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Brotherhood Of Angels Competition

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I humbly submit my entry to BoA for your consideration my brothers:

Equitem Astra

The Star Knights

CHAPTER NAME:..................................Equitem Astra

FOUNDING:.........................................3rd, M32

CHAPTER WORLD:................................Guthona

FORTRESS MONASTERY.........................Castrum

GENE-SEED (PREDECESSOR)..................Dark Angels

KNOWN DESCENDANTS..........................None.

The Equitem Astra, or Star Knights in the Low Gothic derivative, were a Chapter descended from the Dark Angels, founded in the aftermath of the first Black Crusade as part of the massive militarization of the Cadian Sector. Fighting a series of wars against heretical planetary systems isolated during the Scouring, the Chapter carved a bloody reputation for itself as determined warriors and implacable once roused to wrath. Following a crushing victory after the 58 year long Anphaselus Crusade, the Equitem Astra were honored with their Chapter Standard being displayed within the Emperor's Palace itself. Sadly, the malevolent threat of the Traitor Legions lingered like a shadow over their deeds, forever unable to purge the insidious presence of debased cults in the surrounding systems and this in turn led to their downfall. The Bearers of the Word, most loathed of all the Legions of the Eye for their abominable practices of daemoncraft, slowly, in an unnoticeable trickle, infiltrated Guthon with all manor of divergent philosophies and degenerate rituals. After seeding the population with their heresy, a massive invasion was launched in the dusk of M33 and following a bitter siege, and in tragic irony, the Chapter fell and entered the Mythos Angelica Mortis as adnihilari at the dawn of the thirty fourth millennium having endured exactly two thousand years.


Founded on the first day of the Thirty Second Millennium, the Equitem Astra were brought into being for the specific task of providing reinforcement to the sectors surrounding the Cadian Gate. With the Horus Heresy still in living memory for some and the aftershocks of the adoption of the Codex Astartes and the resulting dilution of Imperial power still being felt, The High Lords of Terra acted to secure the Imperium from the threat of the Traitor Legions. With the recent invasion, what would become known to be the first of the Black Crusades, devastating the sectors around Cadia, a massive deployment of Astartes Chapters and Imperial Guard Regiments was undertaken.

Owing to the number of Chapters needed, coupled with the impressive zeal with which they hunted down traitors of every stripe, the Dark Angels were given the honor of founding several successors to be a part of the reinforcement of the Cadian Sector. Following a conclave at the Rock, it was decided by the Grand Masters of the Legion that Osirius, Master of the 7th Company was the suitable choice to take command of this new force. This choice however presented challenges not encountered before. When the Legion became divided following the Horus Heresy, there were already Grand Masters who could assume command of the newly minted Chapters. A different approach was therefore needed even though Osirius stood as a member of the inner circle, he had not undertaken the highest rites of the Legion. Following a debate between the Grand Masters of the Deathwing, Librarius and Reclusium, the decision was reached to submit Osirius for testing to the Watchers in the Dark themselves, correctly believing that not only would it ensure that a suitable candidate led a chapter of the I Legion to war, but it would provide a future precedent if a similar situation arose. Exactly what Osirius faced down has not survived the passage of time but what is understood from the chronicles locked away in the sanctum of the Deathwing is that he emerged, blessed with title of Grand Master and with a Heavenfall Blade clutched in his fist. After spending several days in conference with the other Grand Masters he selected 30 brothers from the 7th, along with a cohort each from the Deathwing and Ravenwing and departed to begin the raising of his force.


The Geneseed of the Chapter came directly sourced from the Dark Angels themselves and exhibits the same purity for which their progenitors are lauded. Over several centuries, slight mutations began to occur in the muchranoid although this did not result in any zygotes becoming tainted to the point of being uncultureable. Close attention was paid to the gene tithes received from the Chapter given that the Eye of Terror was a clearly visible blot in the night sky but no action was ever taken regarding the slight degeneration.


Following surveys carried out on several star systems, the world of Guthona was selected to be the homeworld of the Chapter. Stringent tests on the genetic stability of the local human population were conducted to ensure absolute genetic purity given the systems proximity to the Eye of Terror. Guthona was a world of ash blasted ruins and tectonic nightmare broken by the inexplicable verdant belts dotted around it's oceans. How these existed given the unstable nature of the world was never explained at the time or since.The people themselves were a nomadic culture who migrated from the habitable areas during the seasons where the islands became volcanic-ally active. It was during these migrations that the chapter would conduct the majority of it recruiting. The harsh nature of travel among ash choked wastelands and the struggle to claim some habitable land for themselves forged the tribes into stubborn warriors who resolutely refused to crawl away and die despite their world's best efforts to grind them down. Through a series of engineered incidents the Chapter integrated this migration into a belief in being constantly tested in order to find an eternal paradise.

As more of the native population became inducted into the Chapter, this belief took on a more dour turn with the promise of eternal paradise placed beyond attainment in repentance for the sins of the ancestors, thereby carefully concealing the nature of The Hunt from the brethren but all the while fostering a culture of attaining paradise with the absolution of service.

With a suitable recruiting stock established, construction of a fortress monastery was begun. Owing to the industry of the Mechanicus, 157 years to the day the first foundation was struck, Grand Master Osirius raised the sword and shield banner atop the highest pinnacle of the fortress. Naming it Castrum, or simply barracks in the High Gothic tongue, Osirius prepared to led his brothers to war for the first time.


Having originally been a member of the Dark Angels Legion itself prior to the Second Founding, Osirius took steps to maintain the fiction of several disparate Chapters having hailed from the parent Legion. The Codex Astartes was adopted and in all appearances this held up to most inspection. In reality the Deathwing and Ravenwing carried on with their operations regardless of scrutiny or care in the needs of the wider sectors. The Hunt was paramount. After discussions with his fellow Grand Masters Osirius formed his own circle of advisors within the Chapter that he daubed The Paladins, whose only purpose was to shield the actions of the 1st and 2nd companies during an engagement where outsiders would be present.

With a formation of 3 battle companies and 4 reserve companies, the Equitum Astra followed the lead of the Dark Angels in adhering to the Codex as closely as possible. Under closer scrutiny however several divergences were noted. Firstly, each battle company sacrificed a tactical squad for an additional assault squad. Secondly the 9th company consisted of only 6 squads, the remaining 4 being deployed with the assault reserve.

Battle Brother


Brother Captain



In broad tactical doctrine the Equitem Astra followed closely the pattern denoted by their parent Chapter, the Dark Angels. With the specialized formations of the Deathwing and Ravenwing carrying out their operations to hunt down the Fallen parallel to the wider campaigns there were involved in. Further examination however would show that the Chapter itself displayed a marked preference for close quarter engagements, in particular when conducted by deployment from low orbit. Whether a hold over the from the knightly traditions honored amongst the I Legion or a genetic temperament gradually absorbed through the native Guthoni, the satisfaction of the close quarter kill began to imprint itself on strategic decisions.

The Grand Masters were not blind to this change and sought to eek its benefits out instead. Although disdaining long range firefights, the companies became adept at unleashing punishing salvos of ordnance combined with orbital bombardment and strafing runs from attack craft and advancing as fast as possible under the cover of such destruction. Eventually a millennium of such tactics raised the precision of these strikes and the subsequent charge to awesome levels, to the point where shells and payloads were landing mere meters in front of the advancing rhinos and land raiders or crossing the descent arcs of the drop pods and thunderhawks.

With an emphasis placed on close quarter kills, each brother carried a shield into battle and spent the majority of their time honing skills with blade and pistol over the holy boltgun. In time service with the devastator squads came to be viewed as a penance or for those too cowardly to look their enemies in the eye as they ended their lives.


Enim Leonis! Enim Legio! - Roughly translated as For the Lion! For the Legion!


The Anphaselus Crusade

After several centuries of blooding his new warriors, the ancient but still vigourous Grand Master Osirius, targeted the worlds of the nearby Anphaselus Drift as ripe targets to be brought back into the fold of the Imperium or reaved clean of life. The fact that several raiding forces looking to by pass the Cadian Gate had set up hidden refuges there also aided this decision. Summoning the full might of his Chapter, along with several dozen regiments of Imperial Guard and the titans of Legio Desperare, Osirius led his brothers to war for what would amount to 58 standard Terran years.

The battles fought during that time are too numerous to mention but it is needless to say that Knights went, and they conquered. Heretical cultures were consigned to the flames, recidivist elements cast down and several warbands of the Traitor Legions were purged including the fearsome Company of Wrath of the World Eaters who were met head on deep in the swamps of Jheralic II and saw their ferocious savagery overcome by cold wrath and stubbornness past the point of futility.

