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New to Salamanders (and codex marines)

Pyro X

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so after building (and continuing to) build a ridiculously large Dark Angels army, I decided I needed some allies. I decided to focus mostly on things I couldn't bring with my primary detachment (ravenwing). I am keeping them at an ally choice for now and I will turn it into a full blown army of its own in time. I think my army is going to focus on scouts, land speeder storms (omg I want them for ravenwing), stern guard, and legion of the damned.

I finished 2 models so far and I still have around 20-25 scouts left to paint.

here are the 2 vehicles I've finished.



I know its not finished yet but it still looks ok I think.


I also wanted to know, has anyone found Salamander transfers that look good for scouts? The head looks to big for their shoulder.

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Since you're using mainly Scouts and Landspeeders, have you thought about a chapter that benefits them more? Ravenguard, Ironhands, or Imperial Fists etc..well really any are better than Salamanders with those units.


Unless of course you're just doing it because you like Salamanders, then go for it.


They are looking good though!

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I did think about some of the other chapters but I wanted salamanders because I like being able to take a mastercrafted force weapon on the librarian (with biomancy), master crafted all character weapons (scout sgt with fist sounds great), plus all the bonus's with flamers. here is the big thing I thought about was snipers have a 4+ armor not counting thier cover save so if a normal flamer hits me I get a 4+ save, then I get to reroll because being salamander. I also liked them because not many people run them. Iron fists are the flavor of the month. I don't much like jump troops either so. White scars was eh but I play ravenwing, so I don't really need allies for just bikes.

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To be clear, it's Onyx black, not African black. With red eyes. They are basically inspired by fire giants/golems I think.


Like these.




The picture of Vulkan in the new Forgeworld book even has him with cracking skin similar to those in the picture.

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I think you can be free with the hair colour, while the consensus is that ALL Salamanders have Onyx skin and red glowing eyes, the lore seems to be silent on whether they continue to have hair after their transformation into Space Marine. The challenge I believe, is picking a hair colour that actually looks good with black skin. So far all pictures of Salamanders unhelmeted depict them as bald.


There is also the skin branding tradition that Salamanders have. For various reasons, they like to burn marks unto their skins to commemorate an important moment, including the head. Chapter Master Tu Shan whole head is supposedly covered with these scars hence no room for hair, presumably burnt off. In addition, they also burn themselves slightly before entering their power armour I think.


With all this burning practices, it may be that the average Salamander is bald not because he is really bald, its because of all the burning practices they have with their own bodies.


So Scounts with hair will still make sense I believe. You can even play around with their skin colour as the black carapace is not fully formed yet. As long as it is a "dark colour", should still be good. Just make sure they don't end up with pale skin like Raven Guard and your scouts should be good.

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