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  1. Old content here in the OP, can disregard, I'm keeping it here to edit/modify it in the future. The first page is discussion re: a discarded idea. Had this thread moved to WIP forum to be merged with my other WIP thread. Thank you for looking! Currently writing up a bunch of narrative for fun as well, hope to share that soon. Much more to come!
  2. Almost having finished my current army (Iron Hands) I will soon be starting my Black Templars project, including a Crusade force. The theme is steeped in secrecy and is highly guarded. This is also known as the White Crusade.
  3. Morning all. I'm one of the many long time admirers of Templars who has finally jumped in with new supplement. But now thanks to a Twitter poll I'm planning on taking my Templars to the 40k Grand Tournament at Warhammer World in February. Thought it would be fun idea to document my progress to hone my list and paint it in time. This will be the biggest competitive event I've ever attended so advice on list composition would be greatly appreciated. I'm not neccesarily out to win the whole thing but I'd like to win atleast a couple of my games. First job though is to get the 2021 grand tournament mission pack and study the missions so I can put together lists that can achieve the objectives. On the painting side I have a few units in progress so far, with these five assault terminators being the closest to being finished. Now time for me to get to work.
  4. This is my first attempt at a thread, so I hope it goes well. I figured, after reading several threads for the various other Crusades, and seeing the outright AWSOME work being done, that this might be the Power Boot in the (4-point-of-contact) I need to actually get the various projects I have either unstarted or in various stages of completion up to par with what I had envisioned for them when I started. After seeing the constructive criticisms here from various members, I'm excited to get feedback that will aid me in getting better. I'll try to post some pics of my crusade so far after RL obligations have been met for the day. For anybody reading this NOW, sorry for the text. More to follow soon!
  5. So I looked up my last thread, and ironically almost a year ago to the day I started yet another Black Templars army. I had so many requests to do commissions/work at the time that I decided to sell the army since the offers were too good to pass up. Since then, I started a decent Wolves army (which is fun, and I like painting it) but I guess I wanted to really make a painful decision to go back to my 40K roots.... So I just picked up a lot of stuff. A lot of stuff that is primarily Black Templars. I don't know if I'm crazy or not for doing this, but here is the start of the Patrol box, and the new Phobos (Infiltrators) from the new Kill team box set (so they have new cool bits.) Maybe this is a bad idea. I forgot how long it takes me to do these models. The first 3-4 stages of zenithal highlighting, and shadowing is done. I'm working on getting through this squad as they are not as inspiring as the other kits (much more 'crusadey' looking kits. ) Though the new Kill team bits keep these guys a bit more interesting. I hope I have it in me to continue the army.
  6. This is my Crusade Thread; basically a mix of kitbashes, painting logs, battle reports and short story pieces, chonologing the growth of my home-grown crusade. Hope you enjoy something amongst all the nonsense BIG EDIT: Photobucket broke all my pictures... they are back up again, but not sure if this is permanent. In the meantime, here is my library in case you really want to see anything particular: http://s1287.photobucket.com/user/matzeke/library/?sort=3&page=1 First, some background info on the crusade: (For WIP, scroll down to pictures) The brethren of what is now known as the Renascibilitas Crusade were thought lost by their fellow templars when their flotilla vanished into the warp while pursuing a particularly destructive pirate fleet of twisted Eldar sadists, after a long and bitter campaign to push the Xenos back. After many years had passed, the return of these missing brothers came as a surprise. More surprising was their reluctance to discuss exactly where they had been, or why their numbers had dwindled. This information was deemed only for the ears of the high marshal himself. Since their return, the fiery and stoic force have remained distinct from some of their younger and more excitable chapter-brothers. Nevertheless, they demonstrate an unswerving loyalty to the will of the Emperor, and hold strong to some clear truths: The Emperor is the single greatest triumph of mankind and loyalty to him and his design is their highest priority. The Emperor's wisdom is to be respected. He chose to employ certain sanctioned psychic individuals to further his great goals, yet he decreed that his loyal marines should be free from that great burden and temptation. Those battle-brothers who have forgotten this are derided and scorned publicly, and rarely trusted or tolerated on the battlefield. 'Friendly' warning shots have been fired, as have less-friendly ones. This suspicion extends to all pyskers to some degree, but while essential tools of the imperium (astropaths etc) are tolerated within strict boundaries, the reckless use of battle-psykers means that inquisitors and librarians are viewed as one step away from the Xenos and the Heretic. This hasn't stopped the pragmatic leadership of the crusade from working with various chapters, inquisitors and members of the ecclesiarchy, but more than one ally has found that the templars can be fickle in their support. The crusade brothers are closely bonded themselves, likely due to their unspoken experiences in their missing years. As an old brotherhood, they remember the old ways, and the emperors truth. They respect the greatest man to have walked the galaxy, ritualising and dramatising their faith in his mind and design. They crusade in the name of man, not of a god. Their faith and zeal burns bright, a cleansing flame in the dark.
  7. Has anyone had a chance to read this one yet? I just recently got mine and am planning to start reading it this weekend. I’ve heard Dorn plays a part in the story.
  8. Hi I’m Casual Heresy, and I’m a hobby butterfly. And that’s okay. Afternoon all. A combination of the forum upgrades and downtime from catching Nurgle’s blessing (covid) for the first time means I’m finally going to start the WiP log I’ve always meant to start. I love space marines of all types so always have multiple projects on the go. Currently, I’m focussing on Black Templar reinforcements for the August Throne of Skulls at Warhammer Workd with heresy era ultramarines in the background. But various other armies and one off projects will pop up over time. Currently I’m about to finish the first of two Redemptors for my Templars, and a Contemptor I finished yesterday is waiting on tufts. After that there is only Grimaldus and his boy band, a Primaris Techmarine and Castellan to go.
  9. Hey brothers of the Eternal Crusade! I started a Primaris Crusade a long time ago. I painted about 10 models and didn’t follow through as I got distracted by my Krieg force. Now it’s a new year and my brother wants to join in on the 40k fun! He’d previously started his own Successor Chapter but has fallen in love with everyone’s favourite Space Crusaders! We have a deal, he’ll do the modelling and I’ll do the painting. True to form, I started with the model that I’d enjoy painting most! Here’s the Marshal (as yet unnamed) of the Promethean Crusade: Black Templars Marshal Black Templars Marshal Black Templars Marshal Gotta say the new Black Templars range is phenomenal and I can’t wait to do more! Thanks for looking and please let me know what you think.
  10. Anybody have experience ruining a 20 man squad? I wanna go full choppy with four powerfists. How do you buff them?
  11. Since the starting CPs are significantly reduced, we must pick the WLT/Relic options more carefully. A big good news for BT is that Helbrecht and Grimaldus don't need CP to equip them, thus the CPs could be spend on the other 1-3 characters. About WLTs, if going elite infantries(BGV/TDA/Gravis) way, Selfless healer on apothecary is still must. Obsec is so important today, and "core and character" are the things BT just bring, so Rite of war is a most common choice. Oathkeeper is perfect pairing with judiciar, but I don't know how many players still have judiciar in list. About relics, bones is still decent, while shrould is less popular after AoC. some questions: If taking Grimaldus, would you active his Epitome of piety? Would you use Revered repositories(Sword of judgement) and Champion of feast to make a super sergeant? Any experience about the anti-psychic relics?
  12. "lost in the warp for 11 years" EDIT: Obviously i have made this my Black Templars WIP/PLOG... so enjoy /EDIT I already made a post in new members, but I feel I need to report directly to the fortress monastery! Hello y'all. I have played black Templar since 1999. Shut it down in about 2004 with the dissolution of my immediate circle of gamers. Getting back into it now. So I've been lurking for a while on this board. Y'all have given me a lot of inspiration. I will be rebuilding my crusade. With the acquisition of 2 tactical boxes, 2. BT upgrade boxes and a stern guard box folded into my existing forces I intend to build 4 crusader squads. For lack of better terms 2 shooty and 2 choppy. Fully 9 initiate and one sword brethren The shooty squads will have bolters, a heavy bolter, a special weapon and the sb will have a matching combi weapon and power sword all in a rhino. The choppy squads will have 5 neophytes with, 9 initiates and a sb, all with bp/cs except imbedded power fist special weapon and sb with power sword and matched combibolter. Both in their compulsory LRC. Leaving room for an HQ in the LRC. I will have 6 sword brethren built all with power swords and combi weapons. 2 plasma, 2 melta and 2 flamer. Also 6 special weapon initiates, 2 each of plasma, melta, and flamer. Seeing a pattern? Plan is to move in matched combo and special to the appropriate squad depending on my enemy. Throw in 2 HQ, i have several Marshalls chaplains techmarine and emperor's champion. Should be a fun fluffy army. Sadly almost everyone I saw at the local 40k night were playing marines which will get old, and require I declare any "loyalist" opponents excommunicate traitoris before the match... Lol Almost forgot, I have a predator, some land speeders, enough initiates for a devastator squad with 4 missile launchers, and a dreadnaught all for support... Guess I need anti air cus that is a thing now...
  13. Version 0.8