By the time Osirius planted his banner in the charred remains of the Spire of Unbound Excess, he was over 650 years old and close to death from the wounds he had sustained during the bitter fighting. Summoning his Paladins to his side, he instructed them to deliver his body to the Tower of Angels, stating "Vetus autem Ordo ego facio cetera meorum fieri debere - I am of the old Order, I would rest beside my ancestors, my duty done" His last act as Grand Master was to present his blade to Heolyr, his designated heir and he lived just long enough to receive the parchment scroll, sealed by the Palatine Aquilla, informing him of the high honor being bestowed upon the Chapter he had led with such distinction. Whilst he and an honor company made the journey to the Rock for the ceremony of Heolyr's ascension, the burned and tattered banner was carried to Terra in reverence and displayed in the halls of the Eternity Gate. The scroll itself was placed in a crystal stasis case which sits before his sarcophagus deep in the tombs of the Rock.

The Fall of Guthona

There were five of them left. The rest had resolved to fight and die in manners that seemed fitting to a brotherhood of warriors. Echamion, Grand Master of the Equitem Astra, the last who would hold the title felt a grim smile tugging at his lips. Castrum was shaking down to her bedrock, the punishment unleashed against her fueled by thousands of years of spite. Blinking at the flashing icon in his retinal display he activated the vox, "Regnek, give me an update brother"

The reply was slow in coming, vox distortion and Emperor knows what else flawed Regnek's voice to the point of being static. "We are prepared Grand Master, there is only the Deathwing's Storm Eagle and that will be on the deck within minutes. The....cargo is secure. I must prot-"

"Your objection is noted apothecary, see it recorded in the scrolls for posterity," came the biting reply. "Our world is dead brother, we have precious little choice but to accept that fact."

The Primis Medicae did not answer for several moments, the silence on the vox played out against the constant thump of ordnance and howls of the damned. "We have abandoned this world Grand Master, we could have inflicted such destruction on our foes that in ten thousand years the damned would still lament it!!"

Echamion waved his squad to a stop and signaled them to fan around the intersection of the tertiary hanger bay before turning his attention back to his chief medical officer. "Listen to me brother, it has always been said, handed down from the first of us to done the silver, that the Lion's outstanding quality was his ability to analyse the angles of every situation, that no act was carried out without his peerless scrutiny having picked it before others could even consider them. That is what we face now, the moment that a fleet of the damned came to our system we were going to die, I am not fatalistic in this, I will make them bleed for the price of my life but some things are far too precious to fall on this world. Do you understand me?"

Regnek's sigh was audible even through the static. "Yes Master. The Deathwing and Ravenwing are secure and will fight in our name again. The gene vaults were successfully evacuated and the silver casket is currently in the on board reclusium."

"I want you oath Reg, that casket is delivered to none but the Supreme Grand Master and his orders in it's disposal are acted upon without question"

"I swear my lord. Die well"

Echamion killed the link and turned to his cohort in time for the world to shatter in a blaze of heat, dirt noise. He felt himself rocketing backwards, desperately trying to gain a grip on the flagstones forming the floor. His flight finally stopped by a massive buttress, Echamion tore off his helm and stared at the wreckage he had been flung from. Less than 10 feet away stood a new wall, a mount of rubble totally sealing the concourse with shattered rock, an arm protruded near the base to the accompanying wail of flat-line chimes from within his helmet.

Muttering a solemn oath to make his brothers' deaths mean something, if he managed to get the chance in the small amount of time left to him, Echamion climbed slowly to his feet and ran towards the cargo platform at the end of the concourse. If he could get to the landing pad where the thunderhawks sat he could well find as many of his brothers as he could and fight on but such thoughts of ifs and possibilities were for more hopeful souls. As the liftpad ground slowly upwards he drew his chainsword and centered himself for the coming battle. Even now a small bitter smile spread across his face at the prospect of leading his Chapter into oblivion.

The landing platform turned his plans to dust and his plans to ashes. The Thunderhawks were still burning and a daemonic monstrosity of air fighter and creature turned its burning visage towards him, unleashing what could only be a hunting cry. To further illustrate the depth of his situation, first one, then another, and a third shadow in the air took up the cry. The daemon stalking towards him tilted it's head to the sky and then inexplicably took off and joined its pack in the air.

As Echamion tried to puzzle out just what had happened, a stirring in the smoke drew his attention to the center of the platform, and as the air pressure began to twist into a cyclone, he suddenly knew what was to come. Yet again today, the smile found his face.

The 7 terminators melted into the air from the storm of smoke with barely any sound over the purring hum of their warplate. Curious, so unlike the Imperial technology they had fled with. Their leader stepped forward, raising a massive claw towards the Grand Master.

"In the name of the pantheon, we claim this world. In the name of the True Gods we offer these billions of souls"

Echamion spat in disgust. "This world belongs to the Emperor, and it will die before it belongs to anyone else," he snarled. "You think I will allow the scum of the Eye to walk upon His domain without challenge?"

The terminator laughed, a bubbling gurgle that may have been distortion from the helm speakers or something far more obscene. "Such fine rhetoric from a lesser brotherhood. We are the Bearers of the Word, we have martyred a thousand worlds for the powers behind the veil. Your false emperor doesn't have flesh or eyes to call his own let alone a world. We have lain in wait on this pathetic rock for centuries, your aspirants have been taken in with our philosophy, our rituals, even now as we swarm across this world feeding your tribes to the Neverborn they welcome the martyrdom we offer."

Echamion found himself smiling again. So strange, having never been a soul given to humor, here at the end he could not help himself. "It is true that we were dead the moment your fleet arrived and laid waste the defenses in orbit," he conceded with a nod "But I am far from done killing you"

This time the leader snarled. "You are the last mortal left alive on this worthless rock. We have already cared the gene-seed from every one of your brothers, their corpses nailed to our tanks, their souls tossed into the warp. We have ended you"

"The only thing you have ended is your little war. As we speak a battle barge hovers above us waiting my command to blow a crater the size of a moon in this world"

"Fool. Every trace of vox has been swamped by the warp we have unleashed on this world, nothing will get in, nothing will get out now. The only thing that will greet your useless attempts to die in glory is the laughter of the entity who will feast on your gene-seed and suck your soul screaming into eternity"

Echamion laughed. He actually threw back his head and laughed causing the terminators to take several menacing steps forward with their bolter weapons raised. "You should have spent more time praying to your false gods. Maybe they would have informed you of the dawn about to arrive."

Taking care to raise his arm slowly, and savoring the hatred radiating from the terminators, he pressed his thumb to the tip of his bracer and the blinking rune there, and closed his eyes as death took him.

Far above in orbit, the scrymistress of the battle barge Mazonomon identified the atomic fireball annihilating a significant portion of the continent, and turning to the armsmaster, nodded her head once. All along the ventral spine of the mighty vessel, torpedo doors opened, lances primed themselves to full power, and nova cannon began to draw energy from the surrounding decks in preparation to fire. The most valuable relics were aboard, the gene-vaults were secured and a course plotted to rendezvous with the Angels of Vengeance for escort to the Tower of Angels. Echamion had spoken truly. Guthona would belong to the Emperor or it would belong to no one.

The ashes and rock would continue to orbit the star for the next six thousand years, a testament to the unwillingness of the Equitem Astra to yield anything to their enemies.
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Arkley, your 3 articles have been read and made the grade. The Chaos Renegade Chapter was definitely a new spin.


11th Company Dark Master, you had one bum photo but it was very impressive. It also makes the grade.


Balthamal, your article also makes the grade. Well developed and I like the story.


Shadow Guard reiterated a point in the rules for the BotA entries. It is a pearl for the article and a pearl for a painted mini in the chapter colors if I read that right (before I took the SM Painter as acceptable).

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Part of my PtR vow this month. I'll add photos to finish this up.




http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c372/GMBelial/Unforgiven/IMG_8078_zps9e71843d.jpg http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c372/GMBelial/Unforgiven/IMG_8079_zpsa8acd8dd.jpg http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c372/GMBelial/Unforgiven/IMG_8110_zps58396e19.jpg http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c372/GMBelial/Unforgiven/IMG_8111_zpsbed858a2.jpg


Created during the 10th Founding, it wasn’t until the 13th and subsequently the 21st Founding that their records bloom. The tradition of the purity of the human races was crystallized in their training and they will not tolerate any abhuman, mutation or alien in their midst. The Dark and Cursed Foundings saw the Adamant Angels take up their bolters against any chapter that harbored a mutation. This has also seen the Adamant Angels take up arms against the Blood Angels, Black Dragons, Salamanders and the Space Wolves as well as any Imperial Guard regiment that has Ratlings or Ogryns within their ranks. Even Navigators are shielded from the eyes of the Adamant Angels for fear that a bolter round would end their service. 


