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  1. THE IRON TENTH The Iron Tenth is a Third Founding chapter created from Iron Hands stock, whose original high command was all ancient veterans from before the fall of the Emperor with three of them (including the Chapter-Master Xenofon DuPree) being part of the Legion from even before the finding of Ferrus Manus. Realising that the newly Chapter needed to differ themselves from their predecessor and make its own identity DuPree decided to forsake the Clan-Company structure of the Iron Hands and instead embrace the organization of the Codex Astartes, it was also decided that the newly created Chapter should take up some of the traditions of the Tenth Legion that had been laid by the side during Manus leadership. Gifted the Feral World of Megaera Secundus as a home and recruitment world the newly christened Iron Tenth Chapter begun to carve its own path. Eight millennial later and the Iron Tenth have truly carved their own path, even if their gene-ancestry is obvious for all to see with their tendency to quickly replace flesh for cybernetics and distain for weakness. Compared to their precursor so are they less remorseless in their interaction their allies and more mindful of their cost, even if they are just as harsh in punishment as the Iron Hands if their allies show themselves not doing their duties, including following orders. Colours Their Chapter symbol diagonally divided from upper left to lower right, with the right side blue and the left side white, with an iron symbol in white on the blue side and an Attic 10 (a triangle) in black on the white side. The upper torso armour, shoulder pads, arms and left gauntlet of their armour are black, the rest of their armour is dark iron-grey, beside Company markings. They follow the codex standard with their Company, rank and role markings, with the Company colours being shown on the left knee and on the pauldron trim. The unique role of Presveftis (see ‘Organization and tactics’) is marked by a blue helmets and a blue, vertical line on their backpack. Organization and tactics The Iron Tenth is a Codex chapter in organization and overall tactics, even if they have a larger motor pool than most other Chapter and the high amount of techmarines needed to service it. While fully trained in all the ways of war that you can find in the Codex are their most favoured tactic is ‘the Hammer and the Storm’ that their precursor Legion developed during the Great Crusade. The tactic involves forcefully taking an area in enemy territory, and then go into defensive position around the area so the enemy has to come to them and when a large enough enemy force have gathered to retake the area the rest of the Chapter present swop in from the side or the sky with fast attacks and heavy artillery – more than ones have heavy artillery been placed in the defended area, called an ‘iron triangle’ by the Chapter, but not used in the defence until the enemy are in high enough numbers. The Iron Tenth have used this tactic both with their own forces as the bait but also other Imperial forces have had the honour to be trusted with this role. Mostly Astra Militarum Regiments, but only members from Regiments known for the iron discipline needed for it. It’s possible that this use of allied forces and the need to interact with them in ways that the sons of Manus find hard that has made the Chapter create the non-codex role of Presveftis: a battle-brother who is trained in interacting and understanding humans not gifted with the Emperor’s gene-seed, and whose implants are of a less obvious, or at least more pleasing, appearance. The Chapter have been noted to have a focus with the number ten. They often do things in groups of ten, and seldom send squads with less than ten battle-brothers on missions if they can. Enemies and allies There is a light mistrust against the Chapter from the Mechanicus, which seem strange since the Iron Tenth is just as mechanized and following in the orthodoxies of the Mechanicum as their fellow sons of Manus. It is believed that this distrust comes from that the Chapter has many times worked together with the Ordo Machinum of the Inquisition in rooting out and fighting heretical behaviour in the Mechanicus and Magi that greedy keep useful designs and technology for themselves instead of giving it to the rest of the Imperium. They have even helped apprehend a fabricator-general. While this distrust from Mars would make many Chapters lose the inflow of technology and wargear from the Forge Worlds that supply them as a thinly veiled punishment so have this not happened to the Iron Tenth, likely because the Chapter is nearly self-sufficient when it comes to manufacturing Astarte pattern wargear and standard STC:s. It’s also possible that something more heretical is happening with the nearby Mechanicus stations (most notable the station that hangs in the upper layers of the gas giant Megaera Quartus mining and refining the