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  1. This is my first attempt at a thread, so I hope it goes well. I figured, after reading several threads for the various other Crusades, and seeing the outright AWSOME work being done, that this might be the Power Boot in the (4-point-of-contact) I need to actually get the various projects I have either unstarted or in various stages of completion up to par with what I had envisioned for them when I started. After seeing the constructive criticisms here from various members, I'm excited to get feedback that will aid me in getting better. I'll try to post some pics of my crusade so far after RL obligations have been met for the day. For anybody reading this NOW, sorry for the text. More to follow soon!
  2. Hi I’m Casual Heresy, and I’m a hobby butterfly. And that’s okay. Afternoon all. A combination of the forum upgrades and downtime from catching Nurgle’s blessing (covid) for the first time means I’m finally going to start the WiP log I’ve always meant to start. I love space marines of all types so always have multiple projects on the go. Currently, I’m focussing on Black Templar reinforcements for the August Throne of Skulls at Warhammer Workd with heresy era ultramarines in the background. But various other armies and one off projects will pop up over time. Currently I’m about to finish the first of two Redemptors for my Templars, and a Contemptor I finished yesterday is waiting on tufts. After that there is only Grimaldus and his boy band, a Primaris Techmarine and Castellan to go.
  3. Greetings! I'm a Black Templars fanatic and conversions enthusiast. I used to crawl around this board more than 5 years ago and even posted some of my stuff back then. I took a break from the hobby for a couple of years but reentered the game about 2 years ago. In the past time I put together a lot of stuff (exclusively for my two big loves in 40k: Black Templars and Inquisition) and don't want to hold it back from you. I see this as a compendium of my work and gonna update it whenever I have some new freaks to show off. Criticism and suggestions welcome as always. Old models: Black Templars Castellan mainly based on this wonderful and inspiring Artwork by John Blanche Black Templars Sword Brother also based on the Blanche Artwork Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor Black Templars Dreadnought some random Servitor with Heavy Bolter Newer Stuff: Black Templars Assault Squad Inquisition Lexmechanic Inquisition Warrior Acolytes Inquisition Familiar
  4. The Ouroboros Crusade ~ Creation out of Destruction ~ ~ Life out of Death ~ Greetings brothers, the Templars have been calling me as of late. Strayed into the land of homebrew chapter for a year or so. Struggled to get certain parts right and colour schemes, only to end up making the right choice... the only choice. So busy redoing them into Templars. This will be a Primaris thread mainly, I will have some tanks and a LandRaider or two(rules be dammed)I'll just have to make it bigger. Going to 'reincarnate' some Battle Brothers from my main army across to this one to fit the mashed together fluff I made and posted in the Crusades thread pinned on our sacred sub forum, 'counts as' and of course the odd non codex legal model. To start there won't be much in the way of paint, saving it for the ETL. I've got a fair whack of stuff to rebuild, build etc. Anyways, on with the Pics... and for those who remember me, you know I love my pics..sorry. Dreadnought Brother Rainard Pilot Pics. The base Sharing here for those who don't frequent the BT sub form. That's all for now,
  5. As part of my ongoing series crusade to paint up various chapters of renown it's time I added a Black Templar I'm preparing a small collection of chapters for priming so hopefully I'll be able to get started on him soon: Aside from being pretty cool anyway, Black Templars have been a long feature for me in various forms since 4th Ed. I have the appropriately named Black Templar Contrast to try out as a different approach to my usual black methods, but any tips or suggestions will be welcome of course This extends to appropriate markings and the like - if I'm going to do a Templar he should be done properly