The Adamant Angels were founded during the Tenth Founding after the Imperium's Space Marines suffered grievous losses during one of the early Black Crusades of the Despoiler. In a need to rebuild the numbers of humanity's finest warriors, the High Lords of Terra commissioned the creation of a multitude of chapters. With so many Progenoid Glands of the fallen marines being exposed to the taint of Chaos, most were not harvested for fear of contamination. With even the resources of the gene banks on Terra  stretched, the use of the Dark Angels geneseed was authorized to help make up the losses.


The secretive Unforgiven chapters were quick to take advantage of the situation and began mentoring the new chapters and molding them into new Unforgiven chapters. As the fledgling chapters grew would they gain knowledge of the shame of the Unforgiven. The Adamant Angels were amongst the last chapters to earn the knowledge of their fallen brethren. 


With the chapter embroiled in the purge of mutant chapters founded in the 13th founding, The Inner Circle of the Adamant Angels took the new information a little too casually for the rest of the Unforgiven. To the Adamant Angels, they were just another impure marine to be purged.



The mineral rich homeworld of the Adamant Angels which originally gave them their name is a miners paradise but with no water sources, plants cannot grow upon its surface. With no water or plant life. There is very little erosion leaving a near pristine rocky landscape. The brothers of the chapter have taken to calling their home the Hilt’s Jewel.




The brethren of the Adamant Angels are known for taking to the field in large numbers. This has usually come from their myriad of missions against marines deemed tainted either by mutation or corruption. In most cases, marines that face off against each other are on a near equal footing. The Adamant Angels attempt to gain an advantage through number superiority and their Primarch's gift of being able to read their opponents to ascertain their strengths and weaknesses. 

Of particular note is the chapter's use of the undetermined number of brothers assigned to their first and second companies which typically number more than a hundred brothers. These oversized formations are more often the difference in victory or death.


The Adamant Angels have taken up the organization of the Unforgiven Chapters like most of those who know they have the geneseed of the Lion. The Chapter does not name their Companies. Instead they name only specialized groups like their Adamantine Knights. 

While they are a part of the Unforgiven, the Dark Angels have not imparted upon the chapter the secrets or the parts necessary to maintain any Dark Shrouds, Dark Talons or the Corvex-pattern jet bike used by the Master of the Second Company.




The Adamant Angels believe in the purity of their geneseed and the purity of humanity. It is an affront that a person would give himself into corruption or allow a mutation to exist. The Adamant Angels take to the rigors of their own purification with the same level of determination that they use for their battle practices.




"Strength through purification!"



The Dragonslayers of Skrillax VII


Elements of the Adamant Angels 1st and 4th companies dropped onto Skrillax VII to run down and eliminate the 6th Company of the Black Dragons. The under strength company had taken refuge in the ruins of a former fortress of the Black Templars to repair and rearm. The Adamant Angels set down and cordoned off the area around the fortress while the squadrons of the 2nd Company scoured the area for any hidden entrances and exits. Squads of Black Dragons were holed up in the highlands around the area acting as scouts and guerrilla fighters. While their resistance was worthy of respect, they could not stand up to the might of two full companies of Adamant Angels. 

With the area secured and with no possible escape for the Black Dragons, the Adamant Angels attacked. Racing towards the Fortress, the 2nd Company drove into range for their teleport homers to signal the insertion of three squads of Terminators. Once inside, the Black Dragon defense could not hold. Their hardened bone blades were of no use against the thick ceramite of the Terminators. Four squads were brought down within the walls of their own fortress, while two more escaped only to be caught by the cordon of the 4th and 6th companies. The ammo depleted Black Dragons sold their lives trying to fight their way free, but the Adamant Angels stood solid and not a single Dragon breached the cordon. Their bodies and armor were immolated under the melta and flamer.

The Fall of Daross Prime

The Adamant Angels respond to a distress call about a world under attack by orks. Shortly after making planet fall, an Imperial Guard regiment arrives with an Ogryn detachment. When their assistance is accepted, Chapter Master Stonehammer executes the planetary rulers and wipes out the large Ogryn detachment before leaving the system to its fate. The Guard commander, overwhelmed by the events, was unable to fight the orks and take over control the planet. The identity of the Imperial Guard regiment was never stated in any of the reports. 

The Lightning Strike


After running down a group of renegade marines, the Adamant Angels were assaulted by the Night Lords. The Chaos Space Marines thought they were attacking the Adamant Angels at their most vulnerable, but instead found a force capable of standing firm even in the action of leaving a world. The Adamant Angels's resolve saw the beleaguered rear guard through until the rest of the force could return to the planet's surface via drop pod and gunship. In turn, the Adamant Angels began to cut off the Night Lord's routes of escape while the rear guard continued to stand alone and bear the brunt of the assault. The Night Lords quickly realized that they were being cut off and attempted a fighting retreat. The rear guard, after suffering many casualties, pushed the Night Lords into the waiting guns of their brethren. Thirty Adamant Angels never left the field of battle but in return the Night Lords had lost forty-five Crusade era veterans and seven more to capture.



The Chapter has broken into two fleets. One fleet is actively engaged in the area of the Maelstrom pursuing renegades while the other is assisting the Deathwatch in the Tau Empire and attacking any imperial forces that turned gene-traitor and sided with the xenos.




Azrael - Silverfist

Ezekiel - Xeon - Navis Nobilite Librarian

Asmodai - Ironheart

Belial - Steelfoot

Sammael on Corvex - (Not Used)

Sammael on Saberclaw - Ferros on Steelwind

Company Master - Unchanged

Interrogator-Chaplain - Unchanged

Deathwing - 1st Company, known as 'the Unyielding'

Ravenwing - 2nd Company

Deathwing Knights - Adamantine Knights

Black Knights - Steel Knights

Darkshroud - Unchanged (Not Used)



The Adamant Angels wear predominantly black armor with gray chest plates, greaves, and shoulder pads and arms. The Chapter Badge of a black winged rook features on the right shoulder pad instead of the traditional left as most Sergeants will have served in the Deathwatch and maintain the the left silver arm and Deathwatch Shoulder Plate.



Outside the Deathwatch colors, the colors vary little between the different companies. The differences show up in the robes; the higher up the brother, the more silver that shows up on the robes. The Adamantine Knights wear robes of overlapping adamantium scales and the Masters wear robes of chain-mail unless they too are in Tactical Dreadnought Armor in which case they also wear the scaled robe.

Edited by Grand Master Belial
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As I keep seeing from the most awesome entries of our brothers, this continues non stop.

Is there a new timeframe (I seem to have missed) or a thread to post participation to make this official before the final submission or do I post the end result here?



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Right now you can post anytime between now and the 31st of March to have your article be included as part of the PtR event started by Shadow Guard. Other than that, this thread will be freely available to anyone who wants to add to it. Threadomancy has been authorized by the local Mods.


I am also enjoying seeing all the creativity.

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Arkley, your 3 articles have been read and made the grade. The Chaos Renegade Chapter was definitely a new spin.


11th Company Dark Master, you had one bum photo but it was very impressive. It also makes the grade.


Balthamal, your article also makes the grade. Well developed and I like the story.


Shadow Guard reiterated a point in the rules for the BotA entries. It is a pearl for the article and a pearl for a painted mini in the chapter colors if I read that right (before I took the SM Painter as acceptable).


GMB: They will next a total of THREE White Pearls. One for painting a model/squad and TWo for the BHoA Article once its approved by you. A nice way of catching up on the PtR Oaths.


I look forward to getting the badges too :smile.:


The badges will be done once the PtR is completed. Logistical difficulties and equipment failure has resulted in the Shadow Guard being unable to split time as before and relies now on real time!! :ermm:


My IA article is about to undergo some big changes. Those painter images will hopefully be replaced by pictures of actual models in a "battlefield report" style.


I note that you made a single oath for the PtR in September 2012 and failed to keep your word to the Lion. Painting a singlecharacter or squad of your DIY chapter and submitting the completed BHoA article to the PtR will net you THREE White PEarls.

REPENT! REDEEM Yourself in the eyes of our Primarch! For the Legion and the Lion!