planets gases) being more loyal to the Chapter than to Mars. This distrust from the Mechanicus may be the reason why the Chapter seemingly have problem repairing their now ramshackle fleet. * They have a history of working well with Imperial Forces that share their iron discipline – like the Mordian Iron Guard, the Death Korps of Krieg, the Teutons Regiment, and the Crimson Guard Venatorii of Lathe. * Will not work with the Storm Wardens Chapter since the Tenth have found the Wardens willfulness and unwillingness to stay put when a challenge appeared made them unable to work together. * They have a seemingly a preference to not work with Chapters that don’t have ten Companies - like the Space Wolves, Sons of Medusa, Salamanders, and Iron Snakes – if possible. But this idiosyncrasy don’t seems to prevent them from actually work with those Chapter if needed. originally posted here: Gaming - In a grim dark far future there is only war - A thread for Warhammer 40k | Page 9 | Jedi Council Forums (theforce.net)
  2. Hi. I once started a thread for my homebrew chapter to develop ideas for it. Unfortunately I cannot find that thread anymore. In addition, I felt I had taken a different lore direction with my Chapter since my first attempts, hence this reboot. EDIT 6/14/2020 :Here's the second draft, and the first fleshed out IA article. Comments and criticism is appreciated. http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/sm/bpe=0c105e&bpj=0c105e&bp=0c105e&bpc=0c105e&hdt=0c105e&hdm=0c105e&hdl=0c105e&ey=FC1414&er=A8A2A2&pi=877878&nk=A8A2A2&ch=A8A2A2&eg=A8A2A2&sk=A8A2A2&abs=A8A2A2&bt=A8A2A2&cod=A8A2A2&ull=A8A2A2&lk=968787&lll=A8A2A2&lft=A8A2A2&url=A8A2A2&rk=B01010&lrl=A8A2A2&rft=A8A2A2&slt=0c105e&sli=0C105E&srt=0c105e&sri=1A116B&ula=A8A2A2&lel=A8A2A2&lla=A8A2A2&lw=A8A2A2&lh=A8A2A2&ura=A8A2A2&rel=A8A2A2&rla=A8A2A2&rw=A8A2A2&rh=A8A2A2&bg=FFFFFF&rb=6B5F5F&gr=FFFFFF&wg=true&aq=true&mk7=333333&imperialfistpad=true&ti=FFFFFF&lkg1=FFFFFF&blt=9C1111&/spacemarine.jpg Overview Far in the edges of the Eastern Fringes, the Argent Fists stand against the encroaching darkness. The gene-sons of Rogal Dorn, they’re known for their massed Devastator squads and destructive fusillades of firepower. Stoic and defensive-minded, they hold a lonely vigil over their home sector. Many of the early records of the Argent Fists have been lost to the mists of time. However, they seem to have been a chapter of the Third Founding. Initially they were created to patrol the Odoacer Marches, a far-flung region of space on the Imperium’s northeastern frontier. The Marches are a remote region, bordered by Ork empires and pirate enclaves. Two-thirds of the worlds in the sector are classified as either feral or feudal worlds. It is not unknown for the sector to go for decades or even centuries without contact from the wider Imperium. The gene-line of Rogal Dorn was selected for the new chapter and so the Argent Fists were created. They eagerly embarked on their new crusade, proud and bellicose. Some scholars theorize as a young chapter, they were especially eager to prove their worth as inheritors of Dorn. It was that headstrong attitude that almost lead to the Chapter’s ruin. Records are fragmented, but it appears that two centuries after their founding, the young chapter almost faced utter annihilation. While on crusade in the sector, the Argent Fists suffered a disastrous defeat at the hands of the World Eaters Traitor Legion. Records are fragmented, but sources claim that the Chapter launched a reckless and ill-advised attack out of misplaced hubris. The Chapter Master and three-quarters of the Argent Fists were slain in the battle. From then on, the Argent Fists would refer to that conflict as the ‘’The Calamity,’’. As the legend goes, the Argent Fists blamed their own arrogance and recklessness. They vowed to survive and rebuild into a force worthy of the Emperor and Dorn. The survivors regrouped, taking a new homeworld to rebuild. According the Chapter legend, a vision of Dorn appeared to the survivors, guiding the battle brothers to the world of Lohengrin. How much of that account is unknown, but the Argent Fists hold it to be true. In the decades to come, the Argent Fists reappeared in the Administratum’s records. The proud and reckless young Chapter was gone. Instead the Argent Fists earned a reputation as careful and methodical planners who defeated their foes with concentrated firepower and skilled marksmanship. According to historical accounts, the Argent Fists eventually drove out the forces of Chaos from their territory and established themselves as the chief protectors of the Odoacer Marches. Since then, the Chapter has stood as a bulwark against the forces of the alien and the heretic. While practically obscure outside of their home sector, the Argent Fists care not. In a way they prefer it. Due to their distant and isolated location, the Argent Fists often go without attention from the wider Imperium. This has bred a sense of independence