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  1. Well, it's been an awfully long time since I've posted anything of my own, but I'm starting to get a bit more time available for the hobby now. This log is most likely going to be updated sporadically and the background of the force is only vaguely sketched out in my mind, so fluff may be a while in coming. Nevertheless, welcome to my new project log for that most brutal and unrelenting of legions - the Iron Tenth. I leave with you with the first eight members of a Seeker squad, though they are awaiting a fresh shipment of combi-plas with which to destroy the traitor foe:
  2. Greetings, welcome to my thread where I'll dump the things I'm slowly working on. Currently I'm muddling around with a HH NL force just as a break from my 40K & AT, maybe I'll be able to play it one day. These are the first models I've used an airbrush and oils on so C&C is welcome! Praetor Night Raptors Half a Terror Squad I've got one and a half terror squads, a chaplain, an apothecary, a contemptor and five more night raptors WIP
  3. Hi Everyone, I just wanted to share some Deathwatch operatives I finished the last few months.
  4. So, this is my first thread here on the B&C and for it I'll be documenting progress on my latest army, the Alpha Legion (30k) So here goes nothing: First up my Praetor Now the autocannons: Thanks for taking the time to look, C&C welcome Apologies for poor quality, only camera I have is my phone
  5. The Flesh is Weak "Logic is the key to victory. It guides us, forms our thoughts. To think otherwise is heresy." - Iron Chaplain Josphuus Naehr Hey everyone! Going to be editing this in the future with batreps, list concepts, build & paint jobs as well as my random thoughts on Iron Hands. I will also have separate links here that spread out to other important topics throughout B&C and other websites as I gather them to keep them located in one place. As I said I'll be doing a lot of editing to get this post up to Iron Hands standards over the next few weeks/months. I hope to share my journey towards the machine with all of my friends and brothers, and even some xenos, in the future. http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/bl.php?text=Completed%20Miniatures&fontsize=25&bg=151203 http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/bl.php?text=Battle%20Reports&fontsize=25&bg=151203 http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/bl.php?text=Tacticas&fontsize=25&bg=151203 http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/bl.php?text=Important%20Links&fontsize=25&bg=151203 Iron Hands List Ideas Blue Steel Paint Guide (Deathwatch Steel) - GW Paint Series Painting Black - By Darren Latham (Units) Painting Black - By Darren Latham (Characters) Painting Faces - By Darren Latham (Characters) Painting Ice Bases - By MarcoFrisoniNJM
  6. Decided to resurrect this thread, and see if we can take it as far as the Black Templars and the Adepta Sororitas. Please don't copy lines from the "You know you're a son of Ferrus when..." thread. You know you're an Iron Hand when Flash Gitz publicly acknowledge you have more dakka than they do.
  7. http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_11994/gallery_92971_11994_189858.jpg Surprise is an insubstantial blade, a sword worthless in war. It breaks when troops rally. It snaps when commanders hold the line. But fear never fades. Fear is a blade that sharpens with use. So let the enemy know we come. Let their fears defeat them as everything falls dark. As the world's sun sets...As the city is wreathed in its final night... Let ten-thousand howls promise ten-thousand claws. The Night Lords are coming, and no soul that stands against us shall see another dawn. The War Sage Malcharion Hi everybody! I thought it's only appropriate to kick this thread off with a quote from Malcharion, since the Night Lords trilogy is one of the reasons why I came back to 40k. I've spent the last couple years building a modest force (I'm a terribly slow painter) and lurking around on this board, but now I've decided that I might as well join in on the fun. To give you an idea of what my Night Lords look like, here's some stuff I've finished recently. My MkIII squad, led by a still unnamed champion: http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_11994/gallery_92971_11994_330837.jpg And two Obliterators, the Eisenfresser: http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_11994/gallery_92971_11994_314270.jpg I managed to get my hands on some Gorgons a while back and I have to say, they are lovely miniatures. Naturally I just had to convert/corrupt one of them, which led to this fella: Warpsmith Hadur Cobannus Mars Ultor of the Ghoul Stars http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_11994/gallery_92971_11994_39122.jpg I hope you like them. There's more to come. INVENTARIUM Raptor Squad "Sol Invictus" - July 13th, 2016 Ceratus Knight Acheron - August 5th, 2016 Lord on Juggernaut - November 15th, 2016 Maulerfiend - January 17th, 2017 Headsman of Malal - April 26th, 2017 Terror Squad "Profugum" - September 2017 Warpsmith Hadur - January 2019 Terminator Lord Varkaus - July 2019 Hellforged Contemptor - August 2019 Sicaran Battle Tank - February 2020 Emissary Ostisoi - March 2020
  8. - The Path of Thorns - Hello everyone, Although I've been around for quite awhile I feel that this thread needs a bit of an introduction. At one point in time it was my intention to craft a sweeping narrative, with new models being completed and added to the mix on a regular basis, all part of a cohesive theme. This was inspired by some of the older threads I loved like A Lesser Son of Greater Fathers and Among the Red Stones of Pallas. These are a couple of the many creative people here at B&C who have impressed me over the years because they have combined narrative and painting so well. However, I eventually came to the realization that I would not be able to accomplish a task of that scope, so I've simply decided to use this space for posting whatever Heresy-era creations that I am working on at the moment, regardless of the legion or theme involved. A few of these will include small pieces of narritive, but I don't envision there being any type of large, ongoing story at this point. Onward, into the breach! -Morngrym
  9. So the impending Black Templars release has several unique units already identified. Including the Primaris-ized versions of Helbrecht, Grimaldus, and the Emperor's Champion, they're also getting Primaris Crusader Squads and Primaris Sword Brethren. When you wrap up all of the Firstborn stuff they also get, that's a good number of Chapter-specific units. The roll-up of the other "unique" Chapters into Codex: Space Marines this year also resulted in a bunch of codex supplements liberally salted with Chapter-specific units. This in turn has created some buzz about the "classic codex" Chapters and how our next supplements might look, to include whether or not we'll receive new characters and/or unique units. That's the set-up. Let's assume for a moment that this supposition is correct and eventually we, the Iron Tenth, will get new character(s) and/or unit(s) -- what would those look like? What would you like to see? A Rubicon'd Kardan Stronos? Gravis Helfathers (assuming Firstborn aren't getting new stuff)? A character Dreadnought? Let's get the creative juices flowing.
  10. http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_16086/gallery_48988_16086_121962.png Coming in March, the first annual painting event for armies of the Iron Hands and their successors: MARCH OF THE MACHINES! This single-month event will test your speed and endurance; to paint large vows you will have to be efficient. . . machine-like, even! Keep an eye out in the ++ IRON HANDS ++ forum on March 1st for the competition to begin!
  11. I'm officially undefeated in 9th edition! Got my first game in this past Saturday, and boy did it feel good to roll dice. Still lots of rules to get used to and I realized just this evening that I completely forgot to use the +1 to hit ability on the Techmarine...but still. The army I took was: Terminator Captain with thunder hammer & storm shield, Warlord (All Flesh is Weakness), Automedicae Bionics Librarian with force sword, Tome of Malcador, Reforge, Psysteel, Psychic Fortress Techmarine with the Ironstone 10x Tacticals with chainsword, combi-grav, gravgun, grav cannon 10x Tacticals with chainsword, combi-grav, gravgun, grav cannon 5x Tacticals with chainsword, combi-grav, gravgun Ironclad Dreadnought with chainfist, heavy flamer, hurricane bolter Ironclad Dreadnought with seimic hammer, DCCW, 2x heavy flamers Venerable Dreadnought with twin lascannon, DCCW, heavy flamer Land Raider Redeemer with stormbolter Vindicator with stormboler Stalker Rhino Razorback with twin lascannon I played against a Death Guard army with approximately the following: 2x Lords of Contagion Malignant Plaguecaster Foul Blightspawn 10x Plague Marines 5x Plague Marines 5x Plague Marines 20x Poxwalkers 5x Blightlord Terminators 2x Chaos Spawn Rhino 3x Blighthaulers 1x Plaguedrone We played on a pretty decent urban map -- I prefer my cityfights to be really close-quarters, but we went easy to keep long-range firing lanes open a little. My opponent was ready to concede after my first turn as I did a number on army (and his dice weren't helping him at all -- I killed the Rhino and three of the Plague Marines inside died in the explosion, for example). However, since the LGS is using a 4-hour limited reservation time, we didn't really have the time to reset and start over. In any case, from my left to right were an Ironclad, the Razorback with Libby & Tacticals, Land Raider with captain and Tacticals, the Techmarine, the Vindicator, the Venerable Dread, the Stalker, the other Ironclad, and the Rhino with Tacticals. He placed an LoC, the terminators, and one small unit of PMs in reserve; the rest were deployed (again, my left to right) a unit of two drones, a unit of two blighthaulers, the two spawn, the Rhino with ten PMs, five PMs on foot, the third blighthauler, then the last three HQs and the Poxwalkers on the far side. I won't give a play-by-play, especially without pictures (I went into it planning to take photos, but the time limit we were operating under convinced me not to kill more time than we should0, but suffice to say that the combination of my lascannons and Vindicator laid out some hurt. I killed the Rhino and popped a few of its riders to boot, plus one blighthauler, a few more PMs, and some Poxwalkers. My Vindicator and Land Raider, supported by the Ironstone Techmarine and Psychich Fortress/Psysteel Librarian, took up position in the center of the table and mercilessly annihilated any infantry that got within reach. In the end, the Death Guard didn't do a lot of damage. When we had to call it due to time, I was convincingly ahead. My captain and 15x Tacticals were in the act of dragging down the LoC and Blightlords that had the temerity to deep strike in my backfield, while I had completely cleared the right flank and had an Ironclad sitting on an objective in enemy territory. We played through three turns but discussed how Turn 4 would most likely go and settled on an Iron Hands victory of 80-35. I would eventually lose the Rhino, an Ironclad (to a mulitmelta on overwatch from a blighthauler!), and one big squad of Tactical Marines, but I was giving my opponent fits with all of the saves and Flesh is Weak rolls I was making. Several times, my Tacticals rolled two sixes out of three to avoid losing a model to a 3-damage weapon and boy was I a grinning fool. I invested a lot of points and positioning into protecting my two big tanks; my opponent simply chose to ignore them and try to punch into my flanks instead. This strategy failed on my right, where my chainfist/hurricane bolter Ironclad was running roughshod (MVP right there -- he killed about ten poxwalkers, a blight hauler, the Plague Caster, and the Blight Bringer and ended up sitting on an objective), but succeeded on my left where he had five PMs, a blight hauler, and a drone against just a Razorback. I had cleared the center except for three PMs and one spawn (which was tying up my Vindicator until the Techmarine cut it apart). It wasn't all sunshine and rainbows, though. I had a few bad misplays, including striding the Venerable off an objective that he was supposed to by camping (cost me some points on Primary); throwing away my last CP on a reroll in the Shooting Phase when I was saving it for the Fight Phase; and moving my Rhino-mounted Tacticals too far forward and getting them charged by an LoC who proceeded to cut them apart across two turns. All in all, it was a fun game and I can't wait to take the Firstborn back into battle!
  12. ++Commencing Simulus++ ... ... ... Brothers in Iron, with the recent attention lavished on certain Chapters in Vigilus and White Dwarf, my hopes for something new and interesting for the Iron Hands and their successors is kindled anew. Not being one normally prone to flights of fancy or distasteful mortal frailties such as optimism, I find my cognitive functions warming to the calculus of probability. Considering the order of battle, It stands to reason that we may expect a Specialist Detachment in Vigilus book 2 for either the Hands themselves, or one of their two Successors present. Failing that, White Dwarf is a reasonable alternate possibility. What then, brothers, do we expect or hope for? Addendum: do try to keep within the bounds of realistic expectation. >>Improbability is simply inevitability viewed over too short a time frame<<
  13. So there's a discussion on the IH Facebook page about submitting updated rules and a detachment concept to GW for the Iron Hands. I'm a pessimist so I don't particularly think we'll see much traction, but I figured I'd try to pull that discussion here (frankly, I dislike FB for these kinds of talks). So this is what I came up with. It's fairly minimalist, mostly because I'm afraid that submitting uber-awesome proposals are a great way of having them rejected out of hand. Iron Hands Chapter Tactics: The Flesh is Weak: Roll a dice each time an IRON HANDS model with this tactics loses a wound. On a 6, the damage is ignored and the model does not lose a wound. When rolling for CHARACTERS and VENERABLE DREADNOUGHTS, add +1 to this roll. Warlord Trait: No change. Machine Empathy: No change. Relic: Replace the Axe of Medusa with the Gorgon's Chain. Gorgon's Chain: IRON HANDS non-VEHICLE CHARACTER only. This model receives +1 Wound. In addition, add +1 to any rolls made to ignore damage when rolling for The Flesh is Weak. Iron Father Kardan Stronos. M WS BS S T W A Ld Save 5" 2+ 2+ 4 5 6 5 9 2+ Keywords: ADEPTUS ASTARTES, CHARACTER, HQ, IMPERIUM, INFANTRY, CAPTAIN, TERMINATOR, TECHMARINE, CHAPTER TACTICS, UNIQUE. IRON HALO: This model has a 4+ invulnerable save. MORE MACHINE THAN MAN: Roll a die at the end of your turn. On a roll of a 6, this model regains a wound it lost earlier in the battle. RITES OF BATTLE: You can re-roll hit rolls of 1 made for friendly IRON HANDS units within 6" of this model. TELEPORT STRIKE: During deployment, you can set up this model in a teleportarium chamber instead of placing it on the battlefield. At the end of any of your Movement Phases this model can teleport into battle - set it up anywhere on the battlefield that is more than 9" away from any enemy models. BLESSING OF THE ONISSIAH: At the end of your Movement Phase this model can repair a single IRON HANDS VEHICLES within 3". That model regains D3 lost wounds. A model can only be repaired once per turn. This model is equipped with a servo-harness, a master-crafted Boltgun, and the Axe of Medusa. Relic: AXE OF MEDUSA: S+2. AP-2. D2. Any wound rolls of 6+ made by this weapon inflict a mortal wound in addition to their normal damage. Specialist Detachment: Fist of Medusa Strike Force. FIST OF MEDUSA ATRIKE FORCE (1 CP): Use this stratagem when choosing your army. Pick an IRON HANDS Detachment from your army to be an Iron Hands Fist of Medusa Strike Force Specialist Detachment. CHARACTERS, THUNDERFIRE CANNONS, and VEHICLES in that Detachment gain the FIST OF MEDUSA STRIKE FORCE keyword. INVIOLABLE ARMOR (1 CP): Use this stratagem when a FIST OF MEDUSA STRIKE FORCE unit is chosen as a target in the enemy Shooting Phase. Until the end of the phase, shooting attacks resolved against that unit receive a -1 to their wound rolls. INTERLACED TARGETING MATRIX (1 CP): Use this stratagem when an enemy unit is damaged by a FIST OF MEDUSA STRIKE FORCE unit. For the remainder of that phase, other FIST OF MEDUSA STRIKE FORCE units gain +1 to their hit rolls when targeting the damaged enemy unit. Warlord Trait: MASTER OF THE FORGE: Characters with this Warlord Trait gain the Blessing of the Omnissiah special ability (see: Techmarine). If this character already has the Blessing of the Omnissiah rule, then when repairing a VEHICLE, they can restore d6 wounds instead. Relic: THE IRONSTONE: TECHMARINE only. While within 6" of the bearer of the Ironstone, FIST OF MEDUSA STRIKE FORCE VEHICLES count as having the Chapter Tactics (Iron Hands) rule. If an affected VEHICLE already has Chapter Tactics, it receives +1 to its roll to ignore damage when rolling for THE FLESH IS WEAK. So that's my idea. It draws heavily on what we had in 6th/7th Edition, and I tried to keep the bonuses from being too crazy. It focuses on vehicles intentionally; because Space Marine vehicles have inexplicably not received Chapter Tactics, but we're the vehicle chapter, I wanted to reinforce the theme that our vehicles are better by making ours more durable than everyone else's. Let me know what you think.
