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  1. Discussion topic with regards to the Sons of Horus in the 2nd edition of the Horus Heresy system.
  2. Discussion topic with regards to the Blood Angels in the 2nd edition of the Horus Heresy system.
  3. Discussion topic with regards to the White Scars in the 2nd edition of the Horus Heresy system.
  4. Discussion topic with regards to the Emperor's Children in the 2nd edition of the Horus Heresy system.
  5. Discussion topic with regards to the Ultramarines in the 2nd edition of the Horus Heresy system.
  6. Discussion topic with regards to the Space Wolves in the 2nd edition of the Horus Heresy system.
  7. Discussion topic with regards to the Word Bearers in the 2nd edition of the Horus Heresy system.
  8. Discussion topic with regards to the Night Lords in the 2nd edition of the Horus Heresy system.
  9. Discussion topic with regards to the Raven Guard in the 2nd edition of the Horus Heresy system.
  10. Discussion topic with regards to the Alpha Legion in the 2nd edition of the Horus Heresy system.
  11. The recent FAQ changed some characters and the Buffs to Marshal Durak Rask inspired me to redo one of my favorite lists, Death Guard + Dark Angels. Thought i share what i came up with, since your feedback and ideas on here are always great, especially for my Death guard! Durak Rask now counts as a Siegebreaker and is a Master of the Legion, which allows us to play Creeping Death with just one character, instead of taking a Siegebreaker and a Praetor/Typhon. The List is a DG list at heart, so yes, i could play stuff like Cenobium or something, but thats not really the spirit of the list, so i tried to keep the DA part of the list as small as possible, they are mostly just there for the rite of war. For the Dark Angels decided on a Delegatus over a Praetor for the utility of "Rally the Legion" and took a retinue over Deathwing companions to have another line unit, their job will be to bully weaker power armor units like despoilers or assault marines off from objectives, will definitly try it the other way around though, for a unit with a bit more punch. The Interemptors will go in aggressively to put on pressure and will try to hurt some expensive elite units, if possible, but are not really expected to succeed, they are mostly there to be scary and take some attention, so no upgrades like phosphex boms or something. the Sicaran Omega is here to shoot at dreadnoughts in dangerous terrain to make use of the Eskaton RoW, but is flexible enough to shoot at anything really. For the Death Guard, Durak Rask will drive around with his Retinue and target other Deathstars, trying to use their combi melters + Rask's "Protocols of Destruction" to take out a big transport like a spartan/proteus. The rapiers and contemptor try to annoy anything that wants to get into meele and the Leviathan and multimelters are there for anti-tank, but are fine to shoot at anything, really. the apothecary will join the 20 man Tactical squad, obviously, and try to hold a midfield objective or something as long as possible, the other two tac squads are for backfield objective, even though the inductii can be a bit more agressive with their flamers and weird fnp. the scorpions are there to shoot at hss or anything that tries to sit back and shoot from a distance. That would be it, looking forward to what you have to say! ++ 1. Crusade Force Organisation Chart (LA - XIV: Death Guard) [2,310Pts] ++ + Expanded Army Lists + Expanded Army List Profiles:: Exemplary Units On, Legacy Units On + Allegiance: + Allegiance: Traitor XIV: Death Guard + Rite of War: + Rite of War: Creeping Death (DG) + HQ: + Marshal Durak Rask [695Pts]: Warlord . Command Squad, Cataphractii . . Cataphractii Chosen: Thunder Hammer . . . Magna Combi-Weapon: Magna Combi-Weapon - Meltagun . . Cataphractii Chosen: Lightning Claw . . . Magna Combi-Weapon: Magna Combi-Weapon - Meltagun . . Cataphractii Chosen: Thunder Hammer . . . Magna Combi-Weapon: Magna Combi-Weapon - Meltagun . . Cataphractii Chosen: Lightning Claw . . . Magna Combi-Weapon: Magna Combi-Weapon - Meltagun . . Cataphractii Standard Bearer w/Melee Weapon: Thunder Hammer . . Land Raider Proteus Carrier: Searchlights, Twin-linked Lascannon + Elites: + Apothecarion Detachment [45Pts] . Apothecary: Bolt Pistol, Power Armour . . Chainsword: Chainsword Contemptor Dreadnought Talon [195Pts] . Contemptor Dreadnought: Gravis Melta Cannon, Gravis Power Fist with in-built ranged weapon, Graviton Gun Rapier Battery [160Pts]: Phosphex Canister Shot (Rapier), Quad Launcher - Frag . Rapier Battery w/ Legion Upgrades . . Gunner: Bolt Pistol, Bolter . . Gunner: Bolt Pistol, Bolter . Rapier Battery w/ Legion Upgrades . . Gunner: Bolt Pistol, Bolter . . Gunner: Bolt Pistol, Bolter + Troops: + Tactical Squad [210Pts] . Legion Tactical Sergeant: Artificer Armour, Bolt Pistol, Bolter . 19x Legionaries (collective): 19x Bolt Pistol, 19x Bolter Tactical Squad [110Pts] . Legion Tactical Sergeant: Artificer Armour, Bolt Pistol, Bolter . 9x Legionaries (collective): 9x Bolt Pistol, 9x Bolter Tactical Squad (Inductii) [110Pts]: Inductii . Legion Tactical Sergeant: Bolt Pistol, Bolter, Power Armour . 7x Legionaries (collective): 7x Bolt Pistol, 7x Bolter . Legionary w/ Options:: Alchem Flamer, Bolt Pistol . Legionary w/ Options:: Alchem Flamer, Bolt Pistol + Heavy Support: + Heavy Support Squad [245Pts]: Multi-Melta . Legion Support Sergeant: Artificer Armour, Bolt Pistol, Toxin Bombs . 7x Legionaries (collective): 7x Bolt Pistol Leviathan Dreadnought Talon [310Pts] . Leviathan: Leviathan Storm Cannon, Leviathan Storm Cannon, Phosphex Discharger . . 2x Heavy Flamers Scorpius Squadon [230Pts]: Scorpius . Scorpius: Searchlights + Lords of War Have Moved to "Lords of War Detachment" + Lords of War Have Moved to "Lords of War Detachment" ++ 3. Allied Detachment (LA - I: Dark Angels) [690Pts] ++ + Allegiance: + Allegiance: Traitor I: Dark Angels + Rite of War: + Rite of War: The Eskaton Imperative (DA) + HQ: + Centurion, Tartaros [275Pts]: Dreadwing . Command Squad, Tartaros: Deathwing . . Tartaros Chosen: Combi-Bolter . . . Power Weapon: Power Sword . . Tartaros Chosen: Combi-Bolter . . . Power Weapon: Power Sword . . Tartaros Chosen: Combi-Bolter . . . Power Weapon: Power Sword . . Tartaros Standard Bearer w/Melee Weapon: Thunder Hammer . Delegatus: Grenade Harness, Terranic Greatsword . . Minor Combi-Weapon: Minor Combi-Weapon - Grenade Launcher . Delegatus + Troops: + Dreadwing Interemptor Squad [170Pts]: Artificer Armour, Interemptor Praefectus, 4x Interemptors . Rhino Transport + Heavy Support: + Sicaran Omega Squadron [245Pts]: Dreadwing . Sicaran Omega: 2x Lascannons, Heavy Bolter, Searchlights + Allied Detachment + Allied Detachment ++ Total: [3,000Pts] ++ Created with [url=https://battlescribe.net]BattleScribe[/url]
  12. Tactica thread for the Armies of the Omnissiah.
  13. Hi! Order of Lacyraemarta grant Incorruptible Flesh rule: "Any Hits allocated to a model with this special rule, or any model with the Infantry Unit Type in a unit they join, with the Rending (X), Poisoned (X) or Fleshbane special rules only affect that model on a D6 roll of a 6 instead of their usual effect." Fleshbane rule: "If a model has this special rule, or is attacking with a Melee weapon that has this special rule, they always Wound on a 2+ in close combat." So, if unit with 4S and fleshbane hit unit with 4T and Incorruptible Flesh rule, it wound only on 6 or 4+?
