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  1. So anyone whose seen my posts lately in the "Today in the Hobby" thread knows thst for the Everchosen painting competition I decided to paint Guilliman, and that I'm going to be tackling this as a project to also nail down NMM (as well as other things, like faces). My goal is from now until my store's Everchosen selection day (TBD as it won't be the 29th due to being closed) to make some kind of progress on painting Guilliman, even if it's something small. And trust me some of the details are pretty small. For June 29th's update here's the gold NMM I did for his shoulder pad:
  2. This is something I wanted to bring up but have hesitated because of the heated debates it often gets bogged down in. So I wanted to share this info, and enjoy conversation about the future without so much negativity and I will shut the thread down if it heads into that sort of grey cloud of negativity.... WARNING: The conversation that follows undoubtedly contains minor spoiler information regarding the events surrounding Vigilus, Dark Imperium / Imperium Nihilus, the Cicatrix Maledictum, and the time frame following the Indomitus Crusade specifically. That said I found some very interesting information surrounding conversation about Vigilus, and of course Primaris. The nuggets of info come from the latest Vox Cast Podcast, which is also published on youtube. If you are unaware of the content, you can check it out here: I, personally, am a big fan of Calgar and I wanted to understand the motivations here and only some of this information is actually held within the pages of the Vigilus Campaign book (Part 1.) What motivated Calgar to do it? At first it seems obvious he may be experiencing a bit of inferiority complex. We can draw that from the novels surrounding the events of Dark Imperium. There are scenes where Calgar shows moments of feeling almost a sense of obsolescence. His own interaction with Primaris marines during that conflict show a level of tension and uncertainty. The Primarch's decree: Phil Kelly refers to this in broader terms during the interview stating there is a need here for the Primaris as the Imperium is on the 'precipice', but these new comers are not entirely welcomed. Firstly the original Primaris are thousands of years old. They come from a different era, they speak different, they act different. Culturally they are a different breed. Secondly there's the trust issue. Phil states not all Chapters have been as welcoming of Guilliman's ideas as the Ultramarines have. He uses Dark Angels as an example of this. (shocker, I know!) I am your Cousin but we don't get along: There are some interesting examples of the challenges between the new and the old marines establishing trust in the sequel to Dark Imperium in the pages of Plague Wars. I recall a few scenes where veteran marines call into question the questionable skill level of the Primaris marines. At one point a veteran mentions several Primaris dying in basic fire fights due to lack of experience. The Primaris on hand establish they do not share that shortcoming but the friction is there. At one point Guilliman gives command of an important operation to a Primaris marine. In my view this is to establish that the Primaris are -worthy- of the role, and not superior to the older marines. But do even the Ultramarines see it this way? On the Primaris side of it there is a character in that novel who was a Grey Shield and now sent to the Nova Marines and he is experiencing a disconnect from his new chapter. So the challenges are from both sides of the fence. Bridging the gap: So it's established that Calgar felt sidelined perhaps, even if it was a ridiculous thought.... this is the Chapter Master of the Ultramarines after all, but it shows a human side. Beyond that we see there is obvious divide is the Astartes themselves. And then there's something else that's mentioned in the Phil Kelly interview I thought that was interesting; the need for Calgar to bond with his Primarch is also a motivating factor. As we know the conversion of marine to Primaris marine is life threatening. (* In the interview Phil throws out "60%" as a ball park number for survival rate of the process.) It would be a bonding moment between Calgar, his geneseed father, and the Primaris to go through this process. In the first case, Calgar would die in the process of becoming a Primaris (Vigilus part 1), and that would be a shared experience with Guilliman who also died in the process of being renewed by Eldar trickery and Cawl's techno-magic. In the second case, the resurrection of Calgar as a Primaris would be the marriage of the old and the new, blurring the line, and creating a new breed of warrior. Phil Kelly referred this to the '3rd' Generation of Primaris. Primarily speaking: A few interesting tid bits came out of the conversation. Some of it I found interesting because we've debated it here on the BnC. As we know Cawl was set with the task of creating new war machines and Primaris. The Primaris were continually created in Guilliman's absence to the tune of thousands, and thousands of marines held in stasis on Mars. He never stopped making them.... why? Cawl was acting like any diligent Mechanicus discipline would. He kept building them because no one told him to stop.... no one filled out that correct form and had it processed. Welcome to the age of bureaucracy. Sometimes it works in a back handed sort of way. In the interview they spoke of creating the risk associated with the change. There's a serious chance of death, and Calgar died, but pulled through in the end. They didn't want it to be a simple procedure considering the history of becoming a marine, and the risks associated with attempting the conversion in adulthood. I think the future's going to be very interesting. The Vigilus campaign itself sees the Imperiun trying to plant their back foot. They're on the edge, and Abaddon is pushing hard. It becomes apparent during this interview that Phil saw the creation and use of Primaris as essential for the continued existence of the Imperium. I found the conversation entertaining and I particularly enjoyed the added understanding of why Calgar became the first of the 3rd Gen Primaris.