  14. Hail Sons of the Gorgon, I am researching the legends and tales of the Iron Hands and compiling a list of future purchases for my own archives. I thought it may be of interest to others seeking lore regarding the chapter. If anyone can share any published stories, eBooks etc. which I have missed, please comment below and I will add the entry into the list. As best as I could, I separated them between the Horus Heresy and the later 40,000 era. Without knowing the stories, I couldn't begin to guess at a chronological order, so alphabetical seemed the wisest method. Using the Black Library, here is the list so far. HORUS HERESY A Lesson in Iron, by David Guymer (eShort) Deeds Endure, by Gav Thorpe (Meduson anthology) Feat of Iron, by Nick Kyme (eBook, Paperback HH20 The Primarchs) Ferrus Manus: Gorgon of Medusa, by David Guymer (eBook, Hardback, MP3) Grey Talon, by Chris Wraight (Meduson anthology, MP3) Hand Elect, by Chris Wraight (Meduson anthology) Horus Heresy 05: Fulgrim, by Graham McNeill (eBook, Paperback, MP3) Horus Heresy 16: Age of Darkness (eBook, Paperback) Horus Heresy 19: Venegful Spirit (eBook, Paperback, MP3) Horus Heresy 20: The Primarchs (eBook, Paperback, MP3) Horus Heresy 28: Scars, by Chris Wraight (eBook, Paperback, MP3) Horus Heresy 30: The Damnation of Pythos, by David Annandale (eBook, Paperback, MP3) Horus Heresy 31: Legacies of Betrayal (eBook, Paperback, MP3) Horus Heresy 43: Shattered Legions, edited by Laurie Goulding (eBook, Paperback, MP3) Horus Heresy 47: Old Earth, Nick Kyme (eBook, Paperback, MP3) Immortal Duty, by Nick Kyme (Meduson anthology, HH43 Shattered Legions) Kryptos, by Graham McNeill (eBook, Paperback HH31 Legacies of Betrayal, MP3) Little Horus, by Dan Abnett (eShort, Paperback HH16 Age of Darkness) Meduson: Ultimate anthology (eBook, Hardback, MP3) Meduson, by Dan Abnett (Meduson anthology) Promethean Sun, by Nick Kyme (eBook, MP3) Riven, by John French (eShort, MP3) The Either, by Graham McNeill (Meduson anthology, MP3) The Keys of Hel, by John French (Meduson anthology) The Lion, by Gav Thorpe (eBook, Paperback HH20 The Primarchs) The Noose, by David Annandale (Meduson anthology) The Phoenician, by Nick Kyme (eShort, eBundle, Paperback The Imperial Truth) The Seventh Serpent, by Graham McNeill (eBook, MP3) Unforged, by Guy Hailey (Meduson anthology) Unspoken, by Guy Haley (Meduson anthology) Veritas Ferrum, by David Annandale (Paperback HH31 Legacies of Betrayal, MP3) WARHAMMER 40,000 Deathwatch 5: Deadhenge, by Justin D. Hill (eShort) Flesh, by Chris Wraight (eShort) Iron Hands, by Jonathan Green (eBook, Paperback) Iron Soul, by Phil Kelly (eShort) Medusan Wings, by Matt Westbrook (eBook, Paperback) The Blessing of Iron, by Anthony Reynolds (eShort) The Calculus of Battle, by David Guymer (MP3) The Eye of Medusa, by David Guymer (eBook, Paperback) The Memory of Flesh, by Matthew Farrer (eShort, BL Games Day Anthology 2012) Voice of Mars, by David Guymer (eBook, Paperback) Wrath of Iron, by Chris Wraight (eBook, Paperback)
  15. So I can't take it anymore. The more I look at Iron Hands the more I like them. Sure they are strong and people may put me in the bandwagon group but I really don't care. I have always enjoyed the idea of mobile pillboxes. Sisters of Battle can do it with their Repressor that is most likely going bye-bye. But Iron Hands can do it with Scout Squads in Land Speeder Storms. This combo is just amazingly good with many chapters but Iron Hands just have it on lock imho. Iron Hands do so much for this unit that it is almost silly not to take them. In my opinion you can kit them out for three different setups. Short-Ranged Support, Mid-Ranged Support, Long-Ranged Support. I have provided three builds below and how they are best used. Rules that benefit these units: Calculated Fury: Move and fire heavy weapons without penalty. Reroll 1s when firing heavy weapons. Devastator Doctrine: -1 ap on heavy weapons Iron Hands Chapter Tactics: 6+ FNP, Overwatch on 5-6, Double wounds on dmg chart does not affect Land Speeder Storms Long-Ranged Support Role [T] Scout Squad: Sniper Rifle x4, Missile Launcher x1 [Transport] Land Speeder Storm: Heavy Bolter, Cerberus Launcher The LRSR configuration is designed to skip around the battle field staying at the 36" range. The goal being to keep out of the range of rapid fire and most of the opponents more dangerous weapons. This unit can baby sit back field objectives on either side of the board with it's 18" move. Mid-Ranged Support Role [T] Scout Squad: Storm Bolter(Sgt), Bolter x3, Heavy Bolter x1 [Transport] Land Speeder Storm: Heavy Bolter, Cerberus Launcher The MRSR configuration is designed to harry the enemy. It will run into the 12" rapid fire range and unload is firepower. Then move back around and continue to pepper the enemy from odd angles making it difficult to assault or even counter productive. Ex. You move the speeder onto a building that puts you within 12" but makes the assault very difficult for your opponent. Ex2. You position your speeder in a location that will force the enemy to move in the wrong direct if they want to assault you. (This second point is where I think this build will really shine. Forcing your opponent to make a decision to assault his harasser or move toward the objective.) Another point is that if this unit ends up camping on an objective you can make use of bolter drill. Short-Ranged Support Role [T] Scout Squad: Combi-melta(Sgt), Shotgun x3, Missile Launcher x1 [Transport] Land Speeder Storm: Heavy Bolter, Cerberus Launcher The SRSR configuration is designed to get in close to get the double dice wound roll for the Combi-melta. The shotguns are assault as well as the combi-melta and will allow the unit to move and still fire at full capacity. It has a focus on anti-armor but also has a good amount of anti-infantry with the Frag/Krak Missile and shotguns. There is a close combat build but I really don't think it is worth the effort. If you want to assault with scouts you should be playing Black Templars or Blood Angels. -------------------------------------------------------- These are the three builds I think will work best with Iron Hands. There is an argument for the more melee focused build to be used to soak overwatch for a more assault-based Ironhands force but I don't think we'll see many of those. If anyone has any suggestions or if I've made a mistake somewhere please let me know. **Updated as I now have the codex in hand. Still need to verify if storm bolters are in the sgt list. Forgot to check on my lunch.
  16. Owing to the rather changeable nature of Iron Hands lore, I thought it would be best to actually have a thread that sets out what the lore on the structure of the Iron Hands actually is, as of David Guymer's works. Obvious spoilers for those who have not read any of the recent Iron Hands novels. Clan Companies: Currently, Clans nominally obey the tents of the Codex Astartes, with Clan Avernii being the 'Veteran Company', Clans Garrsak, Raukaan, Kaargul and Haarmek being the 'Battle Companies', Sorrgol and Borrgos being 'Tactical Reserve Companies', Clan Morlaag being the 'Assault Reserve Company', Clan Vurgaan being the 'Devastator Reserve Company' and Clan Dorrvok being the 'Scout Company'. However, despite this structure, the eight central clans are still very much independent. Each of them carries out their own recruitment, with their recruits going into Dorrvok for the duration of their training, and then returning to the company that originally selected them upon their ascension to full battle-brother status, though it is noted that ascendant scouts can be bartered around companies, and so a scout marked for Borrgos may be acquired for resources and recruiting rights by Garrsak. Currently, there is a deficit of lore on ascension to Avernii, though there is an example of a disgraced brother of Avernii being acquired by another company in the same manner as a scout. Also, while nominally 'reserve companies', Sorrgol, Borrgos, Morlaag and Vurgaan are still fully-autonomous, conducting independent operations much like the 'battle companies', rather than individual claves being attached to other clans for support. This does not appear to be the case for Avernii, with only a single clave operating on Thennos, but there is too little information available to be certain. Rather than having a central armoury, each clan has its own Techmarines, and is responsible for maintaining its own vehicle pool. Each clan is led by an Iron Captain, who may be an Iron Father, depending on seniority. Clan Avernii: Clan Garrsak: Clan Raukaan: Clan Kaargul: Clan Haarmek: Clan Sorrgol: Clan Borrgos: Clan Morlaag: Clan Vurgaan: Clan Dorrvok: Clan Council and Iron Fathers: There is no Chapter Master of the Iron Hands. Instead, the Iron Hands are run by the Clan Council. The Chapter Master equivalent is the Warleader, who occupies a position similar to a dictator of the Roman Republic. The Clan Council is situated in the Eye of Medusa. Made up of 41 Iron Fathers, it is from this body that the Warleader is elected to head each individual endeavour, though he cedes his power back to the Council afterwards. The 42nd seat is held by the triumvirate of magi known as the Voice of Mars, who technically do not have an individual vote, but instead place proxy votes for each absent Iron Father not already represented, thus giving them a disproportionate degree of influence over the Iron Hands. The Eye of Medusa is a vault beneath the Felgarrthi mountains. It is surrounded by a maze of ironglass depictions of the Iron Hands, with rumours that the skull of Ferrus Manus lies at the centre of the maze, guarded by a Helfather. The council chamber itself is circular, hung with banners of current and past clans. The Iron Father are plugged into 41 podiums that face the centre of the room, where the podium of the Voice of Mars is situated, though upon the election of a Warleader, the Voice will cede the podium to them. Surrounding these are two hemispherical enclosures that non-Iron Fathers spectate from. Debates take place both across the noosphere and in archaic spoken Medusan. The symbol of the Medusan Mechanicus is an Opus Machina with a black MKV faceplate in place of a human skull. In the most recent iteration of the lore, Iron Fathers are fully separated from the Chalpain-Techmarine role they previously held. Now, they are the highest ranking members of the Iron Hands, being those that sit on the Iron Council. Upon being selected for ascension to Iron Father, the Iron Hand is sent to Mars for training as a Techmarine, though his training will be more in depth than that of an ordinary Techmarine, and he will also be given the implants that allow him to communicate in the Eye of Medusa. In this way, each Iron Father could theoretically fulfil the function of a Techmarine. Owing to their status, Iron Fathers habitually are either clad in Terminator armour or reside within a Dreadnought. Each Clan has multiple Iron Fathers. The guardians of the Iron Council are the Helfathers. Clad in unmarked black Terminator plate, and bearing multiple heavy weapons, the Helfathers are figures of awe and dread even to other Iron Hands. They are revealed to be fallen Iron Hands reanimated through usage of the Keys of Hel, the forbidden tools of cybernetic resurrection returned to use after the death of Ferrus Manus. While ostensibly under the control of the Iron Fathers, it is shown that it is truly the Mechanicus that holds their reins. Reclusiam: The Iron Hands do possess Chaplains, referred to as Iron Chaplains. While attached to individual companies, the Reclusiam still maintains its own motor pool. Iron Chaplains are responsible for the spiritual care of the battle-brothers of their clan, as well as blessing their weapons in the same manner as Techmarines from other chapters would do. Librarius: While recruited by the Librarius, each individual Librarian spends the majority of their tenure attached to a specific Clan Company, with the most senior Librarian in each clan referred to as the Chief Librarian. Much like the Reclusiam, the LIbrarius maintains its own motor pool. The Librarius is also known to take psykers from the Black Ships as well as Medusa for their recruitment process. Both the Reclusiam and Librarius lack sway in the politics of the Iron Council. Apothecarion: Very little is known about the Apothecarion, other than that each Clan Company has its own Apothecary, who is responsible for assessing the genetic compatibility of potential recruits, as well as overseeing both the implantation of Astartes organs within recruits and bionics within battle-brothers. It is noted that there is a certain level of overlap between the roles of Techmarine, Chaplain and Apothecary within the Chapter Fleet: The Iron Hands fleet is sizeable, with each clan possessing an ironbarque as its capital ship, as well as battle-barges, strike cruisers, frigates and destroyers. The ironbarques were made for the Iron Hands by the Mechanicus in M33 in return for a 9999-year lease of one of their worlds, and are sizeable, with a battle-barge described as having two-thirds of the tonnage of one of them. In particular Clan Vurgaan is noted as having multiple battle-barges as well as its ironbarque. Thennos, the furthest planet from the star in the Medusa system, was leased to Mars in return for the ironbarques. It will be returned to direct Medusan rule on 062099.M43. The ironbarques will not be returned. Think of it as someone paying rent to live in a house - at the end of the lease, the person vacates the house, but they don't get their money back. This information is far from complete, as there will be things that I have either forgotten or missed. Please let me know if there is anything obviously wrong or missing, and I will address it. As more information becomes available, I will update this. Feel free to make any comments or enquire further.
