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Sanguinary Terminators


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Hi guys, a few people after seeing my WIP thread have been asking me to make a how to for attaching the Sanguinary Guard chest peaces to a Terminator body.

I have taken a whole bunch of pictures and hopefully you guys will be able to use them to work out how I did it. I'm not really much for writing guides on this kind of thing, but I'll do my best to explain as we go.

First up this is a completed one I built earlier

Step 1
The first thing you need is this peace

You will need to cut the front of the chest plate. I use hobby knife with a fresh blade and rock it back and forth until it cuts through. The flatter and straighter you get this step the easier the rest of the job will be. When you are done it should look like this.

Next just glue the modified peace into the normal Terminator back like this.

Step 2
Next you need to prepare the Sanguinary guard chest peace.

You need to cut the chest peace as flat as possible so that it will easily fit onto the first peace you prepared.
Here is the Before and after shots

After.... Note that I have also cut out the domed part inside the bottom of the chest peace. You need to do this so that you can squeeze terminator legs into the torso later.

I also cut out a little of the top section where you would usually glue the head.
This is important because it can be really hard to fit a head in later. Once you glue the chest on its really hard to cut away the insides unless you have a dremel.

Step 3
Next just glue the 2 peaces together
The flatter you manage to cut the two peaces the easier this stage will be. Also positioning here is really important, Place the chest to high and the head wont fit in the hole. Place it to low and the 2 bottoms won't line up very well. I usually make the chest peace hang just a little lower than the back.

You should allow a little time for your glue to set before a quick clean up to finish the chest off.

Step 4
A quick clean up to make sure all the uneven edges are even will make all the difference
If you didn't cut the 2 peaces really well you may have to use some green stuff to fill in gaps, on this model it wasn't needed as I got the cut really good. A little bit of a trim with the hobby knife has everything lined up nicely. You don't have to be to pro with this part as most of this part will be hidden by the arms and weapons.

Thats all you need to do to make the chest! Building the rest of the Terminator is pretty straight forward so I wont bore you with that!

Hope this is helpful to you all and check out my WIP hopefully I will get around to painting this squad! http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/index.p...howtopic=189585
Skip to page 4 if your only interested in the Terminators!

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