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  1. Preamble So I felt that I would do a blog on Bolter and Chainsword. My reason for doing this is not only to act as motivation for myself, but also to gather advise and information on how to play (and hopefully win) with my Blood Angels as sadly I don't have the best record with them. So I will be posting painting updates, links to my army lists and I also aim to add some battle reports on the off chance I get to have a game, with C&C being welcome on all. Feel free to post or ignore, but to start this blog off here's my favourite picture from a past Apocalypse game: =][= IMAGE REDACTED =][=
  2. Honourable Fraters, Having recently returned to the hobby after 5 editions break, I have been chosen by the Blood Angels. They had always held a special place in my heart. I have been collecting BA miniatures for quite some time now in a very un-orderly fashoin. A chaplain here, a devastator there. At first I was choosing miniatures by their look and feel. Then there was the "hmm-I-might-need-that-one-at-some-point" approach. All in all I have ended up with quite a few kilos of plastic. Some of those were roughly splashed red and sent to battle. Some remained anonymously grey. Having been a long time lurker of these Halls, I finally gathered my courage and joined the the Blood & Zeal 2018 event. This gave me the opportunity to get rid of some of the sprues that were choking my boxes and drawers. Now with the ETL VI I got the motivation to paint at least some of it to the tabletop standard. The hobby has always been about collecting and modelling for me. I'm hoping that this WIP thread will help me along the way. I also strongly feel the need to contribute to the Community that has provided me with inspiration for years :) My force is based on the 5th Company "Daemonbanes" with elements from other companies and Chapter HQ. Currently completed are: ++Chapter HQ++ Commander Dante, Warden of Imperium Nihilus The Sanguinor ++Sanguinary Priesthood++ (1 Sanguinary Priest) Sanguinary Priest (JP) ++Reclusiam++ (5 Chaplains, 1 initiate) High Chaplain Astorath the Grim Chaplain Venerable Dreadnought Chaplain (TDA) Primaris Chaplain Primaris Chaplain on bike Chaplain (JP) Chaplain (PF) Custodian of the Damned (Judiciar) ++Librarius++ (6 Librarians) Chief Librarian Mephiston Librarian Epistolary (TDA) Librarian Epistolary (JP, sword) Librarian Epistolary (JP, Staff) Librarian Epistolary (Phobos) Librarian Dreadnought ++Armoury++ (2 Techmarine) Techmarine Kadmos Primaris Techmarine Malatesta ++Sanguinary Guard++ 7 Sanguinary Guards ++5th Company, "Daemonbanes"++ (96/100 marines + HQ) HQ: Captain Sendini >>JP, TH, Combi-Melta >>Relic blade, MC Bolter Primaris Lieutenant (PS/SS) Company Ancient Company Champion 1st squad Intercessors (10) 2nd squad Intercessors (5) 3rd squad Heavy Intercessors (10) 4th squad Infiltrators (10 +Helix Adept) 5th squad Incursors (10) 6th squad Assault Intercessors (10) 7th squad Outriders (3) 8th squad Inceptors (dakka) (6) 9th squad Devastators (10) 10th squad Hellblasters (10) 11th squad Aggressors (6) 16th squad Inceptors (plasma) (6) Contemptor Dreadnought Redemptor Dreadnought Leviathan Siege Dreadnought Storm Speeder Whirlwind artillery tank Predator battle tank Baal Predator battle tank "Fury" Vindicator siege tank Sicaran battle tank "Wyvern" Kratos heavy assault tank Razorback APC (TAC) x2 Rhino APC Rhino APC (Deimos pattern) Impulsor Firestrike Turret Drop Pod ++1st Company, "Archangels"++ (35 Marines) HQ: Captain Karlaen, Shield of Baal Ancient Radequisto Sternguard Veterans (7) Vanguard Veterans (5) Assault Terminators (Indomitus) (6) (TH/SH, LC) Terminators (Indomitus) (6) (SB/PF, CML, AC) 3rd Squad Vanguard Veterans (5) (PC/SS) 11th Squad Bladeguard Veterans (3) 12th Squad Bladeguard Veterans (2) (3 planned) Terminators (Tartaros) (5 planned) ++3rd Company, "Ironhelms"++ (1 Marine) HQ: Captain Erasmus Tycho, Master of Sacrifice ++8th Company, "Bloodblades"++ (4 Marines) 2 Invader ATVs ++9th Company, "Sunderers"++ (6 Marines) 13th squad Eradicators (4) (6 planned) 14th squad Eradicators (2) (3 planned) ++10th Company, "Redeemers"++ (23 scouts) HQ: Captain Borgio, Master of Recruits 1st squad (CCW +ML (8) 2nd squad (Bolters +HB)(6) 3rd squad (Bolters + HB) (6) 10th squad Scout Bikes (3) --10th Company Vanguard detachment-- (19 Marines) HQ: Vanguard Captain, Master of Reconnaissance Squad Pi Eliminators (3) Squad Sigma Eliminators (3) Squad Omega Eliminators (3) Squad Omega Eliminators (1) (3 planned) 13th squad Suppressors (3) 14th squad Suppressors (3 planned) 15th squad Suppressors (3 planned) 16th squad Incursors (5) (10 planned) ++The Lost++ (12 marines) Chaplain Lemartes Death Company Dreadnought Death Company (6) Death Company Intercessors (5) ++Air Support++ Stormtalon gunship ++Imperial Supporting Elements++ Inquisitor Nicolau d'Salas (another thread) Eversor assassin Culexus assassin (another thread) Callidus assassin (another thread) Imperial Knight Armiger Warglaive
  3. The following thread is to show off your first ever BA paint job(s), alongside your current work. Everyone had to start somewhere and looking back at these older models is more than just a nostalgia exercise; for you it shows off how far you've come on your painting journey and for others, it offers inspiration to those just starting out/looking to improve, and a reason why they should keep at it. *** *** *** To get the ball rolling, here's one of mine (painted maybe twenty years ago) and here's some similar models I did earlier this year:
  4. As many of you are aware, I maintain a bunch of review/guide threads for the Blood Angels, specifically those which aren't found within our Codex. A list of those review/guides can be found here. These review/guides are in constant flux; be it the addition of new units or revamping of the older threads as I become used to the more elaborate bbcode available on the B&C. However, one thing I have always wanted to do is add photos to each entry as it's all well and good someone discussing a model but as we all know, a picture speaks a thousand words. Currently, I have a prototype setup displayed here and whilst I'm happy with it, I'm not happy with the photos chosen. Why? Because they aren't Blood Angels - and this is where you come in. What I'm after is a photo of your model (yes, this includes Successor Chapters) which I can place next to the entry on the guide (naturally fully credited). For the background, either white, black or a photographic gradient of some sort is fine and an excellent guide can be found here (and yes, that's for mobile users!) Below is a list of the photos I need for this task (links go to photos in use): Aggressor Squads Assault Intercessors Assault Squad Astorath Astraeus Super-heavy Tank Attack Bike Baal Predator Bike Squad Brother Corbulo Caestus Assault Ram Captain Captain in Cataphractii Armour Captain in Gravis Armour Captain in Phobos Armour Captain in Terminator Armour Captain on Bike Captain Tycho Chaplain Chaplain in Terminator Armour Chaplain on Bike Chaplain Venerable Dreadnought Chief Librarian Mephiston Chief Librarian Mephiston (Legends) Commander Dante Company Ancient Company Champion Company Veterans Contemptor Dreadnought Contemptor Mortis Dreadnought Damocles Command Tank (regular / Deimos) Death Company Death Company Intercessors Death Company Dreadnought Deathstorm Drop Pod (assault cannon / missile launcher) Deimos Pattern Relic Predator (Predator Cannon / Twin Lascannon / Heavy Conversion Beamer / Plasma Executioner / Magna Melta / Inferno Cannon) Deimos Pattern Vindicator Laser Destroyer Devastators Dreadnought Drop Pod Eliminator Squad Eradicator Squad Fire Raptor Assault Gunship Firestrike Servo-turrets Furioso Dreadnought Gabriel Seth Heavy Intercessor Squad Hellblaster Squad Hunter Imperial Space Marine Impulsor Inceptor Squad Incursor Squad Infernum pattern Razorback Infiltrator Squad Infiltrator Squad Invictor Tactical Warsuit Intercessor Squad Invader ATV Land Raider Land Raider Achilles Land Raider Crusader Land Raider Excelsior Land Raider Helios Land Raider Prometheus Land Raider Redeemer Land Speeder Land Speeder Storm Land Speeder Tempest Land Speeder Tornado Land Speeder Typhoon Lemartes Librarian Librarian Dreadnought Librarian in Phobos Armour Librarian in Terminator Armour Librarian on Bike Lieutenants Lieutenants in Phobos Armour Lieutenants in Reiver Armour Lucius Pattern Dreadnought Drop Pod Malakim Phoros Mortis Dreadnought Outrider Squad Predator Annihilator Predator Destructor Primaris Ancient Primaris Apothecary Primaris Captain Primaris Chaplain Primaris Chaplain on Bike Primaris Librarian Primaris Lieutenants Primaris Techmarine Rapier Carrier (graviton cannon | laser destroyer | quad heavy bolter | quad mortar) Razorback Redemptor Dreadnought Reiver Squad Repulsor Repulsor Exterminator Relic Cerberus Heavy Tank Destroyer Relic Contmeptor Dreadnought Relic Deredeo Dreadnought Relic Falchion Super-heavy Tank Destroyer Relic Fellblade Super-heavy Tank Relic Javelin Attack Speeder (lascannon / missile launcher) Relic Land Raider Proteus Relic Leviathan Dreadnought Relic Mastadon Super-heavy Siege Transport Relic Sicaran Arcus Strike Tank Relic Sicaran Battle Tank Relic Sicaran Omega Tank Destroyer Relic Sicaran Punisher Assault Tank Relic Sicaran Venator Tank Destroyer Relic Spartan Assault Tank Relic Terminator Squad Relic Typhon Heavy Siege Tank Relic Whirlwind Scorpius Rhino Rhino Primaris Sanguinary Ancient Sanguinary Guard Sanguinary Notiviate Sanguinary Priest Sanguinary Priest on Bike Scout Bike Squad Scout Squad Servitors Siege Dreadnought Sokar Pattern Stormbird Stalker Sternguard Squad Storm Eagle Assault Gunship Storm Speeder Hammerstrike Storm Speeder Hailstrike Stormhawk Interceptor Stormraven Gunship Stormtalon Gunship Supressor Squad Tactical Squad Tarantula Air Defence Battery (Air Defence Command Platform / Hyperios Tarantula Sentry Gun ( assault cannon / heavy bolter / lascannon / multi-melta) Techmarine Techmarine on Bike Terminator Ancient Terminator Assault Squad Terminator Squad Termite Assault Drill The Sanguinor Thunderhawk Assault Gunship Thunderhawk Transporter Tycho the Lost Vanguard Veteran Squad Veteran Intercessors Vindicator Whirlwind Whirlwind Hyperios Xiphon Interceptor Please reply below with a suitable photo and I'll cross off the list as we go along. Thanks!
