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Baal Pythons

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This is a thread for the development of the Baal Pythons chapter, originally designed and introduced by Messor.  Messor has been kind enough to allow me to take up the development of this chapter. I will specifically be working on the Loyalist faction of the surviving members of the chapter.  If someone would like to take up the Mutant faction and work with me on the intro a bit, please message Messor and myself.  Feedback Welcome!  Special thanks to Messor!


NOTE: Nothing New at the moment, but this is what i will be working from.


Baal Pythons Badge


Baal Pythons


Founding: 21st


Progenitor Legion: Blood Angels


Homeworld: Unknown, now Fleet-based


Allegiance: Renegade


Baal Pythons Marine


Basic History (Temporary Section)


Originally known by the name of the Blood Angels' homeworld, the time in the warp and destroyed records have corrupted the speech of the Baal Pythons, who identify themselves with a mispronunciation of their former name. Inquisitorial records of the Cursed Founding name the Pythons among the Chapters created, but from the date of their sanctioning until 198M41 the Chapter has no registered appearances on any battlefield, nor submitted any tithes, but has been lost to all Imperial knowledge. Codiciers were hesitant to label the Chapter as destroyed when it was unclear whether or not a single marine was even created. Such is no longer the case. Having emerged from the warp transmitting dated imperial codes and bearing the heraldry recorded under their name, the Baal Pythons have returned. The fleet transmissions of the Pythons lasted less than an hour, and were heavily encrypted. To date only portions are understood which appear to implicate the Basilisks Chapter in heretical gene experimentation. The Pythons did not remain to be questioned, but fled again through the warp at the appearance of the first Imperial vessel. These encounters reapeated until the Pythons finally appeared to find what they were looking for: The Basilisks' fleet. An Imperial Navy patrol found the Pythons with a sizeable fleet engaging the Basilisks in ship to ship. When Navy forces called for a cease fire, the Pythons turned their guns on the Navy ships, destroying one as they fled again into the warp. Remains recovered from the battle reveal that the Pythons have been horrifically mutated, and they have since been declared Excommunicate Traitoris. What remains of the Chapter continues to harass the Basilisks while avoiding other sources of Imperial contact. They have begun to make sector wide transmissions once more, and though garbled by their broken language and persistent outdated codes, it appears they claim to know of corruption and impurity in the Basilisks Chapter, and are intent on revealing it. While most dismiss this as the lies and ravings of heretics and mutants, those Inquisitors already wary of the Basilisks have redoubled their efforts to uncover the truth.

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