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Viruses do not bother a venerable dreadnought such as Shadow Guard. He slumbers from the boards for a period of time, but when he comes back to action - The boards are in for a wild time! The Lion knows that because of the PtR competition of his; a core of dedicated, consistent painters have been be identified and trained to decimate the LPC competition. By the Emperor, I can remember when he recruited me from Portent/WarSeer. (Which is the day I joined in my profile.)

Anyway it is awesome to see that with two weeks remaining, people can still gain a lot of pearls. Arkley is well on his way to getting a long pearl rosary.

And keep coming up with new chapters, characters and the like. Let us see the rich history that is the Dark Angels Legion.


+EDITED+ To reduce the awkwardness surrounding a 'necklace.'

Edited by Grand Master Belial
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Hmm. Well I think I'm still short pearls then if my article was two!


Not ever sure it got the stamp of actual approval though, and I certainly know spots I could add to it now... :teehee:

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Viruses do not bother a venerable dreadnought such as Shadow Guard. He slumbers from the boards for a period of time, but when he comes back to action - The boards are in for a wild time! The Lion knows that because of the PtR competition of his; a core of dedicated, consistent painters have been be identified and trained to decimate the LPC competition. By the Emperor, I can remember when he recruited me from Portent/WarSeer. (Which is the day I joined in my profile.)


Anyway it is awesome to see that with two weeks remaining, people can still gain a lot of pearls. Arkley is well on his way to getting a pearl necklace.


And keep coming up with new chapters, characters and the like. Let us see the rich history that is the Dark Angels Legion


Thanks for the vote of confidence GMB..... The Chaptermaster Badges will be redone at the end of the PtR to make the BHoA a timeless event.... and all approved chaptermasters will get their unique chapter add-on badges; There are four winners of the original BHoA who have yet to receive their physical rewards that were promised them and I admire their courteous nature in never ever requesting their dues. Rest assured afetr the end of the PtR this oversight will be rectified after which i shall spend 30 days of penance for dereliction of victual duties!


Woohoo does this actually mean I've netted the required 6 white pearls? Hmmm wonder if I could shoot for 10......


The TWO additional pearls awarded for participation in the BHoA must be accompanied by atleast one painteed character or unit in the DIY chapter's livery.... Looking at your entries you will receive two more white pearls for the RW Knight Squadron for february which will take tyou to SIX pearls... If you have painted a single unit/character in your DIY chapter colours you will receive TWO more...Can you confirm if you have done this?


Hmm. Well I think I'm still short pearls then if my article was two!


Not ever sure it got the stamp of actual approval though, and I certainly know spots I could add to it now... :teehee:


You are correct and the records have been rectified. You now hold 8 White Pearls.



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I am working on some stuff tomorrow. I hope to get a Combat Squad and either Dark Master Kronos painted or a new Company Master I just built. Perhaps both.


DOn't forget to make an oath for both the combat squad and the BHoA entry in the Path to Redemption thread in order to qualify for the three White Pearls... :)



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@ GMB: Where I'm from, a "Pearl Necklace" has a completely different meaning......I'm getting funny looks from around....




To be more in line with the fluff it should be a Rosary, but then it is only for Interrogator-Chaplains. 


+EDIT+ Had to look up that reference. Point noted.

Edited by Grand Master Belial
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CHAPTER NAME:..................................Guardians of the Covenant

FOUNDING:..........................................unknown, possibly 8th or earlier

CHAPTER WORLD:...............................Mortikah VII

GENE-SEED (PREDECESSOR)...............Dark Angels

KNOWN DESCENDANTS........................None



Guardians of the Covenant

The Story of Gedael


Extracts from Archive log 1366907A-3F


Gedael crouched at the edge of the clearing idly thumbing the selector switch of his rifle as the Thunderhawk settled to the ground in front of him, his camouflage cloak shifting gently in the breeze. The ramp lowered and a lone figure emerged, encased in armour the colour of flame-blackened steel. Blue robes covered his shoulders, sweeping aside as the figure moved purposefully down the ramp to the forest floor below. The figure reached the bottom of the ramp, turned to face Gedael and beckoned.


Gedael smiled, knowing that although he was effectively invisible to normal eyes, the subtle powers of a Chronicler Librarian would not be so easily fooled. Standing, he stalked towards the gunship, halting and kneeling several metres from the Librarian.


The armoured figure spoke, repeating the words he had said a hundred times before, on a hundred different worlds, “Petitioner Gedael, you aspire to join the ranks of our battle brothers, and leave the 10th Company which has been your home. You have called and we have descended from the void. Have you completed the task that was given by the Keeper of Mysteries?”


His head remaining bowed, Gedael replied in the ancient form without yet understanding the full meaning of the words, “I have returned from the wasteland. My task is complete, and yet my burden is just beginning. I become Unforgiven, but you cannot grant me forgiveness. I would return to the fortress to petition the Keeper.”


“Very well, Gedael, rise and enter.”





The origins of the Guardians of the Covenant are shrouded in mystery, much like that of other Unforgiven Chapters. What is known is that they are asuccessor chapter of the Dark Angels, and that they adopted the world of Mortikah VII some time after their founding. In the records maintained by the Inquisition, this homeworld adoption is known to have taken place prior to M35, when the world was rediscovered by explorator fleets, which could place the origins of the chapter around the time of the 8th Founding in mid-M34. This is speculation, however, and there are possibilities and rumours that the chapter dates back as far as the days of the Great Crusade where it could have operated as part of the 1st Legion.



Gedael knelt in the shadowy alcove, quietly speaking to the servo-skull scribe floating in front of him. Almost fifty alcoves cut deep trenches into the walls of the Chamber of Authors, although at this time only three were occupied. Gedael had knelt unmoving for 96 hours since returning to the Chapter fortress on Mortikah VII, and felt stiff and fatigued despite the improved metabolism of his gene-enhanced body. His report was almost complete, however, and his mind turned to the upcoming interrogation by the Chroniclers and Masters of Sacraments. The Librarians and Chaplains would no doubt be true to form in their questioning, ensuring that he had completed his mission to the harsh standards required, before recommending him to join the 9th Company as a full battle brother.


The servo-skull’s mechanical eye blinked in front of him, giving the impression of impatience where none existed. Gedael realised he had stopped speaking, and quickly regained his focus. He was nearing the end of his tale, one that a human youth might find full of heroes and derring-do, but which for him was simply the culmination of 2 years of lone intelligence gathering for the databanks of the Chapter. His mind strayed briefly once more, contemplating the irony of a Space Marine scout carrying out secret intelligence gathering operations against an Imperial world.


And such intelligence that he had gathered!





The mountainous world of Mortikah VII lies near the Western Rim of the Imperium in the Segmentum Pacificus. Its denizens are a hard but peaceful people, descended from the original human settlers from the time of the Stellar Exodus, prior to the Dark Age of Technology and the fall of mankind’s first interstellar empire. They carve out their existence subsistence farming in the highlands, or in the nomadic herding of great beasts of burden and cattle in the lowlands.


High in one of the great ranges lies the fortress monastery of the Guardians of the Covenant, a beacon to the human inhabitants of the power and might of the Imperium of Man. However, below the surface of these majestic mountains lies a darker realm, to which the outside world is not privy, for the guardians of that dark realm are a tight-lipped and close-ranked as any of the Unforgiven.


A Veteran Sergeant of the 2nd Company, leading the charge

Yet even the wildest speculation would not come close to the mark. During the time of the Great Crusade, the 1st Legion was personally led by the Emperor in the days before the finding of the Lion on Caliban. During that time, the Legion found the Mortikah system, and compliance was easily achieved over the seventh planet, its only inhabitable world. The human iterators accompanying the Legion fleet were amazed at the uncanny mental ability of the local population to preserve historical information dating back thousands of years. Hearing of this, the Emperor himself came to visit the world, and decreed that Mortikah VII would be a place of knowledge and art, and set to work the creation of a massive repository for the works of the Great Crusade and the History of Mankind. The most gifted of the inhabitants would assist the iterators and remembrancers of the Crusade in storing and interpreting the enormous quantities of data pouring in from the fleets of the Crusade. The Mortikans blessed and revered the Emperor for his gift.