  5. Simple concept folks, what's in your backlog? What models have you yet to complete? Feel free to post them below (and even strike them off as you complete them!)
  6. "So did Lemartes become the Guardian of the Lost, the warden of the Death Company. He has repaid Astorath's faith a thousand times over, for the Death Company have never been so potent a force as they have under his guidance, their modern glories eclipsing deeds of legend." Inspired by the "Today Khârn Killed..." thread in the Codex: CSM forum, let us chart the glories of the Death Company, and record the foes that they slay in the name of the Emperor and Sanguinius. For example, a game vs Astra Militarum my 10 Death company + Corbulo killed: 22 guardsmen including a platoon command squad Sanctioned Psyker 3 leman russes, including a Leman russ punisher with Pask (warlord) What have your death company achieved? How many were there? +++HONOURABLE MENTIONS +++ Big Game Hunter (Biggest Gribbly): 1st: Riptide with 1 remaining death company with powerfist (Ulrock) 2nd: Imperial Knight (Robdukes with 5DC and Lemartes) 3rd: Eldar Cobra (Joelmai with 15DC, Lemartes and Astorath) Headsman (highest kill total): 1st: 50 kills: Charlo (10DC vs Broodlord, 40 gaunts, 10 stealers) 2nd: 45Kills: Bukimimaru (10 DC vs 45 Pink Horrors) 3rd: 40 Kills: Shaezus (Lemartes and 5 DC vs 40 Ork boyz) +++ KILL COUNT +++ Death Company / Chaplain / Lemartes / Astorath used: 936 / 14 / 7 / 5 Adeptus Astartes Space Marines Black Templar Emperors Champion: (1 - Lyrikaus). Black Templar Initiates: 10 (10 - Lyrikaus) Black Templar Neophytes: 5 (5 - Lyrikaus) Bikes: 4 (4 - Luthermax) KoShorro Kahn: 1 (1- Ming) Vulkan He'Stan: 1 (1 - Simison) Space Marine Captains: 2 (1 - Lyrikaus) Chaplains: 2 (1 - Sebs_Evo7) Librarians: 1 (1 - Rottimus) Techmarines: 1 (1 - Simison) Tactical Marines: 55 (8 - Keebleartillery) Assault marines: 5 Sternguard: 15 Vanguard Veterans: 20 (14 - Sebs_Evo7) Rhinos: 1 Terminators: 5 Assault Terminators: 34 (14 - Rottimus) Scouts: 10 (5 - ) Sniper scouts: 1 Contemptor: 1 Drop Pods: 1 Thunderfire Cannons: 1 (1 - Simison) Centurians: 5 (3 - Keebleartillery) Rhinos: 1 (1 - Bad Dice) Dark Angels Belial: 2 (1 - Bad Dice) Captains: 1 (1 - Sans Mercy) Company Veterans: 5 (5 - Mandaloriano) Deathwing Knights: 1 Deathwing Terminators: 32 (5 - Shadowbait) Devastator Marines: 8 (8 - Slothysaur) Dreadnought: 1 (1 - Mandaloriano) Drop Pods: 1 (1 - Bad Dice) Land Raider Redeemers: 1 (1 - Shadowbait) Librarian: 2 (1 - Mandaloriano) Ravenwing Bikers: 9 (6 - Slothysaur) Ravenwing Black Knights: 5 (5 - Slothysaur) Rhinos: 1 (1 - Bad Dice) Scouts: 5 (5 - Shadowbait) Tactical Marines: 40 (10 - Slothysaur) Grey Knights Grey Knight terminators: 10 Grey Knight Paladins: 5 (5 - Bukinmaru) PA Grey Knights: 10 Dreadknights: 2 Razorbacks: 1 Inquisitors: 2 Space Wolves Logan Grimnar/Deathsleigh: 1/1 (1/1: Silverson) Arjac Rockfist: 1 (1 - Silverson) Random Wolf Lords: 1 (1 - Silverson) Thunderwolf Cavalry: 8 (3 - Old Git) Wolf Guard: 11 (11 - Vahouth) Blood Claws: 5 (5 - Vahouth) Swift Claws: 10 (5 - Vahouth) Canis Wolfborn: 1 Iron Priests: 1 (1 - Old Git) Runepriests: 2 (1 - Bad Dice 0809) Wolf Guard Terminators: 15 (5 - Menchalior) Grey Hunters: 20 (20 - Captain Helion) Other Races: Astra Militarum Sanctioned Psykers: 1 (1 - Xenith) Guardsmen: 50 (22 - Xenith) Leman Russes: 5 (3 - Xenith) Veterans: 56 (20 - Jeremy 1391) Priests: 1 Pask: 3 (1 - Xenith) Chimeras: 2 (1 - Jeremy 1391) Yarrick: 1 (1 - Bukimimaru) Sentinels: 2 (2 - OPTIMVS CHRISTVS) Chaos Daemons Bloodthirster Insensate: 1 (1 - Mandaloriano) Bloodletters: 31 (16 - Contemptuous) Flesh Hounds: 19 (12 - Spagunk) Bloodcrushers of Khorne: 3 (3 - Spagunk) Nurgling bases: 15 (12 - Contemptuous) Beasts of Nurgle: 3 (3 - Bukimimaru) Daemon Prince of Tz: 1 (1 - Bukinimaru) Pink Horrors: 55 (45 - Bukimimaru) Plaguebearers: 20 (20 - Bukimimaru) Daemonettes: 10 (10 - Mr Zombie) Spawn: 6 (6 - Mr Zombie) Soulgrinders: 1 (1 - Bukimimaru) Chaos Space Marines Lord of Chaos Undecided: 1 (1 - Bukimimaru) Chaos Lord of Khorne: 0 (0 - ) Chaos Lord of Nurgle: 1 (1 - Bukinimaru) Chaos Lord of Tzeentch: 0 (0 - ) Chaos Lord of Slaanesh: 0 (0 - ) Ahriman: 1 (1 - Hellinfested) Be'Lakor: 1 (1 - Ceril) Daemon Prince: 1 Warpsmiths: 1 (1 - Riot Earp) Chaos Space Marines: 35 (20 - Bukimimaru) Cultists: 25 (20) Khorne Berzerkers: 20 (10 - Bukimimaru) Chaos Terminators: 5 Chosen: 15 (10 - Dbourg) Hellbrutes: 1 (1 - Bukinimaru) Plague Marines: 7 (7 - Bukinimaru) Helldrakes: 2 (2 - Hellinfested) Rhinos: 3 (1 - Dbourg) Chaos Predator: 1 (1 - Bukinimaru) Chaos Bikes: 2 (2 - Mandoloriano) Craftworld Eldar Farseers: 3 (1 - Joelmai) Avatars: 1 Autarchs: 1 Dire Avengers: 45 (10 - Joelmai) Harlequins: 5 Striking Scorpions: 5 (5 - Joelmai) Warp Spiders: 10 Swooping Hawks: 5 Wraithknights: 2 (1 - ) Hornets: 1 Wave Serpents: 3 (2 - Vahouth) Vypers: 4 (3 - Joelmai) Falcons: 1 (1 - Joelmai) Wraithguard: 9 (9 - Joelmai) Fire Dragons: 5 (3 - Joelmai) Eldrad Ulthran: 1 (1 - Joelmai) Cobras: 1 (1 - Joelmai) Dark Eldar Hellions: 15 Wyches: 10 Wracks: 5 Imperial Knights Knight Paladins: 2 Necrons Immortals: 5 (5 - Vahouth) Warriors: 57 (20 - C. Angel) Wraiths: 19 (12) Destroyers: 12 (6 - Contemptuous Angel) Lords: 1 Overlords: 1: (1 - evildrcheese) Destroyer Lords: 1 (1 - Contemptuous Angel) Annihilation Barges: 1 Nightbringer: 1 (1 - Adorondak) Orkian: 1 (1 - Anderer) Orks Ork Boyz: 140 (30 - bad Dice) Nob Bikerz: 4 (4 - The