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Invalice Stormtroopers


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So now that the Guard have been added to the B&C I have been motivated to work on the background of my own regiment. So here goes...keep in mind this is simply the building blocks that I have come up with.


Regiment Name: Invalice 11th "Stormtroopers"

General: Anikynn Vader

Homeworld: Invalice (same as my Chapter, the Angels of Shadow)

Only effect this has is that the skin of the troopers will be a little more pale and hair will be black. You will be able to spot someone recruited offworld by different hair or skin tone.

Combat Doctrine:

The regiment's style of warfare focuses on not only defeating the enemy in body but in mind. Smash their defences with an armoured spearhead that moves slow but never halts, pushing them back and back and back until they are forced up against the metaphorical wall before the bulk of the infantry force made up of "stormtroopers" move in to finish the reeling foe. Valkyries will drop off "Commando" units for HQ assassinations and causing general disarray in the defenders lines.


Within the 11th Invalice Regiment can be seen two distinct groups; the Infantry and the Mechanized. The uniform of all infantry with the regiment consists of black fatigues with armour being painted white. While not common, some officers choose to wear a dress uniform in battle consisting of a grew tunic and pants but this is an infrequent occurrence due to the negligible protection it offers.

The vehicles of the regiment all sport a grey scheme with Squadron being denoted via coloured panels.

- White -> Private
- Green - > Sergeant
- Blue -> Lieutenant
- Red - Captain
- Yellow/Gold - Commander/General


The regiment has developed a somewhat complicated chain of command that, to an outside viewer may appear needlessly tiered. In truth the regiment has run smoothly for generations using the current model of command.




- Worked with Inquisitors from time-to-time. Hector Rex (yes...THE Hector Rex), Torquemada Coteaz (yes...him too) and Matthew Tanthius (DiY Radical Inquisitor). Has worked with Grey Knights...tends to get a little messy. Will expand.

- Close ties to Angels of Shadow Chapter (also from homeworld)

Example of a Private


More to come

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Alright. Slight update:

- Decided that catachans will NOT be part of the Stormtroopers but another regiment.

- Vehicles...I am thinking of having the regiment be split up into 3 parts. Infantry, Armour and Navy. Each will have the relevant commander in the Regiment Command Squad. A small part will be written about each person and their prized possession (special set of wargear, a baneblade and a personal fighter respectively)

- Inquisitors: will focus on interactions with my DiY inquisitor with a small bit of detail on operations with the other 2

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