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Lamenters - 5th Battle Company


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I posted these in my Project Log, but I figure being sons of Baal, I should give them a good showing here. These images might be quite large, so I apologize.


The army is essentially completed, minus the Dreadnought Drop Pod (which still requires some battle damage and highlights).


Chief Librarian Ahkilaos (Counts-as Mephiston)



Furioso Dreadnought Chyron



Assault Squad Kronos + Razorback Rhea




Assault Squad Okeanos + Razorback Tethys




Assault Squad Hyperion + Razorback Theia




Assault Squad Kreios + Razorback Mnemosyne




Baal Predator Deimos



Baal Predator Phobos



Baal Predator Ares



Predator Klotho



Predator Lachesis



Vindicator Kharon



The names are all based in Greek Mythology. Yes, I have two more Assault squads: Koios + Razorback Phoibe, and Iapetus + Razorback Themis, and I have a third Predator: Atropos. But they're not needed for my 1850, so they're not painted (yet). Y'know, what with Conquest next weekend.


WIP display board:


Into the jaws of the KRAKEN






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Beautiful models, all of them seem so alive.

Just a quick question; the squad banners, how did you do them, they dont look freehand (although if they were that would make them even more impressive!!!) could you give a quick run down/mini-tute on how you did them?



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Thanks for all the kind words! :)


Sensational stuff!!!! The painting & weathering is top draw! Must have taken you an age to complete!!!! How many layers did you paint on average for each model? Fantastic effort! ;)


Actually this army was done rather quickly. I started building it around the beginning of September, and completed it just last week. So about 2 and a half months, give or take, from assembly to completion.


As far as layers go, not too many? As far as an average, I would probably say around 10 per model? The tanks with the greater amount of detail got more, but only where there's freehand.


Every single pic is magnificent and utterly terrific. That contemptor dread is my favorite and I have thought about getting one to use as a furioso dread (since the FW and BA stats are somewhat similar). Tell me, how easy was it to make those lightning claws?


The claws were pretty easy. They're the bottom half of the Contemptor Power Fist fingers, joined to the tips of the Furioso Blood Talons, with the gaps Green-stuffed in. Each finger is obviously pinned through to avoid accidental breakage.


How did you do that! serious;y what is your recipe for yellow and do you use an airbrush or are you just an amazing blender?


Prime Krylon Brown

Prime Rust Red


2-3 coats of Hairspray

Airbrush basecoat 50/50 mix Iyanden Darksun/Scorched Brown

Airbrush highlight Iyanden Darksun

Airbrush highlight 50/50 mix Iyanden Darksun/Golden Yellow

Airbrush Highlight 25/25/50 mix Iyanden Darksun/Golden Yellow/Skull White


Use water, achieve chipping effect.


Glazes/washes (controlled, I don't apply liberally over the model) of Gryphonne Sepia and Baal Red.


That's it. I am an amazing blender? Haha but when it comes to armies I tend to cheat with an airbrush. For example, the armor is airbrushed, but that sepia/baal tone is achieved with a brush. The squad banners are blended with a brush, as was the Librarian's force sword.


You need to get these into a GD ! Or get yourself to the next Adepticon - you woulda taken that $10k prize money - NO problems.


I will actually be attending Adepticon in April for the team tournament.


Beautiful models, all of them seem so alive.

Just a quick question; the squad banners, how did you do them, they dont look freehand (although if they were that would make them even more impressive!!!) could you give a quick run down/mini-tute on how you did them?




The squad banners are sculpted with Green Stuff and sanded smooth. I then primed them with GW Skull White primer, and just free-handed them, using the same color mixes as the armor (see yellow recipe above) as a base, and then painting all the detail afterwards. Painting all 4 banners took the better part of a day (about 12-13 hours?)



Truly amazing. Could you describe the mud/chip highlight? How did you pick which side the white and darker shade went on? I'd love to learn.


There is no darker shade on the chipping. What chipping you're seeing is actually the primer layer, which was itself zenithal highlighted with Rust Red over Krylon Brown (so it has a subtle gradient of it's own).


As for which side gets the highlight? The side that would, of course, naturally catch the light. That is to say, if the light source is above and to the front (which it is), any facing which would face in that direction would receive a highlight. In this case bottom and to the back.




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I've been a fan of your stuff for years DV8, and this army is absolutely stunning. The weathering, the markings and the purple spot colours are all done very well. To think that this army was completed in just over 2 months is simply awe inspiring.


Good luck at the tournament dude!

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