and self-reliance in the chapter. With the creation of the Great Rift and the destruction of Cadia, the Argent Fists found themselves embattled against heretics and traitors on several fronts. Due to their distant location, it was difficult to supply them. As such only a limited quanity of Primaris Marines were delivered to the Argent Fists by the Adeptus Custodes. Currently the Chapter has perhaps fifty Primaris Astartes in the chapter. As of late, the Chapter has found itself pressed by rising threats. Across the sector, the local Ork empires have been rising in activity. At the same time, a large warband of the Night Lords Traitor Legion has been spotted raiding several worlds. With stoic determination worthy of Rogal Dorn, the Argent Fists grimly prepare to respond to these encroachments. Homeworld Lohengrin is a storm-wracked and mountainous feudal world located in the depths of the Odoacer Marches. Initially the planet had suffered under the lash of Dark Eldar pirates, but the resurgent Argent Fists drove out the xenos and claimed the world as their new homeworld. Typical of many worlds in the region, Lohengrin hosts a primitive populace, divided into feuding warrior clans and kingdoms. The people of the world proved to be excellent Astartes recruits, robust and courageous.The people of Lohengrin are deliberately kept in a primitive state, the better to ensure quality recruits for the Argent Fists. The people of Lohengrin worship the Emperor as the Divine Progenitor, the great ancestor who created the world and watches over the people. For the feudal warriors of the world, having a clan member enter the ranks of the Argent Fists is the ultimate honor. The Fortress-Monastery of the Argent Fists is called Solitude, a city-sized bastion of ceramite and adamantium built deep into the tectonic crust of the Lohengrin. Every twenty years, the Chaplains and Apothecaries journey to each of the kingdoms and clans of the planet, selecting prospective recruits. Under the watchful eye of the Fists, these youths undergo a variety of combat trials and gladiatorial games. The best of the planet’s youth are then taken to Solitude for the rites that will transform them into Astartes. Combat Doctrine While the Argent Fists are trained for all forms of warfare, they have their own particular martial doctrines. Like the Imperial Fists, they place emphasis on marksmanship and heavy weaponry. Unlike their progenitors, they do not strictly adhere to the Codex Astartes. Instead they view it as a useful military treatise, preferring to follow their own chapter traditions first and foremost. Following the events of The Calamity, the Argent Fists reorganized themselves. The Chapter’s doctrines placed particular emphasis on the importance of careful planning and massed firepower. Devastators, Sternguard and Thunderfire cannons all hold central importance in Argent Fist battle doctrines. While the Chapter’s forces do conduct close-quarter assaults, this is only done when tactically expedient. Combat operations are carefully planned to the smallest detail. Some detractors have accused the Chapter of being too cautious and hesitant, of borderline cowardice. However, the Argent Fists care not. Their methods have served them well and they continue to follow their own path. Organization The Chapter broadly follows the basic structure of the Codex Astartes, with ten companies totaling a thousand warriors. However, alterations have been made to company structure and training in order to suit their martial traditions. The Battle Companies of the Chapter has an extra Devastator squad in place of an Assault squad. In other words, each Battle Company has three Devastator squads. The composition of the First Company is also lopsided in favor of the Sternguard. Beliefs The Calamity shaped the Chapter’s psyche forever. In the aftermath, the lords of the Chapter vowed to never repeat the same hubris that almost destroyed the nascent Argent Fists. The Chapter Cult emphasizes caution and icy rationality over reckless zealotry and aggression. The Chapter still holds a special hatred for the servants of Khorne. Unlike other descendants of Dorn, the Argent Fists aren’t a crusading chapter. Instead they view themselves as watchmen and sentinels. Much of that view coincided with acquiring Lohengrin as a homeworld. As a result of standing a long vigil, the brethren of the Argent Fists have acquired a reputation of being cautious and aloof. They have generally have little interest in the affairs of the larger Imperium, save for how it directly affects their territory. The world of Lohengrin and its people has shaped the Chapter in turn, as generation after generation was inducted to the Argent Fists. Lohengrin traditions and quirks became part of Chapter culture. The practices of animistic ancestor worship practiced by the local people has meshed well with the Chapter Cult. Chapter artificers carefully inscribe the names of the honored dead into the wargear of the battle brothers, believing that the spirits of past heroes aid the living. The masochistic tendencies of Dorn’s gene-line has been influenced by their homeworld as well. Instead of the Pain Glove, the Argent Fists utilize their own methods of self-flagellation and extreme privation as a form of self-discipline. It is a Chapter custom for a penitent battle brother to journey alone and unarmed into the polar wastes of Lohengrin in order to become closer to his ancestors and contemplate his duties. Gene-Seed The Chapter is of the Imperial Fist gene-line with no known mutations or irregularities. Battlecry ‘’Unyielding and Unbroken"
