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  1. 'The sorrows of Badab. Death of the Master. And now this.' 'A season of fire approaches. And the Salamanders will not be found wanting.' + In The Dust of Armageddon + + A narrative project log + +++ +EDIT+ [Now this has become a proper project, I've edited the original post – the original is below.] I'm interested in exploring the Salamanders during the Second War for Armageddon (BfA2). Largely, the reason for this is that I've got a Salamanders itch that needs scratching, so I thought I'd turn to the Pantheon Council to see if you can offer any advice or thoughts on the undertaking. (There's a broader club on this too, if the general events appeal to you.) Of particular interest to me is a chance to try freehanding lots of heraldry. More specifically, the Salamanders are one of those Chapters with which – barring the most obvious characteristics – I'm pretty unfamiliar, and so it's proving a nice fresh area for me to explore. Being non-Codex, I think there's (fittingly) a few rich veins of lore to be mined and brought out through this project. I've looked over the (very useful) Salamanders Resources sticky thread, but I'd very much appreciate any notes or insights you can offer about this particular time period. +++ The general lore on the Salamanders during BfA2 is relatively scanty: A very old artwork (and apologies for its small size!), showing an unusually pale-skinned Salamander. Because of its age, 'big things' like this can be glossed over, and aren't of particular interest to me, but the details – like the heraldry and specific markings – are. I'd appreciate it if you can offer any insights, thoughts or speculation on what any of these markings mean. There are some nice juicy bits and bobs here, and in the years since this was written, we've had more info on what the Salamanders were doing on either side. For example: Three years prior, Tu'Shan became Chapter Master. Do we know who was Chapter Master previously? What position did Tu'Shan occupy before ascending to becoming the Chapter Master? Captain of the First? The Badab War was in recent memory (roughly thirty years earlier) – I'd like to have some veterans of that conflict, or battle markings. We're told only the Second Company was involved in the Badab War, so if I want to do this, am I stuck with using Second Company markings, or can you think of a compelling reason that a Salamander might transfer Company, or fight in mixed companies? Is this is a big no-no for the Salamanders' peculiar organisation? The bulk of the Sixth Company, and Vulkan He'Stan, are not available for Armageddon, as (barring wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey warp stuff) they're fighting in the Tochran Crusade. Besides these, is there any reason any other part of the Chapter would not be present? Can you speculate on who would be left to defend Nocturne and Prometheus if the majority of the Chapter is deployed? Thanks in advance, and please do feel free to be discursive, or throw in ideas, concepts, markings or questions of your own relating to the period. The more ideas, the better! :)
  2. Introduction The Anvilbreakers are the 2nd Tactical Squad of the Salamanders 2nd Company, standing at seven members as of 884M41. They are experienced in fighting xeno warbands in close quarters, and would become instrumental in breaking the Ork and Steel Reaver sieges on Dakota Minor. Anvilbreakers (2nd Tactical Squad and Apothecary) The squad takes their name from a lesser known Nocturnean fable that describes a compulsive and overachieving blacksmith. The story is both comedy and a lesson in understanding limits (of oneself, their tools and their peers). Wielding flamers, the Anvilbreakers incinerate the heretic forces besieging the industrial sector of Dakota Minor. Current Members of the Anvilbreakers The Anvilbreakers are a Tactical Squad comprised of the following members: Sergeant Ukra'thelar Konn Konn is the esteemed leader of 2nd Company’s 2nd Tactical Squad. A sombre Astartes, Konn directs his squad with blunt efficiency. In between orders, he will take a moment to give thanks to the Emperor, often in the form of recited litanies and incantations. Ashamier Loc'ru Loc’ru is the youngest member of the Anvilbreakers. He is quiet but observant; not one to charge into the maelstrom of combat. He prefers instead to plant his feet and unleash torrents of burning promethium upon the foe. As such, he typically takes to the field with a Flamer or Meltagun. Invictiel Kel'dem Kel’dem is the oldest member of the Anvilbreakers. He is a devout follower of the Promethian Cult and the example set by the Emperor of Mankind, always risking his life to save his fellow Astartes and humans in danger. During the Ork siege of Dakota Minor, he saved dozens of civilians from harm. Ukra'orrn Zytal Zytal is a uncharacteristically wrathful Salamander in battle, who exterminates the enemies of man without mercy and without hesitation. Ironically, off the battlefield he is mellowed artisan of weapons and ornaments. His signature bolter is a gift from his late mentor, which he holds in high regard. Ur'bak Greon The bitter and spiteful Greon is a former member of the Magma Walkers, who were annihilated by Eldar raiders. On the battlefield, he never misses a moment to express his prejudice against the enemies of Man. Them’sire Felk’one Felk’one is a soft-spoken Astartes, and one of the eldest of the Anvilbreakers. He was a member of the Firedrakes until his age and injuries diminished his combat prowess. He and Kel’dem have a strong friendship. Dhirr’Ane Vulg Vulg is the newest member of the Anvilbreakers, though middle-aged compared to his squad members. He is an outspoken Salamander brimming with faith and confidence. He has aspirations to join the Reclusiam once he returns to Nocturne. Apothecary Ta’varr Dra’ner Dra’Ner is the uncharacteristically joyful Apothecary of the 2nd Company, who takes pride in the work he does for the chapter. This has varying effects on his battle brothers, who either take comfort in his diligence in preserving the Chapter’s geneseed, or who take offense at his lack of decorum whilst undertaking his duties. With the 1st Tactical Squad incapacitated and no other Company Veterans to call on, Captain R’keth made the Anvilbreakers his de facto Command Squad and attached Dra’ner for the remainder of the conflict on Dakota Minor.