  6. Shenandoah Knights Chapter http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/sm.php?b62c=@haiWu_hly1H.iakk7____@@@.@_@@..@@@@@@@@@@@hXD48@hXD48@@@@@@@@@@@_hksDA@@@@@@@@@____hksDA.&grid=TRUE Origins It is believed that the Shenandoah Knights chapter were formed as part of the 25th Founding. As it is around this time that the first mentions of the chapter appear in Imperial records. Home World The Shenandoah Knights claim the Shenandoah system in the Segmentum Pacificus as their home and maintain chapter keeps, which bear the title of Knight's Keep, on the inhabited planets in the system. They are Kyboro, Atlantica, Urangara and Lydale. Prior to the Shenandoah Knights claiming the system, it had a proud military history and provided many regiments, which were collectively referred to as the Shenandoah Guard for the Imperial Guard and while the numbers may have dropped, it is tradition that is still continued. Gene-Seed The gene-seed of the Shenandoah Knights is that of the Imperial Fists Legion and they share many of the same traits of that chapter. The chapter shares many personality with the Black Templars and claim their first generation's gene-seed came from the tithes of Black Templars to Terra Organisation The Shenandoah Knights maintain many of the traditions of their parent chapter, one of which is that the chapter is fleet based, even though they claim a system as their own, if not a single world. However their organisation strongly resembles that of the Black Templars, but rather than an ad hoc organisation like that of the Black Templars, the chapter is organised into 4 Priories, three of which are about equivalent in size to that of 3 companies from other chapters and each include their own Armoury, Reclusium and Apothecarium. The fourth Priory is called The Grand Priory, which is the Priory of the Grand Master and includes the chapter’s senior ranks. The chapter has a small number of Terminator suits that are used by the veterans of the Grand Priory. Recruitment The ways that the Knights recruit on each planet varies. However while each Priory recruits from all the planets in the system, each one tends to recruit from a specific planet more than the others and this in turn has had an affect on the character of each Priory. Combat Doctrine Due to being a fleet based chapter that seldom comes together in one place, each Priory has developed their own idiosyncrasies. The third Priory which favours assault over ranged fighting, has a higher number of assault troops. Whereas the second Priory which favours long range tactics, has a higher number of fire support troops. Beliefs The people of the Shenandoah system are strong believers of the Imperial Creed and as such they venerate the Emperor as the God of Man and this has influenced the chapter's own beliefs. This has meant that the chapter have a strong and close relationship with the Ecclesiarchy and the Adepta Sororitas an it's not uncommon for the Knights to be seen fighting alongside Adepta Soroitas forces. But as you can imagine this belief has caused them to have a somewhat strained relationship with other Astartes chapters who do not share their beliefs. Battle Cry To date there has been no recorded battle cry. It almost seems as if the chapter fights in silence and communicate via vox when needed. The only time during battle that anything is uttered is when they have to communicate with another force Notable Member of the Shenandoah Knights Grand Master Waddell - Waddell is the chapter's current Grand Master, He is the second to hold the office in the chapter's history. Grand Master Bulloch - Bulloch was the Shenandoah Knight's first Grand Master and was killed in a warp accident upon the Battle Barge Sea King. The chapter's flagship.
  7. Note: I've updated the ruleset to v1.1 as of 20th April 2020. If your version is an earlier version, please download the latest using the link below. Hello all! In case you hadn't noticed, I've done some work on updating the rules for Black Templars in 4th Edition to our current 8th Edition and compiled them all into an easy-to-use two-page document that you can find here. The idea is to use them in place of the rules you can find on page 44 of Psychic Awakening: Faith and Fury (i.e. Knights of Sigismund, The Lost Librarius). I've also rewritten the lore snippet that precedes the effect description of the Chosen Champion rule. Please note that I tried to change the original rules as little as I could; the intent was simply to update them to make them compatible with Warhammer 40'000 8th Edition and not to make them more/less powerful. Anyway, I hope some of you find use for these rules in your friendly games! Comments and constructive criticism are, of course, appreciated.
