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  1. As said in my vow on the ETL thread http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/index.p...2368&st=175 I am vowing a 5-man Assault Squad with a Rhino (Power fist, 3 Plasma pistols, Combat shield, Meltabomb, Pintle-mounted Storm bolter and Hunter-killer missile,) and a Contemptor Pattern Dreadnought (Heavy Conversion Beamer, Graviton Gun, Extra Armor, Searchlight, Carapace-mounted Cyclone Missile Launcher and Targeting Augury, from IA: Apocalypse 2nd Edition pages 24-25,) from Codex: Dark Angels of total value 526 points I will update later with a full break down if it is needed (let me know if it's needed.) Here are 3 pics of the units. Edit - I deleted links as Photobucket sucks!!! Sadly lost the three photos...
  2. From the album: Aasfressers Thousand Sons

    A quite minimal conversion of the FW Sevrin Loth with GW Thousand Sons Bitz.

    © Aasfresser

  3. From the album: Aasfressers Thousand Sons

    © Aasfresser

  4. Cate

    ETL 2014.1

    From the album: Vlka Fenryka

    Three WG terminators, Flamer/Pf, Bolter/PF, Bolter/Wolf claw. Two PA WG TH/SS, Combi-melta/PF. Total point 240
  5. This thread is like the Today in the hobby I... over in the Amicus Aedes, but for us greenskins. Please post about whatever project your working on today. Feel free to include stuff from your personal threads. And don't feel obligated to post everyday. This is meant to be a thread where we can, at a glance, see what the Fraters are working on, when it comes to da proppa killy faction.
  6. Hey everyone, It's been a while since I've tried to maintain one of these things, and my log in the Age of Darkness section of the forum has been languishing for a good while as my enthusiasm for the hobby waxes and wanes due to mental health stuff and all that. However, with the new Chaos release my interest in one of my favourite factions in the hobby has risen (What with me getting Dark Vengeance in 2015 or 2016 as my introduction to Warhammer 40,000) and I've got quite a bit of the new stuff, Abbadon included. I think the hobby will be a nice way for me to cope with anxiety, and I'm excited to get started! Abaddon will have some paint on him once my brushes arrive. Don't have any exciting photos yet, but here's an initial list of models I'm going to work towards painting. It's off of stuff in my collection, will probably change later. HQ: Abaddon Jump Pack Sorcerer Jump Pack Chaos Lord with two lightning claws. Kranon from Dark Vengeance. Troops: Chaos Space Marines, with Heavy Bolter and Plasma Gun and Sword and Combi Plasma on the Champion. Five Chaos Space Marines with Reaper Chaincannon and Power Sword on Champion. Five Chaos Space Marines with Reaper Chaincannon and Power Sword on Champion. Fifteen Cultists with Autoguns. Elites: Si Chosen with the Dark Vengeance Loadout. Helbrute with Multi Melta and Helbrute Fist. Fast Attack: Bikers with Plasma Guns and Combi Plasma on the Champion Land Raider. Not an incredibly exciting first post, but I've got some brushes in the mail and they'll be coming soon. Once they're here i'll post painting in progress pictures, meanwhile I'll kitbash and put together some of the fancy new sculpts. Have a nice day. :)
  7. In a quest to get back into painting and improve my, shall we say, average skills, I recently salvaged a carry case full of old miniatures from the late 90s - early 2000s when I started collecting Warhammer. I'm not sure whether 3rd edition era truly counts as 'retrohammer', but there are some fairly old, terrifyingly heavy, white metal models as well as a couple of retro tanks and plastic kits that I'm going to strip down and work on. Seeing as I have the attention span of a toddler, I thought I'd create a Project Log to help keep on track. Some of the miniatures I'm planning on working with include: The old, 3rd edition era metal command squad. A selection of plastic and metal Terminators - WiP The 'original' Captain Sicarius Games Day miniature - WiP Original 2nd/3rd edition Rhino - Completed Original 2nd/3rd edition Razorback - Completed Games Day mid-2000s Space Marine Sergeant with Power Fist. - Completed Mostly I think they'll be redone to match the DIY chapter I'm working on. If I get time, the Wolves will be prepped for the new Codex. Sicarius will, of course, be an Ultramarine for old time's sake. To whet your appetite, and show you how average early teenage me was at painting, here are a few snaps taken on my phone while organising and preparing things for stripping... One of my first ever Tactical Marines. Before I realised you had to cut the bolter handles off... Standard Bearer from the old Command Squad. Soon to be a resplendent Chapter Ancient. Maybe. Metal Captain and plastic Grey Slayer used as a test for stripping with methylated spirits. That Captain was once quite a well painted Ultramarine, before I decided I hated the model and hastily used him to see if I could paint halved schemes... The Captain after a five minute bath in meths and a scrub. Needs a clean up and a second quick wash and then he'll be good to go. More updates...at some point.