Sauce) Painboyz: 1 (1 - The Sauce) Warbosses: 1 (1 - The Sauce) Ork Bikerz: 5 (5 - tjr) Ork Trukks: 2 (1 - Mandaloriano) Deff Dreadz: 1 (1- Joelmai) Tau Kroot: 46 (16 - Slothysaur) Fire Warriors: 18 (6 - Slothysaur) Etherals: 1 Riptides: 3 (1 - Sans Mercy) Crisis Suits: 2 (2 - Himlur) Broadsides: 1 (1 - Himlur) Pathfinders: 6 (6 - Himlur) Devilfish: 1 (1 - Himlur) Stealth Suits: 5 (3 - Sans Mercy) Ghostkeel: 1 (1 - Sans Mercy) Tyranids Hive Tyrants: 2 (1 - Contemptuous) Tyranid Warriors: 8 (3 - Rabidweasel) Termagants: 30 Hormagaunts: 32 Genestealers: 33 (8 - Bad Dice) Broodlords: 2 (1 - ) Maleceptors: 1 Toxicrenes: 1 Zoanthropes: 6 (3 - Contemptuous) Haruspex: 1 (1 - Bukimimaru) Tyrannofex: 1 (1 - Sans Mercy) Hive Guard: 3 (3 - Sans Mercy) The Spawn of Cryptus: 1 (1 - Dolchiate Remembrancer) The Deathleaper: 1 (1 - Brother Tycho)
  7. Welcome to my Blood Angels painting blog! My army is based on the 4th Company, along with reinforcements from other companies. The disposition of my assembled, part painted and fully painted forces are as follows: ++Angels of the Blood++ ++Chapter Command++ ++High Command++ Commander Cervan Dante - High Lord of the Blood Angels Games Day Captain The Sanguinor ++Sanguinary Priesthood++ Brother Corbulo - Sanguinary Highest Priest Brother Olburoc - Sanguinary Higher Priest Sanguinary High Priest ++Reclusium++ Reclusiarch Xenith - JP, Crozius, Powerfist Chaplain Lemartes, Guardian of the Lost Chaplain Diabocca - JP, Crozius and Infernus Pistol Chaplain - JP, Crozius, Grav Pistol Chaplain - TDA, Crozius, Storm Bolter ++Librarius++ Chief Librarian Mephiston, Lord of Death High Epistolary Nostiphem, Master of Twilight Chief Librarian Primaris Mephiston, third of his name. Codicier Librarian - JP, Force Halberd Lexicanum Librarian - TDA, Force Sword, Combi Plasma Lexicanum Librarian - JP, Force Sword, hand flamer Epistolary - Force Stave Epistolary - TDA, Force Stave Lexicanum Varus - Storm Bolter, Force Stave ++Sanguinary Guard (10 Marines)++ Sanguinary Ancient Remiel, The Exaltation The Host of Mikhael (5), The Grace of Sanguinius The Host of Gabriel (4), The Strength of Sanguinius ++The Lost Company (11 Marines)++ Death Company Squad (6 with jump packs) Death Company Squad (5 with jump packs) ++1st Company (49 Marines)++ Captain Karlaen, The Shield of Baal Brother Captain Donato Company Ancient with Thunder Hammer Company Ancient Darrago: Power Fist and Storm Bolter 1st Sternguard Squad (5) 2nd Vanguard Squad (7) 3rd Vanguard Squad (5) ++Terminator Squads++ Redemptor: 1st Assault Terminator Squad (4 TH/SS) Invictor: 2nd Tactical Terminator Squad (4, AC) Avengor: 3rd Assault Terminator Squad (5 LC) Damnator: 4th Tactical Terminator Squad Alphaeus (5, HF) Venator: 5th Assault Terminator Squad Victorno (2xTH, 2x LC) Vindictor: 6th Tactical Terminator Squad (Serge, 2x SB, CML) 7th, Destructor; 8th, Vexator; 9th, Signator; 10th, Praetor. Unassigned: 1 Cyclone Terminator; 1 Assault Cannon; Brother Ferruan ++3rd Company (12 Marines)++ Captain Tycho Psycho Tycho 6th - Tactical Squad (10) ++4th Company (102 Marines)++ Captain De Bosola, the Lord Adjudicator Company Champion 1st - Tactical Squad Venusian (10 flamer, hand flamer, heavy flamer) 2nd - Tactical Squad Terranostro (10 melta, combi melta, multimelta) 3rd- Tactical Squad Solon (10 plasma, combi plas, plasma cannon) 4th - Tactical Squad Mercurio (10 flamer, heavy bolter) 5th - Tactical Squad Jovor (10, Grav gun, grav cannon) 6th - Tactical Squad Santurini (10 Combi plas, plasma gun, las cannon) 7th - Assault Squad Neptus (10) 8th - Assault Squad Marsellus (10) 9th - Devastator Squad Plutaxo (10) 10th - Devastator Squad Urannon (10) ++5th Company (17 Marines)++ Primaris Lieutenant Verrocchio Primaris Ancient 1st Intercessor Squad Donato (5) 2nd Intercessor Squad Calpurnius (5) 7th Inceptor Squad Giorginone (3) 9th Aggressor Squad Bronzino (3) ++6th Company (1 Marine)++ Captain Raxiatel, Caller of the Fires ++7th Company (2 Marines)++ 1st Squadron (1 Land Speeder Tornado) ++8th Company (24 Marines)++ 1st - Assault Squad (9) 5th Bike Squadron (3) 7th Squadron (2 Attack Bikes) 8th Squadron (2 Land Speeder Typhoons) 10th Squadron (2 Attack Bikes) ++10th Company (28 Marines)++ 1st Squad - (10 BP/CCW) 2nd Squad (5 Shotguns) 3rd Squad - (4 sniper rifles, HB) 4th Squad - 5 Shotguns 7th Squad (3 bikes) Land Speeder Storm ++Hall of Ancients (5 Brothers)++ #2 Imperator Furioso - Dreadnought w/Multimelta #2 Balthasar the Prophet - Furioso Librarian #3 Kaspar the Destroyer - Death Company Dreadnought #4 Ancient Borgio - Dreadnought #5 Bellerophon - Contemptor Dreadnought ++Motor Pool++ #1 Eternal Vigil - Whirlwind #2 Iron Blood - Baal Class Predator (Magnetised) #3 Iron Faith - Baal Class Predator (Flamestorm) #4 Praetorian of Baal - Destructor Class Predator '' (Auto-Las) #5 Wall of Terra - Vindicator #6 Tyrant's Bane - Land Raider Proteus #7 Invictus - Land Raider Crusader #8 Wrath of Heaven - Stalker Support Tank #9 Interfector - Sicaran Venator #10 Aegis Eternal - Land Raider Excelsior Iron Fire - Baal Class Predator' (Heresy-Era Brrrrrt Pattern) Chaeron - Death Company Rhino Razorback Drop Pod Rhino Primaris Razorback (TLHB) ++Air Support++ #1 Thunder's Echo - Stormhawk ++GLORY TO THE FOURTH!++ My painting backlog can be found here: XBA: The Grey Pile of Shame Credit is due to DiegoGisbertLlorens on Deviant Art for the artwork in my signature, and also to teef, who's banner I used in the first post.
