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Loyalty is its own Reward: Chronicle of Gwalchavad

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The Chronicle of Gwalchavad: Introduction


My name is Gwalchavad, and this is the History of the early days of the Angels of Caliban. The history of this proud chapter
stretches back to the golden days of the Great Crusade and the founding of the Imperium of Man. The Angels of Caliban were once known as the XVIII Order of Legio I: Dark Angels. This chronicle will delve into the mists of time and bring forth secrets of this time forgotten to our Chapter.


To do this I have sought far and wide for vid-picts, chronicles and tales. Including the Chronicle of Remembrancer Wulfnorth Godwinson, my own ancestor, who was attached to the Order throughout the Heresy and Crusade. He remained attached to the Order even after the disbandment of the Remembrancers on the permission of then GrandMaster Malachi dutifully recording and writing. This work is an immense resource for myself and I will make frequent reference to it. I also have access to the works of GrandMaster Elijah c.M32 of the Angels of Caliban recounting parts of the Chapters History.


It is on the orders of GrandMaster Bohemond III that I write this work. May you, reader, be the judge of the truths contained herein.


 -  Gwalchavad Godwinson, Introduction to the Chronicle of Gwalchavad: Volume I, c.227 M37


The XVIII Meets Our Lord


The XVIII Chapter of the I Legion, the Dark Angels, was formed upon the hallowed soil of Terra herself upon the order of the Emperor. Formed under the auspice of Chapter-Master Eliphas, a native of the region of Albion the Chapter soon rose to become one of the foremost Chapters in the Legion. Elisha was known for his tactical acumen and his vindication in the Emperor’s holy Crusade and, as such, his Chapter saw more action separated from the Legion proper, some have rumoured that this was also due to a split between Chapter-Master Eliphas and Chapter-Master Astelan of the I Chapter.


When the Legion was reunited with the Lion on that most glorious day upon Caliban, so it was that the Chapter was not present. It was on the blood soaked fields of Callix V that the Chapter would suffer their highest number of casualties yet. Almost the entire chapter perished against the Techno Empire of Callix, yet they refused to be denied and finally destroyed the Empire, assimilating what was left into the Imperium. Arriving at Caliban the Chapter was met by Lion El’Jonson himself who congratulated them on their victory. The Chapter, now known as an ‘Order’ was reinforced by Calibanite recruits to be trained and led in the wars among the stars. Malachi and Raul, firm brothers in arms, friends and natural leaders were included among these recruits. Their names can be found on every page of the Orders history. It was from Caliban, then, that the newly re-formed Chapter would embark on the next stage of the Great Crusade along the side of their Primarch, father and liege-lord, fighting every step of the way in the name of the Emperor.


-  Extract from the prologue of The History of the Angels of Caliban written by Grand-Master Elijah, c.142 M32



Bolts blasted into the vile defenders; they fell back in disarray unable to withstand the mighty onslaught of the Emperor’s finest. Behold them, resplendent in their glory as they surge forward, ready to bring the light and truth of the Imperium to those foolish to withstand it. Master Malachi the Just, protégé of the GrandMaster leads the attack, determined to exact vengeance for all his slain brethren, onwards he urges, forward in the name of the Emperor, the Lion and Caliban, onwards, into the crucible of war, forwards, forwards, forwards unto victory!


Who can withstand these mighty warriors, these Knights clad in armour of Black and Red, the mighty Astartes of the Emperor, his Angels of Death. Their foes fall back, defeated and slain, all for the pride of their leaders, the foolishness of those who would use them to withstand the might and truth of the Imperium.


See now, Malachi, raising high the banner of the Imperium, the Aquila rising high above the shattered ruins of the defences that once defied the will of the Emperor. Now Harastas has been brought into thefold, now they will serve the Emperor and humanity once more.


-  Extract from the Chronicle of Remembrancer Wulfnorth Godwinson: The Taking of Harastas III, c.M30






This marks the start of what will be the creation of background, pictures and the like for my pre-heresy Dark Angels army. I hope you enjoy this journey. 

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