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Kitbashing extravaganza: Super marines (Pic heavy)

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So I've bought a lot of stuff off of ebay to make a spectacular unit of veterans and was wondering what everyones opinion on them was. What critiques and suggestions they might have so that I can improve my modeling. I realize that there are some terrible mistakes on them, however, it's my first time so progress not perfection right?


I used greyknight, Empire greatsword, Spacewolf, blacktemplar and Forgeworld bits to make these models.



Hope you enjoy.


(I apologize in advance for the foggy photos, I was using an I-touch to take pictures)


This is the A team (Well most of it)


My techmarine/apothecary, wanted to have some fun with the mechanicum theme





Complimentary powersword



Wolf guard or sergeant chucking a krak grenade. That's a shotgun strapped to his thigh which I'm claiming is a bolter.



better image of the SW boltpistol from the TW set and part of the shotgun shown further back.



This guy could be a librarian or runepriest. I was trying to see what it would look like for an SM to hold an Empire ax. Looks Reasonable for a marine. He's holding the book up.



here we go: READ OR DIE!



This was an interesting attempt to make use of the kneeling and lack of boltpistol hands. I think i could have done a better job with the phobos drum and left more it intact on the actual gun. However, it worked out, the drum fits into his hand and he looks like he's about to reload while staying undercover.



Possible rune priest


His back so that you can see the sword








Empys Champeen or company champion, OR just a captain





This one was interesting. I wanted another marine with his sword out but I didn't have any boltpistol arms to use, so I used an empire greatsword inside its scabbard and shaved the thing to get the sword you see below. My main problem with this model was shaving the sword to create the look of an actual blade, something that could be used in combat. However here it looks like a stick.








This one was simple and straightforward. He's running and looks as though he is about to leap into his enemy with those wolf claws. I tried to make sure that the medals and parchment looked as though they were flowing in his wake.



And finally ubiquitous bolter guy




Now for the DREADNOUGHT!!!










So yeah, tell me what you think everyone, I would love to hear your suggestions, advice, critiques and more picks to come!

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Not to be rude, but, "Focus! Down in front!" There seems to be a lot of great bashing going on here, but I can't make it out. :( Pull your camera back and take a few minutes to crop the picture if you have to; it's only fair if you want honest feedback of your work.

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