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  1. The III Legion, The Black Stars Cognomen (prior): none, unofficially called the Marauders or the Madmen by their fellow Astartes Homeworld : Skandra Prima Numbers: 150.000 Primarch: Absalom Vaughn Flagship: Antares Combat Doctrine: general warfare, combined arms warfare, tactical preparation and complex strategic planning, decapitation strikes Warcry: May the Stars witness our glory! Colours: Yellow and black. Right pauldron and left kneepad act as company markings Symbol: A black shooting star Notable Domains: The Kingdom of Skandra, comprised of seven planets: Skandra Prima, Antire, Fyressy, Liva-Sar, Talanis, Kestram and Riudal. Antire has since been converted into a Forge World History After the Emperor's Primarchs were scattered by the Ruinous Powers, the III Primarch landed on the planet of Skandra, a fertile and rich world which stood as the capital of a kingdom comprised of 4 planets. The infant primarch was taken in by the royal house of Vaughn and raised as the crown prince, receiving the finest education and martial training the kingdom had to offer and becoming a patron of the arts as well as a gifted duelist, tactician and politician. Over the course of his rule he greatly expanded the kingdom. On his 27th year on the planet the Emperor of Mankind visited the planet and met with his lost son, who recognised him and accepted his role as a general of humanity's armies. He named his legion "the Black Stars" after the legendary warriors of the first King of Skandra, who conquered his enemies and greatly expanded the kingdom Primarch Absalom Vaughn, the Amber King, is a controversial figure among the Primarchs, for where others see a highly skilled man always striving for perfection, fiercely loyal to the Emperor and zealous in his attempts to build a better future for the Imperium, others see a creature of arrogance, uncontrolled ambition and greed. Landing on the feudal world of Skandra, the infant primarch was found by farmers and taken to the King Roland, who adopted the child from the Stars as his son and heir to the throne. Growing up, young Absalom lived in a royal environment of opulence, and was educated by the kingdom's most brilliant scholars and scientists, while renowned fighting teachers, military instructors and generals mentored him in dueling and tactics. Gifted in martial matters, the young Prince became a hero to the people when he led the Skandran armies in defence of the kingdom when they were attacked by an alliance of the hostile planets Antire and Fyressy that had always posed a threat to Skandra. After defeating the invaders, he was crowned King in place of his father who had died during the invasion and orchestrated a counterattack on the enemy planets and conquered each of them in a year. By the 30th year of his life on Skandra, Absalom had become a beloved idol to the people through his charisma and beauty, and the prospects of the young prince ruling the kingdom thrilled the populace. It was then that the Emperor of Mankind came to the world to claim his son. Meeting his true Father for the first time, Absalom was impressed by his majesty and his noble cause, and gladly accepted his duty as a Primarch. Unfortunately for him, the IIId legion was known as one of misfits, unruly warriors that often disobeyed orders and fought more like a rag-tag force of mercenaries than an organised army. As a result, they were held in contempt by the other legions and their combat records were underwhelming. This, along with the fact that he was the youngest Primarch and consequently had significantly less achievements than his other brothers, deeply disturbed the young primarch. Combined with his pampered noble upbringing and, according to some anecdotal accounts, his heated confrontation with some of his brothers, which was sparked by his arrogant boasts and resulted in his rebuke using his and his legion's lack of successes as evidence, created a deep feelings of insufficiency and envy in his heart, and he vowed to lead his legion to greatness, surpassing his brothers in glory and in the favour of the Emperor, who he deeply admired as the ideal ruler. Driven by his ambition, Absalom greatly reformed his legion's command structure, sometimes using brutal methods such as the execution of uncooperative officers, and moved recruitment to Skandra. From that point on the old third died and the Black Stars were born, a legion that can serve as an example of discipline, organisation and martial excellence. As a result, the Stars have rapidly achieved a large number of conquests and other victories that rival or surpass those of other Legions, and they are respected and loved by the Imperium. Absalom's relationships with his brothers are mostly respectful, though he does not boast close relationships with any of them but Theoderaf, who shares his deep loyalty towards the Emperor. Some of his brothers that he deeply dislikes are Alexandros who he envies for his success and the respect he receivesrecieves from the other Legions and the Jade General, not only because, despite being the last Primarch to be found, has had a very successful track record, but also due to rumors that claim the General has authored traitorous treatises that claim the Emperor himself can be replaced Absalom's appearance mirrors that of his planet's natives, with tanned skin and dark brown, almost black hair. His eyes, yellow as the armor of his sons, shine with a spark of cunning which some claim to hide malevolence Greatly alarmed by the disappearance of the Emperor, Absalom fears that without Him guiding the Imperium forward it will collapse, since no one else is fit to rule it in his eyes, and especially Alexandros, who is by many considered the most possible candidate Wargear: Algol: Absalom's mastercrafted mace, forged by the finest smiths of Mars at the request of Fabricator-General Kelbor-Hal as a gift to the Primarch of the IIIrd, who so generously offered one of his worlds to the Mechanicum. The weapon combines functions similar to a thunder hammer, storing a large amount of energy that is unleashed on hit with devastating results, emitting a blast of sound and brilliant light. When the power field is active, a corona of light surrounds the mace's head Serrenlás: A gift of the Skandran people to the Emperor, this exquisite twinblade was crafted on Antire soon after it was reborn as a Forge World. Equipped with a customised power field that coats the blades in a dazzling glow and can cut through the toughest armor, Absalom utilises it in awesome displays of murderous skill Verovaar: A relic of the royal house of Vaughn, this archaotech firearm was claimed as a trophy of the defeated lord of a conquered planet, who was using it as part of his exoskeleton's armaments. Of course, Absalom's size and superhuman strength allows him to wield it as a normal pistol. This mastercrafted energy pistol boasts incredible power and accuracy, and it can also fire its 