety of theatres. Initially unremarkable with its compliance to this standard, it was during the Thramas Crusade that the 5th, by this point under the command of Grand Master Ishmael, began to diverge from its brothers. A native of Caliban, Ishmael was one of the many young aspirants claimed during the Lion's campaigns of subjugation against the other Knight Orders on the planet and raised up as an Astartes upon the Emperor's arrival. A choleric individual by nature, Ishmael was known to keep his own company during the rare periods of downtime, but in the heat of battle he could unleash a primal fury so fierce that many of his peers began to compare him to the old Beasts of Caliban. It wasn't long before this young Astartes caught the eye of the Terran Commanders of the old 'Storm Host', a void warfare specialist formation founded by the Emperor Himself during the Legion's inception, who saw value in channelling his rage in a useful manner. Demanding absolute focus and dedicated preparation in order to deliver a few moments of absolute brutality at key breach points, the 'Storm Host's' way of battle was the perfect fit for the 'Dark Child' of Caliban. By the outbreak of the Horus Heresy, Ishmael had successfully climbed to a senior position within the Legion as the 5th Chapter's Master. In addition, he also often served as the Field Commander of his 'Stormwing' brothers (as the Lion had renamed them) whenever the 1st Host required their void warfare expertise. Learning from experiences gained during earlier campaigns, such as the Third Rangdan Xenocide and the Pacification of Kelrecht, the Grand Master made efforts to co-operate with those members of his Chapter from the other Wing hosts in order to best support, and exploit, the efforts of his Stormwing Breachers. Such close co-operation would soon pay off as the I Legio were thrown into conflict with the Night Lords in the Thramas Crusade. In the 2 year engagement, and utilising the newly formed combined-arms tactics, Ishmael reaped a bloody toll upon the traitor Astartes. Cataphractii Terminator formations used their enhanced armour and shielding to support their Breacher brothers in boarding actions, jump pack equipped assault marines brought Stormwing close quarters tactics upon enemy fortifications on planets while Ravenwing and Firewing inducted initiates gave valuable intelligence to the 5th, while sowing seeds of disruption in the Night Lord ranks. Thanks to these efforts, Ishmael successfully made the case for implementing Terminator and Jump Pack assault formations within the Stormwing doctrine itself, enhancing the Host's capabilities in a wider range of theatres. With these changes, Ishmael's Chapter continued to serve admirably through the rest of the Horus Heresy, and up until the Fall of Caliban. Luther's betrayal and the loss of the Lion hit the 5th Chapter hard. The majority of the Chapter by this time were Caliban born, and the destruction of their planet in the wake of having to fight their own brothers left the Astartes lost and shaken to their core. Additionally, the failure of the I Legio to reach Terra in time further added to the sense of shame that was beginning to envelope the Sons of the First. Swearing grave oaths of vengeance, Ishmael rallied his brothers, stating that they will find redemption in the purging of their fallen cousins in the Scouring. Painting over their armour in Lightning Yellow, these Pentitant Angels vowed to be the Emperor's storm of fury against all those that had betrayed Him, knowing no forgiveness till all had been slain or brought to heel. Traditionally, it is this moment that the Chapter's Librarium records consider the Founding of the Chapter as its own entity. In the Post-Scouring era, the Chapter would suffer yet another blow to their honour, with the death of Grand Master Ishmael. It was at the Battle of Vigrid's Fall that the venerable Chapter Master faced off with an old rival from the Night Lords, Praetor Jago Terask of the "Fangs of the Father" warband. Challenging him in single combat, Ishmael fought with all the fury of the Lion, relentlessly raining blows upon his sworn foe. In the throes of righteous fury, the Grand Master unleashed a decapitating strike, but left himself open to Terask's counter. Impaled upon the lightning claws of the Son of the Night Haunter, Ishmael breathed his last, dying even as his Calibanite warsword sliced clean through the traitor's neck plate. His arms and armour would later be recovered and repaired, but the precious geneseed Ishmael carried in his chest was forever lost. In the aftermath of the Battle of Vigrid's Fall, the Chapter suffered nearly two company's worth of marines KIA, a devastating event that would start an unresolved blood-feud between the Angels of Penance and the Fangs of the Father that continues to this day. Since that fateful day, the Angels of Penance have continued to be at the forefront of conflicts against Heretic Astartes. It was they among the Unforgiven who first engaged in a shadow war against the Ur-Council