  8. Hello all who visit my thread, I've been lurking on the forums for quite a long time, getting inspired by the big guys on here to maybe throw together a WiP thread of my own. I haven't been into the heresy game for that long, only coming up to three years now, and after a little lot of back and forth with what legion I want to play - I started with Luna wolves, tried WE once, then AL before again coming back to SoH in their pre-heresy format. I've also cheated on marines with some mechanicum which I sold of, and halfway planned a 3k solar auxila force before settling back into the comfy seat of the legion list. However the obvious problem was how to frame a pre-heresy army taking part in what is definitely a heresy game. So I sat down and thought of the outline for the fluff of my guys, I'll give you a dry outline but will expand and focus on the fluff around their eventual demise once I get to posting the individual members of the squads. I have around 2k painted up to a tabletop standard and I'm finishing up with custom transfers and starting to eventually weather stuff to - the photos are kind of a last memento before I ruin everything with weathering. (not that I'm good enough of a painter to actually have anything that could be ruined but I try my best and hopefully I'm slowly improving.) So the outline of the fluff before I get to the picture of my horrible paint jobs is that my guys are part of the 81st expeditionary fleet, they're a mixed bunch of old terrans who were disappointed in Horus after fighting alongside the Emperor a whole lot in the early crusade / solar war - so expect a lot of raptor imperialis around. They've also picked up some newbloods from around the galaxy, including good ol' cthonia, but because of their reluctance to accept their father, Horus sent all of them away, and they have mostly cruised around what would later become Segmentum Pacificus. So, for most of the marines barring the old terran guard they have never met Horus. But they have fought on the sides of several of the other legions and met other primarchs (in particular the blood angels and iron warriors), thinking themselves (rightfully) scorned sons. because of this most of the force while initially well equipped with MKIV armors have found themselves having to kitbash together suits from whatever functions. Relying on stockpiles of other patterns of armor to maintain as much MKIV hybrids as possible. the "battalion" (although such formations are considered unorthodox by SoH standards) would eventually met up with their genefather one last time - At Ullanor. This is where a majority of the marines would be annihilated, the survivors being merged into a company sized element to retain battle readiness, this company would eventually find itself rudely awoken to the heresy not at istvaan III, but at a later surprise attack by Loyalist Iron warriors out to prove their loyalty to Terra, Ironically seeing the destruction of a company of marines that would have (for the most part) stayed loyal to the emperor. But enough boring blathering about the background - I'm sure you guys would prefer it in the context of models, to set the bar high enough I'll start with my most recent (and thus prettiest imo) of the wolves, an apotechary! Apotechary Aenas Aenas was a son of a blacksmith from a world called Duratine which had submitted to unification without fighting, intimidated by the "Stone men" that fell from the sky clad in their furs and draped in the cold marble like armor. Aenas was part of the first and only muster on Duratine, netting the battalion 200 souls out of a whole planets population. During selection he was found adequate at any task set before him, mastering both the bolt and blade fast, yet never rising beyond the expected, if he is said to have one defining characteristic its his ability to stay calm under pressure - eventually he found his true calling as an apothecary, his steely nerves under fire ensuring that relatively few of those who fell into his care didn't live to see another day. One of the younger members of the apothecary he is semi permanently attached to the 3rd company, which in the 18th battalion is called "Tempest" - They are the boarding and drop assault vanguard of the 18th, consisting primarily of despoilers, breachers and terminators. He would eventually die at Ullanor, spared the horror of the heresy. A frequent tag along on any boarding party, where his calm nerves and strong friendship with breacher sergeant Faustus ensured that many ork kroozers fell onto the grounds of Ullanor. Both of them giving up their lives to take down the ork kroozer "Big Booma" - Saving the 18th's battle barge "Luna's Glow" from certain destruction.