  3. So Macragge’s Honour was revealed to still exist in Gathering Storm - Rise of the Primarch. The ancient Gloriana-class flagship apparently had been used for the past eight thousand years or so, with only the Primarch’s personal quarters being sealed off until his return. Guilliman uses it as his flagship in Gathering Storm, but the last we saw of it in that book was when the remnants of the Terran Crusade were captured by Kairos Fateweaver and the Red Corsairs. The ship was presumably taken along with the rest of the crusade’s vessels to the Blackstone Fortress that Abaddon had gifted to Huron Blackheart. When Dark Imperium kicks off, however, Guilliman is in possession of Macragge’s Honour again, this time at the head of the Indomitus Crusade. With all that being said, i’m waaaaay on the current timeline: is there a story that details how Guilliman got his flagship back?
  4. Last week I presented my Marneus Calgar, Chapter Ancient and Honor Guard at Warhammer Citadel cafe for Armies on Parade. I put a lot of work on each one of them and I'm very proud of the end result and I tought on sharing them with the community. The chapter champion is still sitting there waiting to be primed and join his chapter master. Links to imgur albums. Honor guard https://imgur.com/a/BJVsue4 Chapter Ancient https://imgur.com/a/K58Vyvb Marneus Calgar https://imgur.com/a/5ZVn7ef
  5. ...or Roboute Guilliman... who came up with that crazy name and how do you REALLY pronounce it? Hail Brothers and Sisters of Ultramar and the Greater Imperium! After many years of lurking I've come out of the shadows to post my first major topic. Wish me luck. I hope you like it. Here gooooes........ Ever since being sucked into GW's mad and wonderful universe of 40k I've had a special interest in the fluff. And I've had an extra special interest in the origins and symbolism infused in the fluff. Some is more obvious than others. Take that crazy mixed up Konrad Curze (call me Night Haunter) and his troop of happy go lucky Night Lords. It doesn't take much of a Google search to see the inspiration of Joseph Conrad and his works ('Heart of Darkness', 'Nostromo', etc.). Then there's your favorite chapter and mine (at least mine) the Ultramarines. If you read just a bit of the fluff it's easy to see the Greco Roman influence and the idea that Ultramar is the Roman Empire with a smiley face. But what about some of the details. Why Ultramar, who came up with the name Marneus Calgar, and how do you really pronounce Roboute Guilliman and how do you know? Perhaps you asked Matt Ward over a pint at Bugman's. Perhaps Graham McNeill confided in you that Uriel Ventris was really named after his great grand uncle Uriel Ventris McNeill. I'm very interested in any stories you have or any undocumented ideas you may have. I know this seems a rather broad topic, but I suspect there really isn't a lot of information out there. I could be wrong, and if I am...JACK POT! Just a few rules to remember before we get started: Ultramarines lore only This is not a discussion of actual lore origins and ideas behind the lore only Official GW sources are great Your own personal ideas are great too Thoughts?...... The floor is yours.
  6. Good day, lads. I want to ask you about how you deal with Ultramarines with Guilliman armies. I have played several games versus them and suddenly realized that I can't actually win these games against Guilliman + literally anything. I would not lie, my opponent is quite experienced player, still the army he plays is actually nothing special. It's all bout endless rerolls of everything, and I'm not that good at safe rolls (if this can be an issue ). When your opponent hits with 90% of everything and wounds with 80% of them hits, it's pretty difficult to survive, and I have no actual idea on how to counter this thing. It's usually Guilliman + centurions + any kind of heavy support, for example predators or land raider. My army is a mixture of detachments of different chaos legions. Commonly I bring some Spearhead detach. on Alpha (havocs, obliterators) and Batallion with Berzerkers + Chaos Lords in Rhinos (sometimes Chaos Land Raider) on World Eaters. I'm eager to hear your opinions on this topic, please share your thoughts and experience, thank you.
