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  1. Howdy Guys and Girls! Edit - Summer 2018: This is my all-around thread for my work. Fun mix of everything, from 30k to Specialist Games! Currently focusing mostly on Necromunda, Kill Team and Adeptus Titanicus! Edit: Added an Index for the finished content: NECROMUNDA: House Escher: The Raven Queens House Cawdor: Sons of Heylel House Helmawr: Palanite Enforcers Genestealer Cult: New-Trysst Mine Freedomfighters Cults of Chaos: Gellerpox Infected Bounty Hunters: Belladonna, Noble Bounty Huntress THE 13th BLACK CRUSADE: Black Legion: Abaddon the Despoiler Chaos Terminators Chaos Havocs Chaos Obliterators THE HORUS HERESY: Adeptus Titanicus: The Legio Titanica - the God-Engines of the Imperium of Mankind Legio Gryphonicus; the War Griffons: Iron Regent, Warlord Battle Titan, Mars-Alpha pattern Reaver Battle Titan, Mars pattern Reaver Battle Titan, Mars pattern Warhound Scout Titan, Mars pattern Warhound Scout Titan, Mars pattern Legio Solaria; the Imperial Hunters: Reaver Battle Titan, Mars pattern Warhound Scout Titan, Mars pattern Warhound Scout Titan, Mars pattern Legio Mortis; the Death's Heads: Warlord Battle Titan, Mars-Alpha pattern Warlord Battle Titan, Mars-Alpha pattern Warlord Battle Titan, Lucius-Alpha pattern Reaver Battle Titan, Mars pattern Warhound Scout Titan, Mars pattern Warhound Scout Titan, Mars pattern The Knightly Houses - Banners of proud Scions House Vyronii; Scions of Damaetus III/II: Cerastus Banner 'Demeter' House Coldshroud; Scions of the Gryphone Octad: Support Banner 'Teabeanie': Questoris Knight Gallant Questoris Knight Errant Questoris Knight Paladin Scenery: Civitas District Warzone Gamma Civitas District Warzone Ultima Age of Darkness: Death Guard: Nurgle: Mortarion, Daemonprimarch of Nurgle Typhus Lord of Contagion Plaguecaster Plague Surgeon Biologus Putrifier Noxious Blightbringer Tallyman Twisted Lord, Gellerpox Infected Leader Plague Marines Foetid Bloat-Drone Foul Blightspawn Vox-Shamblers Sludge Grubs Eyestinger Swarms Cursemites Glitchlings Dreadnought with twin linked heavy bolter Plague Thallax Cohort Pre-Heresy: Mortarion the Reaper Calas Typhon Moritat Prime Tariq Vralgor Siegemaster Durak Rask Deathshroud Terminators Legion Terminator squad Grave Warden Terminators Destroyer squad Contemptor Dreadnought Castraferrum Dreadnought Medusa Siege Tank Vindicator Siege Tank Hunter Alpha AA Tank Land Raider Achilles Alpha Land Raider Phobos Fellblade Super Heavy Tank Primaris Lightning Strike Fighter Salamanders: 1st Captain Artellus Numeon Firedrake Terminators Pyroclasts Contemptor Dreadnought Deredeo Dreadnought Alpha Legion: Hekatos Delphat, Chief Librarian Sons of Horus: Arkathas Ythedon, Consul-Delegatus of the 1st Company, Commander of the Ikon Raven Guard: Shade Lord Arkhas Fal, former Legion Master Word Bearers: Lorgar Kor Phaeron Erebus Kurtha Sedd Zardu Layak Tactical Squad Tactical Support Squad Breacher Siege Squad Ashen Circle Gal Vorbak Anakatis Kul Blade-Slaves Contemptor Dreadnought Mhara Gal Dreadnought, former Contemptor Anaziel, Mahra Gal Dreadnought, former Castra-Ferrum Ushknub, Davinite Lodge Priest Traitor Militia Grenadiers World Eaters: Angron, the Red Angel Thousand Sons: Consul-Praevian Ardashir Agents of the Imperium: Navigator Clad Eversor Nihilator Daemons of Chaos: Khorne: Valkia the Bloody, Daemonprincess of Khorne An'ggrath the Unbound, Guardian of the Skullthrone, Greater Bloodthirster of the first rank U'zhul, the Skulltaker The Bloodreaver, Herald of Khorne Bloodletters Bloodcrushers Skullcannon Greater Brass Scorpion Slaanesh: Zarakynel, Daemonqueen of Slaanesh Nurgle: Epidemius, Herald of Nurgle Plaguebearers Tzeentch The Changeling The Loyal Mechanicum: The Legio Astorum: Liktor Rex, Lucius pattern Warhound Scout-Titan The Dark Mechanicum: The Archmandriture: Archmagos Draykavac The Legio Fureans: Princeps Thorash Ganesa The Knight House Makabius: Dame Vespasia, Knight Paladin The Macrotechnia: Legio Titanicus Tech-priest Enginseer Majoris c&c are welcome =) xoxo Atia