  17. EDIT: Up to date background log: The Unmakers: Clan Brannsar Background Article (WIP) Up to date miniatures log: The Unmakers: Clan Brannsar Miniatures Log At the urging of our very own esteemed Urza, here's all the [current] content for my HH DIY Clan [note: to see what the feth I'm talking about when it comes to Golem Heavy Assault Squads, go here] http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_9225/gallery_53779_9225_242669.jpg http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_9225/gallery_53779_9225_977904.png http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_9225/gallery_53779_9225_69694.jpg http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_9225/gallery_53779_9225_284142.jpg http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_9225/gallery_53779_9225_854337.jpg http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_9225/gallery_53779_9225_403954.jpg http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_9225/gallery_53779_9225_825861.jpg http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_9225/gallery_53779_9225_76779.jpg http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_9225/gallery_53779_9225_125815.jpg http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_9225/gallery_53779_9225_113560.png http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_9225/gallery_53779_9225_977838.png http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_9225/gallery_53779_9225_1076150.pnghttp://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_9225/gallery_53779_9225_609365.png http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_9225/gallery_53779_9225_580661.png http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_9225/gallery_53779_9225_437572.png http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_9225/gallery_53779_9225_768898.png http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_9225/gallery_53779_9225_137162.pnghttp://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_9225/gallery_53779_9225_467321.png http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_9225/gallery_53779_9225_917677.png At some point I'll be making a new thread detailing all we know form FW's stuff on the 10th Legion's organisation, and detailing my own system for organising Brannsar [although this would likely vary between Clans, each being effectively a pocket-Legion] on the off chance anyone [other than Urza :P ] wanted to have a template they could base their own system off]. Brannsar's stuff is regularly updated, so expect much, much more
  18. I optimised my "Turn 2 Champs"-List. I think, Hands can get more mobile and need some distraction and make Chaplains work turn 1, "everything" works turn 1. Toughness 8 Sicaran, 2+/3++ Bikes for 2 CP and two units ignoring this -1 to hit. I do not spam units, since it is always harder to take care of your unkillable sheeps without our shepherd Feirros. I personally would go turn 1 or 2 for the Calculated Fury and from turn 2 or 3 to tactical. Hear me out, buffing infantry/bikes with psysteel armor or chaplains is a bit seldomly used. I really favor +1 to hit instead +1 to wound with Chaplain. In tactical doctrine I would have pseudo heavy bolters. Heavy Bolters often were good working weapons. Be it aginst e.g. quantom shields or the mirror match against hands. "Mercy is Weakness" is so good on so many targets. So my question is, why dont we think about going down to tactical doctrine at some point? I do not want to be outplayed by other factions, how do you stay mobile to play the mission? Here is my list: + No Force Org Slot [13 CP] + ++ Battalion Detachment +5CP (Imperium - Space Marines) [53 PL, -4CP, 965pts] ++ **Chapter Selection**: Iron Hands Relics of the Chapter (1 Relic)[-1CP] Stratagem: Hero of the Chapter [-1CP] Stratagem: March of the Ancients [-1CP] Stratagem: Chapter Master [-2CP] + HQ [11 PL, -3CP, 247pts] + Chaplain [5 PL, -1CP, 99pts]: Canticle of Hate, Stratagem: Relics of the Chapter [-1CP]: The Ironstone, Jump Pack [1 PL, 18pts], Recitation of Focus, Power fist [9pts] Chapter Master [6 PL, -2CP, 148pts]: Combi-melta [15pts], Jump Pack [1 PL, 19pts], Thunder hammer [40pts](Master-Crafted Weapon), Stratagem: Chapter Master [-2CP], Student of History, Warlord + Troops [12 PL, 177pts] + Scout Squad [4 PL, 67pts] . Scout Sergeant [13pts]: Chainsword, Storm bolter [2pts] . 3x Scout w/Boltgun [33pts] . Scout w/Heavy Weapon [21pts]: Heavy bolter [10pts] Tactical Squad [4 PL, 80pts] . 3x Space Marine [36pts] . Space Marine Sergeant [12pts]: Boltgun, Chainsword . Space Marine w/Heavy Weapon [32pts]: Missile launcher [20pts] Tactical Squad [4 PL, 80pts] . 3x Space Marine [36pts] . Space Marine Sergeant [12pts]: Boltgun, Chainsword . Space Marine w/Heavy Weapon [32pts]: Missile launcher [20pts] + Elites [20 PL, 317pts] + Contemptor Dreadnought [6 PL, -2 CP, 132pts]: Stratagem: Hero of the Chapter [-1CP] All Flesh is Weak, Stratagem: March of the Ancients [-1CP], Combi-bolter [2pts], Dreadnought combat weapon [20pts], Kheres pattern assault cannon [22pts] Relic Sicaran Battle Tank [14 PL, 185pts]: Heavy bolter [10pts] . Two heavy bolters [20pts]: 2x Heavy bolter [20pts] + Fast Attack [16 PL, 312pts] + Bike Squad [9 PL, 195pts] . Attack Bike [37pts]: Heavy bolter [10pts], Twin boltgun [2pts] . Biker Sergeant [38pts]: Combi-melta [15pts], Twin boltgun [2pts] . 2x Space Marine Biker w/Chainsword [46pts]: 2x Twin boltgun [4pts] . Space Marine Biker w/Special Weapon [37pts]: Meltagun [14pts], Twin boltgun [2pts] . Space Marine Biker w/Special Weapon [37pts]: Meltagun [14pts], Twin boltgun [2pts] Scout Bike Squad [7 PL, 117pts] . 4x Scout Biker [92pts]: 4x Twin boltgun [8pts] . Scout Biker Sergeant [25pts]: Storm bolter [2pts], Twin boltgun [2pts] + Dedicated Transport [10 PL, 174pts] + Razorback [5 PL, 87pts]: Twin heavy bolter [17pts] Razorback [5 PL, 87pts]: Twin heavy bolter [17pts] ++ Battalion Detachment +5CP (Imperium - Space Marines) [56 PL, 1,035pts] ++ **Chapter Selection**: Iron Hands + HQ [12 PL, 262pts] + Librarian [6 PL, 131pts]: 1) Psysteel Armor, 2) Might of Heroes, Combi-melta [15pts], Force sword [8pts], Jump Pack [1 PL, 28pts] Librarian [6 PL, 131pts]: 1) Blessing of the Machine God, 2) Reforge, Combi-melta [15pts], Force sword [8pts], Jump Pack [1 PL, 28pts] + Troops [12 PL, 243pts] + Scout Squad [4 PL, 57pts] . Scout Sergeant [13pts]: Chainsword, Storm bolter [2pts] . 4x Scout w/Boltgun [44pts] Tactical Squad [4 PL, 93pts] . 3x Space Marine [36pts] . Space Marine Sergeant [31pts]: Combi-melta [15pts], Power maul [4pts] . Space Marine w/Special Weapon [26pts]: Meltagun [14pts] Tactical Squad [4 PL, 93pts] . 3x Space Marine [36pts] . Space Marine Sergeant [31pts]: Combi-melta [15pts], Power maul [4pts] . Space Marine w/Special Weapon [26pts]: Meltagun [14pts] + Elites [12 PL, 145pts] + Sternguard Veteran Squad [12 PL, 145pts] . Space Marine Veteran [14pts]: Special issue boltgun . Space Marine Veteran [14pts]: Special issue boltgun . Space Marine Veteran [14pts]: Special issue boltgun . Space Marine Veteran [14pts]: Special issue boltgun . Space Marine Veteran [14pts]: Special issue boltgun . Space Marine Veteran [14pts]: Special issue boltgun . Space Marine Veteran [14pts]: Special issue boltgun . Space Marine Veteran [14pts]: Special issue boltgun . Space Marine Veteran [14pts]: Special issue boltgun . Veteran Sergeant [19pts]: Power axe [5pts], Special issue boltgun + Dedicated Transport [3 PL, 67pts] + Rhino [3 PL, 67pts]: Storm bolter [2pts] ++ Total: [109 PL, -5CP, 1,999pts] ++
  19. I'm trying to compile a chronology of Iron Hands stories. I know not all may not have direct references to each other, and I may be missing a few tales in this list. I began using main characters or limited appearances of them to go by. I would appreciate any input offered. Primarch Ferrus Manus: Feat of Iron -> Promethean Sun (Salamanders) -> Fulgrim Shadrak Meduson: Feat of Iron -> Meduson -> Hand Elect -> Grey Talon -> The Either Bion Henricos: Feat of Iron -> Scars -> Grey Talon (Iron Hands + White Scars) -> Little Horus Durun Atticus: Veritas Ferrum -> The Damnation of Pythos (Captains Plienus, Sabinus, & Khalybus appear briefly in a hololith conference with Atticus) Khalybus: The Noose (Iron Hands + Raven Guard) Kratoz: Deeds Endure (Iron Hands + Salamanders) Ishmal Sulnar: Unforged (Salamanders) -> Unspoken (Salamanders + Iron Hands) Crius: Riven -> Keys of Hel
  20. I had the idea to have two Chapters of different Primarchs merge in my current Chapter's lore, to help explain their Iron Hands-like tendencies but Blood Angels culture. The Crimson Knights are closely associated with the Adeptus Mechanicus, and have similar (if less extreme) tendencies to the Iron Hands. However, they are a Blood Angels successor. The question is, would it be possible for them to have chimaeric gene-seed from merging with an Iron Hands successor at some point in their background, maybe with interference from the Forge World they're sworn to?