  3. Chapter Name: Golden Eagles Founding Legion: Imperial Fists Founding: Third Founding Homeworld: Fleet-Based Fortress-Monastery: Chrysaetos (Battle-Barge) Chapter Master: Cylach Videv Specialty: Siegecraft and Bolter Drills Colours: Gold with Copper Trim Warcry: "For Dorn and The Emperor! Vengeance comes on the Wings of Eagles!" Overview The Golden Eagles are a Loyalist Space Marine Chapter, descended from the gene-seed stock of the Imperial Fists. They were part of the Third Founding which occurred in the first year of the 32nd Millenium. Born during the same time as fellow successor chapter, the Executioners, the Golden Eagles have always shared a close bond with their brother chapter, a bond that was shaken during the events of the Badab War in M41 when they sided with the Astral Claws, Mantis Warriors, and Lamenters chapters that were under the thrall of Luft Huron, the Tyrant of Badab. History During the first year of the 32nd Millenium, the High Lords of Terra had decreed a new founding of Space Marine Chapters were to take place. This was still fresh on the heels of the Horus Heresey and the Great Scouring, which had occurred in the previous millennium. While it can be disputed that the High Lords of Terra had believed to create chapters of a ruthless and brutal nature such as the Flesh Tearers from the Second Founding, and the Executioners, which were created during this founding, the Golden Eagles were created with a more level-headed approach in contrast. Their first Chapter Master and Patriarch was an Imperial Fists captain by the name of Praetin Strorion, a honoured and decorated member of the Chapter who had been present during the Great Scouring amongst the time Rogal Dorn himself still walked and waged battle alongside his sons. He strove to be like his gene-father and when it was time to form the chapter, he took up the mantle and answered the call without question or hesitation. In tribute to the primarch, he chose the chapter colours to reflect that of the colours of Rogal Dorn’s Auric Armour, gold and copper to honour and remember their primarch. During the chapter’s founding, several artisans had travelled to Rogal’s homeworld on Inwit, and learned the secrets of forging the Storm’s Teeth, Rogal’s legendary Chainblade, but scaled it down to be able to be wielded by an Astartes. Stormchild, as it would be later known would serve as a mark of the Chapter Master, which has been wielded by each one since Praetin Strorion to its current Chapter Master, Cylach Videv. The chapter was put to its first major campaign during the War of the Beast at the end of M32. While half of the chapter was deployed at various regions of the galaxy, they were able to mobilize the remaining half of their chapter to the defense of Holy Terra from the Ork onslaught by the Warboss only known as The Beast. In the aftermath of the War of the Beast, the chapter committed an entire battle company plus all of their newest scout recruits to help the Imperial Fists chapter rebuild as part of the Last Wall protocol. As the 41st Millenium now draws to a close, the Golden Eagles chapter is now facing conflicts and battles on an ever increasing scale and frequency. Most recently in the form of a Chaos Warband known only as the Black Sun Apostles, who dared to raid one of their chapter keeps and made off with one of their most sacred relics, the Fist of Strorion, the skeletal hand of the first Chapter Master and Founder of the Golden Eagles. They are relentless now in the pursuit and recovery of this relic from the Chaos Warband, investigating every lead that comes up that will bring them closer to vengeance and redemption in the eyes of their forbearers. Now in the year 999.M41, the Golden Eagles have tracked down the Black Sun Apostles and the Fist of Strorion to the Death World of Crepuscius. The Heretic Astartes have bunkered themselves in to bide their time to begin a ritual involving the relic that was stolen from the Chapter. At the same time, a force of Necrons led by Trazyn the Infinite himself have arrived on Crepuscius as well, the Archaeovist of Solomnace having his eyes set on the Fist of Strorion himself, wanting it to add to his collection. This distraction of Xenos invaders might bring the distraction the Golden Eagles need to smash the stronghold of the Black Sun Apostles and reclaim