Years passed, and the repository grew ever larger and more impressive. But beneath its noble exterior, there lay hidden a more sinister aspect. Known for his introspective and insightful manner, Lion el’Jonson saw a deeper purpose behind the Emperor’s actions in creating the repository on a world controlled by the 1st Legion, and set in motion the collection of information and military intelligence on any threat to either the Emperor’s rule or the actions of the 1st Legion. Techmarines loyal to the Legion were stationed on Mortikah VII to oversee the data security and integrity of the repository, and librarians used to mine the repository for information of use to the 1st Legion in their military actions. Over time, these Astartes became known only as the Guardians.


After the terrible years of the Heresy and the Fall of Caliban, contact was lost with Mortikah VII, and the fate of the Guardians became unknown.


Indeed, it would be several millennia until the planet was rediscovered by the Imperium, with the Explorator fleets finding a world on which superficially little had changed over time. During initial contact with the elders of the highland tribes, who by this time had styled themselves “guardians”, a single question was asked which set in motion a train of events leading to the present day.


“Where is the 1st Legion, the Angels of Death? For only with them will we speak.”


Within a short time, a small fleet of Dark Angels had arrived, and in secret conclave with the elders they relearned of the Emperor’s decree and the Primarch’s hidden repository. Indeed, it was only then that the fate of the original garrison was discovered. After countless years without contact from either Caliban or the 1st Legion fleet, and with the hidden data repository in danger of failing without intervention, the garrison Techmarines took the unprecedented decision to hardwire themselves and the garrison librarians into the data repository. They remain sentient over the millennia, their minds roaming the archives and protecting the records from corruption. Although so subsumed into the data stacks that direct conversing is difficult for all but the most gifted of the savants using the repository, they now act as an oracle for the Dark Angels, sifting through the vast amounts of data that are constantly added, looking for patterns that will yield clues in the hunt for the Fallen and the enemies of the Legion.


Within weeks of this meeting, more Astartes had arrived, clad in silver and black armour obscured by flowing red robes. Declaring themselves to be the ‘Guardians of the Covenant of the Emperor and the Lion’, bearers of a sacred duty given to them by the Supreme Grandmaster of the Dark Angels, they declared Mortikah VII to be under their protection, and re-occupied the great fortress in the mountains, delving deeper into the bedrock for a purpose none outside the Unforgiven can say.



Twelve hours later, Gedael stopped speaking and stood. Turning, he strode purposefully over to the duty Sergeant and bowed. “All done Gedael?” asked the Sergeant, smiling and ignoring protocol for once. As fate would have it, the Scout Sergeant had supervised most of Gedael’s early training, and was pleased to see him on the verge of becoming a full battle brother.


“I have, Sergeant”, replied Gedael, “and I place myself at the convenience of the Interrogators”.


“Good. Return to your cell and await them, Gedael, but take sustenance first. You will need your strength for the trial that awaits.”




Brother Sergeant Ixara, Veterant Sergeant of the Tutores Foederis

The Guardians of the Covenant have extensive battle arenas where they train in the subtle art of war. Their study of the tactical writings of the Lion and other prominent Astartes allow them to see patterns of war often before the first enemy has deployed for battle. Through the study of an enemy’s culture and military drill, they know their enemy as well they know themselves. In battle, they attain victory with very few casualties. Many an Imperial Commander has also benefited from their advice, shortening what would normally be a very lengthy conflict to one lasting only a matter of weeks or months. To that end, many Imperial units and even some other Astartes Chapters have requested their help in devising new training procedures and to develop new battlefield tactics. Though this knowledge comes with a hidden price; for the Guardians study their allies as eagerly as their foes.


Unusually for a marine chapter, the Guardians of the Covenant make use of non-psyker Librarians to record the activities of any that might be deemed a threat to the Imperium or the Unforgiven. This process is not without risk and it is up to the Interrogator-Chaplains and the true Librarians to verify the reports and to check their purity.


The Guardians of the Covenant will study their opponents closely before committing to action. During this time they study patterns within patterns, terrain features, and equipment all the while formulating plans to counteract any perceived strengths and exploit the most minor of weaknesses. It was this scholarly aspect to their combat doctrine that gained them their most celebrated victory against the Lelith incursion. The Lelith, a brutal and warlike species, were slowly and inexorably subjugating an entire sub-sector out near the Western Rim of the Segmentum Pacificus. The Guardians of the Covenant, being one of the closest Chapters of Space Marines, were sought out for assistance by the Sector Imperial Commanders when it became clear that the fight against the Lelith could not be won by conventional means. Initially, the Chapter appeared to do nothing, save for acknowledging the request. For two long years, the Imperial Commanders sent plea after plea, but the Guardians were unmoved. Then, without warning, a large fleet appeared over the Imperial Command world, the entire Chapter of the Guardians of the Covenant were moving to deploy. Assuming command of the sub-sector, the Astartes dispersed their fleet, taking with them only the most elite Imperial formations, and in a sequence of lightning raids over the course of a single month, crippled the logistical backbone of the Lelith occupying forces. Forced into retreat, the Guardians ambushed and annihilated the Lelith fleet, and subsequently launched a crusade into the heart of the Lelith empire, bringing it to its knees within 5 years. When asked by the Imperial Command why the Chapter had not acted sooner, the Grandmaster of the Chapter was brief in his reply, saying only this, "Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win."


Of particular note, the Guardians of the Covenant have become a bane of the agents of the traitorous Alpha Legion. Many a plan had been unravelled by the discrete intervention of the Guardians, educating the wayward agents back into the Emperor’s Light and revealing the folly of the Alpha Legions plans.



The Keeper of Mysteries looked up from his desk as the Master of Sacraments entered his chamber.


“You have read the report of Petitioner Gedael, Brother?”


“I have, Lord Keeper.”


“And your thoughts......” The Keeper left the words hanging as he leant back into the overly large chair.


“His words are, well, I am honestly not sure how to describe them, My Lord.”


The Keeper sighed, “The Master of Sacraments at a loss for words. Not something that happens every day. Let’s just say that they are not what we were anticipating when we sent him on the mission. You must administer this trial personally Brother. Zianor will be your Chronicler.”


“As you wish, Lord Keeper.”





The Guardians of the Covenant follow the Codex Astartes and Requiem Angelis to a similar extent as other Unforgiven chapters, and as such are, on the surface, hard to distinguish organisationally from the Dark Angels.


1st Company


The ‘Tutores Foederis’, or Tutores for short, are the Inner Circle of the Guardians of the Covenant. Led by Prefect Chamuel, the Company takes its operational lead from the Dark Angel's Deathwing, exclusively wearing Tactical Dreadnought (or Terminator) armour in battle, and preferring teleport assault over other forms of delivery into combat. The term 'Tutores' holds a dual meaning within the chapter. On the one hand meaning 'Teacher', the term reflects the guiding role the Inner Circle have in training and instructing their brethren in the esoteric ways of the Unforgiven. However, the term has an alternative meaning: Guardian. The Inner Circle are, quite literally, the Guardians of the sacred and most secret Covenant laid down by the Grandmaster of the Dark Angels prior to the Chapter’s arrival at Mortikah VII.


2nd Company - Quesitores Vindictae (The Seekers of Forgiveness)


The 2nd Company, the Quesitores, uses speed and stealth to act as the eyes and ears of the Chapter. Venerating the bike, speeder and fighter, the Company excels at lightning fast raids on the enemy, completing assaults themselves, or paving the way for accurate teleport assault of the Terminator armoured 1st Company. Its two most senior officers, Prefect Cassiel (Grandmaster) and Magister Sacrorum Orfiel (Interrogator Chaplain) exemplify the flexible nature required in commanding and controlling a fluid and rapidly changing battlespace. The Seekers have a dual role within the Chapter, not only acting as fast attack and reconnaissance troops, but also spearheading the Chapter's hunt for the Fallen.


Other companies operate as Battle companies as per the Codex Astartes. However, two subtle variations appear in the Guardians of the Covenant. First is the size of the Scout Company, and the second variation is with the Techmarines. While the number of Techmarines is not unusual, their aloof character seems to be absent. Of particular note are the occasions where marines would assist Techmarines in working on an assortment of machines, indicating that the even the secrets of the Adeptus Mechanicus are not hidden from the scholarly Guardians. Although the secrets of the repository are not known to the wider Imperium, it is clear that the melding of the original garrison of Techmarines and librarians to the data store has altered the way Techmarines are viewed within the chapter.