  21. Index Astartes: Primus "We are the natural order!" Origins[/skullheaderhalf] The Primum Simiis, known officially as the Primordials are a mystifying Chapter of curious origins. Drawn from the gene-stock of an Iron Hands successor chapter who went unnamed during the Second Founding; Said unnamed successor must have had an unremarkable history, as most if not all records of their existence have been shelved with a lack of interest. The Primordials are speculated by archivists to have been created during the thirteenth founding, known widely as the Dark founding, - as they lack original gene-seed within Imperial archives. Appointed by the High Lords of Terra, a renowned Captain of this mystery chapter known in the forty-first millenium only by his sobriquet; The Primeval Hand, was given authority over the blooming chapter - along with a necessary handful of experienced Marines. In his earliest days within the Iron Hands he was said to have an eerie obsession with nature, no matter how bleak or verdant. His fascination encompassed both animals and plant life, which was quite a one-eighty from the Iron Hands core tenets. During the Chapters creation he was led by the Explorator teams of the Adeptus Mechanicus to a world long ago marked and withheld for colonization. The backwater world in question was feral, with primitive humans surviving in iced-over jungles alongside hostile flora and fauna. This world would go on to define the chapter and its esoteric beliefs. The Primeval Hand and the Adeptus Mechanicus Explorators began work here on this simple world of beasts and primitives, studying this lost strand of humanity and searching it for impurities. Whilst Mechanicus teams researched others began to build, turning the Primevals vision of nature and machine into a reality. This symbiotic reality further inspired the ancient Chapter Master to become one with his surroundings. He toured the planet with great engrossment, learning of the creatures that ruled over its unique animal kingdoms; The Great Apes. The Great Apes were gigantic, multi-limbed primates and masters of the frozen jungles. He gleaned much from these Apes. Their territorial instinct and need to protect their own was mirrored in humanity. There were many different types of primate, smaller child-sized apes, long-limbed apes with peculiar faces, hulking apes as tall as men with barrel-like arms. Each expedition yielded more and more information. Some tribes of men lived in harmony with primates, hunting great cold-blooded creatures like pack animals. This planet brought humanity back to its most simple time. And the Primeval Hand would strive to replicate this with his Primordial sons. The Primeval Hand began communicating with the primitives of the planet, first appearing to them as a threat. But as he began to show their shared similarities he was eventually accepted. Many decades passed. In short time he had learned their language and their cultures, exposing them to his own. His superhuman mind made teaching in a way they could understand quite elementary. As an Iron Hands Space Marine his cold and calculated outlook on reality was slowly deteriorated by the simplicity of humanity at its most basic. He spent many years with different clans, many of them ignorant to the fact that there were more humans only a few short miles away. The ways of the Primum Simiis are deeply rooted in their forefathers beliefs, and these beliefs often clash with the other descendants of Ferrus Manus and the Adeptus Mechanicus who think little of nature, let alone the idea of preserving it. Even still their relationship with their sibling chapters is not great, but it is not bad. Their ideologies remain similar and their warriors, despite having many differences, maintain the importance of strength in all things and the collective hatred for weakness. The esteemed descendants of Guilliman and the more codex compliant of the Astartes have on numerous occasions labeled the Primordials as nothing more than tactless savages. But within their madness is a method and calculation that has persisted throughout their obscure methodology. The Primordials have been a frequently used tool in the history of the Imperium, since their inception they were used as the dogs of war, sent in to sow terror in the ranks of the enemy with ferocious howls and unnatural hollers before crashing into their foe with lightning speed and tribalistic fury. None but the seasoned worshipers of Khorne and deranged Black Company of the Blood Angels could hope to match their sheer unpredictability and wanton bloodletting. [skullheaderhalf=000000]Homeworld Sedes; otherwise known as the Seat, is the homeworld of the Primordials chapter - located on the border between Segmentum Obscurus and Pacificus, a respectful distance from Segmentum Solar. Sedes is a planet shrouded in mystery. Much of what the planet is today is speculated to have been caused by some sort of catastrophic event. Sedes was once a lush and verdant jungle planet with a host of dangerous creatures even worse than the ones that already exist, as denoted by the recovery of fossils without known origin. The Mechanicius have done much research, but their most concrete theory is that something akin to an ice age was caused by a comet striking one of the poles and covering the world in snow, blocking out the sun for an indefinite amount of time. The planet has become an ice-covered shell of its former self. The north and south of the planet are what its inhabitants refer to as the Frozen Jungles. The frozen jungles are the remnants of the previous climate. Gigantic Kubwa jungle trees that reach past the clouds, litter the world, veritable dead skyscrapers which have become snags due to the inability to adjust to their new circumstances. These massive trees are many thousands of years old and many of the oldest and largest still remain standing today. Their monstrous scale and house sized roots have kept them stable for centuries. These trees are shades of tan, twisted and mangled compared to their valley counterparts. The Kubwa tree is extremely sturdy and remains solid even after so much harsh punishment by the elements. Frozen Jungles Between these trees are many smaller ones that are about half the size, but still are taller than anything known to Terra. They fill the gaps between their larger, deceased cousins and have seemed to adjust far better, too. They are able to survive in Sedes harsh conditions, maintaining their green leaves year after year. Beneath that are many more trees, bushes, mosses, vines and brush that have also acclimated and become apart of the ecosystem. Some leaves are green like the trees they live under, but others are white or brown. The mixture of color is drab with hints of greenery that contrasts starkly. Patches of thin, tall grass are also known to grow near water. Wildlife that occupy the Frozen Jungles have evolved natural camouflage to take advantage of their homes. Apes native to the frozen jungles universally have white fur, becoming indistinguishable from a snowbank or a frosted bush. Humans use every tool in their arsenal to remain undetected when venturing the frozen jungles, as confrontation with a predator usually attracts even more. As one travels away from the poles they will watch the scenery shift from the white of snow to the oranges, reds and greens of forests before reaching the warmer verdant jungles at the equator. These forests are transition zones that display the flavorful colors of autumn. They are situated on the lips and walls of valleys that house the aforementioned green jungles. Water is plentiful here and seems to be the most comfortable place to live year round in terms of temperature. Because of this, many of the smaller tribes who arent as experienced or maybe dont have the numbers to defend their children and women, will come here. Sedesians refer to these autumn-esque areas as the Jungle Borders. Within the valleys along the equator are what remain of the true jungles. These jungles are hot, but assuredly not as hot as they may have once been before the unrecorded cataclysm. Here, large cold-blooded creatures hunt and are hunted by primates who seek to protect their territory. These scaled amphibians and lizards reside near bodies of water while the primates usually find their water in massive bowl-shaped leaves high up in the canopies. Rainfall is common in the valley jungles and brings about many insects, some as small as a common Terran spider, others can grow to be as big as a small child. Both the valley jungles and frozen jungles have their pluses and minuses, but neither are ideal for the average human and can be fatal to the inexperienced tribesman. Sedesians live all across the globe with the Great Clans occupying many key locations to ensure their survival. The smaller clans have waged war for ages and have been involved in numerous conflicts with the Great Clans. Sedesians are hearty people who come in many different colors and appearances. Languages used to be region-based, but since the Imperiums arrival they have united under one language that has roots in old Terras oriental and African tongues. Sedesians who live in the frozen jungles are known to be pasty white and with white or black hair to blend into their surroundings better, while those around the valley jungles have darker brown skin and a variation of different hair colors. Ice blue eyes are common among Sedesians regardless of their location and many Sedesians seem to have an innate genetic ability to be extremely good climbers. Over the uncountable decades Sedesians have begun to mimic the Apes they are so fond of, moving on all fours whilst walking. Some children might never actually learn to walk on two legs. Sedes apex predator, as explained before, are the Great Apes. The Great Apes will sometimes roam their expansive territories which can be hundreds of miles wide. The largest of all Great Apes can grow to be as tall as four stories while hunched and even taller when standing straight. They use the huge Kubwa trees as their main method of transportation, swinging from branch to branch, searching for their next meal, or mate. This is not to say Great Apes own the world however. Many of the reptiles that stalk the valley jungles can be more than a challenge. When Great Apes encounter one of these reptiles their battle is titanic and can destroy huge swaths of Jungle at a time. Witnessing one of these battles is a rare and dangerous occurrence as animals living in that patch of jungle might have their ecosystems decimated, leaving them no place to live. Apes are universally called Apes no matter their significant differences. There are many different kinds of Ape but old Terran terms like monkey, chimpanzee and orangutan are not used on Sedes. Smaller Apes are simply referred to as Apes. They grow to be no more than ten or fifteen feet tall. The Great Apes are the Apex Predators. The Great Clans have names that mirror their geographical location. It was not always this way, but ever since their collective union under the Imperium they have created this simple format. These locations tend to be the most unique on Sedes as they are the largest tribes and therefore have the most power. Each Great Clan influences the culture for their specific region, and are considerable distances away from one another, but even before the Imperiums arrival some clans vaguely knew of their distant neighbors. A handful of clans have accomplished much more than their peers, giving them an edge in trade.After the Imperium's arrival they have begun to work out trade routes and the concept of the wheel. It is universally decided that the Imperium will minimize their presence on the world, and any Marine who returns to their home clan must do so without any power armour or advanced weaponry. All Sacred Great Apes: Jicho Jeupe, The White Eyed Ape. Jicho is a blind Great Ape who is said to be the forefather to all blind Apes on the planet. Despite his name Jicho has no eyes at all. His eyes have been sheathed in skin and he bears four arms. He is said to live on a large mountain near the Peak of Heavens. The first Great Clan is named after the location in which this Great Ape resides; High Peaks. Kuomboleza, the Mournful Ape. Kuomboleza is of white fur like Jicho, but with a small face and large beard. His fur is thick across his body and he hunches more than the other Great Apes. He howls often to tell the world he is wrathful and sad after losing his mate and refuses to accept another though there are many. His form is spindly and he bears six arms, three on each side. He is the father to all Mournful Apes and he resides in Low Valleys, covered in soft, green grass. Kucheka, the Laughing Ape. Kucheka is an ape of brown fur who lives near the equator where the jungles have not frozen over. They say he laughs at all the other Apes because his land remains verdant and warm but their land has iced over and become cold. He laughs so much and so frequently his face has turned red and so too have his childrens. He is thin and sparsely furred below his waist. He only possesses two arms, envious of his siblings because of this. He resides in Lush Jungles. Akili, the Ape of Forethought. Akili is an Ape of pure white fur with long arms who dances between giant branches and trees. Her two long arms are said to be able to reach into the future and discern the events that take place. She is the most recluse of all Apes, living far to the north where it is coldest. Here she sits with her children who have peculiar faces on Frozen Plains. Kutafakari, the Ape of Deep Thought. Kutafakari is the Ape of meditation, he is thin and smaller than many of his cousins but still very large. He has four arms and is said to be related to Jicho. Kutafakari has pure white fur, also having lost the ability to speak after it was stolen by Buibui. He is said to reside near Cold Lakes. Viziwi, the Earless Ape. Viziwi is closely related to Kutafakari and Jicho. She has white fur but the fur around her face is entirely black. She sings loudly but cannot hear how good she is, and so she imagines her singing is terrible. Her form is smaller than most but still large. She has two small arms and two even smaller ones, making it hard for her to climb. She resides at the top of Frozen Falls with her many children. Punyekundu, the Red-Nosed Ape. Punyekundu is a large ape with a long red nose and flared cheeks to show he is angry. He is angry because he is lonely, constantly seeking companionship but never finding a mate. Much like Kucheka he lives on the equator and so his fur is a shade of brown. He is also said to be jealous of Kuomboleza and extremely violent. He resides at Hot Springs with his angry faced sons and daughters. Buibui, the Spider Ape. Buibui is said to have an entirely black coat, though he is rarely seen because he resides in Deep Caves. His form is spindly yet elongated like a spider and he is known to have six arms. Buibui is told in stories to be the ex-lover of Viziwi until he stole her ears. He then proceeded to steal Kutafakaris voice and Jichos eyes just to spite her, scurrying away into the darkness where he could not be followed. His children are wretched and have perfect dark sight just like him. Ndevukiji, the Grey Bearded Ape. Ndevukiji is the eldest of all Great Apes and is said to be a precursor for many of the white apes. Ndevukiji has no children who reside with him, they have all grown and left him, so now he watches from seclusion in the tallest of Tall Trees. Ndevukiji has also in recent times come to represent the Emperor. Ultimately, little is known about Ndevukiji. Bluu, The Fishing Ape. Bluu is the last and most curious Ape as he embodies the frigid seas of Sedes. Bluu is an ape who wades in shallow waters to catch great sea creatures and eat them. He also seems to be the only monkey who knows how to swim. He resides on the coast of Deep Seas near the equator and is said to have mangy blue fur that seems to mass more on his six arms than on the rest of his body. He is one of a kind like Ndevukiji. These larger than life creatures are scattered across the globe and are awing, with grandeur oozing from every orifice. Each Sacred Ape has been known to interact with humans in some form or another. Most interactions come about entirely out of curiosity. Humans are to Great Apes what ants are to humans; Fascinating and living in a world entirely separate from their own. Great Apes hunt larger prey that would be predators to the human population. Hostility is a rare occurrence but also has been known to happen in the distant past. Humans will often coexist with their corresponding Sacred Ape, living mere miles away from their dens, as is the case with the Great Clan of High Peaks. Clans: The clan who resides on High Peaks is renowned as the best warrior clan on Sedes. They are currently at war with several smaller clans who seek to remove them from their strategic position on the Peak of Heavens in the northern frozen jungles. Their secret to survival are the insects that live in the mountain caves. They are extremely nutritious and are abundant, meaning the clan of High Peaks always have a reliable source of food. Their water simply comes from melted snow. Once every one hundred moons the clan will send a group of men on an expedition to Jicho Jeupes den, offering him sweet smelling flowers and large fruits. Jicho has come to expect their arrival and no longer reacts with caution. The clan who resides in Low Valleys is one of the few great clans who owns territory within the valley jungles. They live in a deep valley that is