  3. Introduction The Great Adar was a near-1000 year old Astartes who served the chapter as one of it's many revered Dreadnoughts. He was previously known as Bresh’Tan Adar, an Assault Marine Sergeant of the Salamanders 2nd Company. After suffering grievous injuries in combat 840 years ago against the Arch Enemy, his fractured body was interred into the sarcophagus of a Dreadnought. This is when he became The Great Adar, “last survivor of the Drop Site Massacre”. That statement is begrudging accepted by the veterans of the chapter, but many of the younger Astartes heed his stories and wisdom as if he was truly ten millenia old. The Great Adar alongside his brothers of the 2nd Company, engaging Ork skirmishers on the outskirts of Dakota Primus. During his mortal life, Adar took a great interest in the Salamanders history, and frequented the Librarius in his spare time. It is hypothesised that since his interment, his historical knowledge and personal memories have blended together, culminating in his belief of being a survivor of the Istvaan V battle during the Horus Heresy ten millenia ago. Despite repeated reminders from the Techmarines, The Great Adar still vividly “remembers” the betrayal of his brothers and succumbing to his injuries on Istvaan V. Many veterans of the chapter speculate he is actually remembering the fall of his Assault Squad at the hands of the Emperor’s Children (another participant of the Drop Site Massacre), on the death world Jacob’s Eye in 044M41, of which he was the lone survivor. Venerable Dreadnought "The Great Adar", equipped with power fist, heavy flamer, and twin-linked lascannon. In combat, The Great Adar is often equipped with a versatile arsenal, allowing him to serve as either a fire support platform or as an assault unit as required. His preference is the twin-linked lascannon for dealing with long-range threats, and the power fist with underslung heavy flamer for close engagements. Siege of Harkon West Industrial Precinct (Dakota Minor - 884M41) The Great Adar participated in many engagements on the world of Dakota Minor against the Orks and the Steel Reavers. His most notable actions was during the final battle against the Steel Reavers at the planet's largest industrial precinct, Harkon West. A combined force of Salamanders and Astra Militarum forces (including the 144th Asokan Rifles and the 37th Sartorian Rangers regiments) assaulted the precinct, forcing the Steel Reavers to make a last-ditch effort to fend off the Imperium forces. The Great Adar was among the Salamanders forces leading the Imperial charge into the precinct. A spearhead lead by the Salamanders' Land Raider Celestial Hammer attempted to cross the main bridge to enter the precinct. A barrage of rocket fire immobilised the Celestial Hammer before reaching the bridge, bringing the Salamanders' charge to a halt. The Venerable Dreadnought saw the need to maintain the momentum before they were counter-attacked, and thus continued toward the bridge. His Astartes brothers attempted to dissuade him over vox, telling him to wait until the rocket barrages had been dealt with, but his actions had emboldened the Sartorian Rangers forces into rushing the Steel Reaver defences alongside the Dreadnought. As The Great Adar charged head-on into the thin defence of the Steel Reaver forces, the Sartorian Rangers launched smoke grenades to screen their approach alongside the Venerable Dreadnought. With their targets obscured, the Steel Reavers resorted to firing their ordnance blindly into the smoke and quickly exhausted their arsenal. When the ceramite behemoth emerged from the smoke unleashing burning promethium, the Steel Reavers could do nothing but either fire their lasguns uselessly against the Dreadnought, or flee into the precinct. With that, the Imperial forces quickly secure the bridge and pressed forward without pause, cutting down the heretics as they retreated. The Great Adar leading Sartorian Rangers in an assault on the main bridge into Harkon West industrial precinct, overwhelming the Steel Reaver defenders Unbeknownst to the Imperial forces, the Steel Reavers had in fact sacrificed their more expendable units to defend the precinct entrance while their more elite forces were focused on stealing several Imperial cargo ships, carrying millions of tonnes of foodstuffs and promethium (accounting for a year's worth of tithes for Dakota Minor). Nevertheless, with the industrial precincts secured and the last of the Steel Reavers on Dakota Minor destroyed, the Imperium declared the second victory on Dakota Minor. With Dakota Minor secured for the Imperium once again, The Great Adar returned to the strike cruiser along with the surviving Salamanders, en route to Nocturne. He very much looked forward to the long rest, and to see his homeworld once again.