  8. The following thread is for all information and rumours pertaining to the Blood Angels during the Horus Heresy. OP will be updated with each legitimate tidbit. *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** Found in book 4, Conquest. Source. This weapon is one of the Legion specific relics. The link also contains six generic ones which we may have used. Anyone want to guess what the sword is? *** *** *** Unconfirmed rumours state we are in book six, which will be about Signus Prime. We may share the book with the Dark Angels. Update: Book five is Tempest (may), book six is the Shadow Crusade (Tempest part 2 - late 2015), book seven is Prospero (2016). This means we're going to be book eight or nine which is likely to be sometime in or after 2017 :/ *** *** *** HH:Extermination, page 267 BA and IF are testing the field testing the Iliastus pattern Assault Cannon for their legion terminator squads, this is available for BA and IF terminator squads. Costs five points more than a Heavy Flamer, same as 40k rules but with a Malfunction rule (think second edition Assault Cannon rules). *** *** *** Castellax and/or Vorax in BA flavour: Link to source below Basically, a Legion Praevian gives you access to these robots and grants them Legion Astartes Blood Angels (which is currently unknown). *** *** *** Book six is called Retalliation In July, there was speculation it would be at the end of this year, but it October it was said to be delayed until February 2016 It will contain our rules but no special units or Primarchs Book Eight may be Signus Prime. Or Thramas. Or both(!) Seems like our pre-Heresy colours are red, black and gold. Images courtesy of mr_r_parker: *** *** ***
  9. I normally only post battle reports on my blog, but I thought I'd post them here too for some more feedback mainly on my reporting style and various other bits and bobs. Report 1: Blood Angels Vs Eldar - 2000 points Report 2: Blood Angels Death Company Vs Eldar - 1250 points Report 3: Blood Angels Vs Chaos Space Marines - 2000 points Report 4: Blood Angels Death Company Vs Eldar - 1250 points Report 5: Blood Angels Vs Eldar - 2000 points 7th Edition Codex Report 6: Blood Angels Vs Eldar - 1500 points Report 7: Blood Angels Vs Eldar - 2000 points Report 8: Blood Angels Death Company Vs Eldar - 1250 points Report 9: Blood Angels Death Company Vs Eldar - 1250 points Report 10: Blood Angels Death Company Vs Eldar - 1850 points Report 11: Blood Angels Vs Eldar - 2000 points Report 12: Blood Angels Vs Eldar - 1750 points Report 13: Blood Angels Death Company Vs Eldar - 1250 points Report 14: Blood Angels (and Ultramarines) Vs Imperial Knights - 1850 points Report 15: Blood Angels Death Company Vs Ultramarines - 1850 points Report 16: Blood Angels Death Company Vs Imperial Knights - 1850 points 8th Edition Index Report 17: Blood Angels Vs Harlequins - 500 points Report 18: Blood Angels Vs Space Marines - 500 points Report 19: Blood Angels vs Harlequins - 1000 points Report 20: Blood Angels vs Imperial Knights - 1750 points 8th Edition Codex Report 21: Blood Angels Vs Harlequins - 1500 points Report 22: Blood Angels Vs Grey Knights - 1000 points Report 23: Blood Angels Vs Necrons - 1000 points Report 24: Blood Angels Vs Salamanders - 2000 points Report 25: Blood Angels Vs Death Guard - 1000 points Report 26: Blood Angels Vs Space Wolves - 1500 points Report 27: Blood Angels vs Deathwatch & Imperial Knights - 2000 points Report 28: Blood Angels Vs Thousand Sons - 2000 points Report 29: Blood Angels Vs Necrons - 2000 points 9th Edition Pre-Codex Report 30: Blood Angels Vs Eldar - 1500 points Report 31: Blood Angels Vs Eldar - 1500 points Report 32: Blood Angels Death Company vs Eldar - 1250 points
  10. Welcome to the bits database dedicated to the Blood Angels! As I'm sure you're all aware, Blood Angels (Chapter and their Successor) players currently live in a time where Games Workshop and Forge World offer a wealth of bits and pieces for that all important conversion and/or kitbash. These can be purchased on their respective websites, popular auction websites or bits resellers. However, for those who want the cheaper option or who want something more unique, what about the third party sources out there? The list below is for that. Whenever you find something suitable for Faction: Blood Angels please reply below and I'll update the thread (and add it to the Resources Page). [Disclaimer] Please note that anything to with recasters will be removed with extreme prejudice. Head Anvil Industry - Spartan Helmet - helmet, power armour Shapeways - Blood Drop Face Masks Blood Drop Helm and Hammer - Chaplain bits Shapeways - Sanguine Angels Helmets - Firstborn and Primaris compatible Spellcrow - Scouts Heads (bald) Spellcrow - Scouts Heads (long hair) Torso Cults3d (STL flies) - Sanguine Angel Torso and Heads - Primaris upgrades Kromlech - Prime Legionaries Robed Bodies - Primaris Shapeways - Muscle Torso for Space Knights - Sanguinary Guard torsos Shapeways - Prime Sanguine Angel Muscle Torsos - Primaris upgrades Legs Kromlech - Space Legionary running Legs - Power Armour Mk III alternative Kromlech - Scouts Legs Arms TBCShoulders Chapter Customizer - Blood Buzzsaw Pad - Flesh Tearers, power armour Chapter Customizer - Bleeding Heart Pad - Lamenters, power armour Kromlech - Legionary Shoulder Pads Cranium Pattern - Firstborn and Primaris compatible Mastercrafted - Chequered Shoulderpads - Lamenters, power armour Mastercrafted - Chequered Veteran Shoulderpads - Lamenters, power armour Shapeways - Blood Drop Embellished Shoulder Pads Shapeways - Blood Drop with Trim Shoulder Icons Shapeways - Buzzsaw Shoulder Pad Icons - Flesh Tearers Shapeways - Fanged Teeth Shoulder Icons - Flesh Eaters Shapeways - Sanguine Angel Emblem for Shoulder Pads Shapeways - Sanguine Angels Veteran Shoulder Pads - Firstborn and Primaris compatible Combat Weapons Anvil Industry - Chainaxe Anvil Industry - Chainglaive Conversion World - Myriad of combat weaponry Kromlech - Legionary Chainsword Kromlech - Rippers - large chainswords Spellcrow - Space Knights Doublesaw Weapons - Alternative double chainsword Ranged Weapons Anvil Industry - Exo-Lord hellfire cannon - heavy flamer Anvil Industry - fusion cannon - melta gun Anvil Industry - fusion pistol - inferno pistol Kromleck - Legionary heavy flamers Kromlech - Legionary thunder gun with side-barrel magma rifle - combi-melta Equipment Shapeways - roman shields with shield arm - Breacher/Storm Shields Spellcrow - Space Knights Jump Packs ver. 2 Victoria Miniatures - Riot Shields - Breacher/Storm Shields Zinge Industries - Riot Shields - Breacher/Storm Shields Artillery Bitspudlo - Fortifications catalogue - various Tarrantula platform, Razorback compatible Kromlech - Legionary Sentry Gun (Twin Heavy Flamer) - Tarrantula platform, Razorback compatible Kromlech - Legionary Sentry Gun (Twin Heavy Thunder Gun) - Tarrantula platform, Razorback compatible Kromlech - Legionary Sentry Gun (Twin Lascannon) - Tarrantula platform, Razorback compatible Kromlech - Legionary Sentry Gun (Twin Minigun) - Tarrantula platform, Razorback compatible PDCGaming - Tracked Gun/Weapons Platform - Rapier alternative Vehicle bits Chapter Customizer - Bleeding Heart Tank Doors - Lamenters, Rhino chassis, Land Raider chassis Chapter Customizer - Blood Buzzsaw Tank Doors - Flesh Tearers, Rhino chassis, Land Raider chassis Puppetswar - Turrets - various Razorback turret options Transfers Chapter Customizer - Bleeding Heart Decal - Lamenters, transfers Chapter Customizer - Bleeding Heart Stencil - Lamenters, airbrush stencil Chapter Customizer - Blood Buzzsaw Decal - Flesh Tearers, transfers Chapter Customizer - Blood Buzzsaw Stencil - Flesh Tearers, airbrush stencil Miscellaneous Chapter Customizer - Blood Buzzsaw Icon Set - Flesh Tearers icons Scribor - Archangel - Sanguinor/Sanguinius alternative Shapeways - Red Angels and Successors catalogue - Lots of stuff Shapeways - Smash Captain Kit Wargame Exclusive - Imperial Blood Master - Dante alternative Wargame Exclusive - Imperial Death Lord - Mephiston alternative Wargame Exclusive - Imperial Blood Smash Captain 1 Wargame Exclusive - Imperial Blood Smash Captain 2
  11. Other than Flesh Tearers, have here ever been official Chapter Tactics/equivalents for BA Successor chapters? I know FW had some support via character rules for the Lamenters, but IIRC it was BA rules otherwise. It’s a big picture project I’ve been making for some time (see below), but I am also curious if the forthcoming BA Supplement will include anything of the sort. My idea is to come up with chapter tactics that represent the major* known BA Successors and/or “branches” of the BA bloodline: Flesh Tearers: known/official Lamenters Blood Knights Angels Vermillion Blood Drinkers Charnel Guard Angels Repentent Carmine Blades etc... *who deserves to be considered “major” is certain open to conversation
  12. Welcome to the Event Welcome to the second incarnation of "The Great Baalite Bake Off" the Blood Angels sub-forum’s premier modelling event! To make reading the rules a less intimidating affair, I’m organising them in distinct posts so frater can easily access them and refer to them throughout the event. You can find the links to individual topics below:Voxscript Received... | Spirit of the GBBO Event rules for the GBBO Awards FAQs | Acknowledgments | Tags Vows Gallery
  13. Voxscript Received from Sergeant Harriott Sergeant Harriott Welcome to the final stage of "The Great Baalite Bake Off" - the Blood Angels sub-forum’s premier modelling event! After two months of hard toil the artificers of the Blood Angels and their allies have put the final touches on their creations and downed tools as the GBBO has come to a close. For them, anyway. A whole smorgasbord of creations have been modelled, kitbashed and sculpted and this has been put to the judges of THE FORGE to decide which ones standout above the rest. However, it doesn't end here. Below are the finest of the finest creations and there can be only one winner. Vote for your favourite so we can find the Champion of The Great Baalite Bake Off 2019! What You Can Do Basic information:Poll open until the end of the 6th May 2019 Eight contestants (images below), please view before voting One vote: permanent, public - Note that viewing the poll results before voting will register a null vote! Have to say, the GBBO has been a great success. We've had a plethora of entries (both in and out of competition) and they really show off the modelling spirit of not only the Blood Angels sub-forum but the B&C as a whole and for those interested, the full list of completions (with links to each individual entry) can be found here. From the in competition entries The Forge Moderators have kindly pulled up a shortlist of their favourite submissions. It is from this list that we need you, the reader of this thread to vote for your absolute favourite model on display and to help us determine the winner! The poll is open for three weeks until the 6th May so don't delay, vote today! What Are the Awards? The GBBO has four awards on offer. The first two, the participant banner and the completion banner, have already been revealed and claimed by our Finalists. The third, rarer badge is the Finalists badge, and this one can be displayed by the participants below in either their signatures or the avatars should they wish: The outright winner will have their very own badge, to be revealed at the end of the event. All the best to our participants! Acknowledgments Many thanks to Grotsmasha for inventing the Conversion Challenges events and for his blessing that I may run a BA version of it Thanks to the Moderation Team for their blessing regarding the event and for their assistance, with special thanks going to those of The Forge for their work as the external judges Thanks to Charlo for his work on the banner and signature awards. Also, thanks to Bukimimaru for coining the name many years ago! ...and finally thanks to the B&C and the B&C Frater for being here and thereby having an interest in such things. Hope you all enjoy the event!