  14. Discussion topic with regards to the Salamanders in the 2nd edition of the Horus Heresy system.
  15. Discussion topic with regards to the Dark Angels in the 2nd edition of the Horus Heresy system.
  16. Discussion topic with regards to the Iron Warriors in the 2nd edition of the Horus Heresy system.
  17. Seeing as we are now a full-ish list in its own right i figured id kick off a Sisters of Silence tactica thread for second ed. I figured as an opener to briefly go over the units as a whole, that way when we look back we can all get a good laugh. HQ Jenetia Krole, Knight Abyssal, Knight Centura Presented in order of deadliness we have our beatstick HQ's, and what good beatsticks they are! Even on a relatively fragile mortal frame they can still reliably win challenges with the Ex-Oblivio rule against anything that isnt a Primarch and inflict serious harm on enemy units. Beware those return strikes though! Silent Judge The more ranged leaning HQ choice, she packs some serious (If generally short ranged) weaponry and can commonly deny enemy units reacting to her unit's shooting or charges. So my first instinct would see her as backfield support to shooting squads, especially the heavy support cadres where she offers some decent protection. Silent Fury A judgement HQ on a jetbike! She faces stiff competition from her peers but her speed is unmatched so if you need a character 18" away this is your choice. Plus decent firepower from the bike and pistol upgrades. This is really a fluffy/fun choice though. Questora Cadre The Slightly awkward update to the Excrutiatus cadre from 1st edition they are a retinue choice for Judgement characters, which in practice means Silent judges as Furies would be giving up the jetbike advantages. They have some decent firepower choices, OR can take some basic melee upgrades to take advantage of their better stats. They could see use as a flex counterattack unit but i think they will usually lose out on efficiency to the more specialised cadres. Raptora Cadre The new Oblivion character retinue the Raptora are a lot more focused as the peak melee unit of the faction. I would certainly take them over Oblivion knights every time as Oblivion characters are typically going to be getting into melee as soon as possible and staying there. They have a lot of pistol options so beware going too overboard! Elites Knight Vestal Covenant The Sisterhoods dual pistol wielding medics. For now awkward to add to squads unless you take only one or group said sqads together for the Vestals to join in turn one, possibly behind some Acquisitors. They have a few options and adding needle pistols for pinning could be fun but they are ripe to get sniped so beware spending on a full power weapon and archeotech pistols loadout! Oblivion Knight Cadre The Veteran versions of Vigilators, they suffer somewhat in comparison to Raptora cadres though they are more flexible in their loadouts and Lashes, Power axes or spears could see uses, so they arent just the option when you run out of potential Raptora slots! Eradicator Cadre The Veteran prosecutors, they come with the Vratine bolters but really their strength is in the combi weapon options and precision shots. The obvious choice is combi meltas out of a transport to delete tanks or elites but i think the minor combi weapons have appeal too, especially combi snare guns which let you stop an enemy unit in place as well as putting some bolter rounds up them. Troops Prosecutor Cadre Your bolter (probably) armed line troops, they do largely what their peer units do, albeit a bit more fragile. They have the option for dual pistols for cool points or assault needlers for enhanced firepower and pinning, though those arent cheap! Vigilator Cadre Alternatively you can take Vigilators for the troops/line slots wielding big old choppy swords instead. They now have a lot more pistol and sergeant options to boost your output, noone will expect 15 S5 hand flamers! (But dont do this :D ) Get them in a transport and they will still dish out significant damage whilst scoring too, Dedicated Transport Kharon pattern Acquisitor Formerly the best assault transport in the game, the Acquisitor is still a great transport, fast, harder to catch thanks to its Spectra distort shield and if upgraded with a multimelta, probably the most reliable Anti tank in the list. An essential choice for any melee unit and compelling for anyone else. Fast Attack Pursuer Cadre Pursuers again changed a bit with the update, losing their special weapons and swarm to get a broader variety of beasts and a free hand flamer upgrade potentially. You could probably spend a lot of time discussing the various beasts advantages, though including a Raptor to get shrouded is a solid choice. Essentially its a super