during the Nova Terra Interregnum, fielding their 1st, 2nd and 10th Company assets in upmost secrecy to investigate rumours of a Fallen among the secessionists leadership. It was they who answered the summons of the High Lords during the Wrath of The Chaos Sun alongside the Grey Knights, Sisters of Battle and a dozen other Astartes Chapters. Fielded in full Chapter strength, the Angels of Penance aggressively struck out against the Daemon and the Heretic plaguing the Imperium's domain, a feat they repeated during the dread days of the 13th Crusade. Heavily depleted from the battles around the Cadia system, and the birth of the Great Rift, the Angels of Penance none the less joined their brothers from the Unforgiven in the landings on the Shrine World of Darkmor, contributing 200 marines and a small detachment of veterans from the 1st and 2nd companies. Lead into a trap, the strike force found itself cut off and surrounded by the forces of Chaos on the planet as Warp Storms erupted around them in the void. Fighting bitterly alongside their brothers, the Angels of Penance spent their lives buying time for elements from the Consecrators and the Angels of Vengeance to hunt down Cypher. Not a single marine from the Chapter's contribution returned, once against bringing the Chapter to the brink of being written off. In the aftermath of Darkmor, the Angels of Penance answered Azrael's summons, taking the risky journey to the Rock to participate in the largest summons of the Unforgiven since the Scouring. Already one of the most badly mauled Chapters from the Lion's geneline, Grand Master Khamael fully expected to be ordered to dissolve his forces and to have his brothers spread out among the other Successors badly wounded by the 13th Crusade. Not willing to accept that fate, the venerable Chapter Master had already resolved instead to lead his brothers in a defiant crusade against the heretics, unwilling to let Azrael and the other Grand Masters see the Sons of the Stormwing fade from the annals of history without a chance of final redemption. His penultimate sacrifice was not needed, however, as the arrival of the XIIIth Primarch Guilliman and Cawl's Primaris Marines brought the severely wounded members of the Unforgiven a reprieve. Alongside the Consecrators, the Guardians of the Covenant and the Angels of Vengeance, Grand Master Khamael passionately lent his voice in support of accepting these new Primaris Marines into their ranks, and pledged his entire Chapter to Guilliman's Indomitus Crusade. Replenished with fresh manpower, Khamael made no hesitation in mobilising against Abaddon's forces once more. Following the strategic objectives outlined by the Lord Regent and the Inner Circle's war council, the Chapter struck out at Heretic Astartes formations and Dark Mechanicus installations along the Cicatrix Maledictum. Forging bonds in the fires of these conflicts, the newly inducted Greyshields of the Chapter quickly integrated into the Chapter's unique methods of war. Infiltrator units operated as the Chapter's eyes and ears, pinpointing targets for Incursor and Assault Squad formations to strike. Aggressors worked alongside Breacher formations in siege and void warfare, contributing massive suppressive firepower to allow their shielded brethren to advance. Deploying from Thunderhawk strikecraft, or Repulsor transports, Hellblaster and Intercessor squads created mobile firebases, acting as anchor points for further aggressive advances and living up to the history of Combined Arms warfare espoused by the Chapter's first Grand Master. Satisfied with such progress, Khamael lent his voice to others in arguing for the Primaris Marine's induction into the 1st and 2nd Companies of the Unforgiven, particularly emphasising the usefulness of a dedicated light infantry force under the Ravenwing doctrine, using the Dark Angels' own relatively recent experience of utilising dismounted Ravenwing marines against Deathguard forces. Unknown to his fellow Masters and Grand Masters, however, Khamael had already placed the standing Vanguard force (nominally part of the 10th company) under the command of the Master of the Second, pre-empting Azrael's decree that Primaris be inducted into the Death and Ravenwing forces. Reorganised, reinforced and reinvigorated, the Angels of Penance continue to be the Lion's Wrath against the Fallen and the Traitor, their Orche armour the flash of lighting of the Emperor's Storm against all whom have betrayed His trust. Organisation Sergeant Rafael, 7th Squad 5th Company, assaulting a position, M38 The Angels of Penance are organised along the same general lines as the rest of the Unforgiven. The 3rd through 10th Companies remain organised broadly within the tenants of the Codex Astartes, but the Chapter continues to specialise in boarding actions and lightning assaults of fortified positions. Boarding shields continue to be routinely issued to Tactical Squads, and the veteran brothers within a given Company are often collated into ad-hoc formations functionally similar to the old