  2. The (re) Building of a Black Legion Warband This Thread ~ In the future, this thread might get folded into my blog here at B&C. I want to document these projects, but at the moment the blog is concentrating more on the actual tools and techniques I use in building my army. This thread will show some W.I.P. of the things I build, using the methods shown in my blog. I won't show as much technique here, just results. I want the army itself to be a balance between some fluff and being effective on the table. (As effective as the current Chaos Codex can be) To that end, I won't be 'min/maxing' all of the squads, and a few points will be 'wasted' on some things. Once the Black Legion core has enough raw bulk, I'll be adding forces devoted to each of the Dark Gods. Each of the five blocks will have one or more center-piece model/s that I want to make really over-the-top. Some of those projects are already in progress, but those are future entries. Edit: I wanted to mention something here at the beginning, since I know it can be hard to find information in a long thread and this has come up a few times. Taken from later in this thread: All my ideas, plans, and musings are put out there to teach and inspire. Anyone, please feel free to take what you see and run with it. Once I get some more articles done I will even share some of my work and designs, and might even consider commissions someday. Word of mouth is a good thing, and if you want to show appreciation, just give your inspiration a little credit. That's all I'll ask. Any designs shown in this thread are CAD software files that have been exported to JPG files, and re-sized, so I doubt they will print to the right scale without a lot of trial-and-error. You are still welcome to try, but I will consider how I would like to share accurate files and designed in the future. My Inspiration & Theme ~ In honour of the 1st-of-the-9th Air Cavalry from 'Apocalypse Now' (Charlie... don't... surf!) the working title for my force is; Long: 1st-of-the-9th Black Crusade, Heavy Armoured Cavalry - The Black Hand of Horus - War Guard of Tithonus the Unending Short: 1st-of-the-9th, Heavy Armoured Cavalry To emulate the terror tactics from Apocalypse Now, most vehicles will have a place to mount a Dirge Caster. (Ride of the Valkyries, anyone?) Most vehicles will also have the ability to mount a Havoc Launcher plus a third mount point in many cases for even more options. I use Rare Earth magnets, so Casters will be more for show, and swapped out on the table. As another tip of the hat to Apocalypse Now, at some point I want to build some Air Cavalry. But, the grunts get the work done, so they come first. Known for employing 'Scorched Earth' tactics, the 1st-of-the-9th will be based with an Ashen Waste scheme punctuated with jagged rocks - very simple but effective. In an effort to keep the army looking 'cold' and ruthless looking, I am avoiding 'warm' colours in general, and trying to stick to lots of blues, purples, greens, and greys for accents. This will even go so far as to change the Eye of Horus icons from yellow to blue. I'm still deciding if helmets will have 'classic evil' red eyes, or follow the theme with blue or green. I prefer red for Chaos eyes, but it breaks my own theme. However, being some of the only red in the army would make them stand out. Hummm... decisions decisions. I'm going to lean heavily on a few things I feel are accurate within the current Warhammer 40,000 fiction, but I'm not too worried about being overly strict. First, the 13th Black Crusade is currently at its height. The Cadian Gate has not been broken, but the forces of Chaos have struck hard are dug in deeper than ever before. The balance can still tip in either direction and both sides are not pulling punches, committing everything to the effort. Second, the forces of Chaos do have Forge Worlds. Time travels in strange ways in the warp, and I can only imagine the effort those Forge Worlds would have put forth for the 13th Crusade. That combined with many decades of raids and preparation, has the Legion as well equipped as they can be. Spoils of war have been turned on their loyalist foes, and many dark engines of war have yet to reach the battlefield. I hope to build a few of those Chaos War Machines. Since I can get a little... distracted... with all of my different projects and ideas, I need to make things a bit more focused. I'm going to break my current army into blocks and concentrate on finishing each block. That's how this thread will be structured. I'll introduce a block, and document its progress. First block up, a simple 10 Marine Attack (Tactical) squad, their Rhino transport, and Predator support. http://i1080.photobucket.com/albums/j332/SubtleDiscord/WIP Thread Photos/Attack_Squad_01.jpg These marines are at the highlighting step - They have an Aspiring Champion