fun mixed melee unit, that can have Cyber-crocs :D Firebrand Cadre The Special weapon unit they come by default with flamers, which are great against the right army, but this is the AoD so that army is super rare. Grenade launchers took a hit in the edition shift too but its still a lot of pinning hits potentially, worried light vehicles or psy shock. Snare guns are an option but im not sure how useful they are as a sole weapon, i suspect other cadres do this better. Subjugator Cadre Our jetbike unit they are obviously lightning fast at 18" (Which renders outflank a bit pointless) and come with snare cannons to stick deathstars in place and the option to upgrade to needle cannons for some poisoned pinning or adrathic destructors for somewhat risky blasting holes in things with death rays, the sergeant upgrades give a bit of melee punch but really stick to bullying vehicles, though note the lack of grenades on the unit for some reason. Termite Assault drill Unevenly available to all Imperial factions, the Termite pops out of the ground to drop off a squad and wave its heavy weapons around. Some more melta weapon goodness but a bit slower to get on target. Heavy Support Sanctioner Cadre Our sniper unit, really essential choice in 2nd Edition to pick off characters and dish out pins, they snipe! You have the option to upgrade to Vratine sniper rifles but this seems bad? 5pts to drop your damage but gain Psy shock, so great if you know you want to shoot psykers but they really arent a priority for Sisters unless allied. Great if you fight a lot of Ksons or Daemons! Expurgator Cadre Finally our heavy weapons unit, Judgement chamber so you will need a judge to field them and they do pair well together. They come stock with heavy flamers, which obviously benefit from a transport (And possibly compression tanks) and can switch for free to snare cannons which dish out significant snaring but are heavy and 18" range. They also have some pricy nut hefty guns in the form of vrantine missile launchers and adrathic destructors which operate a bit more like conventional devastators, just remember the range on the latter again. Relentless would make this cadre shine but its not on the table currently. So, initial thoughts? Im certainly keen to add the new units to my old army and try out the new toys.
  18. Discussion topic with regards to the Thousand Sons in the 2nd edition of the Horus Heresy system.
  19. I'm still fairly new to Warhammer 30k. I play regularly with the same group of friends since 1 Year. I play Sons of Horus, while he plays Blood Angels. My question or problem is that I always feel like I'm losing and only win games through lucky dice rolls. I feel like my units are much more expensive than his elite units in terms of points/performance. The only thing that works somewhat well are Terminators or Justaerin. But I can't just send Terminators onto the field, can I? I think that would be a bit boring. For example, a 10-man squad of Dawnbreakers with spears, Rent 5, and AP3 costs 275 points with a 2+ armor save. My alternative Reaver Aggressor Squad with Lightning claws costs 475 points with only a 3+ armor save. And the claws are only rending on a 3+ and AP3. So despite investing 200 more points, I lose the duel. Even a 5-man squad of Justaerin costs 275 points and loses against the 10 x Dawnbreaker with the same points. In addition, the Dawnbreakers have jump packs and can simply choose their fights. Example 2: Angel Tears with assault cannons. 10 men cost 390 points. The only thing I could shoot against them, other than a squad of 7 Justaerin, would be veterans, but they are much more expensive to have the same firepower, and would probably not survive the reaction when they enter close combat. My problem is also that he has Jump Packs on almost all of his units and can therefore choose his fights, while I can't get close to him. Of course, he doesn't run his Angels Tears into my Justaerin, but rather shoots down my Marines/Dispoilers/Reavers. I already load everything into Rhinos or drop them, but that doesn't help because Rhinos are often shot down, for example, by the 40 shots from the assault cannons, or when dropping, the interception reaction kills a large part of my army that is not Justaerin. He also has a squad of Crimson Paladins with Raldoron running around where I need my Abaddon Squad. We play 2.6k points, and usually it goes like this: Raldoron Squad>Abaddon Squad with Justaerin; Angels Tears>everything except Justaerin; Dawnbreaker>everything except Justaerin. Any ideas on what I can do as Sons of Horus against Angels Tears and Dawnbreaker with Jetpacks? Thanks and regards