Breacher Squads of the Legiones Astartes. Armed with the finest Combi-Weapons available, and equipped with Aegis-Shielding enhanced boarding shields, these Veteran units often form the initial thrust to an assault on enemy warships. When breaching skills are not called upon, or the battle is on a more open field, instead these ad-hoc veteran units are often granted jump packs and power weapons, bringing their close quarters methods of war right up to the enemy's line as quickly as possible. Master Boriel the Oathsworn of the 1st Company Similar to other Unforgiven Chapters, the Angels of Penance make use of Codex-Divergent formations in the 1st and 2nd Companies. All members of the 1st are inducted into the Chapter's Inner Circle, privy to the secrets of Luther's betrayal of the Lion. Following their preference for massed close in assaults, the Chapter goes to extreme lengths to obtain, and maintain, the use of Cataphractii pattern Terminator armour. Favouring the now almost obsolete model's superior shielding compared to Indomitus, the Angels appear to be successful in their endeavours, keeping their entire 1st Company equipped along this line. Within the 1st Company, the Angels of Penance also maintain a formation similar to the Deathwing Knights. Known as the Knights Cenobium, this formation appears to have its roots right back to the Great Crusade, and its membership is open only to the most skilled (and trust worthy) members of an already veteran Company. Lead by the "Master of the First", who continues to bear the arms and armour of the Chapter's founder as a badge of office, this Company brings the Lion's judgement upon all traitors of the Imperium. Members of the 1st are also frequently seconded to Battleline companies as Veteran Sergeants or Lieutenants, giving the other Masters a cadre of experienced and trustworthy officers to both lead, and monitor, those brethren uninitiated in the Chapter's deepest secrets. During such periods, these veterans may wear their Terminator Honours on their shoulder pad and bring their suits of Terminator Armour with them to the Company, so that any task force of the Angels of Penance will always have a small reserve of Inner Circle warriors to apprehend Fallen and Traitor Astartes without exposing the line brothers. The 2nd Company retains the reconnaissance elements of the old 5th Chapter of the 1st Legion. While the majority of the 2nd are equipped along the same lines as the rest of the Unforgiven, utilising Biker and Speeder formations, the Angels of Penance have also begun to induct select Vanguard units of Primaris marines into this Company. Following the same dogma as the old Firewing, these specialist squads operate behind enemy lines, assassinating commanders and disrupting communications, while providing an internal light infantry force capable of holding ground taken by their mounted brethren. Going right back to the days of Grand Master Ishmael, the Angels of Penance continue to display a willingness to utilise combined arms tactics, and diverge from the template of their brother-Chapters, in order to better execute a campaign of redemption upon the enemy. The elites of the 2nd Company, inducted into the Chapter's Inner Circle, are known as the Knights Penitum, and are armed in the same manner as the Ravenwing Knights of their forebearers. Homeworld and Recruitment As a fleet based Chapter, the Angels of Penance consider their Fortress Monestry to be the flagship of the fleet, the Battle Barge "Emperor's Storm". With Millenia of upgrades and retrofitting, the Emperor's Storm has almost reached Gloriana Class levels of size and firepower, capable of holding up to 500 marines and all respective equipment at a time. It also includes on-board forges, craft bays and the various headquarters of the Specialist Officers of the Reclusiarch, Librarium and the Apothecarium. Companies 3-9 each possess a single strike cruiser, while Companies 1 and 2 possess a more conventional Battle Barge and 2 Strike Cruisers each, due to their nature as a more scattered force. A further 5 Strike Cruisers remain as a strategic reserve, staffed by select members of the 3rd Company in their Master's role as Master of the Fleet, alongside dozens of smaller support destroyers and frigates manned by Chapter Serfs. This gives the Chapter a strong Void presence, fitting for the inheritors of the Stormwing doctrine. Recruitment and resupply comes from the Unforgiven's network of tithe worlds and scattered orbital and asteroid stations, official ownership of each rotated between the various Chapters to obscure Administratum records. The Angels of Penance additionally also engage in enforced tithing of suitable planets during campaigns should losses sustained be particularly high, earning the enmity of many other Imperial subjects as their young men and material are taken away at gunpoint by the Angels' Thunderhawk Gunships. Heraldry Company Veteran Sulla of the 6th Company, 2nd squad, M42 The Angels of Penance heraldry consists of Ochre yellow armour. The Chapter