10th Company - Auctores (The Authors)


The 10th Company is shrouded in mystery, far more so than would normally be expected of a Space Marine Chapter’s scout company. On the surface they act as any other 10th Company, training recruits and inducting them into the ways of the Astartes. Under that surface lies a more esoteric purpose. On achieving the rank and position of battle brother, a Space Marine would normally leave the 10th Company and progress into the Devastator Squads of 9th Company, but this process appears delayed within the Guardians of the Covenant, although why this should be remains unclear. The hidden truth is that their scouts are not permitted to achieve the rank of Battle Brother until they have conducted a successful reconnaissance and intelligence gathering mission, and returned to the chapter fortress to scribe their report. Both the purpose of these missions and their targets are unknown. The Commander of the 10th Company, or Grandmaster of Recruits and Keeper of Mysteries, is also something of an enigma. On achieving the position, this senior member of the Inner Circle steps aside from the normal Command structure of the Chapter and will never again set foot outside the Chapter fortress, and for this reason the other members of the Inner Circle may give their lives for the Emperor, safe in the knowledge that the secrets of the Chapter and its role within the Unforgiven would be maintained. In fact, the Grandmaster of Recruits is considered second only in rank and seniority to the Grandmaster of the Chapter. His personal heraldry is that of an empty scabbard, but which sword it is waiting for is known only to him, the Council of Grandmasters, and one other.


Senior Ranks


The Chapter is led by Grandmaster, the Lord Guardian, who sits on the Council of Grandmasters. Second in Command is the Grandmaster of Recruits and Keeper of Mysteries, the 10th Company Commander. Two other Grandmasters complete the Senior positions, the Grandmaster of the Tutores, and Grandmaster of the Quaesitores, the 1st and 2nd Company Masters respectively.




Brother Sergeant Furlac, 1st Sergeant of the 3rd Guardian Company, leading a combat squad of Brother Guardians

Gedael stumbled to one knee, centred himself, and slowly rose once more. Blood pooled on the stone floor of the cell, his blood. In a bizarre parody of normal human thought processes, his mind flickered between thoughts of having to clean the cell, and whether or not there would be stains for the next occupant to see if he didn’t survive to clean the mess. Two armoured figures slowly revolved around him as he struggled to focus on them in his psychically addled state. Blue robe, black robe, blue robe, black robe .... it seemed to go on forever. He snapped back into focus, drawing on the reserves of his strength, and took stock of his surroundings once more. This was his cell, the one he had slept in for the entirety of his training when not off planet or engaged in field exercises. It was the way of the Chapter, prisoners were interrogated in the hidden dungeons, petitioners and battle brothers in their own cells. By this subtle difference alone did he know that he was still in consideration for joining the ranks of the battle brothers, and not simply being tortured to death.


The black robe halted in front of him, “Chronicler Zianor, you are sure you detect no taint?”


The blue robed figure responded front behind Gedael, “I am certain, Brother, he tells the truth, shocking though that truth might be.”


The Chaplain lifted Gedael’s chin, the gentleness of the movement making a mockery of the physical and psychic punishment he had been dealt over the past week. “Petitioner Gedael, you have returned from the wasteland, and your task is complete. Your burden has begun.” The ritual words energised Gedael; was he nearing the end of his ordeal? And yet, as soon as he had begun, the Chaplain deviated from the ritual. “Gedael, the report you have filed contains revelations which are difficult to believe. No, difficult is not the correct term. They are abhorrent to the Chapter. And yet there is no taint within you, and both I and Brother Zianor can detect no deceit. You present us with a puzzling situation. Await our return.”


With that, both robed figures swept from the cell, leaving the door swinging open. This is unusual, thought Gedael, as he sank to the floor and finally passed out.





The Guardians of the Covenant attempt to learn all that they can of the enemy prior to deployment so that in combat they will be unsurprised by anything that they may encounter. This has served them well over the years for there are legends told throughout many allied units of the nigh unshakable demeanour of a Guardian of the Covenant. One particular legend had a combat squad of Guardians on a world targeted by the Tyranids. This particular squad stood motionless as a Lictor terrorized the local PDF regiment sent to destroy it. The PDF troopers were in a state of panic but the Guardians stood resolutely still save for a single shot. The Lictor was found dead some days later from the bolt wound, but by then the Guardians of the Covenant had left the battle site without fanfare.


The Guardians understand that knowledge is the power by which the 1st Legion was undone at the time of the fall of Caliban, and understand the need to keep the knowledge of the Fallen and the history of the Unforgiven safe from prying eyes. The battle brothers venerate learning as much as martial skill, and devote much time to studying the data held deep within the fortress monastery. In addition, Battle Brothers are expected and encouraged to delve deep into the ancient written archive to further their learning, and are regularly tasked with scribing ancient texts, lest they be lost due to the ravages of time. As they rise through the ranks, they are indoctrinated further into the secrets of the Unforgiven, and learn of the dark days of Heresy and thefall of Luther.


The Guardians do not worship the Emperor as a God, understanding that the Imperial Truth proclaimed at the time of the Crusade was wholly and unconditionally believed by the Primarch. In fact, the repository contains one of only two full and uncorrupted copies of the teachings of the Lion, the 1st Legion equivalent of Roboute Guilliman’s Codex Astartes.


The Guardians are suspicious of the Ecclesiarchy, believing them to have fundamentally undermined the core tenets of the Emperor’s vision for the Imperium of Man.


The Chaplains and Chronicler Librarians are key to preserving the purity of the Chapter

An hour later the robed Astartes returned, flanking a third figure robed in red and armoured in gold. The golden figure entered the cell, and knelt in front of Gedael, laying a hand on the arm of the slowly stirring Scout.


“Gedael” he said gently, “I make no apology for the harshness of the interrogation carried out by Attaris and Zianor. It was necessary in order to satisfy ourselves that you had not been compromised by our enemies. Now, look me in the eye and answer a single question. Did you see it with your own eyes?”


Gedael looked into his eyes with trepidation, the breach of protocol almost unmanning him, “Yes, My Lord Guardian, as close as you are to me now.”


The Chapter Master of the Guardians of the Covenant nodded, stood and turned to the others. “Brother Attaris, continue the trial in accordance with the Requiem Angelis, I will investigate this matter personally. Zianor, follow me and kindly inform the Keeper of Mysteries that I require his presence in the Inner Sanctum.” With those words spoken, he pulled the red robe around his body and departed, Zianor close behind.


Interrogator Chaplain Attaris, Master of Sacraments, moved slowly into the cell.


“Stand, Gedael”, he said firmly. Gedael pulled himself up a final time.


“Petitioner Gedael, you have returned from the wasteland, and your task is complete. Your burden has begun”, the Chaplain repeated his earlier words. This time however, he continued the ritual. “You have become Unforgiven, but I cannot grant you forgiveness. You have been found worthy, and may petition the Keeper.”


The Chaplain turned and walked out of the room, stopping once at the door and turning. A rare smile crossed Attaris’ face and he fixed Gedael with his piercing gaze, “Well done brother, you will be a credit to the ranks, and have strength enough for the Chaplaincy...... should the Chapter survive that long”.



Role withing the Unforgiven


The Guardians of the Covenant seem to be the least likely to blindly follow a rumour regarding the Fallen Dark Angels, preferring to study, gather information and wait until acting. In truth, the scholarly studies of the Guardians have yielded many of the Fallen that have turned away from fighting altogether to enjoy a simple life in a remote part of the Imperium.


Like all Chapters of the Unforgiven, the Guardians are tight-lipped about their history, beliefs and operational motives, and there are secrets more subtle and dark than the Covenant with the Emperor held deep within the caverns of the Chapter fortress. The nature of these is obscure, although if keen-eyed observers were allowed to live to share their stories, they would undoubtedly mention the regularity with which Grandmasters of all of the Unforgiven Chapters visit Mortikah, and possibly note the fact that behind the walls of their fortress the Guardians use ancient terminology when referring to each other, appellations which have not been heard for 10,000 years. It is for these reasons and more that the Chapter's inner sanctums are hidden from all but the highest ranking members of the Unforgiven, and most especially from the most prying eyes of the Imperium, for if those secrets were to be revealed......


Uppermost in the functions of the Guardians is the provision of knowledge. The repository of data left in the care of the chapter is a living breathing archive, and provides intelligence and information to all of the Unforgiven chapters.


Second only to this is the spiritual role of the chapter. As keepers of the ancient teachings of the Primarch, but out of the ‘limelight’ taken by the Dark Angels and other more celebrated successors, the Guardians are in a favourable position to offer guidance to the senior commanders of the Unforgiven, acting as advisors of historical precedent or offering examples of the Lion’s wisdom to assist in critical decision making. It is as the spiritual guardians of the Legion that the chapter helps to maintain the delicate balance between fulfilling the needs of the Imperium and the duty to hunt the Fallen.