their relic before it is too late. Notable Engagements M32 The War of the Beast – The Golden Eagles commit half of their chapter to the defense of the imperium during the Ork invasion by the Warboss known only as The Beast. The other half of the chapter was already engaged in battles around the imperium already. They were part of the Last Wall protocol that was enacted by their parent chapter, the Imperial Fists when that chapter’s numbers had been decimated by the War of the Beast. M34 The First Bassus Crusade – The Golden Eagles fleet takes part in the campaign to retake the planets of the Bassus sector. Their siege operations succeed in breaking several battle lines to help the imperium reclaim the sector. M35 The Purge of Wandering Damnation – The Golden Eagles are called to deal with a Space Hulk that has appeared in realspace. After 7 straight days of clearing the hulk of mutants and cultists they discover the critical power systems. After setting melta charges, the detonations cause a chain reaction which causes the space hulk to splinter into massive fragments. The Chapter fleet then destroys the rest of the fragments with a combination of their fleet’s bombardment cannons and cyclonic torpedos. M36 The Second Bassus Crusade – Chaos Cultists had risen up in the Bassus sector, overtaking several worlds as they laid claim to the sector in the name of the Chaos Gods. Calls for help go mostly unheard due to the current reign of High Lord Goge Vandire. The Golden Eagles however do receive the call for aid and the entirety of the Golden Armada arrives at the Bassus sector to begin their siege to retake the sector for the second time. M37 The Filpus Reclamation – The chapter answers a request for aid from a Adeptus Mechanicus exploratory fleet when they find the worlds of the Filpus sub-sector overrun with an insectoid Xenos race. As the purging of the worlds commences, the chapter comes across an untainted STC Template. The Mechanicus claims the STC and as thanks rewards the chapter with a brand new Battle Barge, which they name the Ankhaarus. M39 The Third Bassus Crusade – The Golden Eagles return to the Bassus Sector as the worlds are now overrun with Ork warbands. The Chapter deploys via massive Drop Pod insertions and slaughter countless millions of the greenskins. During this campaign, then Chapter Master Maelus Pherec succeeds in personally slaying 3 different Ork Warbosses. M41 The Crimson Ruination Campaign (950.M41) – The Golden Eagles set their most ambitious campaign, this time against the Red Corsairs renegades. This was planned in retaliation for their manipulation of their brother chapter, the Executioners during the Badab War, 40 years earlier. Working in tandem with the Imperial Navy the chapter set about to ambush an outlying Red Corsairs stronghold, a captured Ramilies-Class Starfort, that had been renamed the Port Red. Using a nearby nebula to mask their ships, the chapter fleet has the element of surprise as they engage the Star Fort and its defense fleet. The surprise raid catches the Red Corsairs off-guard, never expecting their own tactics to be used against them. In a matter of hours the Star Fort is destroyed with a message to the Red Corsairs that their treachery will never be forgotten or forgiven. The 13th Black Crusade (999.M41) – The Golden Eagles send 3 Battle companies to aid the Cadian System to repel Abbadon the Despoiler’s 13th Black Crusade. Their sieges break the chaos forces battle lines in several spots to hold the planet. When Abbadon hurls fragments of the Blackstone Fortresses into Cadia, the upheaval of the planet by the impacts causes massive casualties as the Chapter has lost more than two-thirds the battle-brothers they had sent in to aid. The Strorion Reclamation Campaign (999.M41 – Present) – A Raid made by the Chaos Warband the Black Sun Apostles on one of the Golden Eagles’ Chapter Keeps has seen the theft of not only weapons, slaves, and gene-seed, but one of their most prized relics, the Fist of Strorion, was stolen as well. The theft of the skeletal hand of their first Chapter Master is a devastating blow to the chapter but has now renewed their resolve to hunt down the heretic astartes and reclaim that which was taken from them. The Indomnitus Crusade (999.M41 – Present) – After the fall of Cadia, the Chapter receives word that the Primarch, Roboute Guilliman has been resurrected. With the Primarch’s resurrection the chapter is reinforced with new Primaris Space Marines. The chapter gets to work as being part of the spearhead for the new Indomnitus Crusade. Recruitment The Golden Eagles recruit from several worlds, primarily from Hive Worlds, Feral Worlds, and Feudal Worlds. Like their parent chapter, they will sometimes aid Hive World governments with clearing out Hive Slums to seek out potential recruits to serve as aspirants. These aspirants will be subject to rigorous trials, testing their skill, resolve, strength, pain endurance, psychic sensitivity, and killer