and Heavy Weapon on the way, but this is just the basic squad I'm going to change the Plasma 'cell' to a blue colour, to better match the theme. I've decided to be more strict with the cold-colour theme, so it will mean changing some details on several in-progress miniatures. But I'm willing to lay in the bed I've made. I really enjoy swapping horns and changing their position to add variety to my rank-and-file troops. Combined with other small conversions (Bayonets and top-knot swaps, for example) and kit bashing, so far no two marines are exactly the same. I don't want to spend too much time to go really over-the-top on troops, but a few simple changes goes a long way. http://i1080.photobucket.com/albums/j332/SubtleDiscord/WIP Thread Photos/Legion_Plans_02.jpg Before ~ The plans of the first of three (to start) Rhinos designed by me I was never happy with GWs, 'Just Add Spikes' solution for many Chaos vehicles. I want my chaos vehicles to have the same look and feel as the Power Armour that the marines wear. So, with some inspiration from the internet and some trial-and-error I designed my own Chaos 'banding' for my vehicles. Once I had the base angles and measurements, it's been easy to change the initial design completely, and create unique vehicles that still feel cohesive. I'm also not completely happy with the stock Havoc Launcher, and I plan to scratch-build something else in future, but for now they'll do. I've left them loose so I can switch them out later. http://i1080.photobucket.com/albums/j332/SubtleDiscord/WIP Thread Photos/Legion_Rhino_01.jpg After ~ Freshly primed and waiting for some paint - See some 'before primer' pictures in my Gallery if you like http://i1080.photobucket.com/albums/j332/SubtleDiscord/WIP Thread Photos/Legion_Rhino_04.jpg http://i1080.photobucket.com/albums/j332/SubtleDiscord/WIP Thread Photos/Legion_Rhino_02.jpg http://i1080.photobucket.com/albums/j332/SubtleDiscord/WIP Thread Photos/Legion_Rhino_03.jpg Magnets make even the humble Rhino completely customizable Next up is my first of several Extra Armour Predators, and my inspiration for the weathered effect I've started to use... http://i1080.photobucket.com/albums/j332/SubtleDiscord/WIP Thread Photos/Legion_Predator_01.jpg I started this Predator several years ago, but it needed to be set aside for awhile - Tomorrow it finally starts seeing paint! http://i1080.photobucket.com/albums/j332/SubtleDiscord/WIP Thread Photos/Legion_Predator_02.jpg http://i1080.photobucket.com/albums/j332/SubtleDiscord/WIP Thread Photos/Legion_Predator_03.jpg Happy accident - I think the damage on the corner looks good considering... Funny story; my toddler son innocently pulled at a piece of paper on my desk, and it happened to have a corner under this (freshly primed) Predator which was sitting a bit precariously. Naturally, it managed to fall, landing on its corner on a hard floor, leaving a big dent. Frustrated, I just let it sit and worked on some other things. I didn't want to completely fix the corner with filing and greenstuff, but what choice did I have? Then it sunk in. I'll be adding weathering and wear to the vehicles while painting, why not add some mild physical damage to the model? The plastic is soft enough to use a simple metal tool as a 'dent-and-scratch maker', and so that's what I did. I know I'm not the first to do this, but I had not planned on doing anything like this and was inspired to take a little more time to give something different a try, all by an annoying accident. (The Dark Gods have their ways...) The damage was smoothed down some and now blends in nicely. On the metallic banding, I think the effect will add to the desired feel. Once washes start going on, the effect should really pop. Well, that's it for now. I'll post some progress shots sometime soon. Keep an eye on my blog if you're curious how I actually plan and create these things. Over the coming weeks and months I'll be talking about all sorts of things, with a lot of pictures along the way. *The Basement Troll turns his gaze to his work bench...*
  3. Thanks to @WargamersR inTwitter, have notice this in the reveals of the new Dark Angel miniatures. In the actual CSM codex, terminators can't have thunder hammers, but in this pic we have not only one but two Black Legion terminators having and using that kind of weapon against Deathwing terminators... Maybe is a new option in the future CSM codex. Perhaps.
  4. From the album: Hereticdaves Hounds of Abaddon