sparse with trees and vegetation, making visibility one of their greatest strengths. Invaders and predators are easily spotted and the clan have reputable warriors who are extremely skilled with the bow and arrow. Their expertise comes from the fact that it is actually a viable weapon to use due to their location. Their village is situated on a foothill that presides over the valley. The clan residing within Lush Jungles are well known for having positive relations with the primates of their region. They were one of the first to learn how to coexist with Apes and have since become a nomadic clan that roams the Jungles with their red-faced allies. The clan of Lush Jungles also has an incredible sense of direction and navigation, able to recognize landmarks better than any other clan. The great clan of the Frozen Plains are revered as being the first to coexist not with Apes, but with their own Sacred Great Ape. Akili is by comparison, the most amicable of her kind. Though all Great Apes are omnivores, Akili tends more towards plants, choosing to pick grass from the frozen streams nearby. She sleeps and lives beside the Frozen Plains clan, receiving offerings of moss and vine to add to her diet. The Frozen Plains clan contrast with Akili in that they regularly make war with a lesser tribe nearby who also seeks the attention of Akili. Akili doesnt seem attached to them in anyway and does not intervene when fighting begins. The clan of Cold Lakes is a clan that lives on an island in the middle of a frozen lake, south of the equator. They have become the first clan to use fishing rods, breaking neat holes into the ice so they can get to the creatures below. The cold lake is surrounded by several tribes who all war with one another and the Great Clan. At the top of Frozen Falls to the south of Sedes equator, another Great Clan exists. They are the greatest concentration of psykers on the planet and are routinely recruited into the Primordials. They share a close relationship with the Apes around them, allowing them into their village as curious pets. The clan that resides around Hot Springs on the equator are well-known cannibals. They are a savage tribe, even compared to the already primitive society of Sedes. They seek only war with other smaller tribes around them and have short tempers just like their Sacred Ape. The Clan of Deep Caves are recluses who live in elaborate tunnel networks to the north of the equator. These tunnel networks are home to many vile creatures that keep the Clan forever on their toes. They are the smallest of all Great Clans and have developed a keen sense of smell and dark vision. So much so that they are almost nocturnal, with a natural aversion to sunlight. The Clan of Tall Trees are the only tribe to live within spire-like jungle trees of the frozen jungles. They are some of the best climbers and have built a network of tunnels through the giant Kubwa, having a close relationship with Apes who essentially freeload off their creation. They are commonly beset upon by large birds of prey. Finally, the clan of Deep Seas is a clan that presides on the coast of the Deep Sea. One of three substantial bodies of water. The Deep Sea is the only large body of water to be not be majority frozen. They use spears to fish on the shallow coasts and have a close relationship with their Sacred Ape, sometimes even fishing right alongside him. Hidden Content Noteworthy animals: Blushingo. Blushingo are large amphibians about ten or fifteen feet tall that resemble frogs. They have claws that protrude from the back of their hand and hook forwards, as well as long tongues. These are meant for climbing and catching their favorite prey; large insects. Blushingo are also known to eat things outside of insects though. Nyokubwa. Nyokubwa are large serpents that are just shy of a hundred feet long. These serpents have a maw full of razor sharp teeth and will dine on Apes as a snack, whilst hunting Great Apes when they feel confident in their ability to kill one. They are known to constrict and squeeze Great Apes, choking them to death. Ndegebaya. Nedgebaya are massive birds with fifty foot wingspans capable of picking up pretty much anything and flying away with it. These birds are usually smaller though and only rarely get to be so big they can take on a Great Ape. Their diets consist of Apes, humans, large insects and smaller reptiles. Mnupe minguu. The Minguu are huge feline-like creatures with horns that stalk the frozen jungles, capable of scaling trees with their sharp claws and rending flesh with their razor-like teeth. They have incredible night vision and are twice the size of a normal human man. Their hide is commonly used as clothing. Mkiajiwe. Mkiajiwe are herbivores that resemble bison. They have very tough skin and very thick hide that is great for blankets and clothing. The Mkiajiwe also have long tails with spiked boney tips that can be used as a way to ward off pursuing predators. They function in small herds. Minyoto. Minyoto are massive worms that live in shallow water, no matter the temperature. They are common in both cold and hot climates and will usually feed on fish or any animal who gets too close to the water they occupy. Their dark and oily flesh makes them hard to see in brackish or icy water. They are able to spit incredibly hot saliva that is capable of burning most creatures severely. Fortress-Monastery The Primordials Fortress-Monastery is known simply as the Old Wood. It is the largest Kubwa tree on Sedes. It is the only Kubwa tree on the northern jungle border where they have established themselves. The location has no tribes near it and is hardly if ever traveled by. The Kubwa tree is alive and well, secured to the earth by metal constructs that would stop the tree from just being felled if outside invaders were to arrive. The Old Wood is so large the Primordials have created many small tree gardens along its exterior, held aloft with wooden and metal supports. Each tree garden starts off hollow and is slowly filled with dirt and layered with grass until trees are able to be planted. This gives the Old Wood a mystical appearance as the tree that grows smaller trees. Precarious staircases and wooden walkways suspended by wire wind up the outside of the Old Wood, and towards the base there is a metal gate built seamlessly into its structure. The massive metal door is appropriately named Natures Passage and is so large warlord Titans could walk in and out of it. All the mechanisms are hidden, as are a lot of cogs that make the Old Wood function as a base of operations. At the bottom and beneath the ground among the roots, is the vehicle depot, armory and foundries where the Primordials store all their large machines of war and produce equipment to add to their stockpile. On the ground floor is what the Primordials would consider the first strong point and the main hall. Its floors are an enchanting combination of grass and smooth reflective marble bordering a garden courtyard. A central, shallow pool receives water from a waterfall that seems sourceless when peering up into the many floors. The interior of the tree has been made hollow, so one can stand at the bottom and gaze up up to several tiers high. Ascending up the tree through slim passageways or winding wooden staircases, there are more strong points before reaching the first floor which seems to be just one of several oratoriums and scriptories. Communal dormitories also reside on this floor. More tunnels begin to ascend to the second and third level where the dungeon and then the Apothecarium is located, along with a teleportarium room. Cell blocks for Apothecaries occupy a portion of this tier and in addition this floor is where the first of many cell blocks are situated. The Hydro-culture, Refectory and Terrarium occupy the fourth floor, with portions of the Terrarium on platforms along the exterior of the Old Wood, able to enjoy the fresh air. A massive balcony of grass wraps around the entirety of the Old Wood and stairs along the exterior of the Old Wood ascend upwards to the fifth floor with many more cell blocks, communal dormitories, guest chambers and the company Chapel. The next floor harbors the assimularum. It is a gigantic amphitheater that presides over the entire sixth floor, with streams of clean water separating all ten columns. each columns has about ten tiers that are padded with grass and look down onto a circular dais with a considerable sized hole in the middle. The water from the top of the amphitheater descends and adds to the artificial waterfall that pours down through the center of the tree as a whole. A hangar complex for shuttle silos is cut into the west side of the Old Wood, making up the majority of the seventh floor. The seventh floor is also filled with more cells, sleeping quarters, oratoriums, the penitorium and another teleportarium room. The eighth floor is where more cells, private chambers and training facilities are located. The ninth floor has another, smaller apothecarium for emergencies and also doubles as a research center and operations room for the Mechancius and the few Techmarines within the chapter. Cells and private chambers occupy the rest of this floor. The tenth floor is known as the Greenwood, and serves as the throne room, office and personal chambers for the Lord Chieftain. There is an elaborate wooden throne and the whole room is covered in greenery ranging from vines to flowers to soft grass. Past this is the largest generator in a network of generators scattered around the Old Wood, this tier additionally houses the main pump for the water fall as well as a sprinkler system, should a fire break out. And finally there is the Reclusiam and Librarium known as the Black Garden at the very top, covered by the canopy of the Old Wood. Defense lasers dot the exterior of the tree, hidden by tufts of leaves and vine. On the outside of the Fortress are the local defenses, arrayed in such a way so as to deter assaults from land and or air. Attached to the northern side of the Old Wood is the complex meant for training initiates. Much like the Dark Angels, Primordials have small helpers that occupy their halls and coexist beside them. The Apes of Kutafakari are widely known around Sedes to be the most quiet of all Apes. They are also the most intelligent. So intelligent they can be easily trained to assist in semi-complex tasks. These Apes are about half the size of an average man, and roam the Old Wood freely, helping where they are needed. They can retrieve items and hold books, relay information given to them and even perform basic sign language. Their extra pair of arms makes them fantastic multi-taskers. Primordials often form close bonds with these Apes, placing dozens of them on each ship in their fleet for support both morally and physically. The larger Apes that theyve managed to tame and teach will sometimes accompany them into battle as monstrous combatants or support creatures, akin to the Wolves of Fenris. The Old Wood is nothing short of a paradise. Marines who return to their home clans have a hard time explaining the sheer scale of it. Surrounding the Old Wood are the autumn and green trees that populate the jungle borders. The Old Wood has grown in a natural basin that is very small in comparison. The basin extends outwards from Natures Passage into a narrow trench that then slowly inclines until leveling off with the earth around it. This Trench is known to the Primordials as the Narrow Passage, the walls of which have viney growths and grassy ledges, orange and red with trees that grow close to the cliffs of the Narrow Passage. The trench receives snow often, and when the snow melts it fills small creeks with fresh water. This is what the Primordials consider their Solitarium. Marines will walk the trench with peaceful Apes at their side while under the eyes of monolithic stone statues, made in the likeness of their Sacred Apes. These towering statues have been grafted into both facades of the trench, contrived to look down on it with eyes made of precious stone. Recruitment Upon the planet of Sedes Prime, the Primordials were first born. The many tribes across the planet were all harsh people who knew well the struggles of natural life. Beset upon by every danger the planet could field, from disease to parasite to predator and even the world itself - those who persisted were hand chosen to ascend. In the beginning the Primeval Hand drew his first sons from a single tribe. This single tribe was a tribe who lived in caves on the coldest mountain peak of Sedes Prime, the Peak of Heavens, or Kilelchambingu in their native tongue. The Peak of Heavens is believed to be, in current day Sedes, the place where the Primeval Hand first landed with his Explorator teams. This tribe at the time was unequivocally the most hearty of Sedes people. This single tribe was observed to be at war with three others. On their remote mountain they managed to not only survive but eventually thrive as their competitors tried and failed to wipe them out after numerous combined assaults. The Primeval Hand observed their unconscious strategy and marveled at some things humans consider to be complex military actions performed by troglodytes with spears and bows. He would pick these young men to inherit his gene-seed and they would form the first of ten great clans. The Primordials recruit based on clan. Each clan will dedicate their young warriors to service once they become of age and these young men, pure of body and mind will go on to form the fighting elite of the Imperiums finest. Each clan is inextricably linked to their associated chapter counterpart. So much so that initiated Astartes will often return and hunt with their fellow tribesmen when not on duty. The primitive population know of the Space Marines and view them in their own simplistic light. They recognize technology but see little applicable use in it, save for steel tipped spears and arrows, which the chapter happily provides. Unlike the Medusans, Sedesians see technology as a potential weakness if used in excess, but do not fault others for indulging. As with most Space Marine chapters, the indoctrination does not start and end after initial recruitment. The first of many obstacles begins with the Trials of Damu. The first of six trials is purely an educational one. This is the trial where the initiates, or the kuanzisha are further educated about the wider Imperium, their future role in it, the warriors they will become and the information theyll require to be successful in said role. This usually also includes advanced classes in the standard Imperial language, Low Gothic, and Astartes battle sign. It is important they retain this knowledge for the next trial. Their next challenge is the Trial of Kuwinda where each clan will be shuffled into groups and sent to hunt in controlled environments. These controlled environments are slices of secluded jungle filled with wild-life both hostile or otherwise. The creature they are hunting is a white-eyed Ape. A massive, naturally blind ape with an acute sense of smell and hearing far above even Astartes. They are both hunting and are being hunted, using all their instinctual skills to first find the creature and then kill it whilst working together to achieve this common goal. This task is difficult for un-augmented humans and not only must they complete this trial with only spears and javelins, but they must also do it using Imperial Gothic and Astartes battle sign. After the second trial many initiates will have died or been injured, being sent back to their respective tribes. The remaining initiates will move on the Trial of Umoja. This challenge will come after the initiates have been partially augmented, making them nearly superhuman. The objective is to integrate themselves with a troop of Apes and live with them for a number of weeks. This trial is much like the first in that they are meant to do more learning than fighting, though the latter is still entirely possible. Apes of Sedes are extremely intelligent, much more intelligent than their old Terran counterparts. Their understanding of humans is so advanced they are able to perceive and understand their body language and emotional queues. For the tribes who have never interacted with Apes this can be difficult, as Apes are extremely territorial and are not easily approached. This experience also gives the newly augmented initiates time to acclimate to their new physique and heightened senses. They must climb and move as Apes do, overcoming any fears of height by scaling trees as tall as hive spires. This trial is widely considered the most liberating and enjoyable. After the fourth trial the initiates will receive the rest of their organs to make them officially Astartes. This milestone is celebrated by a ceremony that sees each of them receive ritual scarification from women of each respective clan. Each elaborate design is wholly unique to each Primordial while incorporating symbols and heraldry of their tribe as well as the Primordials as a chapter. These works of art are done with special machines to make clean lines and the scars are filled with a cold white powder to represent the snow of Sedes. They also usually encompass the entire body. The fifth challenge is the Trial of Pambano Moja, or single combat, where a fully-initiated Primordial will take on an initiate. Both are stripped of power armor and given a sharpened weapon of their choice. The Primordial is not allowed to kill the initiate, but if the initiate gains the upper hand they are are within rights, and are usually forced to kill the Primordial, as