  14. In order to keep the Black Rage in check, on the eve of battle the Blood Angels bend their thoughts to prayer and to the sacrifice of their Primarch so many centuries ago. Chaplains move from Frater to Frater, blessing each in turn and noting those amongst the brotherhood whose eyes may appear a little glazed, or whose speech is slurred or over excited. Some, almost all, overcome the ancient intrusion into their minds. Much of the Frater’s training is directed at controlling it, beating it down into the depths of their being, but for some the imprint of Sanguinius is too strong, the memories too loud and demanding. As the Captain Semper dictates the E Tenebrae Lux, - the Bolter and Chainsword’s very own Mass of Doom - the chosen ones fall into the arms of their priests, and are taken away to form the Death Company. To join the Death Company is to consign oneself to destruction. These Frater seek only to atone for their failure; a last chance at salvation is far preferable to the slow slide into blood-madness. Their avatar is repainted black, and decorated with red saltires that symbolise Sanguinius’ wounds at the Arch Procrastinator’s hands. Honour scrolls are affixed to their signatures, commemorations of their actions in life and affirmations of their worth, even in these dark times. It is to the Chaplains that the task of leading these lost souls normally falls, for their zeal can cut through the madness of their Death Company brethren and help shepherd them toward the foe. However, strong-willed Blood Angels heroes, and even the gold-armoured Moderators, have demonstrated the ability to direct these fallen warriors into the fight. It is the duty of these individuals to ensure that their comrades’ tragic sacrifice counts for all that it possibly can. After all, every Blood Angel who succumbs is a heroic protector of Humanity, and has more than earned the opportunity to attain peace. Furthermore, the Death Company can be a fearsome and tide-turning weapon if properly deployed. However, the Death Company never take to the field alone... The rage within us is the Blood Angels' darkest secret and greatest curse, but it is also their greatest salvation, for it brings with it a humility and understanding of their own failings which make the Blood Angels the most truly noble of the Frater Domus. Take to the field with these lost souls, help them cast aside their rage and reclaim their honour, help them finally gain their salvation. Welcome to the event Welcome to the fifth incarnation of "From Rage to Salvation" the Blood Angels sub-forum’s painting event! To make reading the rules a less intimidating affair, I’m organising them in distinct posts so frater can easily access them and refer to them throughout the event. You can find the links to individual topics below: Overview | Spirit of the RTS Event Rules for the RTS Rules - The Golden Host Rules - The Lost Awards FAQs | Acknowledgments | Tags Vows
  15. Welcome to the Blood Angels Veritas Vitae series of articles! In the current edition of the game, the ways of building a force, army, or collection are as myriad as they are interesting. However, there are no dedicated guides or reviews and towards that end, this discussion will focus on all the options available to us that are suitable for Faction: Blood Angels. The aim of this article is to 1) share and impart our collective knowledge to our fellow Frater and 2) to get some discussion going on the lesser-known potential boons to our forces. I want this thread to remain in flux and will happily edit the first post as people reply with their own ideas so we can get the optimal use out of each unit. Essentials 8th Edition Rulebook 8th Edition Rulebook Hardback, known as the BRB for short. Essential for anyone wanted to play more than the basic rules. Contains:Fluff; Open, Narrative, Matched Play rulesets (and everything that goes with that); advanced rules (Battlefored armies, Battlefield Terrain, Battlezones, Cities of Death, Planetstrike, Stronghold Assault, Death from the Skies, Multiplayer games, Campaigns) Also available in the following formats: Enhanced Edition (iPad); ePub Codex Blood Angels Codex: Adeptus Astartes Blood Angels The definitive hardback book for all your Blood Angels needs:Blood Angels Datasheets (77 total); up to date fluff; Successor Chapters information; points values (units and weapons); relics; Sanguinary psychic discipline; stratagems; warlord traits; faction-specific tactical objectives; weapon stats; army rules Also available in the following formats: Enhanced Edition (iPad); ePub Nb: If you buy it second hand, take note where the words "Codex Adeptus Astartes" are. The 7th edition Codex has the same artwork, but those words at the top of the book! Datacards: Blood Angels Datacards: Blood Angels Handy set of cards for ease of use whilst gaming:Full set of Tactical Objective cards for Maelstrom of War Matched Play games, including the faction-specific ones found in Codex: Blood Angels (36 cards); Sanguinary psychic deck (7 cards); Stratagems (28 cards) FAQs Since the release of the publication in question, things have been tweaked/fixed to improve the game. Alternatively, erratas have been issued following the discoveries of mistakes/omissions. Finally, there is some commentary that came out upon release of the 8th edition to help understand the game mechanics Make sure you hit the 40k tab! FAQs of note:BRB Codex: Blood Angels Imperial Armour - Index: Forces of the Adeptus Astartes Big FAQ 2 Big FAQ Chapter Approved 2017 Index: Imperium 1 Designer's Commentary Stepping into a new edition of 40k Optional Index: Imperial 1 Index: Imperium 1 Optional rules for older models and special releasesAlso available in the following formats: Enhanced Edition (iPad); ePub Contains rules for the following units:Rhino Primaris Land Raider Excelsior Imperial Space Marine Legacy units options (jump pack characters, bike characters, weapon options) Imperial Armour - Index: Forces of the Adeptus Astartes Imperial Armour - Index: Adeptus Astartes Hardback, the following contains all of FWs printed/legacy Datasheets that we can use to dateAlso available as an ePub Contains the following Datasheets (and points): Chapter Approved 2017 Chapter Aprroved 2017 Hardback, additional/alternative rules for the game:Open Play: Apocalypse (large scale games) rules and missions; Land Raider Variants (including the Terminus Ultra (yes we can use it) and Blood Angels Angel Infernus Datasheets) Narrative Play: Planetstrike (rules and missions); Strategic Assault (rules and missions); Campaign play; Fortifications Datasheets Matched Play: New missions (Eternal War and Maelstrom); new mission rules; new faction rules; objective marker creation guide Appendix: Points tweaks; new terrain rules; Battlezone rules; ladder campaign guidance; designer notes (army creation) Also available in the following formats: Enhanced Edition (iPad); ePub Forge World Downloads Forge World are known to release models prior to their appearance in a publication. These are all fit for purpose (the experimental tag means "subject to change" prior to publication), so feel free to use. Current options are: Relic Sicaran Omega Tank Destroyer Relic Sicaran Arcus Strike Tank Terrax Pattern Termite Assault Drill Astraeus Super-heavy Tank
  16. I had a situation in a game where I popped Descent of Angels for Capt. Smash after Wings of Firing him. I needed a 9 on 3D6. The entire game hinged on making this charge. I rolled a 5, 1, 1. I then had to decide whether to CP Reroll one of the 1s, which I would then need a 3+, or reroll the entire 3D6 because of the Angel's Wing. I ended up using a CP reroll, stuck the 3+ and made the charge, but I wish I had known the following: On 3D6, you have a 74.07% chance to roll 9 or more. So, if you fail your 3D6 9" charge, if a single CP reroll would mean you only need to stick a 2+, then your best odds are to reroll that one die and hope for the 83.33% chance of making that. (And it will cost you a valuable CP). However if the single reroll will need a 3+ (66.66%) chance or worse, then you are much better off picking up all 3D6 and rolling again (provided you have access to reroll failed charges, such as from the Angel's Wing or Lemartes). Below is the probability table for 3D6 Dice Score Result or more 3 100 4 99.53 5 98.14 6 95.37 7 90.74 8 83.79 9 74.07 10 62.5 11 50 12 37.5 13 25.92 14 16.2 15 9.25 16 4.62 17 1.85 18 0.46
