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Iron Hands Sorgol Clan army project


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Recently I decided to devote some time
to painting an Iron Hands army. I've always been intrigued by the background of the Iron Hands and their successor chapters (primarily
the Sons of Medusa) and this curiosity has led me to try to create my version of the Sorgol clan (one of the 10 main Iron Hand clan companies).

By using bionic bits from GW, Maxmini, Puppetswar and my own custom creations I attempted to make normal space marines look a bit more mechanical. I didn't want to go overboard on the conversions, especially since I'm currently painting mostly normal tactical marines.

I've been a long time lurker of these forums and I thought it might be time to share something of my own with the community. Tips and comments welcome.

I paint very slowly, but so far I've finished: 1 HQ 2 five-man troop squads



Preview: Termie squad and bikers


I'm also excited because Daniel from YourWellPaintedArmy has just completed airbrushing some vehicles for
me. I still need to do the detail work on them, but the airbrushing it top notch. Sadly I've never used an airbrush myself and I'm a bit scurred to try msn-wink.gif

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Thanks for the positive encouragement! The Librarian was actually pretty easy to convert. I just filed off the details from the dark vengeance liby, replaced the backpack and arm with mechanical bits and added a semi-custom axe.

Nice is it the lighting or are they a little green ?
Green or not they are really well done cant wait to see more.

The blinds in my mini paint room are green, so yes ;) the models are a bit tinted. Once I get more fo the army painted I'll try to make some proper pictures.

Very nice. Where is that head from on the terminator sergeant? smile.png

It's from puppetswar: http://puppetswar.eu/product.php?id_product=18

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