    Khârn the Betrayer in Black Legion Scheme
  5. Greetings and welcome to the realms of madness and creativity! This will be the start of a hobby blog that I've been meaning to throw together for a while. I've been lurking these forums for years now, and it's time to actually show the small collection of miniatures I've slowly been working on. The current world situation and lockdown has certainly helped productivity! I've always preferred the narrative style of forging an army and then playing based on storytelling. This has meant the new Crusade rules for 9th Edition really sparked my imagination and this thread will also document the Crusade armies I've come up with, as well as the background behind them and how they develop. Unfortunately, I'm not in a position to game regularly, but hopefully will find the chance to lead my armies to glory! Currently, the "projects" I have going are as follows: Black Legion - this has been my main army for over 15 years, so will probably be the main focus! Daemons - because I have a bunch of Daemon models due to the above Word Bearers - I accidentely started a new army somehow! Sisters of Battle - more on this later.... So without further ado, let's introduce the "Leaders" of my Black Legion Crusade. Eligos the Blooded, Commander of the Red Hand, Exalted Champion of the Black Legion The Red Hand are a faction within the Black Legion who follow a ritualistic warrior code. Often, the current "Commander" of the Red Hand is their greatest warrior, having never lost in the sacred duels that the faction hosts regularly. It is said the current reigning champion, Eligos, is whispered to by the Gods, and will lead the Red Hand to glory on the battlefield. Often, warriors of the Red Hand will paint their right hand red to mark their allegiance, and draw crude simples across their armour. This process is accompanied by rituals devoted to the shedding of blood and conquest in battle. Many outside the faction theorise this as the first steps of falling to the Blood God's enslavement, but none have yet dared to ask what the true purpose for their rituals and sacrifices is. Zaluran Cranos, Prophet of the Black Legion Zaluran has floated between different warbands for centuries, offering his services to the highest bidder. As a gifted sorcerer of Chaos, his power comes mostly from foresight and visions of the future. This he has used to guide and advise several warlords throughout the years, in return for forbidden artifacts and knowledge. Recently his path has led him to the warriors of the Red Hand. Speaking words of prophecy, he has whispered tales of a pilgrimage to a sector in the Imperium, but to what end this will lead to, none can yet say. It is rumoured that Zaluran is working for a higher power or another Warlord, but the Sorcerer keeps his secrets to himself. ------------------------------ So an Exalted Champion and a Sorcerer to start with! I'm a big fan of converting, kit-bashing and ensuring every model is unique. The above 2 models are examples of this, and the parts come from a range of different kits. The Sorcerer was done a few years ago, but the Exalted Champion is a recent completion. I have quite a lot of the initial 50 Power Level Crusade done, but I'll share them over the course of a few posts (along with the WIPs). I also have the other Armies I'm currently working on, but all in due course! Comments and critiscisms always welcome. Thanks for looking! -Anturis
  6. Greetings denizens of the Bolter and Chainsword! I have been messing around with taking some photos of some of my dudesmen and thought I would share them. They are basically just taken in front of some of the lavish art in Forge Worlds IA13. I usually take my photos in front of books and thought I would just take it a bit further for funsies. Hope you enjoy :tu: :tu: :tu: Cheers :) Midnight
  7. Hey there! Figured I'd stop just lurking around and actually upload some of the stuff I've actually finished- mostly Black Legion, though I also have some Exorcists and other stuff lying around! To begin with, I've gotta apologize for the picture quality - one of these days I swear I'll actually sort out a setup for taking decent pics, but this is the best I can really do at the moment. But anywho, pics! Here we've got the Shadowspear Obliterators, a squad of Havocs, the Shadowspear Chaos Space Marine squad, and my Lord of Change I like to call Big Bird. Thanks for looking!