6 barrels simultaneously in devastating concentrated blasts with reduced range The Maega Mail: Named after the twin suns that shine over his homeworld, Absalom's personal suit of artificer armor trades protection for agility and great freedom of movement. Coloured in the bright yellow and black of his Legion and decorated with a striking engraving of the Twin Suns of Skandra as well as flowing mantles, it is as much an armour as it is a work of art. The Amber King's panoply is fitted with an advanced shield generator that turns any absorbed damage into blinding flashes of light, making the Primarch seem like a pulsar star flashing brilliantly in the battlefield Legion Culture and Combat Doctrine As a result of Absalom's stern leadership, the Black Stars are one of the most disciplined legions. Astartes of the Stars are expected to perform brilliantly in all situations, and to that end their training is a lot harder than standard and aims to prepare each marine to fulfil any possible role in the battlefield. Even before induction, aspirants are submitted to excessive tests of purity and aptitude and then go through additional tests of physical and mental prowess before selection, in order to ensure that only the best of the best make it into the legion. Furthermore, even after their training is completed and aspirants graduate as full fledged marines, Absalom and the legion command cultivate a culture of intense competition among the Battle-brothers in order to motivate them to better themselves constantly. Because of this though the bonds between the marines of the Black Stars are not as strong as those found in other legions, a fact that other legions secretly pity them for. In combat, the legion takes to the field after studying the enemy's army, tactics and positions, having created a plan that will swiftly defeat their foes while leaving them few ways to fight back. The Legion's plans are often unorthodox and sometimes even excessive, evidence of their intention to impress and display their excellence. The IIId makes wide use of tactical and heavy support squads, as well as artillery and armored vehicles, and embrace the use of librarians as a powerful weapon to their arsenal. Specialist formations Ochranic Cavaliers The elite warriors of the Black Stars and the personal guard of the Primarch. Personally selected by Absalom himself, upon ascension they must leave behind all ambition and personal aspiration and dedicate their lives to honing their skills and serving their gene-sire as his blade and shield. Befitting of their rank and prestige, they are outfitted in the finest wargear available to the Black Stars. Each Cavalier is clad in mastercrafted artificer armor forged personally, tailored to his specific needs, and armed with the legendary Khomíte Swordspear. Each weapon a priceless relic, the chosen of Absalom use them to fearsome effect in battle, shredding through opposition like a falling star Valkten Chosen Terminators On the eve of combat, the Ochranic Cavaliers kneel before Absalom, their heads bowed in reverence. Then, he chooses those among them that will serve in the Valkten for the next battle. This selection, although temporary, since it only lasts for a single battle, is viewed as a great honour, an acknowledgement of a Cavalier's skill by their Primarch, who rewards them above all their peers. Adorned in relic Tartaros terminator armor in resplendent black and gold, armed with mastercrafted weapons, they follow Absalom to war, the aftershocks to the Amber King's earthquake. There is also a hidden purpose to this practice; the cultivation of intense competition in the ranks of the Cavaliers, the contest for their Father's fickle favour grueling and never-ending. By using this subtle manipulation, Absalom ensures that his elite warriors will never stop honing their skills and improving. Boetar Penitents In the Black Stars, failure is a crime that is punished harshly. And there is no punishment harsher than joining the Boetar squads, for such a fate means being condemned to death. Forced to relinquish their names, identity and livery, they are equipped with older patterns of power armor painted entirely black, signifying their sins and their grim fate. Their weapons are the result of brilliant, if cruel artifice, twin pistols created based on designs from the Dark Age of Technology, firing deadly projectiles saturated in deadly radiation, causing even a glancing hit to be potentially lethal as the target is exposed to terrible rad-energies. Not even the wielders are safe from their weapons' fearsome effects, and each Penitent is sentenced to die a slow, agonising death as his body falls apart, his cells destroyed by the radiation he employed against the enemies of mankind. For only in death will they have finally atoned for their failures. And when the time comes, and their hearts have stopped beating, the bombs implanted in their chests will explode, making sure they take as many foes as possible to the other side Raitelic Outriders Desiring a fast attack formation to function as the battering ram in offensives, Absalom and his officers formed the Raitelic Outriders, deviating from the standard Legiones Astartes assault bike in favour of a curious, if effective, replacement; the Raitelic charge headlong into enemies formations on cybernetic mounts, horses of iron muscles whose mouths spew deadly promethium. Armed with long power spears, they harass the enemy flanks and break their formations, leaving them easy prey to their fellow warriors Homeworld The Primogenitor of the IIIrd hails from Skandra Prima, a world of sunshine, deep blue seas and lush forests. Fertile and boasting with an ideal climate thanks to the fact that it served as a holiday retreat for the upper classes of the Dark Age of Technology, the planet would be classified as a pleasure world were it not a legion homeworld. The planet, and the kingdom in general is ruled over by the King, or Konaag, as is the title in the skandran language, who is an absolute monarch. Absalom Vaughn holds this title currently after the death of his adoptive father king Roland Vaughn, who died during the invasion. Absalom's brother Gregor holds the title of Viceroy and rules while his demigod brother fights for the future of mankind. A benevolent king, Absalom has gone to great lengths to ensure a good, safe life for his subjects which has earned him their adoration and deep loyalty. The rest of the Kingdom's planets are very similar to Skandra in climate, except of Riudal, whose large distance from the system's stars, irregular trajectory and slow moon cycles have given it very cold temperatures, and Antire, which was handed over to the Mechanicum to become a Forge World, as an act of good faith officially, but rumours claim the true motive behind this "gift" was Antire's continued resistance to Skandran rule and the fact that it was Antiran spies that assassinated killed King Roland
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