  8. Note: I've updated the ruleset to v1.1 as of 20th April 2020. If your version is an earlier version, please download the latest using the link below. Welcome to this little project of mine! Whilst Games Workshop gave the Black Templars updated rules and units in the Psychic Awakening: Faith and Fury supplement, I've always wanted rules that were similar to those found in Codex: Black Templars from 4th Edition. With that goal in mind, I sat down and created the following document. Please note that I tried to change the original rules as little as I could; the intent was simply to update them to make them compatible with Warhammer 40'000 8th Edition and not to make them more/less powerful. + Link to Version 1.1 + I'm toying with the idea of adding a Stratagem that allows the player to change the currently-active Vow but it seems to go against the fluff behind the vows (it being a pre-battle oath; these shouldn't change mid-battle) and would be a power boost to the rules which is not the intent. Your thoughts on this are appreciated however. Last but not least, comments and constructive criticism are also appreciated.
  9. + Warriors of the Sarlevin Crusade on Anara XVII, 902.M36 + + Crusade badge of the Sarlevin Crusade, 902-910.M36, illustrated by Artifex-Primus Domyn Iqtchan + + Thought of the Day: You carry the Emperor's Will as your Torch, with it Destroy the Shadows. + + + + Welcome to my latest hobby project and return to one of my first loves in the Warhammer 40'000 universe: the Black Templars! The very first Codex I bought when I got into the hobby around 2007 was the 4th Edition Black Templars one and while both Warhammer 40'000 has moved on since then, I find it to be a fantastic ressource for any Black Templar fan, especially when building a "historical" force that isn't designed to fit in the current (i.e. M42) timeline. Below you can see the results of my first serious attempt at a Black Templars army. A meeting of B&C staff members had been set for June 2018 and I didn't want to turn up without any painted models! My initial plan was to build and paint 500 points of Black Templars but unfortunately I never got that far, only managing the above before burning out. That said, they still look good two years later and I'd like to both touch up a few issues present on these models (even though I loathe going back to work on completed models) and expand this force into something I can actually use in larger games. The two main issues are: I used some spray can varnish on them and four models got at least partially coated in a fine grey layer of varnish; I'd very much like to fix that with a bit of Nuln Oil to darken the grey areas. The Assault Marines don't have the correct shoulder pad trim colour (i.e. red); I need to fix this ASAP! Now, after that's fixed, I'm looking at ways to expand the force. Since it is set in the murky years of M36 shortly after the 6th Black Crusade, there will be no Primaris Marines in this force. I already had a few models earmarked for service within my Crusade and those will no doubt be the first candidates for a slap of paint. Below you can see a non-exhaustive collection of models that shall receive the black and white colours of the Templars. The old school models that have paint on them will be stripped and repainted. The rest are either already WIP or need to be started on from scratch. To help me organise myself and my collection, here are a couple of lists containing models I have and wish to add to my Templars and models I don't have but wish to purchase, assemble, and paint. I'll try and prioritise the models I already have but there's unfortunately no guarantee of this: I'm a bit of an implusive buyer and hoarder, and I get distracted quite easily. Models I own and wish to add to the Sarlevin Crusade forces: Chapter Master Marshal in Terminator armour with storm bolter and relic blade Captain Castellan in power armour with storm bolter and power sword Two Emperor's Champions (perhaps three, depends on the number of Fighting Companies I end up going with) At least two Chaplains Apothecary in power armour with bolt pistol and chainsword Lieutenant Sword Brother in power armour with master-crafted boltgun and power sword (the old Castellant Dracos model) At least three Sergeants Sword Brethren with various wargear options to lead my Crusader Squads Some more Initiates (at least seven, with bolt pistol and chainsword) Some Neophytes (at least six, with bolt pistol and chainsword/combat blade) Some Sword Brethren (at least one squad equipped with power armour & jump packs and another equipped Terminator armour in the "Assault" configuration) Bike Squad (with at least three bikes) At least one more Dreadnought Thunderfire Cannon Land Speeder Storm Rhino Razorback Predator Two Land Raiders Models I wish to purchase to add to the Sarlevin Crusade forces: Chaplain on Bike Attack Bike to add to the Bike Squad At least one more Predator A Vindicator or two Of course, neither of these two lists is exhaustive. Anyway, thank you for having a look and I'll be back soon with some progress.