Last but not least is a role entirely unknown to those outside the most senior of Unforgiven. If the Consecrators are the keepers of the most ancient wargear and relics of the 1st Legion, the ‘Armourers of the Legion’ if you will, then the Guardians of the Covenant could be thought of as the General Staff of the Legion. Deep within the bowels of the fortress monastery on Mortikah VII, far from the Rock and the prying eyes of the Inquisition, the war council meets, awaiting the end times.....




The Keeper of Mysteries bowed deeply, the act casting even deeper shadows across his hooded mien. “Welcome, Supreme Grandmaster, to our humble fortress.”


A flicker of a smile shot across Azrael's eyes, although the rest of his face remained impassive. “You haven’t changed, my old friend.”


“Changed, My Lord? There are those that would declare change to be tantamount to heresy.”


A snort of derision erupted from beneath a third hooded robe. The figure, swathed in black, approached the pair and declared, “And those fools would have damned us all a hundred times over if they knew the truth of it”.


“My Lord Consecrator”, replied the Keeper of Mysteries, once again bowing deeply. “I thank you for your presence. I regret that my own Lord Guardian is absent at this time. However I have been instructed to take his place in the Inner Sanctum”.


“Very well”, said Azrael, “is the rest of the Council assembled?”


"My Lords of Redemption and Absolution are not in attendance, Lord Azrael”, responded the Keeper, reverting to the vernacular, “they are currently prosecuting rumour and supposition in the search for our dark brethren.”


“Do not refer to them as such, Keeper”, snarled the Lord Consecrator, “they are traitors who do not deserve the accolade of being called brethren.”


“As you say, My Lord. Nevertheless, once they were called our brothers, and we do well to remember it”. The Keeper motioned for the two Chapter Masters to follow, and led them towards a shadowy alcove in the corner of the chamber. Hidden in the recesses of the alcove, the entrance to a long narrow corridor could be glimpsed, flanked by two hulking members of the 1st Company elite, the Tutores Foederis. A pair of storm bolters rose to the ready as the trio approached, and the terminators moved to block the entrance. The Keeper of Mysteries spoke the approved words of passage, and the guards stepped aside, raising their powerfists to the salute.


The trio of Unforgiven entered the long corridor, and began the twisting and torturous descent to the chamber hidden deep in the bedrock of Mortikah VII. Braziers lined the corridors and passageways, the crossed swords icon of the Guardians of the Covenant backlit by deep red flames, echoing the Chapter colours from time immemorial.


Finally, they completed their descent, halting in front of a pair of doors crafted in ancient days from the trees of lost Caliban, flanked by a second pair of Tutores Foederis. Placing his palm against the sigil in the centre of the doors, the Keeper spoke the words of entry, and they swung inward, revealing the hidden Council chamber, and the waiting Chapter Masters of the 1st Legion, the Lion’s Legion, the true Dark Angels.



Chapter Motto


Power through Knowledge


Strength through Thought

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Here is another IA, hope it meets with approval.


@GMB - I'll pass on the Pearl Necklace lol:sick: ... But a rosary sounds very nice :whistling:  



GENE-SEED (PREDECESSOR):- Angels of Redemption
FOUNDING:- 23rd ? 154.M38
CHAPTER MASTER:- Alexandros Hannas
SPECIALITY:- Fast Attack Squads (Bikes, Landspeeders and Aircraft)
BATTLE CRY:- ?Our eyes see all!!!?

The Jade Ravens Space Marines Chapter





It is noted that the 23rd Founding was believed to be an attempt to increase the power and reach of the Adeptus Astartes*, the High Lords of Terra usually loath to use the pure gene-seed of the Dark Angels. They however took the decision to use the Angels of Redemption as the template so the Jade Ravens were born. However this time the Unforgiven are either unaware of their new brothers or have chosen to ignore their existence. 
What was made clear is the Chapter already has a world to call home, and an impressive start to their strength over 500 Marines were brought out of incubation, which would lead some outsiders to consider they might be clones, however the truth is far simpler, the Chapter has been planned for centuries and measures were taken to provide the Jade Ravens with a solid base to work from. 

Home World

Calydon is situated near the Halo Stars in Segmentum Obscurus, is a dry Wasteland planet with very little water, this breeds a tough population used to fighting for water. Water is considered to be more valuable than all the precious stones and metals the planet has.
The population is divided into warbands/clans, these groups take to the world in makeshift bikes, buggies and trucks not too dissimilar to the Orks. The fight for fresh water sources rages on daily, some Clans have held water sources for centuries only to have it taken from them by some usurpers.
It is noted nothing lasts on Calydon, if there was any normal civilisation they have been dust for millennia. And what happened to them is a mystery, it is clear there was no apocalyptic or catastrophic disaster. 
It has been known for Clans to try and chase down Space Marine Bikers and Scouts, some of the Chapters Heroes have become Space Marines with the daring attacks on the recon elements of the Chapter. Some however are killed for the shear audacity. This is usually the case if a Chaplain is not present.
However once a member of the Jade Ravens they are all that matters, the struggle for water has little meaning for these Gods of War.

Combat Doctrine
Like most Space Marine chapters the Jade Ravens are very well adept as all schools of warfare, whether it is Sieges, Void Wars or Droppod Assaults, but their main forte lays in Bikes and Landspeeders. This could be seen as an influence of their Primogenitors, whatever the case they do rely very heavily on this doctrine. This is also noted in the Chapters structure, there has been numerous sightings of heavy Buggies and Quad Bikes in their Armoury, it is likely these are not ratified by Mars but this has not stopped them using these vehicles. 
They limit the use of Terminator Armour even thou they do have access to a vast store of this armour, it is considered too slow for their style of warfare and is limited to the Company Veterans of the Battle Companies and the Honour Guard of the Chapter Master. Devastators are used in little numbers too these are usually reserved to the 6th, 7th and 8th Companies.


This is where the Jade Ravens do not function like either a Codex Chapter or Unforgiven.
1st Company
The Jade Ravens do not have a Veteran Company as standard, their 1st is purely made up of the Watchmen the riding elite of the Chapter, each marine granted promotion to the Watchmen are grizzled veterans, who have become one with their Bikes. They are the Hammer of the Jade Ravens.
2nd to 5th Companies
As with standard chapters these would be considered the Battle Companies, they are only known as the Lightning Companies, all dedicated to Bikes, Quads, Buggies and Landspeeders. 
6th to 8th 
Most chapters have 4 Reserve Companies, The Jade Ravens have only 1 the 9th. The 6th, 7th and 8th are standard Battle Companies.
As the sole reserve company the 9th are always based as Calydon, however there are always 10 seconded to Deathwatch.
Like most chapters the Jade Ravens have a Scout company, it however is not surprising to see the high use of Bikes and Buggies in the Scouts. Scouts not suitable for one of the Lightning Companies will be placed in the Battle Companies instead. 
It is not unknown for most Scout Biker Squadrons to be attached to the Lightning Companies on permanent duty once their skill has been determined, this is in fact encouraged.
The Chapter does not have a Inner Circle like the Unforgiven, so there is no record of any Interrogator Chaplains, they do however make use of standard Chaplains they are used to asses new recruits. Chaplains of the Jade Ravens are always some of the oldest Veterans of the Chapter, years of warfare have calmed them down and as such become linchpins in the Chapters organisation. The solid base to the chapters almost wild streak.
They do have Terminator Squads but these are reserved for sole use in the Battle Companies as the 1st Squad of each Company uses this armour. The Chapter Master does have a bodyguard of Terminators known as the Eyes of the Raven.

 Appearance and Iconography


The Jade Ravens name comes from the Teal armour they wear, They paint the inner shoulder plates and their helmets red, any robes worn are usually of a cream colour.


The chapter symbol is a stylised white Raven. they make use of standard Codex designated marking for squad identification. 


As they are not considered part of the Unforgiven or even knowing who their Primogenitors are the Jade Ravens do not venerate the Primarch Lion El'Jonson. They view the the Emperor as a extremely gifted man and consider themselves his sons. 
Given the type of planet they come from is it not unexpected to see the beliefs of Might makes Right in the chapters Beliefs, it has been known for personal disagreements to be settled in a joust like old Knights on Terra millennia ago, races and other contests have also been used. 
The other unique part of the Jade Ravens is their reverence over the standard Space Marine Bike, each marine that becomes a member of the Lightning Companies is expected to service and maintain their own bikes.  It is considered one of the highest honours of the Chapter to become a member of the elite Watchmen Bike Squads




As befits all Dark Angels and their Successors the Gene-seed is still as pure as ever, there have been no reported issues in the Chapters supply of gene-seed. 