  17. Overview of the RTS Welcome to the fourth incarnation of "From Rage to Salvation" the Blood Angels sub-forum’s painting event! We all have that half complete army, the squad you always wanted to expand; the Death Company jump squad that was left half-done. The Librarium Painting Competition and the E Tenebrae Lux built on that with competitive incentives for painting new additions by challenging the other forums. However, there are those who did not participate, those who failed their vows, and those who did not vow as much as they had hoped to. The "From Rage to Salvation" event will provide us with an incentive to complete these half done projects and to keep the inherent artisan flame inside us burning for longer. In its simplest form, this is a casual event that will allow us to complete our old projects and/or begin afresh in a stress-free setting, all at a time when the Blood Angels need both enthusiasm and loyalty from Frater new and old alike. For those new to the event, welcome! Should you be interested, the servitor-thralls have unlocked transcript logs of the first, second, and third events and these can be found here , here, and here respectively. To our veteran participants, welcome back! Spirit of the RTS Just like the ETL, there is a set of unwritten rules for self-regulation amongst the Frater. Like any painting competition on the B&C, they exist to help you all to improve your technique and the standard of your painting, be it asking and giving advice and generally improving your painting regardless of your skill level. Bear in mind that one shouldn’t compromise their skill level during this competition - it’s better to do a smaller vow painted to the best of your ability than a large sub-par job (according to your own personal standards of which you are the only judge). A good example of that is basing. The fact that doing bases is not compulsory for a Primary Vow in the RTS is for the benefit of those who do not yet posses the skill of doing proper basing or have yet to decide on what scheme they wish to use. If, however, you do posses the skill and you will not consider the model complete unless you base it then it is expected that you do base it. In short, this event aims to help you achieve something you can be proud of. Something you can say that the RTS helped you complete and quality over quantity will always be preferred. In addition to completing those half done jobs, the purpose of the RTS is also give the opportunity to people to paint their minis how they like them, not necessarily according to GW doctrine- it’s all about creativity and imagination. As such, it is possible to see some unorthodox painting/modelling - such as World Eaters Legion Rampager Squad suitably converted to Flesh Tearers Death Company or Stormcast Eternals as Hammenators/BA Daemons (see below). All these are totally welcome and well in the spirit of the event. However, if people are using the count-as to just paint totally unsuitable models (using Space Marines Tacticals to represent Blood Angels Tacticals for example) then this works against the principle of the RTS. After all, the RTS is all about faction loyalty to that of the Blood Angels. Another point (that is actually part of the official rules) is that it is expected that you start work on your entries after you submitted your vows and not before. Similarly, one should not mock the competition by entering (for example) a Tactical Squad needing only their eye sockets painted as a Primary Vow, and so on. Lastly, the RTS is an opportunity to paint your army while having fun interacting with other Frater within the BA community. There is an element of friendly competition – which is intended and welcome; friendly banter is not only tolerated, but anticipated. That said, this is still intended as light-hearted fun. Please keep that in mind in your exchanges and also that there may be a language barrier or that people can be on a different wavelength. Make sure you use appropriate tone and don’t forget the smileys – they go a long way to give context and remember, B&C rules always take precedence so play nice. Rules for the RTS Below are the rules which govern From Rage to Salvation 2017: Duration Just under three months from September 4th to November 30th, 2017. Participants can join at any time during the lifetime of the event. Entry requirementsAs this is a Blood Angels event, participants must pledge anything relevant to our Faction from any system covered by B&C, chosen from the “Primary Vows” list below. You may pledge as many of these as you wish. Additionally, you may choose something off the “Secondary Vows” list to work on alongside your Primary Vow. You may pledge as many of these as you wish and both this and the Primary Vow must be finished for your vow to be deemed complete. Finally, Secondary Vows can be added at a later date once cleared with me by PM but can't be made without a Primary Vow Models can be at any state of completion when entered, from completely unpainted to almost done! Each vow must be finished before another one is made A vow is registered by declaring your vow and posting a starting picture. It is declared complete when you post a completion picture A vow is made using the following template: Primary Vows Primary Vows are any unit that can legally be chosen to represent a Blood Angels force in the 40k universe at the time of writing: Any legal unit from Faction: Adeptus Astartes Blood Angels Any legal unit from Faction: Legion Astartes Blood Angels Any legal unit from Battlefleet Gothic pledged to the Blood Angels (or her Successors) Any legal unit from Epic 4000 pledged to the Blood angels (or her Successors) Any BA-themed fortification Secondary Vows A Secondary Vow represents all the little extra things that go along with our collections. Things such as pintle weapon choices, magnetisation choices, single Tactical Marines, and so on go here. These can be added at a later date should you wish, but they will need to be cleared with me first via PM. Any unit/model upgrade for those in the Primary Vow category Any extra/alternative weapons for those in the Primary Vow category Artwork for those in the Primary Vow category Fluff for those in the Primary Vow category Bases and/or transfers for those in the Primary Vow category Anything from the following list:Any Imperial Knight from Index: Imperium II, any Cerastus-pattern Knight from Index: Forces of the Astra Militarum Any Assassin from Index: Imperium II Any Inquisitor from Index: Imperium II Any Titan from Index: Forces of the Astra Militarum Cypher Death Company Death Company As is now customary with the RTS, there is a section set aside for the Death Company. Amongst its ranks are those who have failed their vows in any relevant B&C event (so there bear the badge of the Oathbreaker, or the Carceres Ira). For this year's event, Frater may volunteer for Death Company duty whereby they will receive their own special mission:To fully complete their failed legacy vow(s) thereby casting aside their rage and attaining salvationA list of failed vows can be found here and by following the links therein. If you wish to atone for past sins, you need the following template Death Company insignia: Should they complete their vow and attain salvation during (or even before) the event, they are encouraged to pledge something else. Should they fail, damnation and a fate with Astorath awaits... Re-vowing If participants have achieved their target before the end of the three month period they can pledge again. There is no upper limit on vows but any failure will nullify all previous completions. Death Company members wishing to re-vow may subsequently complete another failed legacy vow or join the Angelic Host and vice-versa. Awards If participants have achieved their target before the end of the three month period they can pledge again. If at the end of the event they have completed all their pledges they'll get the IRATUS DOMINUS badge. If not they have failed Sanguinius and may carry the badge of CARCERES IRA! Behold and feast your eyes on the: IRATUS DOMINUS And the: CARCERES IRA The award is won, and may be carried, when completing a vow but lost if any vow's are incomplete by the end of November. As for the Death Company, if Salvation is attained there may be a secret award lying in wait... Who will shine the most in this display of loyalty to our Primarch and Legion? FAQs Q: How incomplete can something be for a valid entry? A: The rules state that something can be entered from unpainted to almost complete, however, as per the spirit of the RTS paragraph, you should vow something that will earn you the Iratus Dominus award. For example, a Tactical Marine Squad that requires only its eye sockets painted green isn’t a suitable Primary Vow. If in doubt, send me a PM. Examples: Suitable vow: Unsuitable vow: Q: Why are Allies not allowed within the RTS when there are non-BA choices to choose from? A: Allies are not a valid choice for the RTS as this is a BA event. However, there are exceptions. The Secondary Vow exceptions are those which often appear as singular units alongside BA forces and ones which many Frater have in their collections but are considered illegal to paint for the ETL. Q: What do you mean by a BA-themed Fortification? A: Basically, we don't want any old Fortification entered. As this is a BA event, and Fortification needs to be suitably identified/claimed by the Blood Angels. This could be simple as adding transfers to the walls, to a full Baal-flavoured scratchbuilt Bastion. The limits are simply your imagination. Q: What does a sample vow look like? A: Vows can be a combination of things: you could choose one or more from the Primary Vow list, or a selection of choices from the Primary and Secondary Vow list. For example, a vow could be:Tactical Squad Tactical Squad and Bolterback Tactical Squad, transfers for three Tactical Squads, and all three FW pintle-weapons for a Cerberus. Acknowledgments Many thanks to Taranis for inventing the From Rage to Salvation event for for his blessing as we continue it in his absence. Thanks to the Moderation Team for their blessing regarding the event's revival and for their assistance. Thanks to Charlo and Herald of Sanguinius for their work on the signature awards ...and finally thanks to the B&C and the B&C Frater for being here and thereby having an interest in such things. Hope you all enjoy the event! Event Tags /equip modhat The correct use of tags can be found here. Basically, this is a method of making things easier to search to people can gain fast, easy access to your work and that of others. The official RTS tags are:From Rage to Salvation From Rage to Salvation 2017 Blood Angels Painting Event ... in addition to all the usual things like Blood Angels WIP, and so on. If we can remember to add these to our work then that would be great.