he was clearly weak enough to be bested by a trainee. They will go three bouts before a ranking official will deem the initiate worthy or unworthy for the final challenge. Those who are unworthy are lobotomized and turned into servitors, but this is rarely if ever the case. The final challenge is the most difficult and it requires the entirety of the initiates within that current recruiting pool to band together and use all their tools learned so far. The Trial of Theluji Nyekundu, or red snow in Low Gothic, is the hunting and killing of a Great Ape. There are only several dozens of Great Apes on the entirety of Sedes, some considered sacred. The Great Apes who are not considered sacred are game to be hunted. The hunting of a Great Ape is something the entire chapter will seek to watch as it is the ritual killing of a religious icon. Great Apes are the apex predator of Sedes, capable of laying waste to entire forests. They dine on the most dangerous predators of Sedes and no Great Ape is entirely similar to another. For this hunt the initiates are given specially crafted power weapons affixed to adamantine chains. These weapons are capable of being thrown and digging into the hide of a Great Ape, allowing the initiate to scale the chain and then the beast. They are also given gauntlets with meathooks for the same reason. The initiates are even allowed access to Bolters for this most sacred mission. A recruitment pool after all the previous trials can be anywhere from fifty up to a hundred and fifty kuanzisha. More than enough to get the job done. It is up to the initiates to study their quarry and formulate a strategic game plan. All the initiates will usually elect a Hunt Master to lead the hunt, this is someone who has shown exceptional skill in all other Trials. This elected leader will organize the hunt and usually give roles to individuals or groups. Initiates are allowed to set traps or use the local fauna to assist them. After the snow has been turned red with the blood of a Great Ape, the remaining initiates, as their final indoctrination ritual will soak themselves in the blood of the Ape and eat of its flesh to cement their unbreakable bond with Sedes and its wildlife no matter how many distant worlds they visit. This ritual is known as Tie Kwanza; The First Knot, also known as the Blood Knot. A link to Sedes represented with a white tassel tied at the front of the waist, usually accompanied by other tassels denoting accomplishment. They are finally full-fledged Primordials. Combat Doctrine The unorthodox nature of the Primordials is further displayed in their savage lightning strike assaults and peculiar psychological warfare. Being so well attuned with nature, the Primordials are able to quickly acclimate to any climate and geography, turning a defender's innate knowledge of their surroundings against them - or at least leveling the playing field. The Primordials are line breakers. Stalemates that have lasted for many years can be broken with the arrival of the Primordials. Their use of modified Land Speeder Storms capable of holding up to eight marines, accompanied by drop pod insertion and rapidly deployed troops from low flying aircraft means they can be on top of the enemy in the literal blink of an eye. The Primordials take a keen interest in their opponents weaknesses, exploiting and exaggerating them. If they are facing Berserkers of Khorne they may charge them head on only to pull away at the last second and lure the enemy into a line of devastating super heavy vehicles, or use vox-speakers to demoralize a rebellious human colony, preluding their attack with war drums and ear-splitting screeches. In many cases their raw brutality is enough to send the enemy fleeing. Their chapter has come under scrutiny before for quite literally tearing their enemies limb from limb in the midst of intense firefights. Every other kill made by a Primordial is likely to be a gory execution simply for the sake of shock value. The Primum Simiis, due to this type of fast, unstoppable and brutal battlefield doctrine logically have forgone the entirely common Devastator squads excluding situations when it is absolutely necessary. Instead they will have ten or fifteen marines per company-equivalent with heavy weaponry intermingled with Assault squads to assist with the occasional strong point or vehicle. Their lightning strike formatting sees them using an initial spearhead to crush the enemy front line, usually screened by a walking orbital or artillery bombardment. During this bombardment the Primordials will advance in dangerously close proximity to it, putting themselves in almost as much danger as the enemy. To assist with this action a portion of the bombardment is smoke to cover their push. They arrive whilst the enemy is hunkered from the barrage, emerging from the smoke to slaughter them in their fortifications. Following closely behind the spearhead will be a mass of tanks, usually operated by Mechanicus personnel meant to reinforce the spearhead and keep the push driving forward. These tanks are of all kinds and can range from light to super heavy. This veritable wall of metal is also a way to clean up the stragglers the spearhead did not properly deal with. Indeed the Primordials have a hit and run methodology in the sense that they strike hard and run right into the next opponent. Their charges are not as thorough as some of their more disciplined cousins. Primordials will attack in a one after the other fashion, where the first marine will cleave a target and keep going, followed by another who will wound the same target and any others left behind, and this process will continue until there are no more Primordials left in line. It seems the Primum Simiis have recognized this quirk and unconsciously begun to take advantage of it, bowling over foes so that the next man behind can easily dispatch them - if they dont outright kill them. Their tribalistic fighting style means many warriors will assail one target and remove it from the field so they can move on to the next. There are rarely fair fights in the heat of battle when the Primordials are involved. Imperial Guardsmen, Company Commander Callaghan Feral. The only word that comes to mind. They moved and howled like wild animals, spinning and swiping with broad head axes. I was almost as terrified of them as I was the greenskins approaching over the ridgeline. But they never flinched nor gave ground, running out to meet the charge head on. Suicidal, we knew. But if the Astartes could so recklessly throw their lives away to lay about their enemies, who were we to sit in our slit trenches and watch from afar? With all this bloodletting youd think the Primordials would have an aversion to ranged weaponry, but alas youd be wrong. Bolters are merely another invaluable tool in their arsenal. Their Bolters are usually used as volley weapons. During first contact theyll level their weapons and lay down a sustained, yet inaccurate, hail of mass-reactive rounds ahead of themselves to suppress the enemy whilst they get within striking distance. And in circumstances where lightning strikes cant be applied, the Primordials are not unwilling to reluctantly find cover and shoot. The Primordials run into problems, however, when they are able to be bogged down and dragged into a prolonged conflict. They are effective at sieging strongholds but only for as long as they can maintain considerable momentum. To avoid being pinned for hours without gains they will usually plan elaborate ambushes where they remove gun emplacements and other things that would slow their quick advances first, proceeding afterwards. Their entire combat doctrine relies on surprise, speed and psychology, last. Every Primordials tribal roots makes combat breakneck, decisive and lethal. Guardsmen have on multiple occasions during the taking of city centers reported Primordials crashing through doors, diving through windows and plowing through walls with power mauls to make dynamic entry and surprise the enemy. They arrive like a tide, removing any obstacle in their way to get to their objective. Primordials are also extremely acrobatic, their modified lightweight armour allowing them to roll, leap and run on all fours to avoid murderous gunfire while closing on bunkers. Moving on all fours is something the Primordials have gotten extremely good at, able to switch between bipedal and quadruped at will. During what the Primordials refer to as the Mad Dash, where they are advancing across open ground, they will magnetically holster their weapons and bound across the field on all four limbs- mimicking Great Apes. Organization The Primordials are far from codex adherent. Though theyve made an attempt to loosely fit within its guidelines by remaining relatively under or sometimes slightly over one thousand members, also borrowing loosely from its methods of organization. The rigidity of the Codex Astartes was once something they abided by, but eventually found it went against their natural edicts and so decided to break away from it. Now the chapter, lead by the equivalent of a Chapter Master; the Lord Chieftain, is the head of the Primordials. A council of ten Elders, similar to the rank of Captain in a codex-compliant chapter, oversee much of the goings on within the chapter itself and are the heads of their respective Great Clans. These Great Clans mirror companies in that there is usually round about a hundred marines within each one. But these companies are not organized into further squads. Each Great Clan has an Elder and many Wakuu, or Headsmen beneath him, Headsmen being the sergeant equivalent. The Headsmen do not lead individual squads but instead form their own group within the company and lead it as a whole, choosing individual marines at the behest of an Elder to organize into parties. The Headsmen are a collective of ten of the most veteran warriors within that Great Clan, excluding the first Great Clan which is widely considered to be entirely made up of the best warriors on Sedes. When a Headsmen decides to create a party it is to accomplish an objective of importance. Otherwise the company will fight together as a massive unit. Autonomy is important, so a Headsmen, or in situations where a lowly Marine feels it is required, they can gather a group of Astartes to complete a small task whenever they feel it is best. This can range from the removal of a gun emplacement to the initiation of a flanking maneuver. They simply have to point and beckon, and fighters will come. To make up for what would be a loss of unit cohesion, Elders encourage all members of a Great Clan to become as familiar with all a hundred of their Brothers as possible. The familial bond they grow to have links every warrior closely, so much so that they are able to distinguish close friends even whilst in their armor. After five years of service with their respective clan they will earn the Tie Jamaa, the Tie of kin. Rank is not denoted by stripes on the helmet or symbols on the right pauldron, instead the symbol of the Marines Great Clan is printed onto their right pauldron and their rank is denoted by their head dress. Each helmet is made to look like the skull of a grinning ape (think Night Lords) with horn-like protrusions that are fashioned out of ceramite (think Sangehili), becoming more elaborate the higher in rank one goes. The Lord Chieftain wears a massive spiked crescent of bronze whilst others don intricate, angular, wing-like protrusions jutting from their foreheads. The average Primordial assault Marine will usually wear a helmet without headdress or very simple headdress attached. Unlike most Chapters the Primordials do not feel the need to field an entire company of Scouts, and instead integrate late initiates into their respective Great Clans, sometimes allowing them to see battle before their final trial. Dreadnoughts are also not uncommon to see and will usually be moving along with the infantry spearhead to provide heavy weapons support. Chapter Beliefs The Primum Simiis have an intrinsic relationship with nature and all things natural. Their first Chapter Master, the primeval Hand, was said to have realized the humanity Astartes had within them and during his most early days he diverged from his Brothers to bring Astartes back to their roots. Removing the lens of the Imperium will allow one to draw a deeper connection to the universe around them, and thus become closer to the Emperor himself. For the Emperor was said to be a creature of nature itself, risen from humanity to lead it into a new age of prosperity. The Primordials are strange in their rituals and historic heraldry. They see the simplicity in all things, only made complex through machinations. They know humans are beings of instinct and habit. Recognizing and accepting this is the first step to enlightenment. History is bound to repeat itself. Humans are prone to war and war is not inherently evil. War and strife is what separates the weak from the righteous. Weakness of mind and body are impurities. Strength is genetic - worked into the very fabric of what it means to be human. Do not fear death in all its many forms, embrace it and embrace the danger because danger breeds clarity. And clarity effectually breeds purity of mind and body. In this cycle the people of Sedes look to the sacred Great Apes who are merely a blurred reflection of themselves, made much simpler but given greater strength of body and mind. There are ten Sacred Great Apes who inhabit Sedes along with many other lesser Great Apes. Each one represents a Great Clan in the Primordials chapter. These great apes share many defining characteristics: Almost all Great Apes are of snow white fur. Those who arent entirely of white fur represent something negative. Whether obviously or subtly. Many Great Apes have sharp canines or tusks. All Great Apes are far beyond the intelligence of anything discovered on the planet thus far. All Great Apes lived to be hundreds, maybe even thousands of years old. All Great Apes are at their core, peaceful but willing to fight if necessary. Sedes has imprinted its mark on the Primordials and the Imperial elements that live on moons nearby. They have collectively decided to leave as little trace of technology as possible on the world. The lone Fortress-Monastery is one of three facilities around the globe that monitor Sedes and protect it from outside harm. The Primordial fleet and space station in orbit houses much of what they require to sustain themselves. The Primordials carry this ideal with them to other worlds when the drums of war beat, trying their best to preserve anything natural that would remain. The Primordials will fight tooth and nail to keep a verdant planet from being beset upon by warp marauders and tactless greenskins, electing to stop them in the void - only making planet fall as a last result. Their affection for the natural does not stop them from performing their genetically ingrained purpose of making war, however. The razing of nature only serves to further drive them into a frenzy. Conclusively it is secondary. The Imperial Cult is not well established on Sedes, with only one facility of the three being entirely dedicated to the worship of the Emperor. The Ecclesiarchy has attempted on several occasions to institute more missions on Sedes but have been refused every time. A substantial portion of the Primordials believe the Emperor to be just a man - the greatest of all men - but still just a man. Notwithstanding, the population is routinely educated about His divinity by Chaplains who also double as Librarians, known officially as Snow Striders. These Snow Striders and the Ecclesiarchy that already exists on the planet have agreed to integrate their teachings in the most organic way possible, to avoid backlash. Native Sedesians are strong in their paganistic beliefs and dont respond well to the stick. And while the Primordials could subjugate them, many of their own rank are men of Sedes and would find difficulty in brutalizing their former kin into believing something they themselves might not entirely believe. Overall the Ecclesiarchy is not on great terms with the Primordials. The Lord Chieftain sees their attempts at forcefully subverting the population to be nothing more than a ploy for power. Why are more missions need? What purpose could they serve that the Primordials efforts already dont? Perhaps the Ecclesiarchy have recognized they arent quite as covert as they make themselves out to be? Numerous threats have been sent, claiming their willingness to report heresy, but the Primordials have an outstanding record of being a very useful asset to the wider Imperium, volunteering to meet its enemies on battlefields their peers would not. In addition to this the Primordials maintain a decent relationship with their fathering Chapter; the Iron Hands. On the subject of the Iron Hands and Ferrus Manus, the Primordials see themselves as the odd child. Many of their core aspects barrow heavily from the Iron Hands however. Their loathing of weakness is so great Sedesians are willing to abandon wounded Tribesmen if they feel it would handicap the tribe as a whole. Those who fall ill and become bedridden are hoisted onto low hanging branches where they will either recover, or die. The latter being more common than the former. The chapters almost unreasonable disregard for casualties mirrors their progenitors as well. They will only retreat or when the threat of complete annihilation presents itself. So deep is their hatred of the weak, just like the Iron Hands they too have systematically executed entire human