badge, Aquila and other details are black, in commemoration of their roots as members of the original 1st Legion. Marines that have served as part of ad-hoc veteran squads within the Battle line Companies are further entitled to paint the trim of their shoulder pads red, or display chequer patterns, another echo of their ancestral roots to the Great Crusade. Squad battlerole, squad number and company markings remain the same as other members of the Unforgiven. The 1st Company Heraldry is modified slightly, with the lower set of Cataphractii pauldrons always painted red to indicate veterancy, and the Helms left original Legion black. The 2nd Company reverses this, wearing all black armour, but leaving the helmet yellow. Again, veteran members of the 2nd can display red shoulder trim and/or chequering. Beliefs The Angels of Penance are, along with the Angels of Vengeance, among the most zealous members of the Unforgiven when it comes to the Hunt, deploying in large strength at the merest rumour of the presence of a Fallen. However, in addition to those wayward Calibanites who followed Luther, the Angels of Penance also seek to bring the Lion's judgement upon all other Traitor Astartes as well. Having operated on the front lines of their Primarch's campaigns against the Traitor Legion's home worlds during the Horus Heresy, and scarred by their failure to reach Terra in time to stop the Warmaster mortally wounding the Emperor, the Chapter believes that ultimate redemption is only possible when each and every Traitor Astartes has been destroyed or made to repent for their sins. This fierce quest for redemption has often lead to the Chapter becoming severely depleted, especially when coupled with the Angels' more forward and aggressive methods of battle. Fallen brothers captured by the Chapter are, as a matter of course, transferred to the Rock for imprisonment should the Chapter's own Interrogators prove unable to extract a confession, while other Traitors are held deep within stasis cells aboard the Chapter's Fortress Monestary, the Battle Barge "Emperor's Storm". Still bearing their grief and shame openly with their Cognomen, these Penitent Sons of Caliban also avoid contact with all outsiders, engaging in campaigns against their enemies without even so much as identifying themselves or their areas of operation to any save their fellow Unforgiven. Furthermore, their drive, along with the requirements of the Hunt, causes the Chapter to only rarely answer summons or requests for assistance against Xenos incursions, as they prefer to direct their efforts against the forces of Chaos and other Renegades - which isolates them even further from the rest of the Imperium. Even within the secret brotherhood that spans across the Successors of the 1st Legion, the Chapter uniquely keeps its own council, paying lip service to the wider Inner Circle and the Supreme Grand Master of the Dark Angels at best. The Angels of Vengeance appear to be the only other Successor that might be considered a close Ally, regularly deploying alongside their ochre painted brothers in crusades of Retribution. When it comes to their considerable mortal assistance, the Angels of Penance have a distant relationship with their Chapter Serfs. While not treating them as slaves, the Chapter is noted for behaving almost as if these individuals do not exist, barely recognising their existence. For their lot, the Serfs endeavour to ensure the Astartes needs are fulfilled without the Marines even needing to ask. Most interaction between mortal servants and the Chapter comes through the fleet, with Serf crew members taking orders from an Angels of Penance officer appointed as Ship Captain. In exchange for such thankless service, the Serfs are granted relatively generous living quarters, equipment and rations where they can be granted compared to many Astra Militarum regiments, and humbly accept these good graces with the same stoicism as their overlords. Alone, the Angels of Penance gladly march into the most thankless of battles, seeking no glory or plaudits, content merely in bringing themselves closer to forgiveness one Traitor at a time. Quotes "Do not take me for one of your serfs, Azrael. I answer this summons as a courtesy, brother, but I will not have my authority undermined by this Council. You may advise us of targets to consider, but it is I who will decide where our hammer blow lands!" Grand Master Khamael rebuking Supreme Grand Master Azrael "Brothers. It is said our greatest shame is the existence of the Fallen, those wayward brothers of ours who followed Luther into damnation and escaped our judgement. I disagree. Our greatest shame is failing to have destroyed all those who have spat upon their oaths to the Emperor in the Scouring, brother or otherwise, and this new age of darkness is testament that our penance is not yet complete." Master of the Reclusiarch Jehoel's sermon to the veterans of the 1st Company, prior to the ill fated assault on the "Blade of Night" M42
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