  18. ++ POST YOUR PAINTED BA AND SUCCESSOR PRIMARIS HERE++ Hi all, In the spirit of the hobby and to satisfy our true scaled overlords, I thought it would be cool to make a Primaris show case / ideas thread - so put your finished Primaris marines in here so we can all ogle them! I'd be keen to see what the esteemed Frater of the BA subforum are doing with them, both in terms of background, and painting. Are you adding them to your existing Chapter? Starting a new successor? I haven't got any yet, but I'm torn between adding them to the BA and making a new Successor Chapter, but am quite excited to get at lest a few on the go. The large flat plates are also a nice relief from all the damn rope on our current models. So,. who's going to be the first of us to get a model or unit painted and share with the rest of us? NB. Positivity, please. This isn't the place to discuss what we don't like about them, there are plenty of other threads for that. Instead, here, we focus on what we do like about them, and the modelling opportunities. To start with, and get the creative juices flowing, here's a few pics that have been circulating the web of the Primaris in BA colours. And some mock ups of the Gravis captain and Repulsor. I think we can do better. Have at!
  19. Just in case anyone isn't fed up of my charts, here's my look at Captains in 8th (as I had a look at my various Captain options). http://i.imgur.com/cr4Kvyx.jpg http://i.imgur.com/IsJ644K.jpg I kept the scales the same to show how much more you get out of the melee side. As with all my charts, D6 is modelled as 3.5 and D3 as 2 - I'm looking at the long term expected averages here. In this case I also have the Captain's reroll of 1s to hit enabled. Melee The thing that stands out for me is the same as with the DC, and that's how far ahead the Hammer is on anything that has multiple wounds. The fixed 3 damage is perfect on a character with so many attacks, and as the Captain hits on a 2+ (3+ with the Hammer) and can reroll 1s you're going to get excellent value for the 25 points, only having 2s unable to reroll. The Fist and Hammer are both better than the basic power weapons even against weaker targets, with only the pair of Lightning Claws better against T3 and equal against MEQ (due to the extra attack and wound rerolls). That said, it's far weaker against anything with multiple wounds or higher toughness so do you really want to focus a Captain on anti-horde? The Relic Blade is an interesting one, never the best but always in the top 2-3. That said, the difference compared to others options against weak targets is minimal and when it comes to the big targets the Hammer is clearly a long way ahead so I'm not sure the Relic Blade is a wise option against the current Hammer. The Hammer in the hands of a Captain just does pretty much everything better than the rest, and unlike DC it doesn't prevent taking a pistol/ranged weapon. Still, a Relic is better than a basic power weapon across the board. The basic power weapons (Sword, Axe and Maul/Lance) and default Chainsword simply don't look worth taking at any point. Ranged With the scale kept the same you can see how much less a captain's shooting adds compared to utilising all those attacks. That said, on a model costing a fair few points to begin with, and having multiple wounds, you probably want to make sure the shooting is adding something worthwhile too. In 8th is the Captain has a master-crafted boltgun by default. That's not a bad option against T3 due to the strength, or T4 with multiple wounds due to the 2D, but it's only going to tickle the big targets. The big thing for me here is that you can look at the pistols, but the Captain has the option to swap that boltgun for a combi-weapon, and that opens up a bit more damage potential. The two highest damage options are the Overcharged Combi-Plasma and Melta, being fairly similar at the top end. The Captain might have inbuilt 1 rerolls but do you really want to risk a model costing over 100pts to overcharging plasma? I figure the Melta is the much safer option, and as the Combi-Melta is actually 1 point less than our Inferno Pistol why bother with the pistol? Yes, you get to fire it in a long combat, but that means failing to kill something in both your own charge turn and the enemy's turn. Builds Here's what I'm thinking... Anti-Horde: I don't think I'd focus a Captain on this, but if you really wanted to I'd probably go with a pair of Lightning Claws. Assuming horde targets tie you up into the opponent's turn you'll still get the benefit of that extra attack. Anti-MEQ: Thunder Hammer plus Combi-Plasma. Even without overcharging, the rapid fire plasma will be efficient against MEQ. You could take a Fist or Relic Blade instead of the Hammer but given what the Hammer adds elsewhere I'd still take that! Anti-Monster/Vehicle: Thunder Hammer plus Combi-Melta. Highest damage from your melee weapon, plus decent damage (with decent range) from the combi. If you think you'll be tied up in combat through to your own turn the pistol variant is an option but to me the Combi looks great. Power Armour and Terminator Armour don't seem to make much difference here, given both have access to the same weapons highlighted above, except the obvious of being able to give a Jump Pack to the power armour version. You could drop the ranged weapon for a Storm Shield on the Terminator, but is it worth losing the combi now when you'd have the 4++ built in already? Anyhow, what does everyone think about the new Captain options?
  20. Hi guys, I, like most of you am trying to figure out what a decent BA list looks like in 8th... I am grappling with a specific question. I want to run a brigade, and take "troops", both from a fluff perspective, but also because I would like to try and take advantage of the new command points system. Problem is, I am wondering how best to take troops and it not feel like dead weight (and expensive dead weight at that!!) Originally I was thinking 10 man units in Rhinos would be the way to go, but the more I consider it, the more it feels like the Razorback is so much more efficient in terms of points. Granted you lose 4 models, but you turn what is otherwise a pretty useless metal box into a pretty decent light tank... As such, my conclusion is that the following is the optimal setup for Tacs in 8th: 6 Marines Melta-Gun Combi-Melta on the sarg Powersword on the sarg (origionall I thought 'fists, they are just so expensive, especially with -1 to hit, seems the sword is better for 4pts) Razorback with twin assault cannon (seems like the most solid default choice, though you could switch it to plug gaps if you needed) That comes to 220 by my calculation... is this a good unit do we think? Or just polishing a turd... so to speak... You will obviously notice I have foregone the heavy flamer / flamer setup in favour of melta. This is because I feel like the supirior way to take those weapons is on a similar devastator squad in razorback 6 Marines 4 x Heavy Flamer Combi-flamer Powersword Razorback with twin assault cannon 263 This squad seems to me like it could be extremely good against pretty much any target, really want to try and include in some way... I would be curious to get a sense if people think units like this will actually be points efficient / effective in in 8th... They seem so expensive to me! But I guess that is the benchmark for costs in the new edition... Also - in general is this a way of running BA that other people have been considering? Just looking to bounce some ideas around! Cheers
  21. With 8th almost here I've been looking at my SG and thinking about their role. In 7th I ran with the Banner and a Priest for FnP to support Dante. He was the focal point, they buffed his damage output, added some extra damage with Fist / Axes and the Swords ran up front to take wounds. It was a powerful unit that could kill quite nasty things on the charge. In 8th the Banner is separate from the unit and changed to rerolling wound rolls of 1 plus morale immunity, and a BA warlord will now buff the SG with rerolls to hit. They gained an extra wound and the encarmine weapons gained D3 damage which sounds great at first glance, but how do they fit in? Compared to Death Company they should be our more durable elite assault units, with weapons geared for multi-wound targets, but how effective are they at that? Anti-"MC"? At first glance it looks like they should be hunting big creatures, such as ex-MCs. The 3 weapon options all deal multiple damage (or chance of) per successful wound, so they would feel wasted against single wound targets. 2W looks great combined with a 2+ save for that but with no immunity save consider that most of those targets would be hitting back at high strength with -3 AP (typically) and D3 - D6 damage on successful wounds. That 2+ save is going to end up as a 6+ against those hits, and with the multiple damage each wound that lands is likely going to kill a model outright. In that situation they might as well have 1W (unless you get lucky and the opponent likes to roll 1s). In this role you'd be utilising the extra damage but the extra wound is likely to be bypassed. In terms of shooting both the Inferno and Overcharged Plasma add extra wounds to tough targets, though the Plasma would really want a warlord with them to limit the blowing up risk. Anti-horde? The main thing here is that the extra damage would be lost against single wound targets. Though they'll kill things the SG aren't cheap compared to more dedicated anti-horde units, and only have the 2 base attacks to work with. On the other hand the 2W would come into play the vast majority of fights, along with the 2+ armour save being reduced less against most horde weaponry. They'd be extremely durable but being a small, expensive unit the damage output would be limited compared to options such as chainsword-wielding DC which would far surpass the damage output for the same points against weak mobs. Anti-MEQ/TEQ? This might be their best fit. By targeting mid-toughness targets they'll still get to use the 2W a lot of the time, though things like upgraded weapons on sergeants or nearby characters will still negate that extra wound. On the attacking side the multiple damage might be wasted against things like single wound Marines but come in very handy if the opponent does have characters in support. The mobility of jump packs should allow them to get the charge and kill a bunch of Terminators before they get a chance to hit back with their fists or hammers. If facing something like Primaris or Tyranid Warriors (lower toughness but multiple wounds) the Encarmine blades will really get a chance to shine. I'm including the numbers I ran: http://i.imgur.com/7oW23KC.jpg http://i.imgur.com/g1v8NaU.jpg For hunting tough targets it looks like Fist + Inferno Pistol is the way to go, but it's Very expensive Unable to shoot the Inferno after deep striking Going to die as fast as if 1W against those big targets You can switch the Inferno to Plasma for near the same points efficiency when overcharged but then you are relying on a character with rerolls to avoid expensive model deaths. For reference, here's how the DC fare with their extra attack on the charge: http://i.imgur.com/0Yx5Voi.jpg DC with a Hammer blow SG out of the water when it comes to monster hunting, and their 1W is irrelevant there. DC also blow SG away when it comes to anti-horde, being much cheaper with a chainsword and the extra attacks. So if DC are better as both anti-BigThings and anti-SmallThings the only niche I really see for SG is anti-Middle things - targets like the Tyranid Warriors or Primaris marines that might allow the 2nd wound to come into play and let the encarmine weapons hit things they're effective against. You can then pair them with either the Angelus, which adds a little horde shooting capability, or the Plasma to save a couple of points and be more effective against most targets even without overcharging. You'd then have the overcharge capability as a backup in case something big and annoying does get in their way. Am I mad thinking SG are sort of stuck in the middle? Yes, you can add things like the banner for wound rerolls, a Librarian giving Unleash rage and such but those can also be given to the DC which makes them even stronger.