populations for their cowardice, ignorance and general shortcomings. Snow Striders Snow Striders, otherwise known as Snow Priests are Primordial psykers who have also been given the righteous task of spreading the divine word of the Ecclesiarchy. They themselves are educated above all others in what it means to be the Emperors finest and what it means to be born of the ultimate humans very own flesh and blood. Snow Striders function as both Chaplain and Librarian, occupying many of the most important logistical and bureaucratic roles within the chapter. Snow Striders must forsake ties with their respective clans. This transition can be hard, but is ultimately necessary to breed out any favoritism that could spawn otherwise. Instead Snow Striders function as their own organization within the chapter, tying themselves to a Great Clan at the behest of the Lord Chieftain or the Lord Strider. After they have been deemed worthy by another Snow Strider they will begin their training within the Black Gardens, or the Librarium of the Fortress-Monastery that also doubles as a Reclusiam. It is a massive collection of books and relics kept on shelves made of raw bark and covered in vines that teem with tiny insects. It is here where Snow Striders become more psychically attuned to the immaterium and the nature around them, studying from old texts and their predecessors. The head Snow Strider is known as the Lord Strider, equivalent to a Master of Sanctity and Chief Librarian. Snow Striders are known to be dressed far more ornately than even the average veteran, displaying some of the most elaborate headdress in the entire chapter. They oversee the initiates, train them when able and eventually pass judgement on them. But so too do some Snow Striders train other potential Snow Striders. Their armor is a menacing black which contrasts sharply with normal white of the chapter. A Snow Strider wears a white fur, and hooded mozzetta around their shoulders and a cincture band around their waist for ceremonial reasons. Further Snow Strider ranks include: Snow Strider - Lexicanum Equivalent Black Architect - Codicier Equivalent Black Luminary - Epistolary Equivalent and the class that trains new Snow Striders. Gardenkeeper - A woman with psychic ability is chosen from the population of Sedes. After rigorous mental trials the only woman to survive will undergo ritual scarification, usually of floral pattern - across their entire body. The Gardenkeeper is accompanied by one of the Chapters ancient dreadnoughts, believed to house a wounded Snow Strider who fought with the first Great Clan, slaying an entire minor race of Xenos with the Primeval Hand and his now deceased brethren. He is the only thing that remains of this time. The Gardenkeeper is the Primordials "Joan of Arc", the pairing of the Dreadnought and the Gardenkeeper is a symbolic relationship of the Primordials faithful connection with their human populous. The Gardenkeeper functions as the Reclusiarch for the chapter, solely responsible for taking care of the holy relics within the Black Garden. During battles of great importance the Gardenkeeper will be taken to the distant battlefield and seated atop the ancient Dreadnought to rally all Primordials and defy the enemies of the Emperor. The current Garden Keeper is believed to be a Living Saint after her presumed death at the hands of a Chaos warband during the fortieth millennium. Techmarines The chapter has very few Techmarines because there is a definite lack of interest in the subject. To make up for this every Brother of the Primordials has been taught to care for their equipment during psycho-indoctrination that takes place prior to their last trial. This information extends only so far, so to assist, a detachment of the Adetus Mechanicus resides within the Fortress-Monastery and will accompany Great Clans with forge ships to provide repair and resupply when away from Sedes. The Primordials have done much to earn their reluctant assistance, dedicating entire companies to their personal interests at points in the past, whether that be the search for lost technology or vendettas they harbor. The remnants of the old Adeptus Mechanicus Explorators have founded a forge world on Sedes II within the Sedes system and also have facilities on the moons of Sedes itself. Their relationship with the Primordials is mutually beneficial as they both work to keep the entire system within Imperial control, being close allies despite their differences. Most of their history is shrouded in uncertainty, so the Primum Simiis refrain from asking and just enjoy the assets their allies provide for them. No doubt helped along by the fact that they are Iron Hands successors. Witch Doctors Witch Doctors, which are more commonly just called Apothecaries, are almost indistinguishable from any other chapters field medic equivalent; Tasked with the well being of their Brothers and the recovery of progenoid. Witch Doctors will usually have charms and scrolls attached to their person denoting their affinity for medicine. Gene-Seed As children of Ferrus, the Primum Simiis progenoid is some of the cleanest of any successor. Its healthiness has been maintained through the millennia and only stands as a testament to the Iron Fathers purity. However, some curious flaws have manifested through no fault of Ferrus gene-seed. One of two oddities seems to be the ability for the gene-seed to alter the initiates hair color to a snow white that is native to many Sedesians, regardless of their previous hair color. This is most certainly a quirk that has developed overtime as it was not present earlier in the chapters lifespan. It is a change the chapter wholly embraces, however. The other oddity is the creation of an unknown mist whenever a Primordial exhales, almost as if theyre always breathing in sub-freezing temperatures. Genetors surmise that it is some sort of anomalous substance believed to be present in the atmosphere of Sedes, that has a mild chemical reaction with the multi-lung. Brothers dont realize this phenomenon exists until they leave the frigid jungles of their home. Their breath is unusually cold in their mouths and can sometimes even obfuscate their vision if they breathe too hard and too frequently while wearing helmets. Both mutations are brought about by Sedes and the Primordials are quick to remind any cynics that Ferrus Manus and the Iron Hands have nothing to do with their negligible differences. Unique Equipment Due to their relative close proximity to a Forge World the Primordials have commissioned the Mechanicus on numerous occasions to mass produce custom variations of their favorite equipment. These inventions are partially of the Primordials design and seem to merely be changes or additions to existing tech. The first of which is their power armour. A vast majority of the Primordials utilize a modified version of power armour known as Thinhide, or the Thinhide pattern. Thinhide is used exclusively by the Primordials and combines the protection of a standard mark seven suit with the lightweight and mobility of Scout Marine carapace. They do this in a few ways, being: Tapered greaves to allow the ankles to move more freely. Less ceramite for more speed but less protection. Smaller shoulder, elbow and knee plating for a larger range of movement. The ability to modify the pitch, depth and volume of the Marines voice through the vox-grill. Flexible, armoured faulds and a ringed belt as opposed to a square one. Magnetic grips on the chest and the backpack power unit. The addition of fur trim around every seam and edge of the armour as well as the modular metal headdress pieces. Replacement of the face-plate with the grinning skull of an Ape. Thinhide would coincidentally go on to closely resemble the Mk.X Phobos Pattern suits the Primaris Vanguards are known to wear. This is unsurprising though as they both serve similar purposes. On top of this many Primordials will place the heads of large white Apes on their shoulders as trophies or wear short, jagged cloaks of hide for the same reason. Thinhide is cherished by its wearers, prized even over Terminator armour, which the Primordials do not use. It is a universal sign that unites every Primordial and is a reflection of their expansive culture. Another piece of exclusive equipment is the power Javelin, a throw-able modification on the Power Lance, this Javelin is extremely resilient with the shank or tip being joined to the shaft in a way that would minimize damage on impact. These Javelins also have a secondary and tertiary function. About ten seconds after release, small claws will expand from the head and the bottom of the shank to make pulling the weapon out nigh impossible. Then another five seconds after that it will release a violent shock within the impaled target, capable of knocking less resilient creatures unconscious, or at the very least incapacitating them. Each Javelin has five shock discharges before it requires recharging, much like a Shock Baton. Primordials who carry these will usually use the Javelin as a short spear in melee combat, where others might have two or three just to sling at their enemies before a charge. Overall each warrior understands their unique value and will always try to retrieve them before taking on the next target. In cases where the Primordials are going to be dealing with large creatures like Tyranids or Demons, they will attach long adamantium chains to the ends of their axes and javelins to control and clamber onto their quarry. These chains are long and are wound around their throwing arms when the weapon on the end is being used in close combat. The most popular and advanced weapon used by the Primordials is the Ice Cluster Grenade. It is the combination of a frag grenade and the freezing cold ice crystals that develop in the northern and southernmost frozen jungles. The ice crystals are kept in the upper-part of the canister, and when a hardpress button is hit, the ice crystals will drop into the bottom of the canister filled with room temperature water. The chemical reaction that occurs takes about ten seconds to complete. During the ten seconds the grenades safety lever can be released, igniting a fuse to a central explosive core and starting a slow five second timer. The grenade can and will explode on its own due to the chemical reaction going on inside the canister, so one can not hold the lever for too long. After about thirty or so seconds the grenade will explode on its own, but during that time the canister will begin to release thick, cold white mist, kind of like dry ice. Once thrown the grenade explodes, releasing shards of the canister as well as shards of freezing cold ice that causes severe frostbite if it remains in contact with skin or flesh for more than a few seconds. After the explosion the grenade is known to solidify water vapor in the atmosphere, creating ice and snow around the area of impact. Campaigns and Characters Notable Campaigns The Dark Marches.610.M36 The Primordials took the opportunity near their beginnings as a small emergent chapter to get some combat experience whilst being supported by other Imperial forces, flexing their muscles by conquering new and different worlds. This is where their combat doctrine began to form and take hold. Wrath of the Chaos Sun.010.M37 After the explosion of the Chaos Sun, the Primordials are called upon by the High Lords to contain the chaotic fallout. They visit several planets to purge the mutants and chaos spawn that have plunged their respective star systems into disarray. Occlusaid War.550.M37 Assisting the Iron Hands Clan Raukaan, the Primordials fight alongside them, dedicating the first and second Great Clans to the Conflagration of Gold, and the Bonehouse Massacre. Both companies sustain considerable losses, coming together to fight as one. Taninim Crusades.678-714.M37 Believing their fight not over, the first, second and third Great Clans traveled to the Taninim Expanse in the wake of the occlusaid War for their first major campaign. They played supporting roles on Gulag-VI and Midrash, assisting the Astral Claws by employing complex flanking maneuvers in several engagements and sweeping up the stragglers who had escaped the initial confrontations. After that they consolidated their forces and proved useful in the battles against the Xenarchs, only recording negligible losses. Bellrath Crusades.182-453.M38 About midway into the conflict the Primordials joined the Bellrath crusade after hearing about another Iron Hands successor who had done the same. They did this more out of curiosity, seeking to expand their knowledge on the Laanath Rifts and the Sons of Medusa. They committed the second and fourth Great Clans to the fight, losing only a fraction of their forces during it. The Primordials had managed to come in contact with the Sons of Medusa during a siege on Hellgrammite held territory on an embattled world. They met in the ashes of the city and exchanged pleasantries before combining forces. Afterwards the Sons of Medusa went on to destroy Wormgyre in its entirety. The Macharian Crusades.392-399.M41 The Primordials had a brief part to play, assisting the Lord Commander in a battle against Chaos on the world of Zaga IV. They were part of the spearhead and the first to clash with the Chaotic forces. Fortress of Kaligar.???.M41 The Primum Simiis arrived in Segmentum Solar at the beginning of the Assault on the Fortress, having been clued into the attack by a report of rebellion. They arrived to see two other chapters as well as the Dark Angels already in system. They made planetfall and began setting up a base of operations. The Primordials fought alongside the Dark Angels with three full strength Great Clans. Achyllan Atrocity.???.M41 The Crimson Slaughter had begun launching raids in Segmentum Obscurus. One of these raiding parties came to the Sedes system. The Primordials after recognizing the ships, alerted their Mechancius neighbors and sailed out to meet the small flotilla directly. Two full Great Clans were sent up to the fleet in orbit, and began boarding actions with the chaos worshipers. The fighting was extremely fierce and during a particularly vicious melee on the bridge the leader of the fourth Great Clan was felled, his body desecrated before their very eyes. The warriors realized they were sustaining heavy losses and began to retreat. Before all of them could however the ship began to escape. The Mechancius ships of Sedes II arrived, but were too late. The remaining ships of the flotilla escaped into the warp with a portion of the fourth company in them. This would create a grudge that would not be resolved until the thirteenth Black Crusade. The Fall of Medusa V.999.M41 The Primordials send the sixth and eighth great Clans to Medusa to defend the planet named after their fathering chapter; the Iron Hands. They are used as shock troops by the Ultramarine Captain Cato Sicarius, going head to head with the most ravenous of Ygethmors Khornate berzerkers. Each fight they are involved in is bloody and in the end they are severely depleted. During several engagements however the Primordials found themselves allied with the Eldar in Battle Zone Armida, fighting through Mangrove Swamps. These engagements were particularly savage and had them battling against Chaotic forces and the Dark Eldar both. This uneasy alliance was very temporary and ended on peaceful terms with both forces simply walking away from one another. The Thirteenth Black Crusade, Battle of Regallus.999.M41 The Lord Chieftain and the Snow Striders believed they had been given a vision from the Emperors Tarot, divining information about a great threat. They mobilized all available Great Clans and pressed towards the Eye of Terror. While enroute, as if fate was on their side, they stumbled upon the world of Regallus and the ships of the Crimson Slaughter. The warband had just finished clearing out the last of the hive cities when the Primordials descended upon the planet. This was one of the rare occasions when the Primordials would field a tamed Great Ape. It lumbered forth on the Ash Plains as the two forces met. A brief dialogue ensued between the Lord Chieftain and Sevastus Kranon. Then they clashed. The battle was one of the largest the Primordials had ever participated in, and it was exclusively their own. The Great Ape known as Mwamba was able to best several Defilers and damage the Lord of Skulls before he was felled. Once again the tide began to shift out of their favor as one of their most Venerable Dreadnoughts was turned to ash and jagged adamantium. They sustained serious losses and would begin to retreat from the system in mass. This failure delivered a titanic blow to their morale. But instead of returning home the Primordials persisted with what was left of their warriors, heading for Cadia Or what remained. Upon arrival the sixth and the eighth Great Clans met them there and together as an entire chapter, faced the aftermath of the Black Crusade. Notable Characters Lord Chieftain DhahaNokk DhahaNokk is and has been the Lord Chieftain since the thirty ninth millennium. He is a warrior who hails from the clan of Hot Springs and is one of the most savage Chieftains known to date. His armour is decorated with gold and he stands taller than all the other Primordials. He has a thin beard that comes to a sharp point at his chin. His dark skin has many scars across it and his icy blue eyes are said to be able to discern the truth about any warrior. Lord Strider Marame White Marame White is the current Lord Strider and has a reputation for being an extremely charismatic man, as