  4. In 884M41, the Lord-Governor of the civilised world Dakota Minor, petitioned the aid of several Space Marine chapters to crush the ever increasing Ork presence on his planet. Two chapters responded: the Salamanders and the Black Templars. At the eleventh-hour the Black Templars withdrew their support with regrets, and so the Salamanders alone came to the Lord Governor’s aid. The Salamanders force was led by Captain Ikarus R’Keth, commander of the currently under-strength 2nd Company, and was supplemented by elements of the 5th Company. Alongside a detachment of Battlefleet Agripinaa, the small Salamanders strike force broke the Ork fleet surrounding Dakota Minor and made planetfall. Despite being understrength, the Salamanders easily repelled the poorly coordinated Ork forces from the cities, and along the way inspired the local populace to rise up and fight the invaders. After three months of conflict, culminating in the total annihilation of the Ork Rok fortress (which had brought the Orks to Dakota Minor in the first place), the Imperial forces were victorious. The Lord Governor marked the victory with four days and nights of feasting (as was the custom on Dakota Minor), of which the Salamanders were the guests of honour. Unfortunately for the inhabitants of Dakota Minor, the renegade warband known as the Steel Reavers saw this as an opportunity to strike the planet. Their optimism proved to be folly, as the Imperial forces were quick to react to the newly invading forces, and able to match them in head-on engagements. After only a mere three weeks of fighting, the Steel Reavers were repelled and the Imperium again declared victory over Dakota Minor. Despite their defeat, the Steel Reavers were able to steal whole swathes of exotic resources and transport ships and take them to orbit, while the Imperial forces were occupied in combat. In addition, Captain R'Keth was slain in combat by a Chaos Space Marine champion. The Battlefleet Agripinaa detachment remained in orbit for several months in anticipation of a follow-up attack, though none came. The Salamanders forces were recalled to Nocturne shortly after crushing the Steel Reaver invasion to rearm and to assign a new 2nd Company Captain, whom would be Pellas Mir’san.
  5. Greetings fellow brothers and sisters I'm back!! After a very long absence, I have returned, and it's for a very good reason that 10th Ed is almost here! and it's time to begin the project again! I have been wanting to work on this project for a very long time and now the time has come to build the true successor to the 18th a little prelude.... it is 42 million and there is only war! The galaxy is in trouble, Vulkan has been missing for a long time the lion is asleep but has that been really been true as the galaxy is surrounded and increasingly worrying, the enemy comes for us on all fronts the God empire still sits on the golden throne as Gilliman increasing managers the ever-growing threat and now the first himself has awoken lion and now has woken and is ready to fight chaos but in secret, a pack had been forged between the chapters of the salamanders and the dark angels there Gean Fathers have been working together to build a successor chapter to the two chapters to combat the threat of surrounds eye terror, they work tirelessly to build a new chapter to defeat the enemies of humanity they are the protectors and warriors and gardens of the awaking of one of the emperor's greatest chapters They are known as the Knight Dragons!! it's been a very long time but I have finally returned, and so has the first Lion El'jonson, timing huh! lol anyway, it is now time to finish my project, as I have been away from it for a while I have worked on the back story and the color scheme and so as I work on the color scheme and a few backstory details and finish it all off the final step is to by build and paint, I have picked two color schemes to now choose the final color of the successor chapter, I ask you all to see what you see my fit this awesome chapter of mine. blow is the Chapter insignia and the two color schemes
  6. Version 1.01


    Right shoulder flame markings for the Salamanders. Includes numbered flames for each company squad (plus command skull on flames for command squads), terminator honors with skull/squad number, and scouts company numbered circles. Also includes blank flame markings (in yellow/orange/red and black) and extras if you number your squads based on role rather than position in company (2nd Co., 3rd Dev. rather than 2nd Co., 10th Squad Dev.)
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