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Black Templars WiP for ETL II

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My ETL starting vow is one Vindicator and the BT heroes - Helbrecht, Chaplain Grimaldus with retinue and an Emperor's Champion. All the heroes are metal versions.


The Vindicator is getting the full (and eventually worthless treatment) of an interior build - the WiP blog will show the extras, but most of it will be hidden except for a peek through the ramp of the finished vehicle. Still, the fun is in the build smile.png


Don't expect lightning results - due to other commitments there will not be much work on these until next month. sad.png

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Here is the squad in preparation, but it only reached this stage this afternoon, Sunday 4th August. There is no way that I am going to paint these in 10 days with my track record and I am still missing the Storm Shield.


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Posting the finished squad, completed this weekend (25 August). I made the right call in not making a second ETL II vow with these guys.


The Storm shield and Power Axe can be changed for a storm bolter and power sword. The heavy weapon is interchangeable for a CML, assault cannon or heavy flamer. I have another squad capable of doubling up the CMLs, so I didn't see the point of this in a command squad that is intended to cover the Marshal.

Anyway, my terminator squads now show some progression on GS tabards - still a big challenge to get folds in the thin layers without resorting to making moulds. Most of the effect here is from my attempts at blending and shading.

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