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Adeptus Mechanicus bobble head


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I'll keep the Dark Mechanicus idea in mind.  I do have a lot of extra Mauler fiend bitz that can be used as mechadendrites and other semi-organic parts.  I could merge the admech logo with the chaos star as well from some Chaos Warrior bitz I have sitting around.


Right now, I am doing something less involved, a power armoured inquisitor using NDK bitz I don't use (like the greatsword)

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Still not quite sure how to put all the mechadendrites


Maybe make a backpack of some sort and attach them to that?


Yes that's what I had in mind.  My main problem is one of scale, the backpack needs to be relatively small to maintain Pop! dimensions and it will be a challenge to cram that many mechadendrites AND the servo arms

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love the conversions


what about having the daemonic mechanical bits leaping out


say from a open wound around the stomach  , like squid tentacles !!


that servo skull could float of the shoulder with underslung chaos bits of choppy death


Waay ahead of you :)  I'm saving the small tentacle stuff for last actually though I already allocated some space below the "heart" chestpiece






To solve the space problem, all I need to do was attach the mechadendrites to the balljoint of the servo arms



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its coming along nicely


what sort of paint job have you got in mind?




Similar to this pic (which is used as my thematic reference). Classic red and white scheme for the robes. Boltgun/Silver for the metallics parts with some gold parts for contrast.  Green for the lenses.  The face, open chest area and the tentacles will be some kind of dead-ish skin tone with some reddish hue in the shadows.  I intend to place a painted Chaos symbol on the forehead of the Pop! (similar to the one on the chest of this dude)

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