  9. Brothers, I have an embarrassing confession to make. I have had my BT army for over a decade now and I have never played it. I originally started collecting and painting for the mere hobby. Now, however, I am wanting to take them into battle. I pulled the army out of storage recently, where they had been stored for about three years, and immediately found that several models needed to be repaired and/or repainted. A few models have already been cleaned and re-primered. I also need to add more variety in the fire power department. I have four melta guns, three plasma guns, a flamer and combi-melta/bolter that are primed and ready for paint. No name for the crusade yet or personal fluff, but those should be coming soon.
  10. Hello, I'd like to introduce to you my Chapter Here's a link to my chapter's page. Regular marine Sergent Veteran Sergent veteran Terminator Scout
  11. "God-Emperor..." Astrus A'Tisor had strode a thousand worlds clad in imperishable faith and trusty carapace in the name of the Emperor and faced a hundred-thousand foes, each in their savagery and ferociousness enough to shatter any normal Imperial citizen in an instant. Not Astrus, no. Not a Stormtrooper of the Holiest Inquisition, not a man who had purged innumerable heretics and xenos at the side of the Inquisitor Khamuras IV, noblest stalwart of the Ordo Xenos. A thousand worlds, Astrus had strode, and yet he never had cause to invoke the Emperor to protect him. Not against the Khainite Witch-Cults of El-Sabotar X, not against the vile Orks of Ishar Prime, and not even against the unending Necron legions had he called upon the Emperor on Terra to protect him. Now, but now, he did. It was sickening, a sight that would haunt his dreams for years to come. A sight that chilled his blood and sent tremors through his veins, a sight so shocking he was no more a Stormtrooper but a scared child afraid of the dark. It was the Inquisitor, and in his blood was written next to him words that Astrus would never forget, not once. "We have come for you."
  12. Thought i'd start a new thread for this rather than leaving it in the Liber challenge post. C&C and questions welcome =) So, i though i might as well submit some of the details i know already. Very new user so i'm sorry if this had to be in a much more role-playing format, in wich case it would take me a few more days to provide. Order name: Order Of Our Lady Tyche Fortuna Home planet: Galatea XII Name of its Founder: Sister Clare Notable Sisters: Curia Advance Dae, Canoness-Preceptor Teresa, Nunciate Advance Ermita, History: Initially a Commandery of the Order of Our Martyred Lady spreading the Imperial Creed through the Aten III system and area of Segmentum Obscurus, the Claidheam-mor system was found to have a suitable Hive-world for the Adeptus Ministorum to place recruitment facilities as the Imperial Creed was widely spread and the planet could instantly be marked as a Shrine-World in imperial records. The world of Galatea XII was chosen as a founding for a new Order for the defence of the system and spread of the Imperial Creed through the facilites already present. The Commandery had to return Core-wards and left a simple mission led by a Battle-Sister named Clare, promoted through time, to oversee the system and lead the new Order. Significant battles joined: - Necron awakening on Shrine-World Ilena II - The Division of Ketos V campaign I've got most of my backstory, etc memorised, but i never got it down on paper Also, not sure what regulations are for cross-forum posting, but pictures of my Order are Here. (I would just use those pictures here anyway, so it's just down to hosting, really) And the Space Marine Painter version: (A variation of Our Martyred Lady colours, of course)
  13. Participating in The Good, The Bad, The Aeldari event got me back in the head space to paint orange again. I've had this army for a long time, and getting around to finishing it means going back to 5th edition where it all started. This is a largely drybrushed army, as was the style in the heady days of the mid 2000s. We as a community have moved on from heavy drybrushing. But, this army is going to be a relic. Similarly, this army is in some ways a tribute to the Warhammer Fantasy line of Dark Elf models that helped me to fall in love with that now defunct setting. This plog is mostly pictures, but also historical ramblings and experimentation. I'm an older hobbyist learning new techniques and using new materials while still using a retro style for a retro army.... I'm currently finishing up the small details on the Succubus for one of my custom Wych Cults. She will make an appearance alongside her counterpart in their rival custom Wych Cult in the future. The Splinter Pistol she currently wields is just a placeholder until i can get ahold of another Blast Pistol. Next on the bench...
