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++ Hexfleet Virules ++ (Nurgle CSM, Daemons, and R&H)


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So...after a very long break (really, like half a year) I am sculpting again. I have to squeeze in time with my new job, but I feel my creativity and skills starting to come back and so I am getting more confident.


I am still plugging away at my gigantic project (Nurgle fire raptor), but since realizing how long that will take to finish, I also thought to throw in a few smaller projects to keep me motivated.


Since I often use two Nurgle Mutilators (hooray for the IA: Vraks Nurgle formation!), I thought I should make models. Turns out that all I have is one FW death guard terminator torso, one pair of normal chaos terminator legs, two FW death guard shoulder pads...and a whole lot of Putrid Blightknight bits. I don't know how I'll make two Mutilators out of that, but time to try!

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Since I often use two Nurgle Mutilators (hooray for the IA: Vraks Nurgle formation!), I thought I should make models. Turns out that all I have is one FW death guard terminator torso, one pair of normal chaos terminator legs, two FW death guard shoulder pads...and a whole lot of Putrid Blightknight bits. I don't know how I'll make two Mutilators out of that, but time to try!


And done!

















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I set up a budget that, working hard at my new job, I hope to send in all of the CSM stuff to be pro-painted around winter of 2016. Then probably it will take me another year to save up for the Daemons, then another for the R&H. So a little over 3 years from now, sadly.


If I make some huge bonus or something I can send them off faster, haha. Real life finances come first! But I need at least 6+ months to find time to finish sculpting and building everything anyway.

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Have you not wanted to try the paint yourself? Nurgle can be quite forgiving, but also allows for a lot of scope for progression


I originally wanted to try painting Nurgle myself, especially since I have a very specific vision as to how all the colors on every one of my models should look. However, as I got even better at converting (and to some extent, sculpting), I realize that was absolutely no way my paint skills would ever come close to doing justice to the models I've made. Much more importantly, with my life being how it was the last few  years and how it will be in the future, there's no way I would have the time to paint even 10% of my models even over several years.


I think my patience and dedication to the hobby will pay off when I have them pro-painted. I'm looking forward to it.

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Corruption overwhelming...time for Plague Marines to roll out in style!

















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After months of carefully preparing blasphemous rites and desecrating the ground, the Hexfleet Virules Chaos-themed hobby room is finally ready! What do you guys think?



















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Riveting battle in the new Hexfleet gaming room! We played 1850 and I took an Ordnance Tyrant, 4 Wyverns, 12 Rapier Laser Destroyers, 12 Spawn, 1 Chaos Lord of Nurgle on a bike with the Black Mace (proxied), 2 Mutilators of Nurgle, 3 Maulerfiends with Lasher Tendrils, 1 Fire Raptor with the missile upgrades, and an Aegis Defense Line with a Quad Gun.




An Inquisitor assembled an ambush force of Imperial Fists, Sisters of Battle, and Grey Knights to retake a corrupted Imperial City that Hexfleet Virules traitor Guard and traitor Marines have defiled by building unholy Chaos edifices. The guns of the traitors roar to life first, artillery blowing the foolhardy Inquisitor to bits in the back ruins the moment battle begins. Maulerfiends and Spawn systematically stalk the ruins all across the city, their agility enabling them to rip Sisters apart at the same time in all quadrants.








The Callidus fails her rooftop ambush on the big guns, exploding in the return fire. Just as all hope seems lost, a giant squad of Grey Knight Terminators teleports into the heart of the enemy army! A Vortex of Doom is cast by the Grand Master, but bounces of the eldritch runes of the Nurgle Maulerfiend's unholy armor. Across the city, a Nemesis Dreadknight is wrestling against another nearly-dead Maulerfiend. Who will control this city? Nurgle, or the Emperor?








As the mighty squadron of hulking Terminators prepares to charge and decimate the entire traitor gunline, a bloated monstrosity plummets out of the storming skies. Impossible afloat, the putrid thing pours missiles and cannons into the heart of the ruins, heedless of the renegade gunners nearby. Dazed and quagmired by the defiled Fire Raptor's sudden torrent, the Grand Master and his bodyguard can only watch as the traitors wheel their artillery about with desperate speed, unloading battery after battery of rapier laser fire at point-blank range. Even the blessed Tactical Dreadnought Armor is naught before such a fusillade, and the finest of Saturn are shredded along with the last chances of the Imperial forces.On exact opposite ends of the city, the Chaos generals suddenly meet the same end as the Inquisitor and the Grand Master. The cowardly renegade Guard commander is found crawling through the back of the Chaos lines in the rubble, hoping to wait out the battle. The lone remaining Imperial Fists charge straight at the enemy warlord, forcing him to run out of cover and straight into the shredding crossfire of two Drop Pods. Elsewhere, a Chaos Lord of Nurgle fails to penetrate the sacred armor of a Dreadknight with his daemonic mace, and is instead crushed instantly by the psychic force of a gigantic Daemon Hammer.




All four leaders are slain, but of the Imperial forces sent to reclaim the city, naught remains but the retreating Dreadknight. In dark contrast, the host of mutants and madmen remains voluminous and largely unscathed, and the Hexfleet with surely soon replace the host's lost captains with overlords even more terrible. An unspeakable edifice is constructed atop the body of the fallen Grand Master, and soon a raging portal to the Warp opens, pouring in limitless daemonic reinforcements. In this failed ambush, for whom was the true trap laid? Only the Dark Gods know, and their laughs echo endlessly into the stormy night.

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And to replace that proxy you saw in my narrative battle report above...


How do you like my scratch-built Nurgle Lord on a Chaos Bike with the Black Mace conversion? Not a single GW Chaos Space Marine part except the Terminator mace! So happy with how this turned out. Here is a list of the parts:

-Bike: puppetswar
-Backpack: maxmini
-Body and standard: GW putrid blight kings
-Shoulderpad: FW death guard
-Base: secret weapon













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This dude is ridiculous! I'm willing to bet your opponents are going to crap their pants at the idea of being hit by that toughness 6 behemoth.

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You can make a strong argument that fisticlaws or brand are better, but I'm trying to keep him cheapo and he runs around with 3 unmarked spawn and engages non-elite infantry. Spawn should have the weight of wounds to help out with power armor squads, whereas black mace will clear out anything in 4+ armor or giant squads of unarmored infantry. I have 3 maulerfiends in the list for vehicles.


Not ideal, but it works for the points.

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Yeah. In the list in my battle report above, just having some melee power on fast units that ignore terrain is enough. With 12 spawn, 3 maulerfiends, and 1 chaos lord on a bike I can cover a lot of ground in missions that do 6 maelstrom objectives + a random one of the other category of missions each round.


I just can't wait for a new codex. I have the parts to make 4 more Nurgle Bikers, but no point in putting in so much conversion work until I know what to equip them with and whether it's even a priority. Same for these cool Terminators I got second-hand.

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