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LPC - Ultramarines (kinda blood angelsy ultramarines)


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So my vow:

MrSocks [uM]- 1 Captain, 5 Sternguard, 10 Assault marines, 5 Tactical Marines and Several associated vehicles

So I've ended up changing my list slightly, though it still includes the same number of models, not sure if that's allowed or not. This is the list I am currently building for the end of march (Throne)

I'm using Blood Angels codex (because I already own it and know how it works, since I don't want to buy a new space marine codex until the new one comes out hopefully very soon)

-Gabriel Seth conversion (Captain)
-Brother Corbulo (Apothecary)
-5 Terminators
-5 Assault Marines
-5 Assault Marines
-5 Death Company
-Death Company Dreadnought
-2 1 Razorbacks
-Baal Predator

In addition I also have 5 assault marines that ended up in my box... =D. (Also may be some tyrannic war veterans and possibly a contemptor after throne)

So my test squad were the death company (just some old blood angels models I have lying around)


I finished the squad and their associated dreadnought:

(Yes they're a bit overkill with the details but that may be all the blood angels rubbish on them tongue.png.)

So I got these bits and pieces for some Mark IV armour and helmets which look kinda like this:

Currently my army stands thusly: (without the stormraven)

Currently in progress:
-Razorback (with plough, and the one without)
Hopefully I'll have finished them before the end of next week. Then I'll be working on the ones that are basecoated:
-5 Terminators
-10 Assault Marines
-Seth and Corbulo

Still not sure about the colours I should be going for, whether I should do a kind of preheresy/heresy style or go with what I was originally planning with in 8th Company Grey.

Questions comments and feedback would be most appreciated

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WIP - Assault Marine Sergeant with Twin Lightning Claws (Yes he's actually in my list because he looks cool!)

-No shoulder pads yet, but starting to fill in the details. First time doing line highlighting and Wet Blending.




Still struggling on painting white helmets, going to have to give a few of the tutorials a go.


Edit: Just managed to find more appropriately sized images.

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No shoulder pads or basing on these guys, and need a bit more detail on the razorback.






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Love the dynamic poses and the weapons. Are those "homers" on the sergeants' packs?


Not sure whether its your lighting (or maybe the black table!), the blue looks very dark, almost Crimson Fist colour - is this intentional?

Will it stay that way, or are you planning to highlight?


Keep up the good work!

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Thank you, they're just comms backpacks, although that is a cool idea.


It's a mixture of the lighting and the colour, they're about halfway between crimson fist and ultramarine colour in a more natural light, that wasn't entirely on purpose but I wanted them to look a bit more dull than your average ultramarine. The colour could do with being slightly lighter to be honest might try a mix of of two of my base colours to find something a little lighter on a test mini, though I base them on white snow so the effect of the basing is quite dramatic with regards to colour tone.


Thanks for the feedback.

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Thank you Magicman, the forgeworld parts are definitely worth it. They just add so much individuality to a unit.


So this is my first painted assault squad! =D.


I decided on the yellow helmets after doing a test mini with each, they look more interesting in my opinion and will help differentiate between the assault marines and the tacticals I will eventually add to my list. The only thing is that the sergeants helmet looks a little dark at the moment, may add some highlighting to make him fit in with the rest of his squad.


There are some details I will finish off at a later date such as the eagles however I'm unsure what to paint them like at the moment so I left them. Shoulder pads are incoming for next thursday so I'll be adding them in soon. (I just looked now and realised I forgot to wash the purity seals, but you get the picture from this! (oh and I drilled the barrels after this was taken)


Hope you like!



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