  14. Hi all, Fun side project on the go at the moment! During the 2019 Rugby World Cup I was part of a SuperBru predictor pool - #BokTwitter. Almost 100 participants offered up various prizes, and mine was 3 Primaris marines painted up in Springbok colours - for something like 73rd place At the end of the tournament, they were never claimed - so I put them on the back burner. I spent most of lockdown doing my own DiY chapter's forces, but needed a bit of a break from black, so I picked these guys up again. A couple of questions: 1) What colours should I use for the eyes and weapons? 2) Where does 32-12 go? *Ducks for cover from the English members of the forums...*
  15. Hello and welcome to my project thread for my growing Adepta Sororitas collection! I'm toaae, and I've been in the 40k hobby for nearly 17 years. I started with Space Wolves, moved to Blood Angels and then Orks. I haven't added a new army to my collection in a decade, but that was all perfectly planned*. I've been waiting a long time for plastic Sisters of Battle, having been intrigued by the army since I played my first game against them in 2005. In 2008, I decided I would wait for the inevitable plastic refresh before diving in. And I don't need to tell this sub-forum about that long wait. Finally, the time has arrived and I can finally start on the army I've been dreaming of for ages. Simply put, I lose the fluff's satirical take on organized religion and how "no men under arms" is skirted by the existence of an all-female army. The aesthetic is great and the new model line lives up to it. It's just a total package for me. I even wrote a 3600 word Index Imperialis article because I like the faction so much. Onto the minis! I started my collection in March, and as a slow painter, this is what I've accomplished so far. Pardon the dirty photo: A five-model unit of Battle Sisters, an eight-model unit of Retributors, and an Imagifier. This was supposed to be the start of an escalation league force for my club, but then COVID happened, delaying the league. And then my wife got a job offer that would take us back to Arizona, where our friends and family are, so, alas, these ladies won't be apart of that league. Anyways, some better photos. The Battle Sisters unit (plus one Bolter Retributor): The Imagifier: And the Retributors (minus the one Bolter gal): Individual pics of the Retributors here: A bit about my scheme: I wanted to feature turquoise in the colors. I did a lot of brainstorming using the B&C painter, and while I had some duds (one made my wife ask if I was trying to do the Miami Dolphins in space), I eventually settled on turquoise armor with white vestments. I had originally planned the insides of the vestments to be orange, but in the course of painting the first one, decided to just stick to red. The turquoise is a custom blend, as GW doesn't have a good turquoise paint and I wasn't in the mood/was too impatient to try and find a different brand during lockdown. After a lot of trial-and-error, I settled on the following: That's a base coat of Stegadon Green, a mid-level highlight with a 1:1 mix of Sotek Green and Kabalite Green, and a highlight of a 1:1 mix of Ahriman Blue and Sybarite Green. A 6:1 mix of Contrast Medium and Terradon Turquoise is then glazed over to soften the transitions, followed by an edge highlight of 2:2:3 Ahriman Blue, Sybarite Green, and Pallid Wych Flesh. I'm super proud of this scheme, and consider my highest achievement as an artist (as opposed to just being a painter). Alongside the turquoise, white and red are black, gold, and two types of silver. Weapon casings are black, icons and symbols are gold (some Fleurs are white), while ornamental metallic are a brighter, blue silver and functional metallics (like weapons) are a gun metal silver. Finally, spot colors of light brown (leather), dark brown (gloves), magenta (purity seals and melee weapon grips), orange (eyes), and purple (rosary beads) wrap up the scheme. I then based them on cream-red marble tile bases, made out of plasticard and painted using medical gauze and/or dried baby wipes for masking. ------------------------------------------------ Anyways, to wrap up this length OP, this will be the center of my Adepta Sororitas project, where I'll share my hobby progress, games, random thoughts, snippets of fluff and other musings. Currently, I have a Canoness and six more Battle Sisters about halfway complete, two Mortifiers primed, and a box of Seraphim ready for assembly. As previously mentioned, I'm a slow painter, but I hope to have a full army sometime in the next year. We'll see how that goes. *=no, it wasn't.
