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Out of the warp, unto the anvil ...

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 ----+++   In the middle of the ash wastes of Noctourne, tucked in a nook of a small hill of solid rock, a flicker and shimmer fills the gap. Soon, a long forgotten Eldar Webway materializes out of thin air. Moments later it thrums to life and with a burst of light, a portal is opened. Out steps a large figure garbed in emerald power armor. The traveler scopes the surrounding area, at least what can be seen from within the crevasse. With a fading thrum, the webway portal closes and the device shuts down. The figure turns to his transportation and unsheathes a blade from the hip. As the blade is brandished it kindles to life with seemingly living fire. With one swift motion, the webway device is hewn in twine.


    An all too familiar sound fills the new void. Land speeder ramjets off in the distance making their way towards the figures location. An obvious assumption would be that a nearby refuge must have picked up the webway's activation on their sensors and dispatched an investigation team. The figure steps out of the nook in the rock and into the light of day, his presence an all too familiar sight on this world. His knight like helm which is now visible in the light, is detailed with a snarling drake relief. A white drake snorting fire is plainly visible on left shoulder. The speeder's pilot, having seen the figure at a glance and blazing past it at breakneck speeds turned the vehicle around and it drifted to a stop infront of the wayward marine.


    From the land speeder, which is of the storm designation, Several marines disembark and approach the traveler. The one in the lead calls out to the traveler for identification who responds," Company Champion, Siege." +++-----


    Wanted to add some style to my official return WIP post. My apologies if it bored alot of you. Anyways, back on track. Here are a couple of Counts-As I have done in my absence.


C&C welcome as usual


Cato Sicarius





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My counts as Kor'Sarro Khan



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