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Red corsairs


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 So I always wanted to start red corsairs. And when the new codex came out, I started the red corsairs !


 These guys are the mark guys. I usually like to take mark of khorne on them, but maybe I will switch to nurgle.



This guys I painted some time ago. Just adding more marines to the unit.










What are red corsairs without bikes?



And the model that I am proud the most of!!





and this is where I started



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may I ask how you painted the red armor? 

 Dark spray as base.

 Then first layer of doombull brown

 wash with nuln oil.

 after aplly the second layer of evil sunz scarlet (multiple times), leaving the edjes of first layer untouched. And thats it ^^)


 I have told all the paints that I use, for my red corsairs, here 

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The placement of the staff kinda looks like an accident waiting to happen. "Forwa- Gah! What the hell!? How did I even do that!? Someone give me a hand with this!"

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These look great! I like how you've balanced the red, black and gold - they look suitably dark and menacing. As others have commented, I think the mix of Marauder parts gives them a look that I haven't seen much since 2nd edition - you've pulled it off very well.

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