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Sons of Dorn Showcase


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A rather shoddy picture of my entirely Firstborn Imperial Fists. Not painted yet as I got ill in December but just wanted to show off my collection. It's been a huge project, over 1000+ hours so far. I started back in August '23 and 90% of what is in the picture was assembled by November. Long story short this has also been a way of helping to deal with mental health issues and I genuinely believe this project is the only reason I didn't attempt to self-delete again. 




This was actually the first time in over ten years I was able to really enjoy the assembly process. It is also the first time in the hobby I've ever done kit-bashing, worked with resin, even done a tiny bit of converting. A huge amount of passion and will has gone into this and even though the end result in terms of quality may be a lot lower than most people I am immensely proud of everything. Plus it has given me back joy in the building process of miniatures, improved my skills from just getting by to (somewhat) competent and given me confidence that I can actually achieve something. 

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