    In this fan-made supplement you will find rules for Battle-forged armies that include Black Templars Detachments. These rules include Abilities, Stratagems, Litanies, Warlord Traits, Relics and Datasheets designed to be used alongside Codex: Space Marines. Together, these rules capture the character and fighting style of the Black Templars Crusades so that they can be played in your games of Warhammer 40,000 9th Edition. The aim of this supplement is to not only capture the spirit of the Black Templars Chapter as they are portrayed in other Games Workshop publications but also maintain the streamlined game design of 9th Edition.
  14. Version v1.1 (2020/04/20)


    Alternative rules for playing Black Templars in 8th Edition Warhammer 40'000 to be used in conjunction with Codex: Space Marines and Psychic Awakening: Faith and Fury. These are largely an update of the rules found within the 4th Edition Codex: Black Templars. The file can be discussed here.
  15. From the album: Black Templars

    Black Templar Predator Annihilator with magnetised twin-linked Lascannon, turret box, Lascannon side pods and "bocage" blade. IMG 1234 XC BT Pred Annihilator
  16. From the album: Black Templars

    Black Templar Predator Destructor with magnetised Autocannon, turret box, heavy bolter pods and "bocage" blade. MG 1232 XC BT Pred Destructor
  17. From the album: Black Templars

    In plain configuration, BT Predator deconfigured to a basic Rhino role, fitted with a magnetised "bocage" blade. IMG 1224 XC BT Rhino 9
  18. From the album: Brother Talon's Project Challenges

    One of the models been sitting on my desk that I went ahead and partially assembled, and upon hearing of the Crusade Expansion, decided to put on hold for full assembly and painting.
  19. From the album: Black Templars

    Completion of the Serpentis Crusade Banner before arrival in system. IMG 1053 X Serpentis Crusade Banner
  20. From the album: Black Templars

    BT Sword Brethren Sternguard. All my SB's have cloaks, using rolled-out GS if not provided out of the box. These guys are armed to provide close support firepower alongside a Crusade squad.
  21. From the album: Random Battle Pics

    Warwalker point-blank executed from behind
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