  7. 'I saw our standard bathed in blood...' +++ I was rereading the White Dwarf relating the launch of the 4th Edition Codex: Space Marines (that'd be November 2004) and I found this lovely picture in the battle report pitting Graham McNeill's Ultramarines against Pete Haines' orks. Long story short, Tigurius surprised the orks by charging them first with his command squad. He and his apothecary were the last to fall after bogging down most of Big Boss Razzekai's forces long enough for the Ultramarines to secure victory. (Tigurius lived because "it ain't dead 'til it's eaten," as the ork saying goes.)
  8. Let's start the gushing over the rules we have people! This topic is to discuss all things Victrix Guard. Tactics, army composition, modelling and painting - you name it! I'll start the ball rolling... I love this Detachment already! It does several things for Ultramarines as well as the "meta" in general: Ultramarines now have serious hitting power outside heavy weapons spam. Traditionally, Marines might not have the serious threats that other factions might have so relied on attrition and objectives scoring to win the day. Now our infantry can carve a path through just about anything! Hell, even Mortarion will struggle against a Vanguard squad that gets +1 to hit and wound, rerolls 1 for a Captain and has a bunch of dual Lightning Claws! Then there's the potential for power fists and Thunder Hammers... What this does to the wider game is emphasise assault again in an army traditionally a little shooty. Now people like me who built balanced lists with close combat and battalion shooting support aren't handicapping themselves. Now they can provide a threat outside of Soup. I want to take advantage of this though so it's likely I'll be applying it to my army with some new additions. The only problem is what... more Sternguard or more Vanguard? I'm thinking the latter. Also, a full unit of Vanguard plus Captain (with whatever that sword does!) And maybe even Ancient might just make a Land Raider worthwhile again. Especially with all the points drops we all expect! *** Wish listing... a 3rd Strategum to be utilised by shooting squads (apart from Masterful Marksmanship) so Sternguard can benefit from the killing boosts their Vanguard brothers gain. Seems a little selfish at this point eh.
  9. After a recent patch of creative energy and finding/fixing my camera and flash, for the first time I actually have some finished miniatures I feel relatively happy sharing on here for C&C. First up, a Forge World Praetor - Captain Iskander Locke - to lead my Ultramarines. The theme is Scouring / 'early-40k' hence the use of a HH model. Not world beating painting, but I was aiming for a fairly grimdark, semi-Blanchitsu style which I hope I've achieved! Secondly, an old Dreadnought that has been sat in a box painted for years. Rather than stripping it, I instead worked on adding washed and neatening up the metallics, as well as adding weathering. The original paint job was clean but quite thick, which is why it looks a little bashed around. Have also JUST noticed the overspill of blue onto the back exhaust... Let me know what you think!
  10. I know everyone comes here for pictures.... so I'll keep the babble short. + I'm starting this thread with one or two pictures from my finished 40K Ultramarines' projects of the last 12 or so months. + The pictures and content in this thread is derived of content entirely from my long term Ultramarines thread which includes Fiction Reviews, WIP's/Projects, and most importantly... lots of Batreps with several of the Formations. You can check that out here: +LINK+ + If all you're here for is the pics, what I've done is take essentially one or two pics from last year of painting my Ultramarines to kick off this thread. Then I hope to add more later. Some of these older pics show how I've evolved my scheme over the last 12 months.... my first tactical squad: The Big Boys: Centurions Then I bought this big box set.... for the limited Captain. I had to have it. (Turns out the Strike Force Ultra in the new codex is a lot of fun btw). And from that, came the start of the something bigger... Then had to do a generic Captain dude: LIbCon seemed like a good idea to add... some Librarians: The new Assault Squad box really sparked my motivation. As with most things I paint, I was very inspired by the Black Library portrayal of Chaplain Sentina from the Orath Mini-series of Space Marine books: This was my take on him: My Strike Force Ultra Limited Captain finally was re-touched, and completed: And a few months ago I decided to take the plunge and try to finish my Battle Company, starting with vehicles... ugh. Lots of vehicles: Here's a better shot of the Razorkbacks, with the Anti-Air Defense Force in the back: Coming up.... Part 2:
