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Lamenters - 5th Battle Company


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It would make a great video tutorial seeing how you achieved this paint effect. You mention you used water for the chip marks? What do you mean by this? Great work btw!


I'm sure if you hit up YouTube and search up Hairspray Chipping/Weathering, you'll find plenty of video tutorials.


Basic principle is this: apply several coats of hairspray, and then airbrush paint on top. Applying water and letting it work it's way down to the hairspray will dissolve the hairspray, removing/"chipping away" paint that has been applied on top, allowing whatever color was underneath the hairspray to show through.


fantastic! Nothing else to say other than that...


Your weathering and the squad markings are also remarkable, as are the very subtle checks. I love those!


Can you say how you achieved that effect in particular?


Freehand and blending. The checks are very straight forward, painting a grid pattern with lines in a darker color, then filling alternating squares to form the checkerboard pattern. Once the pattern's done, I highlight or shade each individual square.


Love this army! makes me want to change my color scheme now. One question though... what color did you use for your Librarian?


Oh man I don't even remember anymore. I'd like to say P3 Trollblood with a touch of Scorched Brown and Iyanden Darksun, highlighted by mixing in Menoth White Highlight.




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