  16. Hi guys, rather new to this end of the forum so please bear with me! I have been building and painting my successor chapter for a number of years now and battling the enemies of the emperor on many tabletops. I recently decided to note down the lore for my chapter and id greatly appreciate a look over from some folks just to make sure there are no glaring mistakes. I have typed up over 6,500 words so rather than post itall (unless that would be better?) ill post it over the next few days or weeks in more manageable chunks. Any feedback, thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated! Also quick question, I saved a painter image of my chapters colours to my BaC gallery but im unsure how to post get that into a forum post. Any help for a novice would be greatly appreciated! Chapter Name- RED EAGLES ▪ GENE-SEED Blood Angels ▪ FOUNDING: 1st/ 4th ▪ CHAPTER MASTER: Lord Legatus Alfonso Vespasianus (The Young Eagle) ▪ CHAPTER WORLD: Miliatum Secundus. ▪ FORTRESS MONASTERY: The Eyrie (Broken Blade) ▪ FLAGSHIP: The Reforged Blade ▪ MAIN COLOURS: Red and Gold ▪ SPECIALITY: Shock and Awe assault balanced with defence in depth. Fleet combat. ▪ BATTLE CRY: “LET US SOAR” ▪ CURRENT STRENGTH: 600 ▪ KNOWN DESCENDANTS: Talons of Sanguinius (MIA) ▪ ALLEGIANCE: Oaths of loyalty are sworn to Sanguinius first and the Emperor second ORIGIN OF THE CHAPTER: During the Great Crusade, the 99th Chapter (Hereby known as Red Eagles), were members of Sanguinius’s host and fought alongside their Primarch. When during “The War of Murder” Sanguinius was attacked by a host of Xenos creatures when the assault Vanguard became scattered due to a powerful storm. Alone aside from his sanguinary guard the Primarch was beset on all sides when Chapter master Agricola of the Red Eagles disobeyed orders and deployed on their lord’s station with his entire chapter. Relying on the skill of his pilots the chapter deployed around the Primarch forming a ceramite wall protecting Sanguinius from the tide of Xenos creatures around him. Fighting with their Primarch and elements of the sanguinary guard, the force formed a defensive perimeter and held out until the rest of the assault force regrouped. Honouring the actions of the Red Eagles, their current roster were granted gold helmets symbolizing the gratitude of their Primarch. From this point onward the Red Eagles often served as a reserve force, waiting in low orbit before deploying to capitalize on breakthroughs, halt enemy reinforcements or reinforce weak points in the line. Due to this skill set the chapter’s flight crews and assault companies became extremely proficient, providing more golden helmed veterans than most other chapters. The chapter followed Sanguinius from Signus Prime to Terra fighting on the walls of the imperial palace at the eternity gate where again the Eagles found themselves fighting with their liege lord nearby. Under the leadership of Master Agricola the Eagles poured fire into the traitors who approached Sanguinius. It was at this stage, during a lull in the combat, Sanguinius drank from Agricola’s chalice, offered to him by the Chapter master, which remains in the possession of the legion to this day. During the battle for Terra, on the walls of the palace, many rivalries were established which last to this day. The Eagles had been rivals of the World Eaters before the heresy began, their hatred rising from the excessive brutality employed by Angron’s sons. On the walls of the palace, that enmity became one marked in blood. Angrons sons were followed by members of the Death Guard who tried to take the walls. The eagles matched their diseased strength with righteous fury, sending traitorous bodies to the ground below. However, the greatest hatred was reserved for the Sons of Horus. Before the heresy there had been strong links between the Angels and the Luna Wolves. A member of Horus’s Legion had fought with the Eagles, attached for a period of time to share knowledge and build links between them. Agamemnon Hydrake had been a popular comrade in arms who had fought side by side with the eagles during the great crusade. When he departed, he took with him a power sword, forged and crafted by the officers of the Eagles as a gift to honour their shared experience. Agamemnon spat on his former comrades. During the siege Agamemnon tied captured Eagles to the front of his warband’s rhino’s and combat vehicles, forcing the Eagles to kill their own brothers as the traitors approached the walls. After this particular engagement, there was a noted darkening in the mentality of the Eagles. Agricola was cautioned by Raldoran for failing to fully control his Chapter as the Eagles became more and more reactive, regularly sallying from the wall to raid the Siege Camps of the traitors and only withdrawing from combat after being repeatedly ordered too by the Legions High Command. When Sanguinius was struck down by Horus aboard his flagship, the eagles felt personally responsible lamenting they had not gone with the Primarch to protect him. When Horus was in turn cast down and the traitorous legions became unorganized, the Eagles charged from their positions pursuing the traitors to their landing ships before attempting to board their own