  8. Reading up on Abaddon's Black Crusades, the 10th Black Crusade (also called the Conflict of Helica) was a conflict that broke into the Medusa system. Abaddon and the Black Legion made an alliance with the Iron Warriors and launched an assault on the Iron Hands. From what I can tell - the Black Legion fleet distracts other forces, the Chaos forces devastate the Medusa system, and then they retreat before the bulk of the Iron Hands chapter and their allies arrive to relieve the siege. There isn't much information that I can find online, but I was wondering if someone with the Iron Hands supplement, or at least more familiar with the Iron Hands lore, can provide a better account of the 10th Black Crusade and what happened in the Medusa system? (Apologies if this is the wrong subforum)
  9. The Dreadreavers The Mongrel Company, Sons of the Warmaster The Dreadreavers started their life as the "Dreaded" 55th company of the Luna Wolves. They were considered extreme in a legion renowned for its savagery, a circumstance owed to their large amount of destroyer squads. The 55th has continually developed their own version of the legion's famous speartip strikes, using their destroyer corps to soften up enemy soldiery before committing their assault elements in an attempt to expose more exploitable weak points. During the Ullanor Crusade, 55th captain Arkhon Zar is laid low by greenskins and thus considered unfit for company command. His successor, Dyrath Kal, continues to lead the company down their path. His style of leadership betrays an even greater contempt for foreign lifeforms; the Dreaded quickly becomes relegated to xenos extermination and last resort deployments. As the Luna Wolves become the Sons of Horus and the Galaxy erupts into flames, Kal and the 55th relish the new callousness their legion displays. The company as a whole sees more deployments again, Horus sanctioning more and more destroyer operations in his slow downward spiral into damnation. The Dreaded usually fights in the vanguard of the Warmaster's push for Terra, often at the side of the Death Guard and the World Eaters. Elements or even the entire strength of the Dreaded have fought in theatres such as Dwell, Molech and Beta-Garmon. The company partook in the Culling of the Wolves at Yarant under First Captain Abaddon before joining the majority of the traitors for the muster at Ullanor and the subsequent Solar War. In the aftermath of the Siege of Terra the 55th company splits off from the rest of the Sons of Horus on Maeleum, taking the warship Pillager deep into Eye of Terror. Their colours press them into fighting a war on multiple fronts, with no end or reinforcements in sight. They reappear some time later as the Dreadreavers, wearing Abaddon's black - the exact circumstances of their change of sides remain ambiguous. The new warband is, like so much in the modern Imperium, a twisted reflection of its former self. All four ruinous powers have found purchase in the Dreadreavers - the Reaver Attack Squads of old have been absorbed by ravenous packs of Khorne Berzerkers, where Destroyers used to blight the earth Plague Marines tread as they dispense Nurgle's blessings. The tally of worshippers is long, yet undivided elements - like Dyrath Kal himself - remain. Thus, as the influence of chaos seeps into their order of battle, their tactics and strategies have largely stayed the same. The Dreadreavers have, upon donning the Long War's black, pledged their undying loyalty to Abaddon. While this is an absolute truth, the warband includes/hides a sub-sect of considerable size seeing Horus as a kind of 'black saint', a dark martyr whose sacrifice allowed his