  10. I'm planning a list for an upcoming tournament held in Tabletop Simulator. My basic gameplan is centered around a Land Raider full of Assault Centurions, together with their character support and a squad of Aggressors, to do the heavy lifting. I've also got a fair number of forward-deploying units to screen my advance and harass enemy units that would threaten that LRC and its contents. Relics, warlord traits, and litanies can be selected differently in every game, but most of this will probably be constant. The main things that might change are on the Phobos Captain: I could swap in Shoot And Fade to get a unit of Incursors deep behind their lines and tag something troublesome (eg, artillery), or Marksman's Honours if they have some 4-wound infantry that really need to die. The Crusader Helm can be swapped for Witchseeker Bolts against psyker-heavy lists. I've run versions of this list before, and had some token long-range firepower, but not enough to really matter, so I decided to drop that and lean more heavily into the Phobos/scout element. I worry about flyers, but hopefully massed bolters/flamers and two flying power fists could knock out a Doom Scythe in a pinch. Suggestions are welcome!
  11. Unfortunately I have not yet thought of a cool name for my crusade. Black Templars were the army I chose when I first entered the hobby in the summer of 2016. At its height my army's size was pretty moderate, amounting to around 2000 points in total. I was far enough along, however, to be discouraged by the release of Primaris marines the following summer, and my painting progress ground to a halt. I have not played since 7th edition, and I only ever played around five, maybe six games to begin with. It took me a while to accept Primaris. Not that I ever hated them (well, not the Tacticus guys at least), but the timing simply discouraged me. The lack of melee didn't help either. I put the Templars on the backburner. "Oh, I'll start an AdMech army too!" "Oh, I'll paint any Primaris I buy as Deathwatch, and keep my Templar force oldmarines-only." "Oh, the Emperor's Spears are getting a transfer sheet, that will be my Primaris chapter!" Then, the KT starter set released in August 2018, and I decided I would abandon the main game. I jumped from one KT idea to the next. AdMech, then Deathwatch, then Alpha Legion, then Iron Hands. I finally came to my senses a round a year ago, realizing I should've gone with Templars from the beginning as they were my first, and one true love in 40k... Then I was indecisive regarding the paint scheme. "How should I paint the Aquilas, the weapon casings? How should I base them?" The procrastination and indecisiveness continued* After 9th edition and Indomitus were announced I decided that I would jump back into the main game, as the new minis were perfect for Templars, and at this point I have a sizeable primaris army. This is my current (built) inventory**: HQs: Marshal Degwin - Terminator Marshal w/ Combi-Melta & Power Fist Marshal Alcuin - Indom. cpt w/ relic shield & MC Power Sword Chaplain Merovech? Mozgus? - Indom. Chaplain Castellan Segwall - Indom. Lt. w/ neo-volkite Primaris Castellan w/ Power Sword Troops: 3x Auto Bolt Rifle Intercessor squads (5 men each; Sgts have chainswords) 2x Bolt Rifle Intercessor squads (5 men each; Sgts have PF) 5x Assault Intercessors (Plasma pistol sgt) 5x Assault Intercessors Elites: Primaris Ancient Bladeguard Ancient Judiciar 1x Bladeguard Vet squad Primaris Apothecary Terminator squad (5 Terminators. They're from SM Heroes Series 2, so unfortunately I can't use both my Cyclone Missile guy and my Assault Cannon guy at the same time) Ven. Dreadnought w/ Lascannon & Heavy Flamer Ven. Dreadnought (unbuilt; I'm thinking Assault Cannon & Storm Bolter) Ironclad Dreadnought (unbuilt; Hurricane Bolter & Chainfist w/ H. Flamer or Melta? Should I give him Assault Launchers and/or Hunter Killer missiles?) Redemptor Dreadnought w/ Gatling Cannon and Stormbolters (haven't decided on secondary weapon) Heavy Support: 3x Hellblaster squads (5 men each); 2 have normal Plasmaguns, 1 has the Assault variant 