transports to pursue the enemy into the warp. Before the traitors left Terra, Agricola himself chased Agamemnon down. In a duel which caused combatants from both sides to halt as they watched a contest of arms which had rarely been matched in skill and intensity, both former brothers battled it out. After initially losing the upper hand, something within Agricola changed after Agamemnon taunted the leader of the Eagles over the death of their Primarch. With a speed, intensity and disregard for his own safety which had not been seen in the Chapter Master before, Agricola cut Agamemnon in two, the once gifted sword shattering from an overhead blow which Agricola delivered. Perhaps the blade chose itself chose to shatter rather than be wielded by a traitor. They were prevented from continuing their pursuit until the codex Astartes was introduced to the loyalist legions in the wake of the heresy where the 99th chapter was separated from the rest of the legion. The Red Eagles had a strength of around 600 and donned a gold helmet to commemorate their actions on Murder, and a black fist so to remember their failure to protect their lord, and their duty to bring death to those who sought it. Almost immediately they boarded their vessels and began hunting the traitors through the galaxy, particularly the Sons of Horus. After fighting alongside them during the War of Murder their betrayal was felt even more keenly by the Red Eagles who hunted their once comrades destroying any that they found. It was at this point the Eagles pursued a warband by the name of “The eternal Hydra” into the warp never to be heard from again. In hindsight, it is abundantly clear that Chapter Master Agricola, alongside many of the high command, were some of the first to fall to the black rage, thus explaining their incredible zeal and simple bloody minded tactics during the period following the defence of the Palace. When pursuing the traitor fleets into the warp, the Eagles were alone in their charge as all other loyalist forces held position. Orders to hold position were met with a solitary statement from the bridge. “I am coming Horus. I am coming.” Chief Librarian Marcus was a lowly initiate when he followed his Chapter Master into the warp. Millenia later interred in dreadnought armour Marcus seldom speaks of the battle that raged in the warp. The small squadron of Red Eagle ships were surrounded immediately by daemons and traitor ships. In a desperate attempt to survive the Eagles brought their ships together and formed them into one large interconnected hulk of armour plating, gun batteries and launch bays. In a battle which lasted 365 days the Eagles held their ground bravely, every step bought in herectic blood. As all seemed lost, Captain Marius separated the Flag ship from the hulk and towed the hulk through a rift in the warp. The psychic power of brother Marcus was awoken that day, guiding the remaining eagles towards the rift while Marius defended him from desperate attack. When Marius was asked why he chose to leave the warp he replied simply: “I saw our father. I was on one knee, my armour rent and torn, I wanted it to end. I was so tired, we had not rested since before the Eternity gate, my body simply failed me and I welcomed the numbness in my mind. I closed my eyes but suddenly I felt a soft finger on my chin. It was him, he smiled and bid me rise. He said to me “Brother Marius rise for me as I will one day rise for you.” He gestured out of the Bridge window and where he pointed I saw the rift which Marcus had sensed. When I looked back he was gone and where he had stood my blade rested in the floor, the hilt pointing towards me as if it knew I would rise.” While the battle in the warp lasted 365 days, 1500 years passed in the Imperium. During their absence, after waiting 500 years the high lords of terra removed the chapter from the records, not wanting to acknowledge the loss of a full chapter so soon after their formation. However more than 1000 years after their disappearance a lone battle barge emerged, towing behind it a hulk of broken and battered vessels, severely damaged, from the warp bearing long forgotten symbols and heraldry. Less than 100 battle brothers were left on the Battle barge “Crimson Sword” and the hulk. Immediately put into quarantine by elements of the Ultramarines, who were the first to find the eagles adrift in the galaxy, sent word to both Terra and Baal. Representatives arrived and began examining the marines, finding that although scarred and few in number, they were still combat effective and eager to serve. At first the Eagles were to be slain, as surely even astartes could not come through over 1000 years in the warp unscathed and un marred by the taint of chaos. However, the Blood Angels protested and eventually the representatives from Terra agreed, deciding to reform the chapter as one of the many formed in the recent fourth founding. Re gifted the planet that they had originally been granted the Eagles limped to their planet of Miliatum Secundus in the Miliatum sector, between the forge world of Mezoa and the Pelegron cluster. The Eagles have continued to serve since M32 with great distinction.
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