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Modelling: Doghouse Pattern Truescale Marines


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So what is "Truescale"?


Over the years myself and a few other like minded individuals have pioneered a technique which has become known as "true-scale"

a process that involves making marines bigger basically.

For myself this began way back in 2002 with my White Scorpion marines seen below. Not content with regular plastics I wanted something bigger that fitted with the background materia and artworkl surrounding the Astartes. I wanted larger than life heroes.


My first Truescale attempt.



This process was later refined leading to my Pre-Heresy World Eaters and the more successful Gothic pattern marines which I created initially for a Dark Angels army and later used on my Pre-Heresy Night Lords.

None of which were ever finished except for the captain but both provided me with an invaluable insight to how to make marines look that more imposing on the tabletop.


"Gothic pattern" Dark Angels




Truescale Pre-Heresy World Eaters




Truescale Adeptus Astartes




The Truescale marines that came about as a result this process lead me to create the latest incarnation that most people associate with Truescale and is an attempt to make marines that look the part of the eight foot warriors that they are. So in short they look more like the marines that you see in the likes of Dawn of War II or infamous Crimson Fist marine as seen in the fourth edition rule book.

Compared to regular human models they stand towering over the regular plastic marines and terrifying your opponents.

Over the next few updates to this tutorial I will be providing details of the my most requested tutorial to date, hopefully catering to most skill levels. After years of toying around with the concept of truescale marines this is probably the most used method for creating bigger marines in the hobby to day.

Although the process had become mostly associated with Pre-Heresy I will be demonstrating different techniques that will allow you to include these behemoths in your regular and Chaos Space Marine armies.


Part Two to follow...

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So what do I need?


First of all you'll need the following recommended components to build your own Actual Scale astartes:


Terminator Legs

Terminator Assault squad Storm Shield arms

Terminator Stormbolter arms

Terminator shoulder pads

Spare plastic marine arms

Marine Heads/helmets

Greenstuff or Procreate

Plastic rod (or bits of sprue will do)

Sculpting/modeling tools such as the GW sculpting tool, a sharp modeling knife, clippers, etc.

Polystyrene cement/Super Glue

Spare weapons such as bolters.


Creating one of these Astartes will seem daunting at first due to the amount of greenstuff work involved but don't be put off just yet. I'll be doing my best to provide step by step instructions that will result in something that looks like this guy here.





With a bit of practice and experiance you'll be able to create more varied positions and armour variants but for the time being we will be focusing on constructing a stripped down Mk VII marine.

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Couldn't you do plasticard to space out a normal marine torso, maybe even do something like that for the arms and bulk the out with green stuff? I don't exactly have 9 sets of Storm Shield arms lying around. I can't imagine many people do.


I love the concept, though. The pre-heresy Night Lord captain or sergeant looks like a true astartes, mate.




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I am much interested Doghouse! I was actually in the process of planning my next force. A force of berserkers and this is just the thing I need to make them stand out and scare the world! :P

Lookin forward to the rest of this tutorial. keep me posted.



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when i first saw this page and the words "life size" i though you mint something like this





Throne alive! tell me those are real! and if they are, how are they made, i must know how these are made!

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hey doghouse, i hope you havnt given up! i really would like to make a few of these :)


@ Brother Zim. a Member of the B&C once made a guide to build SM suits. they were slightly better than the aforementioned marines. im sorry i dont know where from, but you could use Searchy-fu or look around.


Cheers Guys!



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They're from www.nimbacreations.com. Apparently they were used in a game called "Final Liberation". Some Epic 40k game or something. I've seen plenty of other suits but I think these ones take the cake thus far.



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I want those suits!!! Now!!! But in Dark Angels colours. I dont like Ultramarines... Still I love your marines Doghouse. Can I have one please? Dark Angel preferably... Edited by Firenze
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