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Iron Warriors vs Sons of Medusa 2000pts


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2000pts Iron Warriors vs Sons of Medusa


- - - - -


Iron Warriors (Me) - Double FoC


Lord (Warlord) - MoN, TA, Brand, Sigil, LC

Sorc - MoN, TA, CB, FStaff, ML3, Sigil, Spell Familiar


5 Chosen - 5 Meltas


5 Chosen - 5 Flamers



10 CSM - 2 Flamers

10 CSM - 2 Flamers, Combi-melta

5 PM - 2 Plasma

5 PM - 2 Plasma


Predator - AC, LC

Predator - AC, HB, Havok, Gargoyles

Vindicator - SS, CB

3 Oblits - MoN


ADL - Quadgun


- - - - -


Sons of Medusa (Him)


MotF (Warlord) - Servo Harness


5 Assault Termies - TH, SS

10 Sternguard - 5 CM, 5 CF

Drop Pod

Mortis Contemptor - KAC, CML


10 Tacticals - Melta, HB

10 Tacticals - Melta, HB


Stormtalon - Skyhammer


Ironclad - Hammer, HF, Melta

Drop Pod

Thunderfire Cannon

Achilles - SS


- - - - -




Deployment - Diagonal

Mission - Scouring (variant - no mysterious objectives, 6 objectives worth 3VPs each)




I got 1st turn (deployed first, no steal)


My Warlord Trait - Black Crusader

Psychic Powers - Warp Speed, Plague Wind, Weapon Virus

His Warlord Trait - Co-ordinated Assault


- - - - -


My Turn 1:




My Move:

- Vindicator 6" forward

- Lord + PMs over ADL 6" forward

- 10 CSM moved right towards an objective

- Preds line up on Contemptor

- 2 Rhinos move forward 6" and pop smoke

My Shoot:

- Lord and PMs kill 1 Tactical Marine

- Vindicator destroys the Achilles (hit, 6, 6)

- Autolas takes 2 HPs off the Mortis and stuns it

- Dakka shoots nearby tactical combat squad, killing 2

My Assault:

- None


- - - - - -


His Turn 1:




His Move:

- Sternguard Show, landing next to my Sorc and PMs

- Contemptor moves to shoot side of the Vindicator

- MotF moves towards nearby 10 man Tacs, but fails get close enough to join them

His Shoot:

- TFC shoots rhinos doing nothing

- Sternguard shoot Sorcs PMs killing 3 and wounding the Sorc

- Contemptor snap shoots at the Vindicator Immobilising it

- Tac Combat Squad shoots right CSM killing 1

- Tac Squad shoots Lord + PMs wounding the Lord

His Assault:

- None


1st Blood to me (Achilles) - 1 VP


- - - - -


My Turn 2:




My Move:

- Right 10 CSM claim objective

- Dakka Pred turns to face Sternguard

- Flamer Chosen Disembark next to Sternguard

- Melta Chosen Disembark near MotF

- Lord + PMs move closer to Tactical Squad

- Left 10 CSM line up on sternguard

My Shoot:

- Lord and PMs wipe out Tactical Squad

- Melta Chosen Kill the MotF

- Flamer Chosen kill 3 Sternguard

- Obliterators kill 5 more with TL Plasma

- Sorc and PMs kill 1 more

- DakkaPred kills the last 1

- Right CSM kill 1 Combat Tactical

- Autolas finishes off the Comtemptor

My Assault:

- None


- - - - -


His Turn 2:




His Move:

- Terminators Show next to Drop Pod

- Stormtalon Moves onto Right Side of the Board

- Ironclad fails to show

- Remaining 3 Combat Tacticals move towards Right CSM


- Quadgun kills the Stormtalon (4 hits, evades, 1 Pen, fails to Jink, 6)

His Shoot:

- Combat Tacs (Serg + Melta) kill 1 Marine

- Terms run 1"

- TFC kills 1 PM

- Other Combat Tacs (HB) fail to kill anything

His Assault:

- Charges the Right CSM - Overwatch scores 10 hits (5 from Flamers, 5 from 12 Bolter Shots) killing 2, Charge Fails.


Warlord to Me, 1 Fast Attack Kill to me - 3VPs


- - - - -


My Turn 3:




My Move:

- Dakka Pred moves towards remaining Combat Tac

- Autolas lines up on Drop Pod

- Flamer Chosen line up on Terms

- Left CSM line up on Terms

- Sorc + PMs line up on Terms

- Melta Chosen re-embark and Rhino moves 6" into melta range of Terms

- Lord moves to claim objective once held by the Tac Squad

My Shoot:

- Dakka Pred kills last Combat Tactical

- Flamer Chosen kill 2 Terminators

- Left CSM kill 2 More

- Vindicators CB kills the last

- Obliterators kill the Drop Pod (TL Meltas)

- Autolas redirects 1 LC at the TFC & misses

- Lord + PMs run and claim the objective

My Assault:

- None


- - - - -


His Turn 3:




His Move:

- Ironclad shows up next to the Lord + PMs

His Shoot:

- Ironclad wounds the Lord

- TFC fails to damage the Lord and PMs

- Combat Tacs fail to kill anything

His Assault:

- None


No extra VPs


- - - - -


My Turn 4:




My Move:

- Lord and PMs move away from Ironclad

- Melta Chosen Redirect towards the Ironclad

- Preds line up on TFC

- Flamer Chosen's Rhino Moves forwards

My Shoot:

- Lords unit run to get on another nearby objective

- Vindicator blows up the Ironclad

- Melta Chosen (now out of range) run towards objective (previously held by the Lord)

- Flamer Chosen's Rhino Flat Outs towards the same objective

- Quadgun does nothing to the TFC

- Dakka Pred does nothing to the TFC

- Autolas wounds the TFC

- Obliterators finish the TFC and Kill the Techmarine (Lascannons)

My Assault:

- None


- - - - -


His Turn 4:




His Move:

- None

His Shooting

- Combat Tacs do nothing

- Dread Drop Pod does nothing

His Assault:

- None


- - - - -


Game Called:


I Hold 4 Objectives - 12VPs + First Blood, Warlord a 1KP - 15VPs Total

He Holds 1 Objective - 3VPs Total

1 Objective is Vacant (My Rhino is the Closest Model, but can't hold).


I Lost 4 Plague Marines (1 Plasma Gunner) and 2 CSMs with Bolters

He only had 1 Drop Pod and 5 Tacticals Left.


'Man' of the Match:




Killed:  Achilles, 1 TH/SS Terminator, Ironclad Dreadnought - 535pts worth of the enemy army!! (cost 140pts)


- - - - -



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The Sorcerer was a bit of a bust. I might have been better off with a heldrake, which would help out if I end up going 2nd.


Apart from him (and I suspect that the powers I rolled for him didn't help his performance) I'm content with my list. It's not a meta-ed up cheese list, yet I know how to use it, and I'm a lucky git!


Cheers for the replies.

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I did consider swapping the Sorcerer for a Slaanesh Lord and the 2 units of CSM for units of Noise Marines with a Blastmaster each.


I might be tempted to give that Slaanesh Lord either a bike or jump pack and the brand, with the Nurgle Lord getting a Combi-Plasma (I use the Kai Gun Metal Lord from the Medusa Campaign). As this would extend the effective range of the brand whilst making the Lord and his PMs more dedicated Terminator hunters.


But then I'd be heading into meta territory, and I like my blocks of CSM, they do their job well enough (adding bodies and holding objectives) and thanks to running, are nice and mobile.


Still, every list evolves. I used a DP and Khârn in 5th and used to bundle across the board in rhinos and a land raider. Because it was fun and, at the time, tactically viable.


Not so anymore... sadly.

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I'm not trying to shoot down your performance, I promise, but I'm underwhelmed by my Ferric-geneseed brother's targeting priority issues.  TFC at Rhinos and Plague Marines?  And I must say that I had never before heard of anyone taking heavy bolters in Tactical Squads before.


All that being said, I can't fault your tactics at all; you deployed well and controlled the flow of the game pretty handily throughout.  Congrats on the win!

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I do agree, he did make some questionable strategic and tactical decisions. He did try to justify his decision to target the Rhinos, which didn't make a great deal of sense mathammer wise, (trying to glance kill AV11 3HP with 4S6 shots is mathematically very unlikely - needing 3 5+ rolls out of 4 shots, and that's assuming they all hit).

He did also deploy his Achilles straight across from my Vindicator, and as he deployed 2nd that was a dubious strategic decision. One that cost him a 335pt broken forgeworld tank on turn 1!

The Heavy Bolters, well they're one of the free heavy weapons, and 3 S5 AP4 shots isn't bad against non-marines. I have to assume he chose them with either Tau or Eldar in mind, as against those armies it's not a terrible choice. (we both used pre-written lists)

Bearing in mind that in our gaming group there are:

- 2 Tau players

- 2 Eldar Players

- 1 Tyranid Player

- 1 Ork Player

- 1 Eldar/Tau/SM Player (the guy I played)

- 1 BA/SoB/Necron player

- 1 SW/IW Player (Me)

- 1 DA/CSM Player.

That forms the regular 40k landscape - and there's a lot of 4+ or worse saves in there.

Thanks for the Congrats msn-wink.gif

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Only 2 pods, ugh... I feel bad for my fellow battle brothers defeat, hopefully he learned a bit aobut target priority. and you make me want to run my vindicators again, stopped running them for a bit and now i feel i need them again.

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Not a great deal in this game, it accounted for 1 tactical marine IIRC.


However, against eldar and guard I've had Havok Launchers devastate entire units.


For 12 points it's worth it for those times. Plus, it's another long ranged weapon that's good against hordes. My Dakka-pred is called the "Horde Killer" after all. :P

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