?Our eyes see all!!!?


Fleet Assets



The Jade Ravens are blessed with 3 Battle Barges and 3 Strike Cruisers with various Fighter escorts and Thunderhawks.
Battle Barges
The Jade Raven ? Flagship 
The Watcher ? the personal ship of the Lightning Companies
Calydons Rage
Strike Cruisers
Ravens Fury
Sword of Calydon
Jade Knight


Selected Battles

298-301.M39 ? Raven Scars.
The Jade Ravens answered the call of a White Scars Khan who was given the honour of leading a Crusade into some Ork infested system. The Jade Ravens and White Scars led the raid on the main Warboss's base, killing him in what was one of the most daring plans of the crusade. It is also 1 of 2 battles where the entire Chapter fought, over 500 bikes took to the field in the Battle of Ralh Plains
The White Scars Khan Chuluun and Captain Symeon shared a bond of brotherhood that still exists today, both Chapters honour each other for their skills in lightning fast attacks.

Heroes of Note
Alexandros Hannas ? The Watcher ? Eyes of the Raven ? Chapter Master
Alexandros is the oldest Marine of the Jade Ravens at 784 years old he is a veteran of war few marines ever get to see, age has certainly not dulled his senses, he was the Captain of the Watchmen for over 3 centuries. He was considered a maverick of the chapter, his use of unorthodox tactics earned him a few detractors in the Chapters Command structure as his tactics usually got the job done expertly these naysayers could only sit in silence.
When the previous Chapter Master died it was as much as a surprise to Alexandros than anyone else when he was voted into office with a 9 to 1 vote, himself voting for Iason Petros. His first action was to promote Iason to the Captain of the Watchmen
His maverick streak calmed down, now he was the Leader of the Jade Ravens and he would make sure he would act as such. Still known for some strange tactics his age and tempered him like steel.
His bike is now a relic of the Chapter as he now takes the field in Terminator Armour with is Bodyguard. His weapons of choice are his Thunder Hammer (Mace) and Storm Shield.
Captain Alexandros before his promotion to Chapter Master
Brother Aniketos K.I.A Battle of Rether Prime
* = Give credit where it is due I borrowed that idea from here Founding Info
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Yet another IA this time another Chaos one :).
GMB if this is not appropriate please let me know :)
FOUNDING:- 24rd M39 (Approx)
CHAPTER MASTER:- Lord of Pain Dragos the Fiend
CHAPTER WORLD:- Nath Raetoh Eye of Terror
BATTLE CRY:- 'We will flay you alive!!!'
KNOWN DESCENDANTS:- 3 Factions with Chapter

The Angels of Excess Space Marines Traitor Chapter





The Angels of Excess's origins are shrouded in mystery it is clear their gene-seed is Dark Angels, their fall to Chaos has been well documented, they were originally called the Knights of Judgement. Over the space of 300 years after their founding they led a crusade into the Eye of Terror with 3 other marine chapters. 
This however proved to be their downfall, more and more extreme measures were exercised, torment and torture became common place in the Knights of Judgement, Apothecaries found more ways to inflict pain secret knowledge they should never have had was passed to them through means of willing victims to their charnel pits, Chaplains sermons became words of hatred and rage, it became clear to the other chapters that the Knights has fell from grace, but they were not alone in this the other chapters fractured and split as the years went by one in particular the Kings of Iron had fallen to the worship of Khorne were 8 of their Chaplains had given over to possession of a band of Blood Letters known as the Ring of Blood.
It was considered one of the worse crusades undertaken by Space Marines, it should be noted that all these chapters were under 500 years old at the time of the crusade maybe their youth proved their undoing.


Home World


Nath Raetoh is one of the ancient worlds that was originally in the hands of the Eldar before the Fall, now it is nothing more than a planet of torture, pain and pleasure. The planets landscape changes on a daily basis from red dirt to green skies to orange seas and blue mountains. Was it clear is this is a planet of Slaanesh, screams can be heard every hour of the day.


Combat Doctrine
The Knights of Judgement are known for infilcting great pain on their enemies to this end they do have a predilection for close combat mainly the use of Chainswords, Lightning Claws and Power Whips. There has been a number of cults forming within them, Raptor and Noise Marine cults have taken hold in big ways, the chapters original Devastator Company has given themselves over to ways of the Noise Marine cults is it said Fabius Bile himself has modified a good proportion of them for payments in Gene-Seed. 
The 6th and 8th Companies have (de)evolved into Raptor cults. Most of the Chapters Chaplains also belong to them also. 




Before the Chapters fall they operated like a standard Codex Chapter, it is unclear whether the chapter has any connection the Unforgiven it is considered unlikely as the Unforgiven would have hunted them down like dogs for turning traitor with knowledge of the Fallen.
The 1st Company now known as the Pleasure Seekers only wear Terminator armour into battle, where the Chapter acquired this armour is unknown it is clear they have various marks of the armour.
The 2nd to 5th function like a battle company, It is very surprising that the chapter has kept much organisation after their Fall but its clear that it works extremely well for them.
The 6th and 8th Companies have become Raptors, the 6th known as the Damnatus Angelus and the 8th are called the Tenebris Equitem.
The 7th was a standard company now they are the Eyes and Ears of the chapter, as the scout company has long since died out.
The 9th Company is the other Cult faction of the Chapter these are the Knights of Judgement who have taken to find pain and pleasure in excess like the original Noise Marines of the Emperors Children.

Appearance and Iconography


The Knights of Judgement wore dark purple armour with brass trim, the chest eagle notes company, as does the left knee. The chapter symbol was a set of scales in brass.



After their fall to excess and pain they took on a more garish colour scheme, Pink chest and upper legs with the rest of the armour Bone. Armour trims are Gold




It is unknown whether the Knights of Judgement has any faith in the Emperor at all their relative ease in which they fell to chaos would say the chapter was weak in spirit. But it does seem that they have found their calling following the Prince of Pleasure. 




The Knights of Judgement used the Dark Angels Gene-Seed, known to be very pure, but with their fall of pleasure they have had to acquire Gene-Seed by other methods so now the Angels of Excess would be considered bastards to their Dark Angel progenitors.




'We will flay you alive!!!'


Fleet Assets


The Angels of Excess have very little in the way of fleet assets, they have 1 Battlebarge called the Canticle of Pain, one other craft of note is a Thunderhawk Gunship possessed by a Keeper of Secrets named Agony of Shame.


Selected Battles


298.M40 The Martyred Heart.


At the head of a renegade Crusade originally designed to purge worlds in the Eye of Terror, Dargos the Lord of the Angels of Excess returns to the Imperium, the first world attacked was a small moon with a Lesser order of the Adepta Sororitas called the Order of the Martyred Heart. The Sisters of Battle were overwhelmed by the combined power of the 4 chapters and massacred to the last. Their Canoness was pinned to the front of Dargos's personal Land Raider.


Heroes of Note
Due to the age of the chapter when they turned to Chaos they do not record any Heroes of the Knights of Judgement.
Traitors of Note
Dargos - Lord of Pain - The Fiend.
Dargos was the Chapter Master of the Knights of Judgement, he was instrumental in the chapters increased excess. During the first few decades of the Crusade into the Eye of Terror, Dargos demanded more and more extreme methods, flaying prisoners alive for nothing more than a sense of pleasure. Each kill whispered pleasure into his ear, little did he know who was doing the whispering. 
Dargos took possession of a Power Whip taken from a Cultist Leader on the planet, this weapon sealed his fate, the weapon used to be a deadly Demonette of Slaanesh called Lady of Excess, this is also where Dargos got the idea to change the chapters name.
His fall from the Emperors light was complete he was now known as The Lord of Pain, one of the most disturbing things about the Knights of Judgements fall is that there was no dissenters in the ranks, they all accepted the path laid out before them.
Dargos earned the title of Fiend after the systematic destruction of the Order of the Martyred Heart, and the eternal enmity of the Order of the Martyred Lady their original order. He ordered the captured Canoness striped, defiled and pinned to the front of his Land Raider. Her bones remain attached to the Land Raider to this day.
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Dang nabbit Arkley! I'm going to have to create seven new chapters to catch up to you!


Great work there! 


There's talk about upping the bar a little, minimum word count, required image of the chapter badge, if the SM painters are used then more images would be required. Encouraging brothers to paint up actual miniatures in their chapter colors. That old chestnut. 

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