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Bristol XLIII WIP Thread (I.G.)

The Mad Hermit

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So I've been busy today, and got a few minis done, so I thought I'd make a WIP thread to showcase the army's growth.


I've already posted the Regimental Standard Bearer, but I'm going to post him again, just for the sake of completeness.


I've got a bunch of differently-armed officers (old metal minis) so I'm not sure if the one I painted today will be the Company C.O.. I like the idea of having a few options for the odd chance of actually playing a game.


Anyway, here's what I've got so far:


















Sorry that the pics aren't better, but then again, the paintjob's not the best anyway, so you're not missing much.


C&C welcome, as always.


{Edit: The Standard Bearer is here: http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/270233-regimental-standard-bearer-for-the-bristol-xliii-rifles-ig/}

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Pretty neat stuff although I feel you need to thin your paints to get a less textured finish on the models. I also think you need to think about using a wash for the recesses to make the miniatures feel less 'flat' and give greater depth. But, saying that, as far as TT standard goes, they're alright. :)

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Thanks for taking the time to reply.


I'm aware of the need to thin my paints, but I'm dealing with paints that haven't been used in over a year, so I'm kind of handicapped with getting it right.


I'm not trying for museum-quality work, really, so I'm thrilled with just getting to a tabletop standard.


It's been so long since I've painted anything, or played a game, for that matter.

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I actually have used some washes, but they're not really coming through in the pics.


As a disabled vet on a pension, though, mostly I'm stuck replacing my paints a few at a time.


The sarge's hair is actually not too much to my satisfaction, but it's vomit brown, ogryn flesh wash, and then what was supposedly a drybrushing of vomit brown on top.


Considering how long it's been since I've painted anything, I'm more or less happy with everything, but I know I can do better.


Edit: I've gotten froggy and painted up one last mini for the night. The Vox-operator. Here he is:






Okay, I've been at this all day. Time for a break.

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  • 3 weeks later...

So it's been forever but life's been... difficult these last few weeks, but I'm in the process of working on a bunch of things, but here's a little progress.


You can't really see it in the pic, but I used an alternative flesh tone for him, because I don't want all my Guardsmen to be all the smae ethnicity/race.


In my own military service, I only served in one small group that was all the same 'race', and that was my small tech school class. There were five of us. All of us white guys.


Anyway, soon as I hit my first real assignment, it was a lovely mix of all the colors of the rainbow, so I want to recreate that somewhat in my IG army.


Anyway, the tone I used was Reaper Master Series 'Golden Flesh'.


In most light, you gotta look close to notice a difference, but I know it's there.


So that's all that counts, I guess.


Anyway, here's the Command HQ's Medic:






Hope y'all like him.

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I've finished the last of the Regimental Advisors and actually have a completed squad, now, so I'm thrilled.


I might have to take another pic or two of the M.o.O. to get the wrist-computer details, but I'm going to wait for now, as the night is rapidly coming to an end for me.


Anyway, here it is, my latest completed mini and a shot of the complete squad.








The group shot's not the best, but I figured that as I'd already taken better shots of everyone individually, I could get away with it...

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Up next I have a ten-man squad of veterans in the pipeline, using the upgrade pack from Forgeworld to give them shotguns.


So the squad will consist of sergeant w/ pistol/sword, three men w/ grenade launchers, and six men w/ shotguns: one of which will have a vox-caster and another will also have a demo charge.


I've been using different techniques to do the eyes (all of which are not ending with my seal of approval yet) but I recently got a new batch of white and black paints (Reaper Master Series) so they might prove to be more controllable than the really old stuff I'd been using.


Thanks for commenting, gentlemen.

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Great work :)

The only thing is I would repeat that the paint needs thinning - some of the models look a bit "lumpy"

The eyes look ok but I know how hard IG eyes are to do.

Try a blob of white with a speck of black in the middle then wash with the same wash as you used on the skin (I used devlin mud) as this helps to tone the white down and puts shadow under the eye at the same time.

Keep em coming thumbsup.gif

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That's a good looking CCS. I particularly liked the last picture since the flash doesn't wash out the paint job details as much. Good work. Do you plan on going infantry or armor heavy, or the new hotness that is air-mobile?

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 Do you plan on going infantry or armor heavy, or the new hotness that is air-mobile?


Thanks for the praise, and for looking at the thread in the first place.


As for what I have planned? Infantry. Lots and lots of infantry.


A few years back when they were offering such things (and when I was working) I purchased the Infantry Company Apocalypse Formation, so... I'm looking at 110-120 infantrymen.


I've since purchased a few Russes and I want to get a squad or two of Sentinels, but on my budget that's going to take some time.


I can wait, though, as I have 100+ guardsmen to get painted in the meantime.

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