instinct. Those who would survive these trials will become Neophytes and begin the first stages of organ implantation. Chapter Organization The Golden Eagles are a standard Codex-Adherent Chapter, with the standard 1,000 Battle-Brother Strength of the Chapter. These 1,000 are split into 10 battle companies of 100. They also have fully staffed support in the roles of Librarians, Chaplains, Techmarines, Apothecaries, Serfs and Servitors. Homeworld The Golden Eagles Chapter does not have a chapter homeworld, as they are a Fleet-Based chapter and have seen time and again how crippled other chapters have been if their homeworlds are ravaged by Xenos and Traitor attacks. Their fleet consists of 3 Battle Barges, 9 Stike Cruisers, several squadrons of Vanguard, Nova, and Gladius Frigates, along with various support craft numbering 101 ships, which have been dubbed the “Golden Armada”. Chapter Fleet, the "Golden Armada" Chrysaetos (Battle-Barge/Flagship/Fortress-Monastery) Lacrymosa (Battle Barge) Ankhaarus (Battle Barge) Spear of Dorn (Strike Cruiser) Tears of Terra (Strike Cruiser) Light of Vigilance (Strike Cruiser) Rogal’s Righteousness (Strike Cruiser) Sword of the Zealot (Strike Cruiser) Eagle’s Talon (Strike Cruiser) Wings of Vengeance (Strike Cruiser) Spirit of Inwit (Strike Cruiser) Auric Invictus (Strike Cruiser) Combat Doctrine The Golden Eagles chapter utilizes siege assaults. Usually they will unleash volleys of fire from Whirlwind Tanks and Thunderfire Cannons. During these barrages, the chapter’s Vindicator Tanks will move up to unleash their salvos from their Demolisher Cannons to break the enemy battle lines and fortifications. As they break, armoured transports of Rhinos and Razorbacks will roll in with squads of battle-brothers along with squads of bikes to move in and finish off any survivors who haven’t surrendered. Chapter Beliefs The Chapter holds their Primarch, Rogal Dorn in higher regards than many other chapters that descended from the Imperial Fists. They strive on almost the same level as the Imperial Fists themselves to emulate the best traits of Rogal Dorn: his vigilance and his unyielding will, are amongst the most frequently seen by the chapter that they strive to show from their brothers. Their view of the Codex Astartes, laid out by primarch Roboute Guilliman, is one of spiritual guidelines rather that absolute law. They believe the benefits of critical thinking and taking initiative to solve problems that the codex didn’t present solutions to. This allowed for more flexible battle companies, able to overwhelm the enemies of the God-Emperor with effective results, which have strained relations with the Space Marine chapters of the Ultramarines and their successors. They have retorted such criticism with the fact that as gifted as Guilliman was with tactics, that there were enemies and tactics that even he had not encountered in his life, citing the Tyranids and Necrons as prime examples. Gene-Seed The Chapter’s Gene-Seed derives from the Imperial Fists, and as such they do have all the gene-seed implants save for two: The Betcher’s Gland and the Sus-an Membrane. Their Gene-Seed has also retained its purity and has seen no changes or mutations since their founding as well. Notable Golden Eagles Chapter Master Praetin Strorion – Founder and first Chapter Master of the Golden Eagles. Chapter Master Maelus Pherec – Chapter Master during the Third Bassus Crusade, known for killing 3 Ork Warbosses single-handedly with Stormchild and Eagle’s Talon. Chapter Master Cylach Videv – Current Chapter Master, current wielder of the Stormchild and Eagle’s Talon. Chief Librarain Xevaan Haris – Current Chief Librarian Master Sephardon Par – Current Master of Sanctity Master Lynoch Kelis – Current Master of the Forge Master Boreadis Ticles – Current Chief Apothecary Chapter Relics Fist of Strorion: The skeletal hand of the first Chapter Master of the Golden Eagles, Praetin Strorion. Kept preserved in an amber case much like the hand of their Primach, Rogal Dorn on board the Imperial Fists Fortress-Monastery, the Phalanx. Every Chapter Master following Praetin has engraved their name on the bones of the hand, a custom carried over from their founding chapter. Eagle’s Talon: A Master-Crafted Boltgun wielded by the Chapter Master. Said to have been bestowed to the chapter upon their founding. The weapon, along with each Bolter shell that will be fired is consecrated and blessed by both a Chaplain and Techmarine before battle. Stormchild: A relic chainblade said to have been made in the image of Storm’s Teeth, the legendary chainblade wielded by Rogal Dorn. This blade is reserved only to be wielded by the Chapter Master and is carefully and meticulously maintained by the chapter’s Techmarines. Chapter Appearance The chapter’s colours are Gold with Copper Trim, as an homage to the Auric Armour that was worn by Rogal Dorn. Cylach Videv, Current Chapter Master
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