  22. So let's start with a disclaimer... Although I have seen the leaked rules I haven't played a game of 8th Ed yet. What did strike me as interesting though was the changes to the DC. I understand that every power unit has been hit with the nerf bat for 8th ed, and DC were the closest we came to a power unit, but 2 attacks base (+1) on charge (and +1 moreally if armed with CS), and strength 4 makes them much less effective as infantry killers than they used to be. Also the classic combo of 1 PF and 1 PS per 5 models still holds water, but the PS hitting at strength after round 1 will make beating MEQ+1 and higher toughness units much more of a challenge. So does this create an opportunity for the Power Maul with them? Not something I historically armed them with, but +2 strength means landing wounds on even Death Gaurd on 3's not 4's in later rounds of close combat, and no -1 to hit as with PF / TH... So, are they suddenly worth looking at? Thoughts please frater!
  23. Okay, so as some of you may have seen in the Tactica thread, I mentioned that I dont think our dreads are all that anymore Here are the comparative break downs of the dreads. Thankfully we can use all of them in a battleforged list with no issue. However, they will not be able to use all the BA abilities of characters. All dreads have a Stormbolter standard - if you want to change it out for a Heavy flamer that would be an additional 15 points for all listed dreads. But wait...there's more.... You may think...ahh...but....what about in comparison to the BA lot!! ? They must be GREAT!!! Thats the sad news. So.... There you have it. Here are my personal rankings for shooty vs fighty. SHOOTY (Efficacy ) 1. Contemptor (if you want AC/MM) 2. Vendread (if you want TAuto/TLas) 3. Regular 4. Furioso 5. Iron Clad 6. DC 7. Libby FIGHTY (Efficacy - straight up fighting ability) 1. DC 2. Furioso 3. Iron Clad 4. Venerable 5. Libby 6. Contemptor 7. Regular FIGHTY (Efficiency - a broad measure of how well they fight in relation to their cost and survivability) 1. Contemptor 2. Iron Clad 3. Venerable 4. DC 5. Regular (only JUST losing out to the DC dread) 6. Furioso 7. Libby * (highly survivable, thanks to *CHARACTER* but highly costed) COST EFFICIENCY (Straight up cost) 1. Regular 2. Venerable 3. Contemptor 4. Iron Clad 5. Furioso 6. Libby 7. DC Overall the Contemptor and Venerable seem to be the big "all-rounder dread" winner (using a nominal ranking/scoring system assigning 7 points to category one, down to 1 point for category seven). Contemptor - 21 Venerable - 21 Iron Clad - 18 Regular - 16 Furioso - 15 DC - 14 Libby Dread- 5 It's worth mentioning that the libby character ability is VERY nice and will ensure he gets to combat. It's just such a pity that there's not too much more than that going for him. Hope you guys find this helpful
  24. After looking at some of the melee weapons and units with the new 9th Ed. changes I thought it was time to look at some ranged stuff, starting with classic heavy weapons - ie. those available to a Devastator/Tactical Marine. The new blast rule has made this interesting as I have to factor that in, which floods the target profiles when trying to include multiple target sizes for each. I decided to focus on the T3 profile at both 11++ and 6-10, Sisters profile only at 6-10, the new base Marine statline at both 6-10 and <6 and everything tougher simply at unit sizes below 6 to not trigger blast. It's still a lot, but just about manageable. To start with I ran the numbers for the firer being on the move, as that can often be the case with a tactical squad or even devastators depending on their placement/weapon range. As usual the numbers are based off the unit stats without any extra buffs, auras or stratagems applied. Points efficiency is calculated on the weapon cost on top of an 18pt Marine. And then standing still: The main standout is the Multi-Melta as the new profile with 2 shots really lets it shine against anything with multiple wounds, especially when it's within half range. Great news for Attack Bikes, Land Speeders and M-M Devastators hopping out of a transport I'd say! The Lascannon and Missile Launcher with their single shots, lower AP and lack of half range damage bonus just can't compete with the Multi-Melta, their only advantage being extra range and trying not to move. (Note on the Missile Launcher: The charts use Frag against the weaker targets and Krak as soon as that becomes stronger against multi-wound targets). The good old Heavy Flamer is the clear winner against the weaker single wound targets when looking at things on the move, but given its limited range and minimal impact against tougher targets is it really worth the points investment for an army likely to be full of bolters and chainswords? Othe rlonger range weapons close the gap if they don't need to move to hit the chaff (Plasma Cannons and Grav Cannons). For all-round points efficiency the Grav Cannon has the highest combined output across all possible target types, with multiple shots helping against weak infantry and the extra damage kicking in against tougher targets. It's not going to be a tank buster but if you're facing a lot of the new Marines with their 2 wounds it could be really handy, solid against them and not too bad elsewhere. Given the versatility of the Grav Cannon it raises the question of why use the Plasma Cannon, given the built in risk of exploding as soon as you overcharge. Similarly even with the new 2D profile I so no benefit to taking a Heavy Bolter instead of the grav either. Short version: Tank/Monster Hunting: Multi-Melta the clear winner All-Round Versatility/Efficiency: Grav Cannon Anti-Chaff: Potential niche for Heavy Flamer (but serious limitations outside of that role). Not as far ahead as the M-M is against big stuff. Edit: An interesting final note is that there isn't much difference in the charts between damage output and points efficiency. Because the weapon points costs are now all so close together, the higher output weapons are also the most points efficient. We're no longer in a situation where these weapons are ranged 5-30 points in cost, allowing some with lower output to actually be more points efficient. Having them all within a range of 10-20 means the Multi-Melta with its huge damage is extremely points efficient and the Heavy Bolter is overpriced in comparison even with the bump to 2D.
  25. After running the numbers on SG with the new changes for 9th I figured I'd compare our 3 elite melee units. These numbers are based on 1 model charging and all are equipped with a jump pack for the points, with no extra auras/buffs factored in. For the points efficiency it's simply model points / wounds dealt and I've set the chart scales the same for easier visual comparison. Sanguinary Guard Death Company Vanguard Vets My main thought is that SG are very strong overall. As I mentioned in the SG topic, getting that extra base attack makes a big difference to them and the fact that all their weapons now do a flat 2 damage makes them nice and consistent. Their weakest area is points efficiency vs 1 wound targets, as the 2 damage weapons are overkill. When you consider that a SG with 2 damage encarmine sword and DC with 1 damage power sword both get 4 attacks on the charge and both cost the exact same points I honestly see no reason now why I'd take DC with many of the weapon choices, even more so when SG have the angelus boltgun included at the same cost. You could say DC will still shine with a chainsword for chaff clearing but take a look at VV with lightning claws. Even 1 claw is stronger than a DC with the chainsword thanks to the wound rerolls, and a pair of claws is not only the most efficient by far against chaff but also maintains reasonable efficiency against tougher multi-wound targets. Where DC do have their niche, for me, is with the thunder hammer. The extra attack over VVs gives them the highest potential damage output when you really need something dead but they are the most glass cannony option. For a resilient unit against tough monsters the VV with a hammer is certainly an option, though adding the cost of the storm shield reduces output efficiency by ~11%. That model then becomes more expensive than SG with a fist (37 vs 35) and actually does less damage, so is a fair bit less efficient from a damage output perspective. The resilience then comes down to the SS giving 2+ / 4++ vs the SG having their native 2+ save and -1 to hit, though admittedly the SS works against shooting. As a short summary, I see the following stand out options: Overall Versatility: SG with Swords Chaff Clearing: VV with Claws Maximum Damage vs Vehicles: DC with Hammers Resilience vs Monsters: SG with Fists or VV with Hammer + SS I'm not seeing any real benefit to the humble power sword in any role, unless you're up against a Sisters army where DC with a sword get close to the efficiency of VV with claws. And finally, if you were looking to run the units with a warlord, SG would pull even further ahead with the Heirs rework.
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