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Hello in line with the series of Black Legion projects on this forum I plan to start mine. I have stated to play Chaos Space Marine on day one of our new codex but in time I have accumulated a total of 130 PA models that I plan to use in a valid army list.


Don't mind the Blood Ravens and the IG down there, they are off to the warp anomaly known as Ebay along with their respective armies that gather dust in my basement. I have stated to paint BL for my Vow for this year's ETL and since I loved the scheme I plan to expand it to my whole army. That is why my Emperor's Children Noise Marines and Helldrake are also off to sale.

The remaining tons of models are either original CSM models or converted CSM with bitz from Chaos Warriors, Khorne Berzerkers, the old Iron Warriors kit and the Mutations sprue. I have also some vintage Death Guard and Champions on the shelf in all due time will be revealed.

So far the project is at basecoat level. And when the proper paints (Eshin Grey and Gehenna Gold) arrive in store I plan to do the first proper painting. With such a wealth of models it would be a shame to not field them all, or at least the majority so I am really planning to make a Chaos Tide army list which will be composed from up to 100 CSM in a basic 1850 list.

Also expect minor tributes to the recently revealed cults within the Black Legion.

We are returned! Death to the false Emperor!

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That...  is a lot of chaos marines!  I can't wait for your paints to arrive!


I'm just... so happy to see all these Black Legion threads starting up.  It brings the bitter warmth of hatred to this old traitor's dead, black soul.  *wipes tear*.  I'm not crying, I just got some loyalist's blood in my eyes.


We are returned, indeed!

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Indeed, there is 20 more and 8 Obliterators that did not get into the picture for they are on the top shelf. Still I have the manpower to field all the three "typical" Black Legion armies. I have the numbers to field an Overwhelming Force, the terminators to field the Spear Tip and the models to field the Chosen. What I need now is 4 Rhinos. 


Since I am not that good with highlighting I am going to the painting lessons in my gameclub and so far it netted me some basic results, but it is indeed an improvement. Hopefully I will dispose of my pinky Noise Marines and get even more bodies to consecrate to the service to the Despoiler. 

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Or Don't.. My Noise Marines will be pink, my Plague Marines putrid green, my Khorne Berserkers red, and my Thousand Sons blue.. They still look Great intermingled into the Bulk of an Army, and if anything only add to the flavor..



I don't know just my 2 cents..

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