  20. Asking for feedback for my emperors children. Just playing Maru skara for the extra movement The Champion will go with the palatines to hunt down some impoetant targets and the Master of Signals will chill with the kakophoni to buff their shooting and transfer their leadership. The apothecary will help out the kakophoni to stay alive. Kinda feel like that List might be too elite and i dont play enough modells ++ Crusade Force Organisation Chart (LA - III: Emperor's Children) [2,497Pts] ++ + Expanded Army Lists + Expanded Army List Profiles:: Exemplary Units On, Legacy Units On + Allegiance: + III: Emperor's Children Allegiance: Traitor + Rite of War: + Rite of War: The Maru Skara (EC) + HQ: + Captain Lucius [835Pts]: Close combat weapon, Sonic Shriekers . Phoenix Terminator Squad: Phoenix Terminator Standard Bearer, 4x Phoenix Terminators . . Land Raider Spartan . . . Land Raider Spartan: 2x Lascannon Array, Flare Shield, Hull (Front) Mounted Twin-linked Heavy Bolter Centurion [135Pts] . Champion: Artificer Armour, Sonic Shriekers, Warhawk Jump Pack . . Bolt Pistol . . Chainsword: Chainsword . Champion Centurion [95Pts]: The Broken Mirror (Traitor only), Warlord . Master of Signals: Artificer Armour . . Bolt Pistol . . Chainsword: Chainsword . Master of Signals + Elites: + Apothecarion Detachment [45Pts] . Apothecary: Bolt Pistol, Power Armour . . Chainsword: Chainsword Contemptor Dreadnought Talon [195Pts] . Contemptor Dreadnought: Gravis Melta Cannon, Gravis Power Fist with in-built ranged weapon, Meltagun Palatine Blade Aquilae Squad [220Pts]: 4x Palatine Warrior, 4x Power Axe . Palatine Prefector: Bolt Pistol, Phoenix Power Spear + Troops: + Despoiler Squad [132Pts] . Legion Despoiler Sergeant: Artificer Armour, Bolt Pistol . . Power Weapon: Phoenix Power Spear . 9x Despoilers (collective): 9x Bolt Pistol, 9x Chainsword . Despoiler w/ Options: Bolt Pistol, Heavy Chainsword Tactical Squad [100Pts] . Legion Tactical Sergeant: Bolt Pistol, Bolter, Power Armour . 9x Legionaries (collective): 9x Bolt Pistol, 9x Bolter Tactical Squad [100Pts] . Legion Tactical Sergeant: Bolt Pistol, Bolter, Power Armour . 9x Legionaries (collective): 9x Bolt Pistol, 9x Bolter Tactical Support Squad [170Pts]: Plasma Gun . Legion Tactical Support Sergeant: Bolt Pistol, Power Armour . 4x Legionaries (collective): 4x Bolt Pistol . Rhino Transport + Heavy Support: + Kakophoni Squad [285Pts]: Artificer Armour, 9x Chora, Orchestrator Sun Killer Squad [185Pts]: 4x Lascannon, 4x Sun Killer . Novaetor: Chainsword, Lascannon ++ Total: [2,497Pts] ++ Created with BattleScribe
  21. I decided to start a new thread to help motivate myself into working on this little project. The idea was to build an infantry-focused army, using the Pride of the Legion rite of war, of Ultramarines. The army is being made with custom bits to make them A) look more romanized, and B) make them more true-scale. As a result, the average height puts their eyeline roughly the same, to +2mm higher than a standard Primaris Intercessor, for an idea on scale. The project will consist of the following army list as a roadmap for what i'm going to make. after it's built, ill probably add more content to give me options to vary up the list as time goes on. The paint scheme i'm following is based off the trailer with the ultramarines cataphractii terminators fighting the word bearers. i really liked the strip of white armour plate around the leg, so i wanted to recreate that over as much of the army as possible, since its not something you associate with the 40k version of the army's paint scheme. I also really liked this romanized artwork as well, which inspired me to go ahead with the project to start with: below are the test models i've finished for each of the units: Legion Tactical squad member: Legion Veteran squad member: Locutarus Storm squad member: Nemesis Destroyer squad member:
  22. Hey you guys, little rules question, does Phosphex stack? When i say phosphex, i really mean the special rule "lingering death". It reads: "When a Blast weapon with this rule is used, after the attack is resolved leave the blast marker in play for the rest of the game and mark it with a counter of some kind. This area is now treated as dangerous terrain for all models with a toughness value" (Warhammer: The Horus Heresy - Age of Darkness Rulebook p242) Lets say Rapier quad mortars with phosphex canister shots shoot at the same target multiple times and they leave 5 marks of lingering death in the same spot. Since the marker turns the area into dangerous terrain it doesnt really matter how many markers their are in one place, you always have to take just one dangerous terrain test, right? Or do they each count as their own piece of terrain and you had to take 5 individual dangerous terrain tests if you would step into that? Thanks for your help guys!
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