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Another Go At An Exorcist Conversion

Warsmith Aznable

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A while ago (too long ago) I did an Exorcist conversion:


It has issues, and I wasn't entirely satisfied when I did it. The more I fielded it, the less I liked it.

So this morning I did this:




I'm going to add more detail, but that's the basic idea. Whirlwind parts without it looking like a Whirlwind OR a giant, ridiculous church organ.

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The first conversion didn't look bad, I don't think, it just had issues turning the turret. I've since seen people doing the same thing except with Valkyrie rocket pods. I could have done that, since I actually have those bits on had, but I had gone through the trouble of buying Whirlwind bits and all. I also wanted something a bit more "substantial" looking, I guess. The Exorcist is a powerful presence on the battlefield with its crazy-strong launcher, so I think it should look like it.

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I love the first one!  I would do that for mine but I like the height of the organs.  'FAQ' says line of sight is drawn from any part of the weapon and it happens most of our terrain is just under the height of the organ's top.  So I can see enemy and they can't see me :D

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Hey folks !


I use this thread to ask a question about bits. Do you know where i could find the part you put on rhino's roof with the 2 holes.


Because i have the metal pieces of an exorcist (mixed up in a bag with all kinds of sistas, Emperor be blessed), i have a rhino, but that part where u put the orgue backward and the sister forward is missing.


Ty for helping !!!

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Yeah, I love making razorbacks (with Forge World turrets) with that specific part. Since it's basically the most important part of the kit, it's extremely hard to find, and usually very pricy when you do. You'll have more luck finding the fleur-de-lys side doors or hatch than it, and they themselves are hard to find.


I prefer making rhinos out of vindicators though, like Augustus b'Raass. Though I had already made one before he even started his showcase here.

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