followers to finally begin the endgame ten millennia later. The warband also inherited a plethora of cthonian traditions by way of their origins as a company of the Sons of Horus. Gang-runes, topknots, mirror-coins and other charms and design elements can be found aplenty among the astartes. Although they recruit and cultivate new space marines from all eighteen bloodlines, the Dreadreavers also strive to keep the first Warmaster's genetic memory alive, having set up a permanent apothecarium on the Pillager. There, their flesh-smith - name to be decided - toils endlessly to have Horus' genes live on. Imperfect cloned DNA strands, chimeric geneseed, even pacts with the malign Fabius Bile are not below them in their desire to continue the line of the sixteenth. In reality, they could not have strayed further from this goal. One of the Heretic Astartes' most important assets is a suitably large number of mortal followers. Under the watchful gaze of their posthuman masters, human and abhuman menials provide the warbands with a crew for their ship, bodies to throw at the guns of their enemies and a steady source of aspirants. The difference for the Dreadreavers is that their auxilia consists not of cultists worshipping them as dark angels eager to step in their shadows, but rather slaves, kept submissive through the teeth of chainblades and whipped into a frenzy before being unleashed in battle. Lastly, the rechristened Dreadreavers are once again known to have participated in a number of the most pivotal campaigns in the Long War. Sightings of Dyrath Kal himself were made on El'Phanor, Tarinth, Cadia and Vigilus. The most recent astropathic missives, fragmented as they are, mention the warband as attacking seemingly random targets across the Imperium. Whether this behaviour is truly whimsical or part of Abaddon's plans is unknown at this point.
  10. So I'm starting this as a basic catch all for Black Legion players, including myself. I have a bad habit of always using Abaddon. I have other bad habits from playing this game for decades... which include, but are not limited to: Cool characters (tougher in 9th), Terminators! (better in 9th?), and aggressive tactics (better in 9th?) So let's band together under the banner of the Warmaster, and see what we can muster. I have played two 9th edition test games with Black Legion. (More with other chaos, but let's leave that out.) So what I'd like to discuss is our gaming feedback, and our 'unit' feedback. I am playing another game tonight. And due to all of my other 9th ed test games, I have decided to move away from some of my favourite elements of 8th (Vigilus Possessed, Daemon Engines, etc).... at least for the time being. And refocus on the following: Battalion + Supreme Command. (12 CP). Abaddon (I believe) should be a legal choice for the Supreme Command. Other units I feel I'm getting a grip on: - Helbrutes, (generally) and Helbrutes with Plasma Cannons (even more so- this is pre points bump for 9th though.) - I'm still down on our troops, but will be trying pure Cultists as a tax. - Staying under 6 man squads wherever possible. - Using smaller elite squads (Possessed= yes, over 5 models = no) - Heldrake. Maybe it's not a superstar, but it should be able to contest, prevent 'actions', and tie up tanks/Fly units. (Tau still rip through mine though.) - Terminators. Plasma (non-modified rolls of 1 blow up?) and body guards are necessary. - Oblits. It just makes sense to include with a very expensive Warlord in the mix. The rest is up in the air, but tonight I will be trying some possessed, and a very basic list made to challenge table ownership. Wish me luck, we'll see how it goes!