well as being an incredibly powerful Psyker. Marame White is believed to be the one who was able to sense the threat from the Eye. Elder Janimpesi Janimpesi is the Elder of the first Great Clan and is said to have been alive for nearly as long as DhahaNokk has. His ghostly white skin, black hair and face of deep thought give him the characteristics of a frightening warrior. Elder Bondeves Sage Bonde Whiteheart is the Elder of the second Great Clan and is extremely skilled with the Bolter. So much so that he often wont wear a helmet just to prove his skill without a heads up display. Gardenkeeper Shasa Sukari Shasa Sukari is the current Gardenkeeper and the woman believed to have died during the Battle of Regallus. Her corpse was recovered from the back of the venerable Dreadnought Snow and returned the Old Wood after the fall of Cadia. She was buried in the Narrow Passage. Sometime in the forty-second Millenium she was seen wandering the Narrow Passage, interacting with the Apes. When a Primordial approached her in surprise she laughed and returned with him to the Fortress to resume her duties as Gardenkeeper, claiming her death was merely a vacation. Ancient Dreadnought Snow Snow is the oldest of all Dreadnoughts, believed to have been entered in the thirty-seventh millennium. His chassis is decorated with the skulls of Apes but his head remains the skull of a human, similar to a Chaplain Dreadnought. He wields a massive power-maul shaped like a majestic bird of prey and covered in vines, flowers and laurels. As well as a great auto-cannon. His shoulders are draped with the fur of a Great Ape and atop his back sits a grandiose throne for the Gardenkeeper to sit. Occupying two cabinets that flank this throne are serfs controlling Heavy Bolters, raining down fire whilst the Gardenkeeper smites their foes with gouts of warp lightning. Fleet Above the atmosphere of Sedes hangs the Primordial Fleet, consisting of Battle Barges, Strike Cruisers, Escort Vessels and Support Vessels. These ships in coordination with their crew and the chapter are dispersed to distant and often embattled worlds, ferrying their deadly cargo of Space Marines across the galaxy. The majority of the chapters Mechancius elements resides in orbit on the grandiose space station known as Gods Eye, or Jicho la Mungu in Sedesian tongue. Gods Eye has become a beacon of hope for the Sedesians. They see it as another moon, or a distant world made entirely out of metal and stars. Gods Eye has an impressive array of weaponry, as is common amongst Space Stations. It occupies a variety of roles the Old Wood can not, however. Its main function is to police the sector of Sedes, keeping a watchful eye over the planet and its neighbors - hence the name. Secondly it serves as a Shipyard, allowing Mechanicus personal from within the chapter to make repairs to damaged ships. The Mechancius have also set up many research facilities within the Space Station, performing complex experiments on samples taken from the surface of Sedes. The mysterious nature of the planet keeps them busy when not supervising servitors and serfs in the manufactorum wings. Gods Eye has had a very uneventful history. It was built in the first few hundred decades after the Primeval Hands arrival, and has not been assailed or challenged since its creation. Space Marines will sometimes travel to Gods Eye to be trained as Techmarines. Techmarines are a rare commodity amongst the Primordials and the very few that exist have secluded themselves away from the chapter, only emerging from Gods Eye at the behest of the chapters hierarchy. They will move back and forth from the Fortress-Monastery to the space station, keeping track of production whilst organizing the chapters armoury. Gods Eye has become a home for the Techmarines, finding comfort in the Adeptus Mechanicus and their ilk. Unlike Gods Eye, which has remained a stalwart bastion of metal, the chapters fleet is much more organic - literally. The Primordials seek to incorporate nature into all things, no matter how much it might not belong. Much like the Dark Angels the Primordials fleet of Imperial steel is merely an exterior. What hides within are verdant gardens that intertwine seamlessly with the myriad of pipes, wires and panels. Almost every ship is rich with plant life, populated with short grass, shrubbery, vines and flowers all coexisting on a bed of thin soil. Some of the larger vessels can even sustain small trees. These ships when they were first conceived had their halls filled with dirt from Sedes. The layer of dirt is thin in most places but can be made thicker if such a space allows for it. There are small access ports that allow one the ability to slip beneath the layer of soil and into the inner workings of the ship, usually for maintenance reasons. All of this plant life is sustained by grow lamps worked into the lighting systems of each ship. These lights give off a blue-purple hue, giving the interior of a Primordial vessel a curious atmosphere. Harmless insects and small creatures are introduced to make each ship its own living, breathing ecosystem. Accompanying the Astartes vessels are small white Kutafakari Apes, the most intelligent of their kind. These small Apes serve as messengers and little helpers, relaying information quickly by swinging from low hanging ropes and jungle vines to get to and fro. Their intelligence allows them the ability to perform sign language at a much higher level than their cousins. They are invaluable to the ship's crew and perform menial tasks that even serfs couldnt be bothered with. There can be dozens or even hundreds depending on the size of the ship. And if a vessel happens to be boarded the Apes serves as a complex alarm system, creating noise around the invaders to allowing allies keep track of their position. Notable Vessels Eden - Battle Barge (Flagship): Eden is the largest and most verdant vessel in the entire fleet, with many gardens full of big trees with many branches. The Flagship has a unique den that can house several Great Apes and many smaller ones. When these dens are occupied it usually means Eden is on the way to a massive conflict. White Peak - Battle Barge: Small compared to the Eden, but still large in its own right - White Peak is the favored vessel of the First Great Clan. It too has a den capable of housing Great Apes, but only one or two at most. Red Fist - Strike Cruiser: A Strike Cruiser frequently used by the seventh Great Clan. It has an outstanding battle record and is known for its brazen boarding actions and its captains outstanding short range maneuvers. The seventh Great Clan are the most blood thirsty so their near reckless strategy in naval warfare suits them. Sourceless - Strike Cruiser: Sourceless is a Strike Cruiser belonging to the eighth Great Clan. Its been painted completely black and is the only ship without an abundance of greenery. Sourceless is often used as an ambush vessel, approaching from the flanks whilst the rest of the fleet engages. Once upon its enemy it unleashes a deadly salvo of ordnance, blowing away several enemy ships at a time. Indomitable Iron - Goliath Class Forge Tender: A forge ship occupied by Adeptus Mechanicus personnel. During a skirmish at Medusa V it rammed several chaos escort vessels in order to save the Strike Cruiser Sourceless after a failed ambush. The ship was nearly destroyed in the process but was able to retreat to safety and later receive repairs from other Mechanicus elements in system.
  22. So um, ah.... forgeworld named a product bundle after my homebrew Xth Legion Clan https://www.forgeworld.co.uk/en-GB/Clan-Brannsar-2017 It could just be someone at FW googling a Clan name and mine booping up miss-attributed as canon, but if not - holy I'm incredibly flattered. Whether this means someone's just seen a fraction of my stuff and thought it was cool, or there's a FW staff member who frequents the forum, this is amazing in it's own small way. I know it in no way makes Brannsar canon, but this is such a cool thing to happen. Thanks Forge World - for anyone who wants to know what the hell I'm babbling on about, Brannsar is my home-brew Iron Hands Clan that I've slowly been building background for over years: The Unmakers: Clan Brannsar Background Article (WIP) The Unmakers: Clan Brannsar Miniatures Log
  23. [under Construction] http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/bl.php?text=Clan%20Brannsar%20of%20the%20Iron%20Hands%20Legion&fontsize=25&bg=red http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_9225/gallery_53779_9225_180360.jpgClan Brannsar Icon, Common Armorial Use http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_9225/gallery_53779_9225_15602.png Praevian Centurion-Consul Thorak Vorax Battle-Automata Maniple Prime, Seeker-Killer Cohort 'Ultor' Order Quarii, Clan Brannsar Purge of Exile's Rest “I will not cower in the dark, striking from the shadows at my foes like a wounded animal while they lay waste to all we labored to create. I will place my standard in the ground and scream my fury across the void – let them come, come to purge us from their new empire of deceit and cowardice. If they are strong enough to bring me death, then I welcome it, but for every pretender who fails, I will tear them asunder and lay their carcass at my feet. We shall pour across the stars in a tide of iron and fire, and there will be no hole deep enough, no abyss dark enough for the traitor to hide – the Cymaera verge will be cleansed of any who threw in their lot with this false Warmaster Horus, a thousand curses upon his name. We will bring them deaths so vile the earth itself will be stained for millennia, and we will hang their ruined corpses so that all shall see the depths of our hate. Every loyal child of the Imperium will have a place at my hearth, but there will be no mercy for those whose allegiance has not been unwavering – our vengeance will make no distinction between the foulest traitor and those who naively claim neutrality, be they soldier, civilian, innocent or child, betrayal is their crime and the sentence is death.” - Attributed to the Iron Lord of Clan Brannsar, Volos Phrixus 'The Bloodless' at the Iron Conclave of Davorin Caminas STRATEGIC OVERVIEW: Designation: Clan Company Brannsar of the Xth Legion. Cognomen: Various associated with the wider Xth Legion, 'The Unmakers' - an informal title identifying those forces within the Iron Hands Legion which participated in 'The Castigation of Terentius' retribution campaign. Observed Strategic Tendencies: Various associated with the wider Xth Legion, Combined Arms Assaults, Joint Offensives Noteworthy Domains: Medusan Clan land-crawler convoy (command vessel Kronos), Telsterax sectors upsilon 7 - upsilon 16, Davorin Mortis (Death World / Fortress-Vault), Avelith (Dominion-Holdfast), various semi and fully-autonomous bastion stations and containment facilties of undisclosed disposition. Allegiance: Fidelitas Postremus COMMAND PERSONNEL: SCATTERED SONS: It is notable perhaps, that what was once seen as amongst the greatest assets of the Iron Hands would ultimately hasten the crippling of their Legion upon the blackened wastes of Isstvan V. Utterly focused upon breeding greater strength and rooting out any weakness within his Legion, Ferrus Manus placed the warriors of each of his Clan Companies in direct competition, driving antagonism between each force so that they might become mightier through adversity - feuds were born and grudges settled in the grinding arithmetic of war as the Iron Lords sought to surpass each other in the prowess with which their warriors prosecuted the conquests of the Great Crusade. The Gorgon was the unyielding will which forged this web of rivalry into the relentless force which was the Xth Legion at the apex of its power, utilising an unquestionable set of operational doctrines along with the ideological dominion of his Iron Fathers to retain cohesion within the Iron Hands. When the unthinkable occurred and Ferrus met his end at the hand of his duplicitous brother, this unity fell apart almost instantly, as the autonomous and insular hosts of each Clan scattered, abandoning common cause and even coming to arms as each Iron Lord sought his own ends amidst the raging conflicts of the Heresy. This is reflected as much in the disparity of tactics between the splintered forces of the Xth Legion as it is in the intent of each force. Many accounts of this tumultuous era focus upon the unlikely guerrilla tactics adopted by the assembled forces of Shadrak Meduson, or the bitter aggression of Autek Mor's bloody host, but for every record known, a dozen are lost, or were simply never made. Perhaps out of some reverence for the lost, the history of the Iron Hands' Clan Brannsar was almost consigned to the latter fate, their Pyrrhic demise in the wars of the Scouring ensuring their role in the Horus Heresy was forgotten. What fragments do remain of the 'Unmakers' are presented here, from their provenance upon the plains of Old Terra to the Civil War which set all they had achieved aflame. 007-011.M31: Sundering of the Cymaera Verge A nexus of stable Warp routes where the Galaxy’s outer spiral arm crosses the rimward edge of the Segmentum Tempestus, the Cymaera Verge becomes host to a protracted conflict that exacts an increasingly devastating toll on local planets. Traitor forces based at Vulpes anchorage, a major staging ground seized early in the war are assaulted by a coalition of Loyalist elements, including ‘Shattered Legion’ divisions, local forces who spurned Horus’ rebellion and Titans drawn from the Legio Exhortor (Proclamators). The Traitor armies outmatch their foe considerably, but the Loyalists’ haven in the Mechanicum stronghold-system of Davorin proves too costly to attack outright, and both sides resort to marauding incursions across the Verge, inflicting significant losses on either side. Following three years of intermittent violence, the Traitor forces are eventually broken after they attempt a final assault on the Davorin system, bolstered by reinforcements from the Legio Argentum (Dread Lances) and assured that the main Loyalist strength has departed for the conflict at Tallarn. Having fully committed to the siege, bloodying themselves on the system’s outer defences, the Traitors are ambushed by the supposedly absent Loyalist fleet, trapping them in a blistering crossfire. At length, the bulk of the Traitor forces are destroyed, and in the aftermath of the battle, the Loyalists make good on their oaths and set out towards Tallarn, leaving much of the Cymaera Verge in desolation. * http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/bl.php?text=Wider%20Forces%20of%20the%20Davorin%20Caminas%20Muster&fontsize=25&bg=red STRATEGIC OVERVIEW: COMMAND PERSONNEL:
  24. I experiment with my miniatures. Every model is just a new test subject to me now. Some are successful. Many are not. All provide useful data (even if it's just never do THIS again). Having incurred the costs in money & time, sweat & gears, I share my findings with you freely now. Disclaimer: I actually play Iron Hands, so this project isn't meant to disparage the Shattered Xth, as I share in their suffering. +++ Overview +++ Today's experiment: bringing Ferrus Manus, the dead Iron Hands Primarch, into the 41st millennium as a ghost Edit (April 9, 2020) - wow, just over 2 years after the initial post, I've implemented the suggested change of adding a neck stump to the mini. http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_13636/gallery_57329_13636_379.jpg My only hope for my Primarch's return is if necromancy becomes a thing in 40k Whereas everyone is excitedly waiting for their Primarch's return in 40k (in the wake of Magnus and, most recently, Roboute Guilliman in Gathering Storm III), I don't reckon I can share in that enthusiasm. My Primarch, Ferrus Manus, died on Istvaan V. beheaded by his best friend. So I painted him up as a ghost, "glowing" like a spectre, and with no head. +++ Methodology +++ The technique is one I learned from the Warhammer Fantasy range for speed-painting undead, specifically for Skeletons. Basecoat with a good matt white. Wash thoroughly with GW's Nihiakh Oxide ink. Then drybrush white. The effect is two-fold. 1st, it gives a miniature this eerie "glow"; it's not true fluorescence, just the same effect as like the Dead Men of Dunharrow from Lord of the Rings III. 2nd, it gives it this ancient bronze age look with that teal patina; if you've seen Bronze Age tools or weapons in a museum, the colour has this sense of antiquity. As a ghost of 30k, I thought it was appropriate. A nice surprise was the chains from his belt. Gives him a Christmas Carol ghost vibe. I did not attach all the servo-arms and his other chains due to transport purposes. I do plan on using this in my 40k game and had to leave the bits off, because even though the resin was quite sturdy, I don't think they'll survive multiple trips to my gaming club. I am thinking of using Ferrus's head as an Objective Marker. +++ Conclusions +++ I totally do NOT advise wasting a premium Forgeworld Character Series model for a visual gag. However, I think this can be applied to Legion of the Damned models, making them appear as the spectres on the battlefield that they are. Consider if you will taking some spare Mark II to VII models, drilling some bullet holes into their armour, perhaps kitbashing them with skulls for heads, painted with this Nihiakh Oxide-based method. I'm just importing a method from the Warhammer Fantasy side into 40k, where I think there are some uses.
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