1x Eradicator squad Land Raider Crusader (this will ferry my Terminators about the battlefield whenever I field them) Fast Attack: 1x Outrider squadDedicated Transport: Impulsor w/ shield domeKits I want to get in the future: Primaris Chaplain on Bike Primaris techmarine Gravis Cpt. w/ MC Heavy BR Multipart Assault Intercessors (1x-2x) Heavy Intercessors (I don't see myself getting more than 2 squads) Multipart bladeguard vets (2x) Gladiator repulsor tank (Will prob. build as long range Las variant) Storm Speeder (will prob. build as Melta variant) Firestrike turret? idk Multipart Outriders, whenever those come out *Sept. 2020 update: ... have continued ** Updated with recent additions and wishlist
  12. EDIT: All right, i'm decided on some things but still as indecisive as ever regarding others. I will be painting Aquilas bone for the whole army, sans perhaps Marshals, Castellans, and Chaplains. I will be painting armor joints gunmetal, using either Iron Warriors or Leadbelcher. As for what I'm undecided on, it's whether I should go with red weapon casings for Initiates. It would provide a nice contrast, but I don't want there to be an overabundance of red when looking at the whole army; I want red to be largely confined to the Sword Brethren so they stand out.
  13. The start of a new era... Way back at the start of 3rd edition I started playing black templars, eventually amassing an army totaling around 10k points before putting the hobby on the back burner and selling almost all my models. Now with 9th edition around the corner and some friends getting into the hobby I figured its time to start a new Primaris Black Templar army taking inspiration from the box art from 3rd edition. I have the marines from the 8th edition starter and a box of intercessors. My goal is to complete them before 9th edition launches and then get the marines from the new starter which seem much more close combat oriented, great for black templars. Here is the only remaining model from my original army, a forgeworld venerable dreadnought New work area, I have a daylight lamp coming in soon from Amazon. Should make painting and taking decent photos a lot easier. Not pictured is about a companies worth of old marine red scorpions. as well as 3.5k of pre heresy nightlords. Currently working on 4 hellblasters which should be done soon then onto a 5 man squad of intercessors Thanks for looking
  14. From the album: Black Templars

    Converted unit of 5 assault terminators with thunder hammers and stormshields. The base models and Dark Angel Deathwing Knights wth parts from the Bladeguard Veteran, Vanguard Veteran and Black Templar upgrade kits.
  15. Version 0.8


    In this fan-made supplement you will find rules for Battle-forged armies that include Black Templars Detachments. These rules include Abilities, Stratagems, Litanies, Warlord Traits, Relics and Datasheets designed to be used alongside Codex: Space Marines. Together, these rules capture the character and fighting style of the Black Templars Crusades so that they can be played in your games of Warhammer 40,000 9th Edition. The aim of this supplement is to not only capture the spirit of the Black Templars Chapter as they are portrayed in other Games Workshop publications but also maintain the streamlined game design of 9th Edition.
  16. Version v1.1 (2020/04/20)


    Alternative rules for playing Black Templars in 8th Edition Warhammer 40'000 to be used in conjunction with Codex: Space Marines and Psychic Awakening: Faith and Fury. These are largely an update of the rules found within the 4th Edition Codex: Black Templars. The file can be discussed here.
  17. Version v2


    Indomitus Crusade badge for Imperial Fists, Black Templars, and Crimson Fists, as commissioned by Kisada. A melding of the logos of the three chapters, with yellow, blue, and black background layers* to allow placement on each chapter's armor. (* See here to turn the Layers palette on in Adobe Reader/Acrobat)
  18. 1653 downloads

    Black Templars iconography based on Codes: Space Marines.
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