  11. tl;dr: I want to use Dark Imperium Death Guard models and Kill Team: Rogue Trader Gellerpox Mutants in a Black Legion CSM army. Need help deciding whether to use native rules or as "counts as Black Legion" (with some conversions) instead. Hey everyone, hope you're all doing well during this current time. During lockdown, I've been stuck away from the majority of my collection so I've been looking at some things that I bought a while back but never got around to assembling. In particular, I've got unassembled sets of both Dark Imperium and Kill Team: Rogue Trader, so I have a bunch of Death Guard and Gellerpox Mutants that I can assemble and paint. I've collected Black Legion since the Second Edition Codex came out in 1998. I have dabbled with a couple of other Legions in the interim but the Black Legion are my first and foremost Chaos Space Marine army. I would like to incorporate the contents of the two above boxes into my Black Legion army; my opinion on the Black Legion is that they are almost like the Ultramarines of Chaos, having access to anything and everything in the Chaos arsenal, so Plague Marines and Gellerpox would fit right in. But I'm unsure whether to do them as their rules intend (I.e. Death Guard and Gellerpox Mutants respectively) or whether to try and incorporate them into the Black Legion with some conversions and "counts as" models. Each method has multiple reasons to not do it that particular way. Mainly: Intended RulesHaving to bring multiple books to games and using those multiple books to build army lists, Having different <Legion> keywords means that my army-wide rules only affect certain portions of my army, and some parts of my army can't benefit other parts, Having to reference a much larger pool of Stratagems to use during games, The potential of being labelled a power gamer due to using multiple codexes together as keyword soup. Counts AsNot everything can be used as a "counts as" easily, I really like some of the non-"counts as" unit choices rules, even if they're not the best (mostly the Poxwalkers and the entirety of the Gellerpox Mutants), Needing to do extensive conversion work on the Foetid Bloat-Drone model to make it into something from the core Codex: Chaos Space Marines (maybe a Nurgle Helbrute or Venomcrawler), Potential confusion for my opponents due to using existing Chaos models in an unintended role. Due to the last bullet point, I feel that I shouldn't do "counts as" because of all the issues I've listed above, that's the one that's going to affect my opponents the most. My ideas currently include counting the Lord of Contagion as a Nurgle Chaos Lord in Terminator Armour (converting his weapons accordingly), the Malignant Plaguecaster as a Nurgle Chaos Sorcerer, the Noxious Blightbringer as a Nurgle Dark Apostle, the Poxwalkers as Nurgle Cultists, Vilgar and the Nightmare Hulks as Nurgle Chaos Spawn, Mutilators, Greater Possessed, or Obliterators, the Gellerpox Mutants as Nurgle Cultists or Dark Disciples for the above Dark Apostle, and all of the small Gellerpox critters as allied Chaos Daemon Nurglings. There's not a lot of converting going on so what the original models are will be clear to anyone looking at them (albeit with a Black Legion paint job). I just don't like the feel of having a "Black Legion" army that uses (non-Daemon) units without the Black Legion keyword, especially as the models will be painted as Black Legion. I know that there's a stratagem that specifically helps such an army out (Legacy of Horus) but thematically they're supposed to be Black Legion so it kind of doesn't work (even though the rules let it). I'm not particularly interested in just assembling and painting the models and using them as whichever type takes my fancy: I want to pick one of the two options and stick to it, otherwise I could confuse opponents who play me in multiple games. If it makes a difference, I'm not a tournament player. I enjoy playing themed games and campaigns rather than win-at-all-cost ones. I'll possibly play with the models at a Games Workshop event or in a store at some point, as well as at independent events and gaming clubs. Does anyone have any suggestions on which of these options I should do and help make me feel better about choosing it?
  12. Tabletop Tactics released a tactica video a few days ago, Grey Knights vs Black Legion. Laurence, aka Spider is a very competitive player, he heads up the site and the YouTube channel with a team. He plays at LVO, ITC and the GT's around the world. Very experience guy. I'm not sure if that particular video was released on free to air, YouTube. Because I've subbed to them I watch on demand. But he was going over his list and the reasons for taking certain things. Very good commentary and very in depth analysis on where the GK's are at, at the moment. Spider, generally always wins against his opponent, regardless of what army he fields, he's a great tactician. It's worth checking out, as will all of their batreps and videos they release. I agree with much of what he says and the way he plays GK. Take it with a pinch of salt though. But worth checking out.
  13. I was given a GW gift card for Christmas, and I am thinking about getting a knight to go with my Black Legion. If you could only purchase a single Knight kit, which would you buy and why?
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