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I'm in the process of building my new Space Marine army, the Angels Adamantine, which is a successor chapter of the Blood Angels. (I decided to do this after I lost my Blood Angels army in a storage unit that was auctioned off.) Here are a few pictures of some of the conversions I've done recently:


Veteran Terminator Sergeant of the 1st Company (name TBD):




Chapter Master Riconas:




Sanguinary Priest (name TBD):




Veteran Sergeant of the 1st Company (name TBD):




Captain of the 1st Company (name TBD):




Tactical Sergeants (name and company TBD):




Honour Guard (names TBD):




And here are a couple that I've started painting:


Captain of the 2nd Company (name TBD, originally Chapter Master):




Chapter Champion:




I also have a Predator and a couple of Dreadnoughts that are primed, but they are currently still in a few pieces, so I'll post pictures of those once they are assembled. I'm soon to start building the bulk of my army (Tactical, Assault & Devastator squads), so you'll soon be seeing many more miniatures!

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