  11. Hello, everyone. Welcome to my new WIP thread, in which I will chronicle the construction, and hopefully completion, of my take on the Ultramarines Third Company. My aim for this army is to build a full Battle Company in the colours of the Third. Along the way, I hope to improve my painting abilities, including speed and precision. I've been collecting Warhammer, both Fantasy and 40k, for over eight years. I've had many armies along the way. The latest that I've shared was this, also Ultramarines Third Company. Like every project before it, it didn't work out for a variety of reasons. But now I think, I hope, I've found something that I can stick with (knock on wood). I don't want to go on a long rant about what my models will be like, but I'd like to share the basic stuff. Colour scheme is typical Ultramarines, red trims for the Third Company, and all lenses and Plasma weapon coils will be orange-red, to both limit my palette a bit, and to provide a complimentary spot colour to the blue. So far, I like it. Each model will be an individual, with a unique combination of parts and pose. I've bought, and will buy, lots of Forge World sets, which helps greatly with variations. I also use parts from the other Power Armour armies, such as helmetless heads from the Blood Angels range. And for the first time in years, I might use waterslide transfers. The results weren't pretty last time I used them, mostly because I'm terrible at applying them. But I think my abilities have progressed enough that I can make it work. I tried out a few from the standard GW Space Marine sheet on some spare bits. Went well, compared to the last time around, and I've got Micro Set and Micro Sol on the way. If I can make it work, I'll buy some transfer sheets from Forge World. At any rate, they'll probably be smoother and cleaner than my freehanding... Additionally, each model will be named, and I will create a small description/back story. Don't expect literary wonders, I'm really just doing it for fun. That's enough boring text for now. Moving on, here's what I'm working on right now. The first squad of this army is squad Aurelius, the first Tactical Squad in the company. Led by Veteran Sergeant Arcadius, an honoured veteran of the company, Aurelius is widely thought of as a solid, dependable squad. Most of the members have served Third Company for a long time, and are amongst the company's best. The first Astartes I'm working on is Battle-Brother Marius, Aurelius' Plasma Gunner. Though taciturn, he shares a strong bond of friendship with Arcadius. His armour is a combination of the newer Mk. VII, and Mk. III armour originating in the days of the Great Crusade. He has earned the right to wear such ancient armour in the fires of countless wars, never faltering in the service of Guilliman and The Emperor. http://i660.photobucket.com/albums/uu321/Ramell_of_Cadia/Ultramarines/Work%20In%20Progress/MariusLearchusPIP.jpg (The picture is no particularly good; the colours are a bit off. That's another thing to work on.) Obviously, Marius is the one on the right with the Plasma. He is not quite finished, but it won't be long. The blue on the backpack still needs some work, but aside from that, it's mostly just touch-ups, weathering, transfers, and flocking the base that I need to do. The torso and shoulder pads are Forge World Mk. III armour, the Aquila is FW brass etch, and the helmet is from the Tank bits sprue. Rest is just standard parts from a Tactical Squad box. The Marine on the left is Learchus, a regular Battle-Brother. He has a Mk. IV helmet, and a Mk. V-variant torso (from a Chaos Marine set, actually), but other than that, is just made up of regular plastic parts. The missing parts will be attached sooner or later, as I make progress in my painting. I've also done some Blu-tacked mockups of six other marines of squad Aurelius, including Veteran Sergeant Arcadius. He's the one in the middle, with the Power Sword. http://i660.photobucket.com/albums/uu321/Ramell_of_Cadia/Ultramarines/Work%20In%20Progress/SquadAureliusBlutacMockup.jpg I've pledged Squad Aurelius for the Dark Angels Painting Challenge. This should hopefully help motivate me to finish the squad in a somewhat-timely manner. I think that's it for now. I will keep this thread updated, at least once a week, on Sunday evenings. Beyond that, I will post whenever I feel like it, and I will try to reply to your comments within twenty-four hours. I would very much like your comments, in particular constructive criticism, so that I can improve my painting. Thank you for reading. Courage and Honour!
  12. For the Indomitus Crusade! Please enjoy my revamped Ultramarine blog/thread. Guilliman has awoken to a lot of change, and most of it isn't good.... We take on this challenge with the invention of the Primaris units, and the awakening of the Primarch. Chaos pushes us back, but yet we will prevail. This revamped blog turns the page into a new era, of painting, Primaris, battle reports and general Ultra coverage. Thank you for checking it out.... NEW Ultramarine Battle Reports for 8th Edition Codex (typically in order of newest to oldest): Prot's 3rd Ultramarine army is SOLD in 2019... .. and Reclaimed in 2020! (see new links below for 9th edition work:) +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Ultramarines Miniatures / WIP / Finished work: 9th Edition work: From newest to oldest + Eradicators (Indomitus boxed set). As I anticipate the arrival of my Ultra army, I decide to prep some units from a boxset me and a friend split. +LINK+ + Intercessors. You can never have enough, right? Well these are just some dudes I wanted to finish since I had spare parts laying around! +LINK+ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 8th Edition is below this point: Painting and Wip's of Ultramarines for 8th Edition (the list below is in order of newest-to-oldest): + New Ltd Edition Primaris Captain with Plasma Pistol and Fist: I finally finished this fig and it's one of my favourite Primaris sculpts.+LINK+ + Primaris Phase 1 Completed! Entered in GW Konor Painting Competition: At the end of the Konor Campaign I entered the painting competition so this post has a few finished shots of the units featured individually below. There is one or two shots of the Primaris project as I finished it for the competition: +LINK+ + Primaris: The Project is nearing completion: The enemy thinks they have us on our back foot... but Guilliman pushes us outwards and onwards, to greater heights For Konor, for the Primarch, for the 500!!!. Posts for specific units: 1. Aggressors (Yes I know this is a repeat, I just want to put all the better pics in one spot) +LINK+ 2. Ancient: I like how the banner turned out! +LINK+ 3. Redemptors: I love these guys. Fun to paint. +LINK+ 4. Repulsor: A BEAST of a model. check it out: +LINK+ + Primaris Aggressors: Completed: LINK + Some Primaris in game, and Guilliman: LINK Contents: ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Ultra-Fiction: + Macragge's Honour: By Dan Abnett and Neil Roberts. I do a quick run down and 'show off' my limited print! LINK + Strategem: A short audio story by Nick Kyme. Released during the Black Library Christmas Calendar Event. My review: LINK Strategic / Tactics / Unit Discussion: + The Kauyon Campaign Book released in Fall 2015 features Tau (bleh), Ravenguard and White Scars. Here's a tactical discussion, and testing thread on how we can apply these to our Ultramarines. Are they worth including in your army? LINK +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ARCHIVED Painting for 7th Edition: +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ + The bottom of this first post includes my first new finished piece; the Stormtalon. + WIP Tactical squad #1: LINK + Tactical Squad #1 COMPLETE!: LINK + A generic Captain, and Librarian (for the Conclave!) are completed: LINK + The 7th Edition Ultramarines Assault Squad is complete: LINK + My take on the Armour of Faith character - Chaplain Sentina: LINK + I refinish a favorite model - Captain Proteus: LINK + WIP shots from a game of my Gladius Battle Company Transport vehicles. About 75% done!: LINK + FINISHED the above WIP project! Transports + Anti Air Defense Force for my Battle Co!: LINK + Finished a pile of Tacticals and an attack bike, plus an Ironclad for my Battle Co: LINK + A long time coming... The Landraider Inexōrābilis Ultramar is finally completed! LINK + My homage to the Horus Heresy Character: Aeonid Theil in a 40K setting, with more pictures of the Landraider Inexorabilis Ultramar. LINK + Finally I paint up the 10th Company Auxiliary Formation. LINK + A second Stormtalon is now completed for my Stormwing Formation (or Raptorwing!). LINK + Two Vanguard Veteran Squads are complete! LINK + Stormraven completed!!! Plus pictures of the completed Stormwing formation. LINK + Multiple characters now finished including Tigurius, Sicarius, and Telion. LINK + A new Imperial Knight which is magnetized to be a Paladin or Errant. Please meet: Divinus Veridian a noble house from the early days of Horus' treachery. LINK + The 2015 Boxing Day 24 Hour Challenge: I put up an unassembled Venerable Dreadnought and put myself to the test: LINK + I just managed to finish 13 new Tacticals (32mm bases) and magnetize some part for them to go with the Dreadnought above: LINK + 30th Anniversary Space Marine shwag! I got my ID Imperial Marine, did you? Also bought stuff for Sky Hammer too: LINK +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Thanks for looking.
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